Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2025

Zhao He had jade slip, is actually grows sighs, the eventful time, has not thought that True Spirit Realm now is also the eventful time, looks like extremely powerful True Spirit Realm here, really also has a Ghost Clan such archenemy, it seems like after oneself, must careful be better. Next day Zhao Hai resumed the beforehand life, his everyday practices the blade, practices the spirit institute, will pay also attention to own that places, Man Eating Flower in his places all opened now, but these Reaching Sky Vine also grew, most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, these tree and Reaching Sky Vine that these thing he plants, growth unexpectedly extraordinary rapidness. Now Man Eating Flower has been able official was operational, because of most from the beginning Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator and don’t know these, although saw good to receive the antidote room, but most people have not actually been serious, after Zhao Hai, has to send out many robots, preparation these poisons cultivator of momentarily to Tyrant Blade Sect rescued, was good because of does not have any matter finally. But behind Man Eating Flower these defend forest, now also grows, although to grows completely also the distance, but also exempts now grows the branches and leaves . Moreover the long type is good, does not need to carry on to replant and so on. On most Zhao Hai accident is Reaching Sky Vine, Reaching Sky Vine growth rate originally is quick, but to True Spirit Realm here, their growth rates unexpectedly became quicker, until now, Reaching Sky Vine unexpectedly already as long as quick ten meters, this makes Zhao Hai be absolutely surprised, must know from planting Reaching Sky Vine to the present, one month, meets the day to disperse President so to be unexpectedly long, this is compared with, when Cultivation World there quickly. Zhao Hai to these plants too many use Spatial Water, he had not irrigated some Spatial Water to these plants before. However to guarantee their survival rates, impossible their growth rate enhancement rapidness of too, reason that also in other words, these plants long is so quick, completely because of the True Spirit Realm here Law reason. But these grain and vegetables that he grows and so on thing. Long good, what is best is these medicinal herbs, these medicinal herbs left Little seedlings now, but these thing are Zhao Hai is to regard as important. everyday lives such life probably is being somewhat bored, but Zhao Hai has not actually felt bored. He now is many the entire immersion during the practice of Blade Dao, he himself regarding the feeling of foundation blade maneuver, merge slowly to he has studied Blade Technique, then these Blade Technique fusions slowly in together. Does not want underestimated this process, this process is very difficult, if also wants in Lower Realm simply, however in True Spirit Realm here. It is not easy, In True Spirit Realm here, each set of Blade Technique has oneself unique imposing manner, but this imposing manner will directly affect the Blade Technique strength, therefore Zhao Hai wants to merge to pass these Blade Technique. It is not that easy.

Five day that later in Zhao Hai comes back Yin-Yang Peak there, the reconstruction of No. 53 institute has been completed finally, Dao Shu their interest has moved back to own courtyard, simultaneously draws pouring liquor down the throat that Zhao Hai returned to their courtyard went all out, finally their don’t know have drunk how much liquor, don’t know drank the how long liquor <\;= Dao Shu they to keel over drunk finally in the place, Zhao Hai did not have, drank the human affairs not to awake directly. Waits for Zhao Hai in a time opening eye. Actually after presently arrived is Dao Shu they move the third day, but he has rested for day an evening, but they drank have drunk for two days, if because of their strength formidable, did not fear that wanted the drink to death. In this several days time, Zhao Hai these robots also started in other courtyard to Deji Mountain 21 peak to reconstruct. In order to let these comes the Deji peak cultivator, can have one dwelling responsibility left large quantities of robots to reconstruct these courtyard, the effect was very good. But some these days also cultivator arrived at Deji Mountain here, they are Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, was assigned by Tyrant Blade Sect to Deji Mountain here, because now Deji Mountain here these courtyard are rebuilding, therefore they can only be arranged to No.52 Courtyard House and No. 53 institute. Zhao Hai also started to have some contacts with these Inner Disciples, disciple of some these resentment, saw the No.52 Courtyard House here environment, was adding on the smiling face to welcome Zhao Hai of person, their resentment to have been short much. In fact these people have also accepted fate, they do not want to accept fate are not good, this is the order that Sect directly issues, only if they can be separated from Tyrant Blade Sect, otherwise this orders them to carry out. These Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples brave to Zhao Hai suddenly, moreover when obtained Inner Disciples of many privilege also is very curious, they know that Zhao just came up from Soaring Dragon Realm there ascend, but his ascend comes up, has become Inner Disciples, said that rendered meritorious service in Soaring Dragon Realm there, but renders meritorious service, actually nobody can inquire that this makes Zhao Hai appear mysterious. But other just entered from Soaring Dragon Realm to True Spirit Realm cultivator, even if there is help of Cleansing Water, must spend for a long time to adapt to the life of True Spirit Realm here, these days, they will not have any achievement. However Zhao Hai now not only live is very good, but also had large farmland, considered these paddies every year producing to make him the unusual wealthy man in Inner Disciples, do not say that he currently also had his mountain peak, even there are with Core Disciple same allowance, the person of such good ascend they first time saw that therefore Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples was curious regarding Zhao Hai.

However quick, these Inner Disciples obtained information from the different channels, that is Zhao Yin-Yang 2 elders disciple. Hears this information, these Inner Disciples immediately shut up, status of their too clear Yin-Yang 2 elders in Sect was anything, must say that Steward of Yin-Yang 2 elders probably not too in Sect, they now is only the elder in Sect, many real power did not have, but status of Yin-Yang 2 elders in Sect, did not have anybody to vacillate. Before Yin-Yang 2 elders, is were too many, they who Tyrant Blade Sect does are in Tyrant Blade Sect most famous Slaughter God, the person who because they kill are too many, therefore lets the prestige that Tyrant Blade Sect had such as made, what also same was because their killing aura were too heavy, affected their cultivation level, can say that they with own future, trades Tyrant Blade Sect today's scenery. Now their old, little make a move, however their prestige actually still have spread in True Spirit Realm, all wants to offend Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, must think these two names first. Regarding their cultivation level issue, Tyrant Blade Sect has also tried to find many solutions, but actually cannot add on too many busy finally, Tyrant Blade Sect also wants to make them receive several disciple, but actually all was finally defeated, two people of killing aura were too heavy, their disciple came under their killing aura influences, is not possessed by the Devil dies, turned into a killer, finally was given to clean up the gateway by them personally. In this case, they in receiving disciple, because of this, therefore cultivator in Tyrant Blade Sect, respects to them, in their at heart, Yin-Yang 2 elders is in Tyrant Blade Sect the most honourable person. Afterward in Tyrant Blade Sect spread the one type of view, that is Yin-Yang 2 elders is not impossible to receive disciple, however their disciple also wanted kill people like scything flax, body killing aura was strong, only then this can resist their killing aura, can become their disciple. The person in original Tyrant Blade Sect has thought two Elders this was for a lifetime impossible to receive disciple, but heard that now Zhao Hai was their disciple, Tyrant Blade Sect these Inner Disciples is shocked unexpectedly. They think that this matter some people in talk nonsense, some people arrange, but finally confirmed that this not people in talk nonsense, some people do not arrange, real, what Zhao Hong is Yin-Yang 2 elders disciple, moreover their doting disciple.

Yin-Yang 2 elders doting disciple? On two Old Ten minute of clear fierce of type of air/Qi, their doting disciple, that only then one type of is possible, is this person can block their killing aura, only then the one type of person can block their killing aura, that is the kill people like scything flax person, in other words Zhao Hai is also a kill people like scything flax person. Because has thought of this point, therefore these Inner Disciples do not make noise, although does not make noise, but they were more curious regarding Zhao Hai, in their opinion, Zhao a temperate person, on him is point killing aura does not have, can a such person, become Yin-Yang 2 elders disciple really? However they actually know, this information real, because this information was confirmed from the different channels, although looks like in these people, killing aura also no Zhao Hai, becomes Yin-Yang 2 elders disciple and not necessarily is a good deed, he might therefore lose the life, but nobody will say, the people mostly with vision look at Zhao Hai that one type of will somewhat sympathize with. Zhao Hai regarding this situation is also knows that he in True Spirit Realm here, although has not received in too many places his Space now, however his courtyard he was actually completely monitored, the responses of these cultivator he naturally also watched, but he has not cared. Reason that a Zhao Hai minute of clarity, on him does not have killing aura , because his killing aura were too many, he has been able to achieve killing aura hideaway momentarily the reason, Yin-Yang 2 elders killing aura did not have him fully, he how possible will be affected by Yin-Yang 2 elders. However what makes Zhao Hai somewhat strange is, the present to be few people will relate with the Crystal Realm there matter him, he remembers that initially he will destroy completely the Crystal Realm matter, but has caused not the small stir in True Spirit Realm here, even has to returned to Sect handle this matter including Yin-Yang 2 elders, now he in Tyrant Blade Sect, does not have to listen to the people to mention that this matter, this really will be somewhat strange. In fact Tyrant Blade Sect here cultivator although knows the Crystal Realm matter, but Tyrant Blade Sect already had actually made the preparation, but said that this matter is in Sect sends for being done, has not mentioned Zhao Hai, was adding on Zhao just to come up from Soaring Dragon Realm there ascend, therefore Tyrant Blade Sect here cultivator, few believe that Zhao Hai had such strength, can a person Crystal Realm extinguishing, naturally also will have thought in that direction on nobody. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }