Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2026

The Dao Shu house constructs ten days later, Deji Mountain here all courtyard fixed, Zhao Hai does not have stingy, gives in their courtyard installed some to daily necessities, even if were can't compare with his here, will not miss to that goes, naturally, defensive formation that is essential, but this time defensive formation Zhao Hai has not told them is he arranges, but was please Elder Zhen act. Elder Zhen very clear, this matter cannot make Zhao Hai act, otherwise Zhao Hai will perhaps bring to the attention of people, they are make the person not pay attention to Zhao Hai toward the point that Deji Mountain here sends, because if this made Zhao Hai bring to the attention, that may in vain be busy at work. These courtyard complete, originally lives in Zhao Hai here and Dao Shu their courtyard cultivator, all has moved to other courtyard, but cultivator that these move out quickly presently, coming Deji Mountain here not to have probably is not the misdemeanor, place that because they live in big. Other Inner Sect mountain peaks because of person many issues, therefore each of them can only divide to one set of room, although said the room, no matter is small, but is not big, has the bedroom, has the living room, has quiet room, was not having anything, but now is different, because the Deji Mountain here population were few, therefore everyone can live in courtyard, this arrived is makes them happy outward. Deji Mountain here altogether has mountain peak 21, two they live by Zhao Hai and Dao Shu, but 19 downward are other Inner Disciples, on the first mountain peak some courtyard, these courtyard vary. Zhao Hai courtyard and Dao Shu their courtyard. Is Deji bee here quite small courtyard, each courtyard will have every large or small relative ** courtyard about 20, such as moves person of suite to divide, that each courtyard minimum can live in ten people to 20 people, your No.52 Courtyard House, if rooms, must be filled up with be able to live in the previous more than 100 people, No. 53 institute there is also same. But in other Deji Mountain 19 mountain peaks, there are 19 courtyard, these biggest courtyard. Altogether 50 small courtyard, like courtyard, altogether have three, 40 courtyard big courtyard. Altogether six, final 30 courtyard big courtyard has ten, such these courtyard add to live in previous more than 600, is person courtyard. This has made these cultivator like outward, they did not certainly expect the place that one live in can courtyard same good of Zhao Hai, because of their very clear, that be impossible, now they can have their courtyard, already very delighted. More than 600 people arrived at Deji Mountain here, making Deji Mountain here one have many human spirits. However these cultivator everyday do not make duty to be busy practicing, little has opportunity to visit others. However Zhao Hai present an issue, that was not nearest/recent goes to Black Dragon Mountain Inner Disciples of smelting trial to be many, Dao Shu they ran up to the Black Dragon Mountain coming up smelting trial one time, made many Monster Beast to come back. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but remembers these words that beforehand Yin-Yang 2 elders spoke, it seems like Sect must tidy up Black Dragon Mountain really well. However saw that these people sell Monster Beast to Sect, has gained full, Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat was also excited, in his Space had many Black Dragon Mountain Monster Beast. These Monster Beast are twice and Monster Beast makes the war, when in addition comes up the Black Dragon Mountain there smelting trial he received Space, but had not sold to Sect, must say that first time has not obtained anything, but is several hawk shape Monster Beast. Second time is also some low level Monster Beast that goes to the smelting trial to obtain, only then finally this war time. Monster Beast that he receives were many a little, before Zhao Hai, did not have to be serious, now looks like, was calling this opportunity, earlier delivers to Sect Monster Beast, trades some contribution points real. This Sect to let these Inner Disciples copes with Monster Beast on Black Dragon Mountain, but spent the high price, contribution points that Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast each can trade, but were more than before, was calling this opportunity, gave Sect these Monster Beast, he can also gain one greatly, did not have contribution points in Sect, but you were difficult. Thinks that here Zhao Hai immediately moved, went to junks hall there through Transmission Formation directly, in the first floor hall, had sold to Sect oneself all Monster Beast, this matter has also caused many stirs, but afterward heard that he is Zhao Hai on Deji Mountain, these cultivator also felt relaxed.

The Zhao Hai name many Tyrant Blade Sect disciple have heard now, knows that Zhao Hai in Deji Mountain there with about ten thousand Monster Beast going to war of well, is commenting 13 people, stiffly about ten thousand Monster Beast dragging in Deji Mountain there , because of this, he was Sect has contributed to the great merit, finally obtained almost with Core Disciple same allowance. Like the matter, the Tian Yuanhai elder in the presence of everyone announced that the person in Tyrant Blade Sect naturally all knows, therefore the person in Tyrant Blade Sect, many have heard Zhao Hai, looks at Zhao Hai to put out these many Monster Beast corpses, naturally will not feel that felt strange. nearest/recent Zhao Hai traded about ten thousand contribution points with these Monster Beast corpses, this was because his these Monster Beast corpses mostly were some low level Monster Beast reasons, if high level Monster Beast, contribution points will be more. After Zhao Hai has traded contribution points, went to No. 53 institute directly, just entered No. 53 institute, Zhao Hai hears one to call out said : who?” Then Dao Hu raised single blade to clash from room. Zhao Hai look at Dao Hu laughs said : Dao Hu Big Brother, do you want to do? I am ask for cup liquor to drink, do you have no need to chop me with the blade?” Dao Hu looks is Zhao Hai, cannot help but laughs said : originally is you, I also think that was who runs up to courtyard to come, but I said the yard, your youngster was getting more and more lazy, came our courtyard with Transmission Formation unexpectedly, such several roads aren't you willing to walk?” Zhao Hai one hear of Dao Hu said that cannot help but smiles said : „that I was just came back from junks hall there, Dao Shu Big Brother they, I had the matter to you tell.” Dao Hu stares, nodded said : they to practice. I called them.” Said that then Zhao Hai entered room. He ran to find the person. although Dao Hu they are 12 brothers, but they do not live in courtyard, before they did not have that condition, has to live in together, now had the condition, they naturally cannot treat unjustly itself, everyone lived in courtyard. Before long Dao Hu came back, Dao Shu they also came with Dao Hu, Dao Shu saw that Zhao Hai laughed said : I to say Little Hai, did you run Little Tiger here to come? Walks. Goes to hall there to drink.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to be anxious, today has the good matter to look your.” Dao Shu they stare, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has put out a jade card. Above was demonstrating big pile of digit, Dao Shu they saw the jade card that Zhao Hai takes stares, this jade card in Tyrant Blade Sect, on equivalent to bankcard like existence, inside records to seek you to have many contribution points, this card does not record a name, in other words, if Zhao Hai this made others give to build up, that calorie turned into others.

Dao Shu each of them has this type of contribution points card, is not naturally strange. They somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, don’t know Zhao Hai puts out this card to do. Zhao Hai looked at Dao Shu their eyes, shows a faint smile said : Dao Shu Big Brother, this is previous these Monster Beast attack the time, we and Monster Beast fight time, contribution points that these Monster Beast that kills trade, these Brother contribution points do not dare to have sole possession, come, Dao Shu Big Brother, you take the contribution points card. I forward to you inside contribution points.” So long as this contribution points card Master is willing to be able at any time forwards to others inside card number, uses, so long as bumped into together to be OK two cards, very convenient. Zhao Hai just spoke, actually does not think that Dao Shu complexion changes, drank said : Little Hai you to speak any nonsense. Previous time you reminded us, our several people feared that was died in these Monster Beast in hand. Moreover the previous your vertical merit is biggest, how now you have sent to me this thing, can it be that to look down upon us to be inadequate?” Zhao Hai looks at the Dao Shu appearance, cannot help but he he smiled, receives contribution points card said : happen to I not to you, now is just right, I may accept.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Dao Shu cannot help but laughs said : to be good your youngster, dares to deceive us unexpectedly, looked that I today not the drink to death that you drink in here.” Zhao Hai laughs said : to fear you to be inadequate, happen, I but today big bleeding, has traded many nice wines with contribution points, our drinking well.” Dao Shu they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that on understand what's the matter, after Zhao Hai certainly these Monster Beast turned into contribution points, while convenient buys the liquor, hit to ask them to celebrate, dodged to him contribution points while convenient, but he, as soon as got angry, Zhao Hai was not giving them contribution points, but raised one's wine cup with. Dao Shu their point does not have the meaning of blame Zhao Hai, they aware owe many of Zhao Hai, even if Zhao Hai does not take today that contribution points card, their will not blame Zhao Hai, do not say that Zhao Hai must contribution points to them, do not look that Zhao Hai so was just quick, Dao Shu that the contribution points card received they actually know that Zhao Hai was the sincerity must wanting these contribution points gives them, reason that he received was so quick, was the children who does not want to make these to exchange flattery and favors condition. Dao Shu and Zhao Hai contacted such long time, his very clear, his today's although has not wanted Zhao Hai contribution points, but Zhao Hai however can bears in mind this matter, forever records, later Zhao Hai will certainly compensate in other aspects their, this is the Zhao Hai disposition. although they did not ask Zhao Hai to their compensations, however Zhao Hai the sentiment they actually remember that although today's matter is only a minor matter, but Dao Shu they thought that Zhao Hai was one may the person of junction. Drank many liquor in Dao Shu there, returned to own yard, Zhao Hai immediately has drunk several big cup Spatial Water, sprinkled also the nature on remove, he then arrived in courtyard to practice the blade.

Now before Zhao Hai already him, all practices in that several Blade Technique that Blade Pavilion there obtains ripe, all used mental power communicate, he is thinking the means to merge to pass these Blade Technique now. However he practices Blade Technique to be easy, but wants to merge to pass these Blade Technique is actually not an easy matter, these Blade Technique have different attribute, wants to connect them, but does not compare to create one set of new martial arts difficulty to be small, is good does not worry because of Zhao Hai, if he must use this [say / way] of Five Elements promoting and constraining mutually, relates these martial arts in together, like his fighting strength will promote. The life of Zhao Hai in a restoration calm, his present although had many contribution points, but had not actually spent, because he does not have the place to be colored, he eats is thing that in Space produces, thing that uses also is Space produces, he practices the blade now time, does not need to go out to make duty, does not need too many Magical Artifact, he until now, has not gone to Blade Pavilion there to receive other rare books, does not need contribution points to exchange, therefore this Sect contribution points regarding Zhao Hai, really not too big use. Moreover Zhao Hai very clear, now his most important is makes own strength as soon as possible is promoted, other is fake. He also thinks, goes to Black Dragon Mountain to have a look, but also wants to have a look at Ghost Clan is any appearance. Day day-by-day past, went to Black Dragon Mountain there to be the duty person to be getting more and more, everyday could the has plenty person pass through from Zhao Hai paddies, but these cultivator originally were Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, naturally cannot destroy the Zhao Hai paddies, conversely, received some Man Eating Flower antidote outside the paddies, this became these cultivator one type of is used to it, now Zhao Hai does not need to send the robot to save others, because these people knew, not having that is necessary. But in fact Zhao Hai the stretch of field, in Tyrant Blade Sect is very famous, especially that Man Eating Flower, the play of toxicity, making some Alchemy Master in Tyrant Blade Sect also feel that is startled is not small, practices Medicine Master to run up to Zhao Hai here to beg some Man Eating Flower much, is good to take to make research, Zhao Hai to had not opposed that has given them very much naturally some. Because of disciple massive emerging of Tyrant Blade Sect to Black Dragon Mountain there, the Deji Mountain here situation to is slowly good, in not by Monster Beast attack, even if some flight Monster Beast want to run up to Deji Mountain here to disturb, on these Inner Disciples by Deji Mountain repelling, these Inner Disciples on Deji Mountain, has plenty had flight Battle Beast to take Mount, therefore is used to cope with these flight Monster Beast naturally not to be a problem. Zhao Hai these days to is really good, his although also once for a while goes to Duty Hall there to pay attention to duty, wants to have a look at duty that has to be appropriate he to meet about Ghost Cultivator, but actually disappointedly turns over to finally, Ghost Cultivator duty has many, but Zhao Hai does not have the means to meet these duty, these duty regarding meeting the strength of duty have the request, Zhao Hai obviously has not met such requirements now, he wants to meet such duty not to meet. Moreover reason that Zhao Hai also very clear, these duty the docking duty person strength has the request, explained Ghost Cultivator that they must cope with is not good to cope, if he trade has met these duty rashly, finally will possibly have the danger, he stupid will not arrive at meets these him and in the strength cannot and duty. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }