Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2027

On No.52 Courtyard House martial arts training ground, is standing a about ten meters high giant, this giant in hand is raising a black long blade, is using Blade Technique. So long as is the True Spirit Realm person, saw that this giant does not have don’t know, this giant is not the genuine person, he is Law Idol of person. However if the True Spirit Realm person noticed that this Law Idol will also be very surprised, because this Law Idol was really too short, must know that cultivator Law Idol generally was about hundred meters high, like this ten meters high Law Idol, but also was really uncommon. This Law Idol Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai arrived at True Spirit Realm already one year, now Deji Mountain here already complete has stabilized, Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast by control, although has not been given to be ruthless these Monster Beast now, but also made these Monster Beast quantities reduce in a controllable range. But Zhao Hai now was not Rebirth Stage cultivator, two months ago, his successful advancement in grade Condensed Phase Stage, now his ten meters high Law Idol, originally is he own Law Idol condense. Zhao Hai originally Law Idol has congealed very, but that is in Cultivation World there, to True Spirit Realm here , he because Spiritual Qi was compressed, therefore his Law Idol compared with before, not only has not appeared small, instead to was appears big, just his Law Idol looked like also empty. But Zhao Hai has used for two months, this meeting Law Idol condense of oneself to present ten meters, now his Law Idol looked like has congealed very. Also after to Condensed Phase Stage. Zhao Hai understand. In True Spirit Realm here, Rebirth Stage is a process of adaptation, generally from Soaring Dragon Realm there ascend to True Spirit Realm here cultivator, in Rebirth Stage, will not study any new thing, mainly adapts to the True Spirit Realm here circumstances, before reviewing next, have studied thing, general cultivator needs about three years, can official enters Condensed Phase Stage, but enters to Condensed Phase Stage cultivator. Was the true start practices in True Spirit Realm here. Zhao Hai when enters Condensed Phase Stage, obtained many directions of Yin-Yang 2 elders, Yin-Yang 2 elders has wanted to let Zhao Hai, when entered Condensed Phase Stage, in well chose Cultivation Method. Gives to replace Cultivation Method of his originally study, but they have not actually thought that Zhao Hai Cultivation Method unexpectedly Advanced level, simply does not need to trade. although has not traded Cultivation Method, but they have given Zhao Hai many directions in other aspects, because of their directions, Zhao Hai can in two months, hundred meters high Law Idol, compressed to have ten meters high, this regarding general cultivator. Absolutely is a digit of difficult imagination. Life of cultivator generally very long, this did not mean they practice must have many, the Rebirth boundary from Soaring Dragon Realm there Ascenders, minimum must have three years adapts generally, long point may use for five years ten years of even longer time.

Must know from Soaring Dragon Realm there ascend to True Spirit Realm here cultivator, but each one is the talents in talent, even if this, they still need to stay on that boundary several years even are several years, obviously this Rebirth boundary enters to the Condensed Phase boundary is not that easy. But Condensed Phase these step was more difficult, because of all from Lower Realm ascend to True Spirit Realm here cultivator. Their Spiritual Qi were compressed, Spiritual Qi quantity insufficient original 1/10, as the matter stands, they did not have the Immortal Stage strength, some cultivator even want to congeal Law Idol to come very difficult. Even if were congeals Law Idol, becomes very empty. It seems like one group of smog is the same, appearance that momentarily will disperse. But Zhao Hai initially enters mutually Condensed Phase Stage time, Law Idol that he congeals, if compared with general Rebirth Stage cultivator many, most at least his Law Idol looks like is also the congealing reality, follows to distinguish in Lower Realm is not very big. Also because of this, in adding on the direction of Yin-Yang 2 elders, Zhao Hai Law Idol can in two months, condense to this degree. Now Zhao Hai every time practices blade time, will use Law Idol to practice the blade, like this not only can condense Law Idol, but can also practice Blade Technique, it can be said that kills two birds with one stone, but also is helpful to Zhao Hai sensing the law, therefore Zhao Hai, when practices the blade to use Law Idol to practice, this is also Yin-Yang 2 elders directs his. Qiu Tie stands in being connected including the above of martial arts training ground, Zhao Hai in look at field, in his eye passed radiance of worship, Qiu Tie is too worshipping Zhao Hai, in his eyes, nobody was fiercer than Zhao Hai. After Zhao Hai has practiced a blade, this stopped, slowly diverged own Law Idol, diverged the blade god in oneself heart, let out a long breath, after receiving the long blade, turned the head to look at Qiu Tie. Qiu Tie after more than one year of exercise, the stature grew now much, what because he practices builds up this Cultivation Method reason, therefore nearest/recent several months, Zhao Hai in letting Qiu Tie has practiced in the fitness room, but makes him carry on some practices outside, this made his skin be exposed to the sun the bronze by Sun, was having the medicine juice to soak the medicinal bath to him in addition, therefore now the skin of Qiu Tie looks like unexpectedly flood the one layer metal same gloss. Very sees regarding Qiu Tie performance Zhao Hai, Qiu Tie really very diligently, if not Zhao Hai look at he, but also made him use the medicinal bath, feared that is present Qiu Tie already because of excessive practice, but practicing to abandon oneself. Zhao Hai arrives at side Qiu Tie, smiles said : to Qiu Tie „the small iron? Today's did duty complete?”

Qiu Tie nodded said : to complete, Young Master, just I exited to exercise time, heard several Inner Sect Sirs saying that probably was Duty Hall there release duty about Ghost Cultivator, Young Master you must have a look?” Zhao Hai one hear of Qiu Tie said that cannot help but stares, his nearest/recent several months have paid attention to the Ghost Cultivator matter, have not actually thought that making Qiu Tie remembering, moreover have given back to his such information, Zhao Hai nodded said : well, walked, we went to Duty Hall there to have a look.” Qiu Tie complied has raised, Zhao Hai then he, body flash of white light, they disappeared in the yard. Actually Zhao Hai simply does not need to make any duty now, must know that his place started to produce, produces is some grain and vegetables, but these thing Zhao Hai, so long as sold to Tyrant Blade Sect, can bring to him smiles not the small income, what most important is, these thing besides can obtain some Jade essence, but can also obtain many contribution points, therefore Zhao Hai does not make any duty now, can live moistening. However Zhao Hai thinks one should make this duty, because , his primary opponent was these Ghost Cultivator, if he did not know about these Ghost Cultivator, after that will suffer a loss to these Ghost Cultivator. However before , he wants to meet these unable to meet with Ghost Cultivator related duty, because his strength is insufficient, truly said that his present strength is also not much, wants to meet some duty difficulties about Ghost Cultivator, but Zhao Hai wants to have a look, if there are appropriately duty about Ghost Cultivator, he will meet, an exiting experience Ghost Cultivator appearance is also good. This year time Zhao Hai may not have the class fee, although to say him now to level of Condensed Phase boundary intermediate stage, if hits, by his Blade Technique, even if to previous Doppelganger Stage cultivator, will fall on not necessarily leeward. Zhao Hai and Qiu Tie arrived at Mission Hall here, Mission Hall in junks large building first floor, in this also in also entire Tyrant Blade Sect biggest Mission Hall, Zhao Hai had a look to look to meet duty stage there various duty of cloth. This does not look importantly, Zhao Hai presently there were really many related with Ghost Cultivator any, before Mission Hall here duty, in 100 not necessarily was also related with Ghost Cultivator, but currently Mission Hall here duty, in ten duty minimum has 1 or 2 to be related with Ghost Cultivator. Zhao Hai just looked that duty cloth there duty saw one with Ghost Cultivator related duty „a Li Family village of Yalong City Outer City hundred 50 li(25km) places, some villagers responded that there Li Family old grave there is haunted frequently, nearest/recent had five villagers to be murdered, Sect will send out cultivator to go to process, the request, the Condensed Phase Stage above strength, the cultivator quantity does not limit, the finish time, in three months, duty rewards, contribution points 100.” This is very simple duty, if places for two months ago, Zhao Hai could not have met, but he to can meet now.

Zhao Hai looked at other duty, present several with Ghost Cultivator related duty, is the events of some ghost attack people, two even are Tyrant Blade Sect handymen disciple by attack, making Sect Inner Disciples process . Moreover the request strength must be above Soul Fusion Stage, the reward are also much more, is several thousand contribution points. However Zhao Hai very clear, such duty he does not have the means to raise, duty similar duty that but arrives has several before him sees, moreover rewards also is more, completes the duty time to be short, but Zhao Hai wants to receive that duty of Li Family village. To be honest Zhao Hai to True Spirit Realm here one year, had not actually exited, he to wants to use this time opportunity exiting well to play. After deciding, Zhao Hai arrived has met duty stage there, put out own Blade Command to give female cultivator said : in duty stage hello, I want to receive No. 76 duty.” That female cultivator sees Blade Command that Zhao Hai takes, immediately knows that Zhao Hai is Inner Disciples, her immediately/on horseback has stood respectfully, bows said : to see Senior Brother to Zhao Hai, Senior Brother please wait a bit, my immediately handles to you.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to trouble you.” That female cultivator quickly said: „It is not troublesome, Senior Brother please wait a bit.” Said that took up jade slip to observe next No. 76 duty, saw that No. 76 duty, that female cultivator cannot help but gawked, he has not thought Zhao Hai met unexpectedly was this duty. No. 76 duty understood at a glance that looks like duty that Outer Disciple puts, but Zhao Hai will Inner Disciples make this duty? That female cultivator cannot help but curiously looked at Zhao Hai one, then she looked on Blade Command the Zhao Hai name, sees the Zhao Hai name, that female cultivator has thought of anything probably, her immediately understand what's the matter, she had not said anything, immediately has registered to Zhao Hai, then has given Zhao Hai Blade Command. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }