Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2028

Zhao Hai respectful sitting in the living room in Yin-Yang Peak yard, Yin-Yang 2 elders sits in side look at he, Zhao Hai open the mouth and said: Master, disciple these time has met one with Ghost Cultivator related duty, what mainly wants to have a look at Ghost Cultivator is, hopes that two teacher approve.” Yin-Yang 2 elders also nodded, Yin elder deep voice said : should, later the primary opponent be Ghost Cultivator, what appearance should earlier have a look at these Ghost Cultivator is, was right, what your this meeting is what duty? Can go to how long?” Zhao Hai deep voice: What disciple this meeting is a village presently is haunted the event that suspected that possibly is related with Ghost Cultivator, duty turned over to decide for three months to complete is OK.” Yang elder nodded said : so looks like also is really not specially difficult duty, good, you go, the small iron do not bring.” Zhao Hai respectful sound said : is, the small iron kept here, my tomorrow left.” Yin elder nodded said : to go, but must remember, these Ghost Cultivator, any is not good to deal with, that feared that is the strength is not strong, if you have met, must add carefully, moreover place that your this going, although is our Tyrant Blade Sect domain, will also probably encounter this and that problems, after all our Tyrant Blade Sect person is not many, is completely impossible such big domain control, moreover there are some Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple, exits after Tyrant Blade Sect, will depend own status, for calamity place, if meets like this. The people, should not be polite with them, after matter found out. Can clean up the gateway directly.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is. Master, disciple understand.” Yin elder nodded, beckoned with the hand said : to go, goes back to prepare, leaves as soon as possible.” Zhao Hai complied with one, turn around walked. This Zhao Hai has not brought Qiu Tie to go back, but said to Qiu Tie, alone person returned to No.52 Courtyard House, he has not prepared any thing, was explain/transfer one these robots. Then sat in meditation next morning in No.52 Courtyard House here, direct release Demon Horse left. This Zhao Hai has not flown in sky with Pegasus, passed through several times and True Spirit Realm here Monster Beast fights later Zhao Hai to be careful, True Spirit Realm here Monster Beast really not to be trifled with. Over the two days Tyrant Blade Sect to cope with Monster Beast on Black Dragon Mountain, but spent the high price, not only purchasing the Monster Beast price has raised, has given back to some preferential benefits, this also lost many people, must know that these may be Inner Disciples of genuine goods at reasonable prices, this lost, Tyrant Blade Sect was very grieved. Zhao Hai flying in the sky, if has met formidable Monster Beast, opportunity that he falls to the ground does not have. Feared that was given to wipe out the ground directly, by that time he feared can only come in handy Space to maintain life, but now he does not want many use Space, therefore he was rather slow, hurried along in the ground. Came out from Yuanyue Peak there, recognizes the direction, the direct Yalong City direction hurried, this Yalong City was big city that Tyrant Blade Sect governed, many were the mortal lives, in Yalong City there. Person who is has plenty has relationship with Tyrant Blade Sect, these people perhaps are some Tyrant Blade Sect beforehand disciple, because Level Up is hopeless, but level was not high cannot become the elder, finally must go home. Some will be the Tyrant Blade Sect present disciple family member, Tyrant Blade Sect every other several days will actually come in the city that they will govern to recruit disciple. Some spirit root good people will be enrolled Tyrant Blade Sect, but they, because the status is low, their family members did not have means join to arrive at Tyrant Blade Sect, but also meets today in the original place, person who therefore like Yalong City big city, meets has plenty to have relationship with Tyrant Blade Sect disciple.

Zhao Hai is clear, True Spirit Realm here compared with Cultivation World there mostly, but the True Spirit Realm most here population also be much more than Cultivation World there, many person simply are impossible to practice, they are only some ordinary, because of the Spiritual Qi foot of True Spirit Realm here, their life President some, the body will be perhaps better, but in the final analysis they are some have not practiced the average people, does not have what difference with Lower Realm these ordinary common people. Place that however now Zhao Hai is, strongest place that but Tyrant Blade Sect controls, in here you besides can see Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, has Outer Disciple, handymen disciple, servant, wants to see that does not have the direct relationship person with Tyrant Blade Sect, but also is really not easy. However also because of this, therefore has created the here vast territory with a sparse population, you are walk not necessarily will also run into a person in the morning. Zhao Hai is riding Demon Horse from Yuanyue Peak, slowly moving forward, he walks is not quick, nearby before Yuanyue Peak him, really extremely in caring, before not having Portable Transmission Formation, he has entered Yuanyue Peak with Pegasus, from the space looked that with from underground looked is completely different, this time he happen to uses this opportunity, well looks. Must go to Yalong City with going to Black Dragon Mountain is two directions, Zhao Hai must get down from the Deji Mountain back side of the mountain, then walks toward the west, in transfers toward north, if puts to ride to run quickly, about ten days can arrive at Yalong City, if must lose headway, that about one month. This section of road in Tyrant Blade Sect Sect does not have what supply point all the way, only then left in the Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall range, can see some villages and small towns, cultivator can eat thing in the there rest. Zhao Hai has not worried, moving forward slowly, this all the way arrived has met some Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, these disciple or the walks, or were riding Monster Beast, was round trip in a hurry, must make duty, but these person of look at leisurely and carefree Zhao Hai, in the eye were having a strange facial expression. Zhao Hai has not cared, slowly is walking, although said loses headway, however Demon Horse is not slow, runs advancing, is quick and steady, wants compared with the common speeding horse on quickly many. moving forward, Zhao Hai has not stopped to eat meal, but on the horseback, is taking pot liquor, is not drinking, but also once for a while puts out two grains of peanuts to throw the mouth. although said that in Space any good thing to have, but Zhao Hai also really good this, small liquor, a grain of peanut, that is really more chews is more fragrant, more drinks is more comfortable. Demon Horse does not need to eat thing, this thing is the camel, eats one top good long time, naturally, Zhao Hai will not have treated unjustly this Demon Horse, Demon Horse in running, Zhao Hai will lose a fruit anything once for a while, but that Demon Horse also like is intelligential, turned the head eating the mouthpiece the fruit that Zhao Hai threw, once for a while two sounds happy hissing sound.

a human and a horse pot liquor, on main road walking slowly, that called natural, but Zhao Hai also specially caused a blade to insert by the saddle, but also was really prodigal son Bladesman rushes to the meaning of horizon. Darkness later Zhao Hai looked for piece of forest, brought Demon Horse to enter Space directly, now he did not have the Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall range, the vast territory with a sparse population, his simply was not worried that some people presently he has used Space. Accompanied Laura in Space their evening, next morning, Zhao Hai will come out from Space , to continue to hurry along, but Zhao Hai present, the person on road to slowly were many, moreover can see some Merchant with some farmers, these farmers are catching up with some cow same Monster Beast, but Merchant many sits horse carriage, only then some line of foot Merchant, they walk. Zhao Hai suddenly has had the one type of misconception, he was returned to the ancient times of China was probably same, Zhao Hai cannot help but control Demon Horse, was letting Demon Horse slowed down a little, on such road, he also ran to before, may hit the person. Really also less than noon time, Zhao Hai saw several small villages in the roadside, the village to the main road also distance, the person in village is also not extremely numerous, but actually also gave the main road to increase several points of human spirit. Zhao Hai liked such scenery more and more, suddenly Zhao Hai present not far away, the house, in front of the door of house, was selecting a wineshop banner, the yellow flag bottom, above writes a large red liquor character, was fluttering in the breeze, was very striking. Zhao Hai cannot help but smiles, like the wineshop, feared that is only then in China in the ancient times met appears , he had not gone before, these time to wants to go to experience. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but pats Demon Horse, Demon Horse sped up, among in the blink of an eye arrived at that wineshop there. The wineshop is not big, is builds all over the body by Cyan Stone, inside has only put 56 big round tables, not the big small counters, on the counter are suspending several liquor jug, waiter of black clothing skull cap, in shop busy, in shop on that several tables, sat several people, a woman is buying wine in counter there, woman long to is not very good looks, big hand bigfoot, looked that is the countrywoman who often works, is passing one share plain encouragement. Before Zhao Hai just Demon Horse just arrived at that shop, immediately attracted the person in shop, waiter that no matter eats meal, by Demon Horse attracting, did not have the means that this Demon Horse was really too amazing steed.

Demon Horse just stopped, that waiter flushed from the wineshop, bows to Zhao Hai said : have seen Sir, the Sir can come to the shop to rest, is being honored of shop, the Sir must eat while traveling, wants the liquor belt to drink on the road.” Zhao Hai jumped down from Demon Horse, look at good waiter to smile said : to drink one cup in your here, people can here have drinking small side dish?” waiter immediately/on horseback said : has, has, the shop has self-made peasant family small side dish, is feared that the Sir you cannot eat . Moreover the liquor of shop from the home-brew, somewhat is also muddy, asking the Sir to excuse me.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to guard, calls two pot liquor me, with four small side dish, was right, hits ten jin (0.5 kg) liquor to my this horse.” waiter does not dare to say anything, has complied with one, directing Zhao Hai to walk toward the shop, Zhao Hai actually waved, throws big rabbit in a Space to give Demon Horse, but this Demon Horse anything ate, moreover liking of ten points ate the meat, Zhao Hai will not treat unjustly him. Really, looked that Zhao Hai threw a rabbit to come out, Demon Horse happy hissing, opened mouth to eat. This to was makes the people who in the shop these ate meal stare, their many people first time noticed that horse shape Monster Beast ate the meat, but simultaneously this also made them know, this Demon Horse was not absolutely affable, people's status to the Zhao Hai cannot help but high looked at one. The waiter facial expression was more respectful, bends the waist Zhao Hai welcome to the shop, looked for a nobody's table, has scratched scratching carefully, this dares to ask Zhao Hai to sit down. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }