Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2029

Zhao Hai regarding waiter so respectful, has not been surprised, can hear to his name from waiter, in True Spirit Realm here, cultivator, no matter the strength how, they are existences of a cut above others, therefore waiter called him for the Sir, even if Qiu Tie, when called other cultivator, generally will also call with the Sir, this cultivator was the big idea, integrated in the bone of True Spirit Realm here person, the division of level, whether there is starting from has produced from spirit root Mo Cundu at that moment. Zhao Hai completely understand, treats these average people, he cannot be polite, otherwise, these average people will possibly be frightened. After Zhao Hai sits down, waiter bows to Zhao Hai, turn around walked, two pot liquor, four small side dish have delivered before long, Zhao Hai look at these four small side dish, a peanut, green vegetables, one is the bean curd, last is a meat, the tray is not small, a person ate is enough, two pot liquor both thought of the porcelain pot, a porcelain cup, no matter the wine pot or wine glass were crude pottery, was not conspicuous. Zhao Hai to has not cared, but was taking the wine pot, toward wine glass but in actually one glass of liquor, this liquor has seemed like somewhat muddy . Moreover the wine taste was very light, looked that this situation Zhao Hai knows, this liquor has not undergone the distillation, he has not drunk like the primary taste liquor, cannot help but curious carrying, has drunk one. The wine taste is somewhat sour, liquor flavor is very pale, but arrives has a flavor, Zhao Hai also cannot help but nodded, turns the head to look that waiter is taking big liquor jug, has delivered to nearby Demon Horse. Demon Horse not polite. Lowered the head thump thump to drink. Zhao Hai looked at one, has not cared, Demon Horse physique very good, do not say ten jin (0.5 kg) like the liquor, even if 100 jin (0.5 kg) is impossible to make Demon Horse get drunk, he has taken up the chopsticks, tasted small side dish, the flavor that to be honest, that slightly tastes compared with comes, difference that Meg does was far. However actually some unique flavors, this is the one type of village dish unique flavor. Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded, like the rural feeling although non- delicacy, however occasional recompensing one good. Zhao Hai thinks from drinking. In this time, on the main road is transmitting a horse to kick the sound, before long two steeds rushed to nearby the shop, immediately/on horseback two Knight curbed a horse to stop, then open the mouth and said: Junior Sister, walked such long time, such a shop, we go to eat to select thing.” A voice of female conveys said : well „, Senior Brother. You looked that horse Hao is ominous, eats the meat unexpectedly, but also drinks, was too interesting.” Zhao Hai this has not cared, but one hear of they mentioned Demon Horse, this looked up two one of the speech, saw out the wineshop, was standing two people, this man and a woman, male looked like over 20 years old. Female seems like only young, they are warrior cloth, just male carrying on the back at the back of a long sword, but on the waist of woman is actually entangling whip. Is standing two horses in their, this two horses looks like amazing steed . The height is at about two meters, one is two deep reds. Another is actually the white, this two horses indifferently seems is only amazing steed some, words that but must carefully look, you presently, this two horses four hoof places, will have several root hair like feather, do not look that these root hair are common, put on this horse, can actually make the sale price of this horse multiply, because these root hair have represented the status of this horse, this horse is one type of Monster Beast, known as Wind-Chasing Horse, the friendliest long-distance speeding horse, the endurance is infinite. Zhao Hai looks at their appearance cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, uses weapon that from these two people, they probably are not the Tyrant Blade Sect person, Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, little will use other weapon, many by blade give priority to, but these two people use is not a blade, evidently possibly is other Sect people. However do other Sect people run up to Tyrant Blade Sect to do? However now they are looking at Demon Horse, has not entered the shop, Zhao Hai is not inquisitive them to do, here although is the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, but does not need any matter to inquire about after Tyrant Blade Sect, some other Sect cultivator, passed by from the Tyrant Blade Sect domain is also normal. Thinks of a here Zhao Hai brow cannot help but show, selfish drank the liquor, but that two people, looked at a while Demon Horse, has not cared, turn around entered the shop. They entered looked at shop one, the look stayed the flash on the body of Zhao Hai, changed to other place, swept them also to select two pot liquor, has selected four small side dish, look for a table to sit down.

waiter looked that their appearance know they are also cultivator, to them naturally is respectful serious, after they sit down, that female cultivator to that male cultivator said : Senior Brother, this time we go to Tyrant Blade Sect to pay a visit the uncle, you said that can learn some thing? But the uncle now Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, he should be able to teach us some thing, what a pity, our two both are single Spirit Root, arrives at Tyrant Blade Sect without means join, if gave join to be good to Tyrant Blade Sect.” That male cultivator sighed said : this not to have the matter of means that Tyrant Blade Sect there to accept the disciple to be extremely strict, Senior Master he was three spirit root, has not obtained key training, but Senior Master can join arrive at Tyrant Blade Sect, regarding us, was in itself the good matter.” The girl nodded said : „, really envies Tyrant Blade Sect these Sirs, our Wu Clan although is Tyrant Blade Sect next quite big Clan, but compares with Tyrant Blade Sect, missed far.” That Senior Brother nodded said : this not to manage the Law Idol ratio, ok, did not say that this, Junior Sister, eats to select thing, finished eating was good to hurry along.” Zhao Hai one hear of their words, finally understand their status, they are under Tyrant Blade Sect attached Clan disciple, no wonder not with blade, Tyrant Blade Sect although with blade, but attached Clan under Tyrant Blade Sect not all with blade, but their Clan disciple has first enters to the Tyrant Blade Sect authority, their Clan disciple does not use, when Tyrant Blade Sect open the entrance time, inspects spirit root in Tyrant Blade Sect, so long as their disciple sufficed the age, examine spirit root on can Tyrant Blade Sect, so long as qualified on can become Tyrant Blade Sect disciple. But these are unqualified. Has not become Tyrant Blade Sect disciple. Also can practice at home, their weapon not only limit blade one type of, they have also been able to use other weapon, looks like long sword that these male cultivator use, whip that female cultivator uses is. If Zhao Hai revealed own Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples status, that male cultivator and female cultivator, can come to pay a visit his, but Zhao Hai does not want such to do, does not need. In this time, out of the door suddenly has been hearing a very rapid horse's hoof sound. Before long a black steed runs up to shop in front of the door. Then listens to sound speaking sounds: Implored! Young Master, Young lady, are you in shop? Goes home in a big hurry, in Clan has matter to live.” At the same time was shouting the person who a servant dresses up tumbles entered the wineshop. This servant long very handsome is elegant. black-clothed, if in normally certainly is very stylish, but now he is actually panic-stricken of face, completely harmed his image. A man and a woman immediately has stood, said : of man small town, what's the matter? In family what matter?” small town quickly said: Young Master, Young lady, Clan was being besieged, Patriarch makes your quick point go back to support.” A man and a woman cannot help but does complexion change said : is besieged? Was besieged by who? Does who dare in the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, to besiege our Wu Clan?” small town just about to speaks. However he looked at person one in shop, swallowed back the words, is only deep voice said : Young Master, Young lady, we are quick.”

That male cultivator looks at the small town appearance, knows that some words not suitable said in this shop, he nodded said : well, we walk.” Said that his hand turned, puts out a piece Crystal Stone to throw on the table, then that female cultivator turn around outward walked. After three people went out. Started, turn the horse's head around, dashes to go. Zhao Hai looked at this man and a woman one eyes, two eyes has shown a faint smile, has stood. Put out a piece Crystal Stone to lose to table on said : waiter, paying up.” waiter ran over. Looks at Crystal Stone on table, and was startled has tarried, Zhao Hai lost although on table is also a piece Crystal Stone, he was the Crystal Stone that he threw down, is bigger than Crystal Stone that the beforehand that a man and a woman lost, had Crystal Stone five times of big that male cultivator threw down, but this Crystal Stone value, actually absolutely can big previous ten times continue compared with that Crystal Stone. That waiter silly is taking that Crystal Stone, some little time responded that he just about to says anything, actually heard out of the door to hear a hoofbeat, Zhao Hai had already walked away. Actually Zhao Hai to True Spirit Realm this is the understanding or has a little, in True Spirit Realm this city, average person general currency has three types, the silver, the [gold/metal], Crystal Stone. The silver and [gold/metal] that were needless saying that was ordinary most commonly used currency, but this Crystal Stone in average person, even if were rare one type of currency. But currency also three types that among cultivator uses \; first, Crystal Stone, naturally is that quality most high grade Crystal Stone, second is Jade essence, third is Jade Marrow, Jade Marrow is one type of compared with a Jade essence better jade, even if in True Spirit Realm here, the output is also limited, therefore Jade Marrow can become general currency of True Spirit Realm here cultivator use. Before that male cultivator worried, will therefore throw down a piece Crystal Stone, that a piece Crystal Stone has sufficed to buy dozens chapters this shop, but Zhao Hai and don’t know these, he thinks that Crystal Stone is True Spirit Realm here general currency, threw down a piece, was big, naturally this regarding Zhao Hai was not anything, but regarding that waiter, this a piece Crystal Stone has sufficed their family member be fond of food and drink lived for a lifetime. Reason that Zhao Hai on leave, wants to go to that male cultivator their family to have a look quickly, they also said that they are the Wu Clan people, moreover family's elder or Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, like this, with Zhao Hai also no matter bystander, what most important is, their family currently has difficultly, the person on one's own side had difficultly, Zhao Hai has certainly no alternative but to manage. Zhao Hai very clear, Tyrant Blade Sect disciple very unites, if he comes across this matter not to manage, if later makes that Wu surnamed Inner Disciples meet, that may they be possible not to be good to speak. said it Zhao Hai also wants to have a look, is who, has such big courage, dares to besiege Tyrant Blade Sect attached Clan in the Tyrant Blade Sect domain unexpectedly, simply was Eaten Bear's Heart and Leopard's Gallbladder. Zhao Hai is riding Demon Horse with that three people, moving forward, about three hours, Zhao Hai saw front has hill, above that hill, has constructed Village courtyard probably, but Zhao Hai sees that to locate Village courtyard, actually curbed a horse to stop, then the brow can not wrinkle. Now Zhao Hai locates Village courtyard is very far to that but he has actually been able to feel that intermittent dense Ghost Qi, entire Village courtyard had been covered by one layer Dark mist, in Dark mist also spread the sound of intermittent ghost wailing. Saw this situation, in Zhao Hai mind cannot help but appears two characters, that was Ghost Cultivator, looked that like this feared had Ghost Cultivator in attack that Village courtyard, if he has not guessed that wrong, that Village courtyard should be Wu Clan.

Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but one cold, he has not thought that now these Ghost Cultivator to this situation, under the broad daylight, have dared wildly attack Tyrant Blade Sect attached Clan, were their courage too also big? Thinks of here, Zhao Hai pats Demon Horse, Demon Horse make a long neigh, four hooves flutter, proceeds to rush, one enhanced a big truncation. After more than ten minutes, Zhao Hai heard the sound of intermittent fighting on hearing in front, Zhao Hai has hit the horse to look in the past, fighting before , he that a man and a woman two cultivator that met in the wineshop, but that looked for their servants, now has poured in the one side, the body full was the blood, could not live shortly. But besieges thing of this man and a woman, actually caused Zhao Hai the note to produce the electricity, besieged this man and a woman, was not the person, but was several Malicious Ghost. These Malicious Ghost appearance very unusual, before they look like Zhao Hai, had seen Lich is the same, the lower part is likely smog like existence, but their upper part, actually puts on full body armor, is taking the long spear great halberd soldier, but on face fierce incomparable, looks like aggressive is unusual. But that a man and a woman their strengths are not very strong, only then the Rebirth Stage strength, their body was wounded now, moreover wound flood black, in these Malicious Ghost attack, actually brings poisonously. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but lowly drinks one, pulls out own long blade, then above the long blade dodged Golden-tip, then he hit the horse to overrun, the in hand long blade wielded continually, listened appropriately ~, when ~ when ~ worked as ~ several loud noise, Zhao Hai the standard operated that several Malicious Ghost weapon, before that a man and a woman. A man and a woman their Mount of died, they can only way step resist the enemy, moreover they are wounded now, was poisoned, when soon cannot support, Zhao Hai appears . After Zhao Hai kept off the attack of that several Malicious Ghost, immediately/on horseback turned the hand, two medicine pill lost their in hand, his deep voice said : ate medicine pill quickly.” They have also recognized Zhao Hai, but they also know now is not the speech time, their immediately has put the mouth medicine pill, the medicine pill entrance already, obviously is the Advanced level goods, they also felt that own Spiritual Qi restoration bit by bit, but their toxins unexpectedly also miracle was good. They are also the person of being able to judge the quality of goods, simultaneously said : Qi Xun( Wu Ying) thanks a lot senior save a life great kindness.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : modesty a while saying that standing by.” Said that his hand wields, release two Demon Horse, then said : rides, our together overruns.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }