Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2030

Qi Xun they also know that now is not the time of persuasive speaker angry words, they complied with one to jump up Demon Horse, at this time Zhao Hai had fought several times with that several Malicious Ghost, but that several Malicious Ghost have not profited. Such result to is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental, he thinks that the opposite party dares to encircle male Wu Clan blatantly, that said that the strength will not be weak, aren't these Malicious Ghost strengths probably how strong? Zhao Hai although feels odd, now but how he wants to know the situation under Wu, therefore he has not stopped, after Qi Xun they stood Demon Horse, his immediately got them to kill toward Wu Clan Village courtyard. Demon Horse is unfriendly, impulse very formidable, these Malicious Ghost strength might as well Zhao Hai, naturally cannot block the charge of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai is paying attention to all around, he presently this all around Malicious Ghost also is really many, before they clashes, only then dozen minutes of road, Malicious Ghost that but Zhao Hai meets had about hundred, these Malicious Ghost strengths are not weak, worst is also the Rebirth boundary Intermediate level strengths, with Qi Xun they almost. These many Malicious Ghost appears in here, absolutely are not that simple matters, is certainly related with Ghost Cultivator, moreover looks at their appearance, must Wu Clan exterminating an entire family that will otherwise not give to enclose entire Village courtyard. After a dozen minutes of charge, Zhao Hai they arrived around Village courtyard, this Village courtyard really has defensive formation, no wonder can very to this time. To defensive formation , did Zhao Hai turn the head „to Qi Xun said : not to pass?” Qi Xun nodded said : „. So long as has our Wu Clan Command Token to go. senior please wait a bit, I go in later immediately Command Token to you.” Zhao Hai nodded, Qi Xun and Wu Ying immediately has crashed in defensive formation, then Qi Xun has given Zhao Hai own Command Token, Zhao Hai took Command Token to enter courtyard directly. Qi Xun they, as soon as enters courtyard, person immediately in courtyard walked, for old person, shining white head, the stature is actually very magnificent, but now this old person complexion ugly look at Qi Xun said : Xun'er. this, what's going on? does not make you go to Tyrant Blade Sect there, asking Master to give support? You what's the matter? Also, who is this person?” One hear of old person said that the Zhao Hai three people stare. Then Qi Xun puzzled said : grandfather, is not you make small town ask me to come back with Younger Sister Ying? How also saying that makes us invite Senior Master? This what's the matter?” That old person stares, then does complexion change said : small town? I do not make him call you to ask your Senior Master to support? How will he make you come back?” Qi Xun said : small town died, Qi Guai, he arrives nearby our home very much, suddenly fell down dead from immediately/on horseback.”

Zhao Hai deep voice said : did not need to think, definitely was the ghost who these Ghost Cultivator did, they do not want to make Tyrant Blade Sect know this matter.” That old person look at Zhao Hai said : „is mister?” Zhao Hai wielded puts out Blade Command to hand nearby old person said : Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples Zhao Hai.” That old person looked that Zhao Hai put out Blade Command to stare, then complexion one happy, immediately got the people to kneel next step to Zhao Hai: Wu Clan Patriarch Wu De leads Wu Clan all have seen Sir.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : „. Now does not speak these superficial politenesses time, this, outside these people do not know my status now, but this matter must be solved as soon as possible is good, my body is bringing Portable Transmission Formation, wants return to Sect, before I come back, you must defend Wu Clan, anybody can not go.” Wu De bows said : is, is the Sir to take responsibility.” Zhao Hai nodded. flash of white light on vanish from sight, Zhao Hai already present, although said that gathers round Wu Clan these Malicious Ghost although strengths is not very formidable, but the quantity are many, this obviously is a deliberate motion. Moreover is very likely a Ghost Cultivator plot, this matter must the informing Sect talented person line in as soon as possible. The Zhao Hai personal appearance next one passed through appears already in Yin-Yang Peak small courtyard. Now Qiu Tie is practicing martial arts in the yard, standing that Qiu Zhen smiles in one side look at, in the eye full is the affection with the color of satisfaction. They looked that Zhao Hai came to stare, Qiu Zhen puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, did you come? Did not say that you did make duty?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to come across a matter in the halfway, I must see Master.” Said that arrives at living room in front of the door, said loudly: Master, disciple interview.” The Yin elder sound conveys said : to come.” Zhao Hai pushed the door to walk, presently Yin-Yang 2 elders sat to the living room, he flushed them to salute hastily. Yin elder beckoned with the hand said : to hear that your yesterday exited, now came back, what matter has?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, disciple shortly after General Hall, in one place that called to go around a mountain, has run into the Wu Clan person, Wu Clan was attached Clan under our Tyrant Blade Sect, hears in their Clan now also the person is our Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, I have met Wu Clan two disciple on the road, afterward Wu Clan came the person to look for them, said in their family to be besieged, making them go back, I also curious looked, who on was wants to have a look has such big courage, the balls in our Tyrant Blade Sect domain, coped with our Tyrant Blade Sect. Attached Clan, looks to there finally, besieges Wu Clan is Malicious Ghost . Moreover the quantity are many, minimum must have several hundred Malicious Ghost, the although strength is not strong, but I suspected that this is related with Ghost Cultivator.” Yin-Yang 2 elders one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion changes, Yin elder one stood got up said : to walk, our two had a look with you.”

Zhao Hai one hear of Yin elder such spoke of stares, he has not thought that Yin elder must go with him unexpectedly, what status Yin-Yang 2 elders was, in Tyrant Blade Sect, their status was similar to Supreme Elder, only if now they have come across some life and death matters, will otherwise not act easily, how can go with him now? However he looked that Yin-Yang 2 elders complexion is not quite good, has not asked anything, immediately has stood, with Yin-Yang 2 elders to outside courtyard, then three people of flash of white light, next quarter they already appears in Wu Clan. The Wu Clan present situation is not good, their Clan defensive formation is not the high level goods, now was besieged by these Malicious Ghost, has creakied, the Wu Clan person has been ready that has fought at risk of life. At this moment Zhao Hai and Yin-Yang 2 elders appears , Yin-Yang 2 elders appears in Wu Clan courtyard, Wu Clan person immediately saw, but they do not certainly know Yin-Yang 2 elders, but knows Zhao Hai, Wu De immediately ran over, bows to Zhao Hai said : have seen Sir, these two are?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : should not ask do not ask that they are the elders in gate.” Wu De one startled, Zhao Hai is in itself Inner Disciples, is his elder which person? Elders? Thought of here, Wu De has been careful, bowed said : is, villain understand.” Yin-Yang 2 elders has not actually managed them, outside their look at courtyard these Malicious Ghost, Yang elder coldly snorted said : these ghost bastard come out.” The hand wields, Blade Qi wields together from in his hand, this Blade Qi has delimited protective shield directly, cut on the bodies of outside these Malicious Ghost. These strength not weak Malicious Ghost, one turns into the paper has stuck probably, when was cut by Blade Qi, screamed one, along in the middle on vanish from sight. At this time Yin elder waved, enormous hand shape Qi Strength non-stop flew, met the whereabouts to back side of the mountain one of the going around a mountain, the big hand grasps, several black-clothed people were grasped. Then Yin elder waves, that hand shape Qi Strength in returned to Wu Clan courtyard, Zhao Hai is looking at that several by capture cultivator, they died. These cultivator look like the age is not very big, on the face is somewhat pale, the jet black head, the appearance to is common, cannot see to have anything special. However Zhao Hai actually notes, on how many person of lips is a blue and purple, obviously is kills by poison, Yin elder coldly snorted said : these ghost bastard this welldoing, one had committed suicide by capture, can Little Hai, turn into Undead Creature them? Asked that a meeting does come?” Zhao Hai paid attention, nodded said : „.” Said that his hand wields, one group of black gas that several black-clothed people wrapping up, waited for black gas to vanish, the black-clothed clothing/taking that several died stood in the Zhao Hai front. Zhao Hai turns the head to Yin elder said : Master, you can ask.”

Yin elder nodded, look at that several black-clothed person said : you are Ghost Sect that.” And black-clothed person immediately/on horseback said : returns to the words of Sir, the villain belongs to Ghost Sect Ghost Army Department.” Yin elder nodded, turns the head Ghost Sect has plenty the small department to Zhao Hai said :, this Ghost Army Department is in Ghost Sect quite big one, they are the main actions, Little Hai, these Undead Creature I must bring in returned to Sect, you go then to complete your duty, the following matter did not need you to manage.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, Master, you bring their return to Sect not to have no relationship, but should better not to kill them, such words a little will affect to me.” Yin elder nodded said : feel relieved, we will not feel embarrassed Undead Creature, manage your matter.” Said on him flash of white light, had that several Undead Creature to vanish with Yang elder in Wu Clan courtyard. Waits for Yin-Yang 2 elders to walk, Wu De has then arrived around Zhao Hai, bows said : Sir thanks a lot to break through for my Wu Clan to Zhao Hai, Wu Clan high and low, is deeply grateful.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : Old Wu mister not to need to be polite with a smile, below is also a Tyrant Blade Sect people, comes across this matter, naturally will not stand by.” Wu De quickly said: No matter what, the Sir has great kindness to our Wu Clan, the weather early, the Sir please slightly do not do to rest in Wu Clan, I prepared the food and wine by the life person, the Sir invited.” Zhao Hai thinks that nodded said : so to disturb Old Gentleman, Old Gentleman invited.” Wu De looked at Zhao Hai to agree, the great happiness, the smiling face on face was at heart more abundant, quickly said: Sir invited.” although said the Wu Clan also person in Tyrant Blade Sect, when Inner Disciples, but their family Ping Jin please Tyrant Blade Sect person, even if Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple they please, now suddenly has Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples to keep in their home to seat guests, this regarding the people of their family, may absolutely be an extraordinary big matter, is a good matter, Wu De naturally is happy extremely. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }