Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2031

Zhao Hai rides on Demon Horse, at a moderate pace proceeds, he stayed in Wu Clan one late on leave, Wu Clan is only attached Clan under Tyrant Blade Sect, really does not have quite dull what, said it he also has duty. This Ghost Cultivator appears matter, looks like in Zhao Hai absolutely is not accidental, otherwise Yin-Yang 2 elders will not be anxious. However now these matters to him were too far, even if were Ghost Cultivator has any big sound, cannot help by his present strength, this appears was five Ghost Cultivator, but he could not deal with, do not say formidable Ghost Cultivator. He told Yin-Yang 2 elders at the Tyrant Blade Sect surrounding matter Ghost Cultivator appears now, High level in that Tyrant Blade Sect also knew, means when the time comes Tyrant Blade Sect naturally will have dealing, he is small Inner Disciples, although limits disciple of positive parents now, however in entire Tyrant Blade Sect, the words that he spoke, the fart was not, person is this that easily spoke to refer, therefore he now what is also undoable, can only according to own plan, as soon as possible enhance own strength, familiar Ghost Cultivator forms of combat, so long as he might in be going to arrive like this. In the chaotic situation, obtains that life force. Zhao Hai in the long other people's power and prestige, does not extinguish own spirit, he is not such person, he toward worst has been thinking the matter that then toward best to have done. Before is him is the same in these Ghost Cultivator that Wu Clan there meets, Malicious Ghost that these Ghost Cultivator release come, seems like the strength is not probably strong, so long as his release own Undead Creature. release these Magic Beast. Certainly can gathering round these Malicious Ghost of ghost family kills the powder. The consequence that however such makes is anything, Zhao Hai actually don’t know, do not think that several Ghost Cultivator in Yin elder under the hand/subordinate, does not have including the strength of rebel, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm, if he must to that several Ghost Cultivator, win the surface not to be big, that several Ghost Cultivator strength is not perhaps high, but will be absolutely higher than him, but his several Ghost Cultivator dare to besiege Wu Clan. Certainly has their maintaining life methods, when the time comes Zhao Hai wants opposite them, feared that cannot ask to be good. Because knows this point, therefore Zhao Hai does not have to cope with these Ghost Cultivator. He told Yin-Yang 2 elders this information, this not only can easily solve these Ghost Cultivator, similarly can also bring to the attention of Sect. Zhao Hai knows that cultivator cannot lose the spirit, but spirit equal to is not crude, clearly know dies, you also do, that is silly, if there is means of reducing effort not to use, you must go to go all out, that is also silly. Therefore Zhao Hai chose the most convenient means to cope with these Ghost Cultivator. Zhao Hai Demon Horse slowly proceeds, he is thinking present Tyrant Blade Sect there can be any situation, believes that Tyrant Blade Sect meets their surrounding places to carry on a check. This Tyrant Blade Sect must cope is not Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast, to be honest, Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast Tyrant Blade Sect has not paid attention, so long as they put some duty, enhances some duty to reward, Black Dragon Mountain there Monster Beast was finished. Now they must face, but Ghost Cultivator, with True Spirit Realm here all Sect dogfights don’t know how long Ghost Cultivator, these fellows be more difficult than to deal with these Magic Beast.

Northbound. Zhao Hai is quick, is mainly Demon Horse is quick enough, in him comes out 13 th day Tyrant Blade Sect later, Zhao Hai arrived at Yalong City. After Yalong City was Zhao Hai to True Spirit Realm here, first big city that saw, this city was very big. city wall has more than 30 meters high fully, long has achieved about the thousand li(500 km). If one Giant Dragon volt is the same on plain. But what the Zhao Hai impression is most is this Yalong City prosperity degree, this Yalong City was really too prosperous, south Yalong City that he saw city wall altogether had big small town gate 12, but these city gates were the human tides, if wove, that several city gates have not broken probably are excellently same, some people that stops were passing and out. But most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, here can also see with practice of sword strap sword . Moreover the quantity are many, but is riding Monster Beast like Zhao Hai is not many. Zhao Hai has not discontinued, but rides Demon Horse to walk toward Yalong City, he paid attention, in city gate there, several wear warrior cloth, the waist carries on the arm cultivator of blade to stand in there, but is bringing a piece Jade Token on their waists, that Jade Token unexpectedly is a piece Identity Card, they unexpectedly are Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple. Zhao Hai knows that in Yalong City such city, has Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, in Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, several chancellor Hall Master, these Hall Master status, may in some chancellor elders compared with Sect, they be able in this city to receive disciple, Professor disciple, if has outstanding disciple, actually must deliver to General Hall there to go. However Zhao Hai has not thought that these Tyrant Blade Sect disciple will do such Cultivation Method unexpectedly, he also thinks that defense gate type is others does exactly certainly, has not actually thought that can be these Outer Disciple does. Zhao Hai also took Blade Command now, hung own waist, although beforehand Yin-Yang 2 elders has made him such do, but Zhao Hai had not actually placed outside Blade Command, because he thought practiced on his own, does not want to depend on Blade Command to solve, turned in these Monster Beast like previous time him, if he placed outside Blade Command, when he had the danger, Blade Qi in Blade Command automatic, when the time comes simply did not need him to begin, these Monster Beast on being finished. In fact not only he, Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples almost all does, Blade Command can maintain life, but you need face the danger, excavation own potential, if you meet troublesome, makes Blade Command solve for you, you are forever impossible to enhance your strength. Naturally also very important reasons are, if Blade Qi in Blade Command has used up, but does not have the place to supplement that in Sect gives you in the blade, inside has ten moves of Blade Qi, this is the elder in Sect permits to you, if you with own Master relationship good also good, your Blade Qi has used up, your Master can help you enter some Blade Qi toward inside sufficiently, but if you with your Master relationship general, that your Blade Qi has used up, but the place is not sufficient. Because of such reason, general Inner Disciples easily will therefore not use Blade Command, only if he must die the bureau, at that time they will take Blade Command, wears on the body.

But Zhao Hai takes to take the body Blade Command now, must indicate the status, must know that unknown cultivator, wants to enter Yalong City, will be by Tyrant Blade Sect younger brother Secondary Disc is asked that but if you will be Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, you can actually arbitrarily enter Yalong City. Really, when Zhao Hai Demon Horse arrives at Yalong City city gate there, Tyrant Blade Sect disciple of these defense gates, saw Blade Command that the Zhao Hai waist wears, the facial expression is one austere, then holds the fist in the other hand to salute to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also holds the fist in the other hand to salute to these Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, but his not under Demon Horse, but entered Yalong City directly. Entered Yalong City Zhao Hai to be shocked, he has not thought that also this Yalong City in the city situation, compared with must prosper, five zhang (3.33 m) wide Cyan Slab roads that he imagined, in the both sides of road, everywhere have shops, on the entire main road the pedestrian, the carriages and horses, had Xu's moving forward fully, once for a while can also see that some wear unified the person of clothing, has walked from the street, on these waists leads troops, many were by blade give priority to, their actually belt Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple Identity Card, obviously they have not been Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple. moving forward that whatever Zhao Hai Demon Horse slows pace, he in sizing up by this group these shops, that shop why has, from the hotel to the cloth shop, from the grain shop to the person grocery store, has everything expected to find. Zhao Hai look at all around people, some people laughed heartily, anxious look of some people of faces, one was hawking, good school of prosperous scene, good to send for hundred condition charts. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, his suddenly a little liked here, but he had not forgotten that own matter, although his these time came out to make duty, but Yalong City here Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall he must visit, this was the issue of courtesy. The Yalong City here map he already had, Sect when gives him this duty, some along the way has given him supply points maps, therefore he ten distinguishes clearly the loosen had found Tyrant Blade Sect in Yalong City here branch Hall. Tyrant Blade Sect in Yalong City here the style of branch Hall next minute, entire big piece of region is Tyrant Blade Sect, in that block foreign surface, is setting up a giant decorative archway, above writes the Tyrant Blade Sect Yalong City branch Hall inscription. Is standing two Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple in decorative archway there, obviously in that decorative archway is not who can go, Zhao Hai in leaving that decorative archway about hundred meters place has run down own Demon Horse, walks toward that decorative archway there. Decorative archway there that two Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple already saw Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai Demon Horse extremely in amazing steed, they have wanted unable to see that is impossible. Moreover they also saw Blade Command of Zhao Hai waist, understood at a glance that Zhao Hai is Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, but they, because has regulation, therefore cannot come up to greet Zhao Hai, can only stand in decorative archway there is waiting for Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai arrives around the decorative archway, that two person immediately/on horseback hold the fist in the other hand said : to see Senior Brother to Zhao Hai, does Senior Brother come from General Hall?” Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to return salute said : „, came from General Hall below, this time is to come Yalong City here makes duty, comes the branch Hall here visit especially.” deep voice said : in that two Outer Disciple so in Senior Brother request personally, greeted Senior Brother to inside naturally some people, Senior Brother invited.” Zhao Hai nodded, holds the fist in the other hand to them, pulls Demon Horse to enter the decorative archway. Zhao Hai just entered the decorative archway not to walk several steps, cultivator on half step walks toward Zhao Hai, his body is also bringing a piece Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple Command Token, to Zhao Hai also several steps times, he halted, holds the fist in the other hand said : to see Senior Brother to Zhao Hai below Yalong City branch Hall Governor disciple Su Ya, Senior Brother please come along with me.” Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand said : Inner Disciples Zhao Hai to see Junior Brother Su to Su Ya, troublesome master disciple.” Su Ya smiles said : Senior Brother to look on as an outsider, please.” Said that directs Zhao Hai to walk toward inside. Zhao Hai walks while is sizing up all around situation, this piece of region manages for is Tyrant Blade Sect, therefore the place to is very big, moreover underwent the unified plan, the both sides of road are the high courtyard walls, making the person unable to see inside situation, but not far away, has together the big palace gate, but obviously their destinations on are there. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }