Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2033

Zhao Hai rides on Demon Horse, slowly walks toward Li Village, his although has not arrived at Li Village to make duty, but harvests was not small, this harvest does not certainly refer to the material, but referred to him they turning in the friend with Su Dingshan. Su Dingshan this person obtained Lin Yuefeng True Inheritance, Blade Technique also attention imposing manner, his present although was unable to achieve Lin Yuefeng such, momentarily can imposing manner manifestation, but had a point that meaning faintly, whole person temperament is full, absolutely is not a simple character. Moreover in Yalong City here or Tyrant Blade Sect very important branch Hall, is branch Hall Hall Master Lin Yuefeng speaks in Tyrant Blade Sect also very has the component, but is his big disciple and Su Dingshan of Legacy successor, the status in Tyrant Blade Sect is also not low. Now Zhao Hai in the person who in Tyrant Blade Sect knows is not many, he just came after all for one year, in adding on this year time he mostly used in the practice, can say besides Dao Shu them, only then Ge Yueyu also calculated to be familiar with him, other people were not very ripe. Now can know that Su Dingshan, makes friendly friends to be also good with Su Dingshan, this after him the exhibition in Tyrant Blade Sect has the advantage. although said that Tyrant Blade Sect disciple by uniting to become famous, but Zhao Hai does not believe that in Tyrant Blade Sect disciple does not have on a clique, the places of some people have the rivers and lakes, these words did not speak in vain. However Zhao Hai regarding many that too these matters do not want to participate, but by his status, wants not to be involved, can achieve, do not forget. He has two extremely powerful Master. Has that two big god, that does not enlarge ones vision dares to offend him. Does not want to participate in the struggle of clique, this does not represent to oneself isolating, fights with some Sect disciple, after all many under friends always compare many enemy. More than 100 li (0.5km) roads, regarding Demon Horse are really not anything, did not arrive at two hours to arrive, moreover this was the reason that has not run. Li Village is not big Village, entire Village only then more than 100 families, moreover belong to a family surnamed Li. according to legend some ancestors also people of their family are Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, was only the disciple unusual talented person afterward, person who several generations do not have appears to have spirit root, therefore slowly turned into ordinary Clan from Tyrant Blade Sect attached Clan. Li Village constructs under hill. This village hill is not high, but on the mountain has the river, such as the jade belt is common, Li Clan being connected including the above in this river, was the a piece valuable land with a good geomantic omen. Zhao Hai stands outside the Li Village village, look at Li Village, now is not the busy farming season time, the farmer also with having anything lives, therefore entire Li Clan appears very peaceful, to is really a little meaning of extra mundane Haven.

Zhao Hai observed. Truly like such that Su Dingshan said that in this Li Village was point Yin Qi did not have, felt that peaceful auspicious, was the place possibly haunted? Zhao Hai has patted Demon Horse, walks toward Village, Li Village are the houses of some stone wood constructions, each has own yard, only then courtyard is biggest, is the style, person who it seems like there has the status place that lives. Zhao Hai entered Village actually present the differences. General Village, in the slack farming season, the villagers can 35 person get together drink tea to chat, the child meets the road village to run like crazy, but this Li Village is different. In entire Li Village cannot see a person, called besides several dogs. Probably entered one ** is the same. Zhao Hai paid attention, in Li Village had the person, but these people hide in their family now do not dare to come out, Zhao Hai has not cared, rides Demon Horse to arrive in the village nearby biggest that courtyard, jumped down Demon Horse, has arrived at institute in front of the door, patted gently has knocked at the door said : „to ask that had the person? Below is Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, met duty to come, the words of some people please open the door.” The Zhao Hai voice just fell big gate to open, in the gate is standing young man, face excited look at Zhao Hai, looks at the Zhao Hai attire and Demon Horse, that young was more excited, immediately kneels next step to Zhao Hai: Sir, you may come, our Li Village could be saved.” Zhao Hai held that hastily got up said : to get up the speech, what's all this about? Does person how nobody in village come out?” That young man has then stood, bows said : to return to the words of Sir to Zhao Hai, in Village, because is haunted, everyone/Great Clan is afraid, therefore nobody comes out, the Sir welcome rest to the family.” Said that turn around made Zhao Hai enter courtyard. At this time walked several people from the room, had the male to have the female, had always has few, Zhao Hai has counted, had more than ten fully, oldest old person looked like already very old, shining white head, some old person spots, in hand column a walking stick. That to young man that Zhao Hai opens the door, runs up to nearby old person, said loudly: Grandfather, this Sir who is Tyrant Blade Sect comes, is seizes the ghost.” old person possibly has some hard of hearing, therefore young man will speak so loudly, good old person heard young man to say anything, has not hit the difference, but was a face excited must kneel next step to Zhao Hai: Small Old Man Li Defu have seen Sir.” How Zhao Hai can make this kind of old person kowtow to oneself, he has supported old person hastily, said loudly: Senior does not need to be so polite, met Sect duty to come below, but also invited Senior, me tells matter that this was haunted what's the matter.”

old person quickly said: Sir was too polite, small Old Man cannot handle, asking the Sir to enter the room to have tea.” Zhao Hai has not declined, holds old person to walk toward the room, old person is does not dare to continue talking, Zhao Hai actually has not actually let loose, has held old person to enter the room. After entering the room, Zhao Hai put out medicine pill to give old person said : Senior, I thought your this ear some backs, ate this medicine pill, quite a little.” This is only very ordinary medicine pill, but that old person actually excited, must know that this medicine pill average person cannot eat, that is medicine pill that cultivator uses, old person shivered both hands to receive medicine pill, must kneel down to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai held old person hastily, old person wants to regard the family heirloom this medicine pill, but Zhao Hai has not let, but made old person eating medicine pill. After old person eats up medicine pill, ear really old, Essence, Qi and Spirit also fully, old person after Zhao Hai has expressed gratitude, matter that this said : Sir, this is haunted one month ago starts, is starts by our Li Family old grave there, one month ago, Li Zhuzi of our village, in several young man with village makes a bet, said that he does not fear the ghost, a person ran up to old grave there to go, but everybody did not see him to come back next day, we went to old grave there to look that Li Zhuzi died in there, dying was very miserable, his heart. Was given to dig, everybody has been afraid, but has not actually thought is haunted, thinks that he has met any Monster Beast, gave to bury him, however in afterward several days, Li Suozi in village has been missing, everyone/Great Clan looked everywhere the entire village not to find, finally found in old grave there, he had also been killed , the heart digging, everyone/Great Clan then thinks that has been haunted, dug the heart ghost, therefore we on reported this matter.” Speaking of here old person to stop, then sighed said : „, but that ghost was really too sly, the Yalong City there Tyrant Blade Sect Sir came time, he did not have the sound, that several Sirs stayed for two days in the village, anything presently had not gone back, but they went back, the ghost started to make, from presently is haunted now, in our village died ten many individuals, everyone was the heart is poached, Sir, this time you must rescue our village.” Zhao Hai gently knit the brows said : cultivator to come his not appears , walks him to come out, I came now, if he does not come out, this is a troublesome matter, Senior, your can here have the place that what lives in? Arranges to be good to me? Then asked you to tell me the position of Li Family old grave, I must have a look.” Li Defu quickly said: Sir lives in my family, in the family also has many rooms, enough Sir lived, Xiaofeng, gives everyone/Great Clan to clean up the room quickly.” That complies with one to person who Zhao Hai opened the door, turn around ran. Zhao Hai looked that this situation cannot know is not good in here, he nodded said : well, that lived in here was good, did Senior, invite disparity Li Family old grave in there? I must have a look.” old person quickly said: Sir does not need to worry, has eaten is going not to be late, I have made the person prepare the food.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Senior not to need to be polite, I have a look, to come back to eat first am not late.” old person one hear of Zhao Hai said that must stand got up said : so the Sir to come with me.”

They leave the front gate, old person are pointing at following hill said : in the forest following a piece open area of back side of the mountain, there is the Li Family old grave, leaves is not being far, a while I make the villager lead the Sir you to go.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : not to need, thanks a lot Senior, I went to be OK.” Speech Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to old person, the personal appearance moves, the direct back side of the mountain rushes. Before long arrived at the Li Village back side of the mountain, the Li Village back side of the mountain maintains good, on the mountain has many trees, these trees are some pine trees, but Zhao Hai understood at a glance, after these pine trees are the person, plants. Has passed through piece of Pine Forest, front on appears grave mounds, these grave mounds looked on some years, but Li Family village here has the custom of visiting the grave on the third day after burial probably, every year will add the new earth toward the grave mound, therefore these grave mounds look like are not small. Zhao Hai is sizing up these old graves, frowning gently, these old grave here although years is very cannot help but long, but normally should some people handle, to does not appear desolated, like the place, how to be haunted? Moreover this grave here, could not feel that Yin Qi, simply does not coincide the condition that is haunted, what's all this about? Transferred well in Li Family old grave here some time, Zhao Hai does not have anything presently, this disappoints him cannot help but somewhat, now looks like, this matter has not given the solution really in a short time. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed, turn around descended the mountain, after Li Village, Zhao Hai has not gone to the Li Defu home directly, on but gathered round Li Village to transfer the extension, looked at the Li Village terrain, this Li Village originally was Great Clan, now although lives alone separatedly, because each other was related, left was also not very far, therefore Li Village was not big, before long Zhao Hai transferred Li Village, this returned to Li Defu. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }