Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2034
Zhao Hai transfers in Li Village is not Bai Zhuan, he must receive in Space Li Village all places, is good to prepare the later convenience surveillance and motion. Zhao Hai returned to Li Defu time, presently Li Defu does in in front of the door , etc. he, Zhao Hai hastily to Li Defu said : Senior, how you stand in here?” Li Defu to Zhao Hai said : Sir, but present what?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, a there not point special place, anything also presently, but Senior invited feel relieved, I will keep several days in here.” Li Defu one hear of Zhao Hai said that facial expression cannot help but one gloomy, but his very clear, he is impossible to let Zhao Hai such cultivator, long time helps them catch the ghost in here, therefore he must nod said : so on Sir thanks a lot, Sir, the meal has prepared, the Sir invited.” Zhao Hai nodded, entered the room with the Li Family person. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai arrives at that room that has given him to prepare with Li Defeng grandson Li Feng, this was the Li Family best guest room, actually Zhao Hai did not need a good place, but the good intention of Li Family person he led. Zhao Hai is very clear own status, oneself in the Li Family person at heart, not only cultivator is so simple, is their hopes, their liberators, therefore the Li Family talented person so will be tense he, the Li Family person feared that offended him , he as soon as strength of leave anger, that Li Village troublesome on even bigger. Now this evening's Zhao Hai has been monitoring the Li Village here situation, the Li Village person is afraid. Early rested. Almost nobody can leave the room, although said that Zhao Hai came, but they are still scared, therefore entire Li Village to evening very peaceful. However this situation Zhao Hai to is happy, he to wants to have a look, is any thing wants the attack Li Village person. However that night Zhao Hai is anything does not have presently, Zhao Hai to has not worried, his white emperor's clothes however stroll in Li Village here, in the evening sleeps in Li Defu, appearance that probably does not worry. Passed for seven days. Still any situation has not lived, Li Village also restored probably peacefully, daytime the Li Village person also started to move, in has not lived the villagers missing matter. The these days Li Village person regarding Zhao Hai is very polite. However they present slowly, Zhao Hai disposition very good to child very good of village, therefore the Li Village person slowly was also also familiar with Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai does not have anxiously walking, he to wants to have a look, that digs the heart ghost to endure how long, simultaneously these days he also once for a while contacts with Su Dingshan, wants to have a look, nearby this besides Li Village, had other place appears this digging heart to be also clever, if other place appears dug the heart to be clever. That explained that ghost might rush to other place to go very much, if other place did not have appears to dig the heart ghost, explained that only dug the heart ghost possibly also in Li Village here. Finally Su Dingshan told him, the nearby besides Li Village there, did not have other place in living being haunted event, this Zhao Hai did not worry, had lived in half a month in Li Village. Now Zhao Hai has been familiar to the Li Village person , the entire Li Village person he knew, moreover that only dug the heart ghost also probably to vanish was the same. It is not having appears . Before Zhao Hai, has looked at Li Village these deceased people, they truly were accused the heart dead, looked at their wounds, probably was dug by the sharp claws, but this not good judgment was any thing surprise attack these villagers. Because in True Spirit Realm here, thing of long this sharp claws. Really was too many. Not only Monster Beast, some practiced specially the Cultivation Method person also to achieve, Malicious Ghost can also achieve, was adding on these people dead some time, therefore not good judgment was any thing surprise attack these people. 15 days have achieved nothing, after that night Zhao Hai cannot in waiting, had had the dinner, Zhao Hai to Li Defu said : Uncle Fu, I comes Li Village already more than ten days, that only digs the heart ghost not to have appears , I think that he possibly walked, I must go back.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Defu in saying anything, his very clear, Zhao Hai has given them very much the face, remains in Li Village is these many days, if general cultivator already walked. Li Defu said : good, Li Village remembers Sir's good to Li Village, the Sir if later has the time, must come Li Village.” Zhao Hai has complied with one with a smile, has rested a evening in Li Defu, next day under the village sees off, leave Li Village, directly soared Yalong City. In Yalong City there considers after Su Dingshan one was individual, has not stayed, hurries to toward Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall directly, evening's time, lives, in leaves on the Yalong City not far small town. After small town hotel has eaten meal, Zhao Hai on returned to in the room, static sitting on the bed, has simultaneously closed the eye, starts to relate in the brain Cai'er, is monitoring the Li Village there sound.

Zhao Hai although leave Li Village, but he is not real feel relieved, he does not think that ghost walked, but Zhao Hai also understand , he if in there, that ghost feared that will be forever will not come out, therefore he will say wants leave, such that ghost coming out will move. Night Li Village continuously very peaceful, very early that the villagers nothing, therefore rest, after the darkness, almost each family rested. Midnight the ten points, a faint shadow, suddenly fluttered from Li Village small courtyard, Zhao Hai immediately noted that shadow, simultaneously he also noted that shadow appears small courtyard, that small courtyard was Li Village household of known as Li Tiejun others, Li Tiejun this person very honest, heard he made the body test long ago time, has detected single Spirit Root, but could not go in Tyrant Blade Sect, but Li Village here handed down in the family Martial arts has been lost, therefore he can only be a farmer at home. However this Li Tiejun to is a good person, has met several times with Zhao Hai, overly cautious and prudent, treats the Li Village person also very warm-heartedly, which family will have the matter he to help, in Li Village will be a staff very good person. However Zhao Hai made Cai'er receive in Li Tiejun family monitor, in Li Tiejun family only then he lived, his mother vowed, but he has not married to the present, was in Li Village one of the few bachelors. When sees the situation in Li Tiejun room, Zhao Hai has gawked, sees Li Tiejun to take small banner same thing now in there, but from his situation, he obviously is Ghost Cultivator, that only Malicious Ghost that just exited, is his release goes. Zhao Hai has not thought that the matter that this Li Village is haunted unexpectedly is spy, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, the body of Li Tiejun did not have to practice Ghost Cultivator Cultivation Method Yin Qi slightly, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai feel very strange. However now does not look at Li Tiejun time, Zhao Hai the attention centralized to that only Malicious Ghost that on Li Tiejun release came, direction that only Malicious Ghost this going, unexpectedly is Li Defu. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, the personal appearance moves, appears in Li Village, portable single blade direct that only Malicious Ghost threw, Zhao Hai quickly presently this only Malicious Ghost with him in the Malicious Ghost differences that Wu Clan there meets, in Malicious Ghost that Wu Clan there meets, is all over the body jet black, translucent shape, but this only Malicious Ghost although also translucent, but actually appears intermittently red light, moreover in this severe Ghost Hand does not have weapon, is actually growing two sharp claws, looks like the attack strength is not weak. Zhao Hai appears that only Malicious Ghost on present, looked that Zhao Hai throws toward him, that only Malicious Ghost looks to escape hopelessly, turns the head, shout ferociously , kills toward Zhao Hai. This Malicious Ghost called, immediately has brought to the attention of entire Li Village, Li Village lantern riddle one after the other has shone, several brave villagers also lay the window to look outward that presently Zhao Hai is actually fighting with all over the body flood red Malicious Ghost.

This presently makes the Li Village person cannot help but stare, they also real don’t know, when Zhao Hai comes back, but they actually still do not dare to go out, at home lies the windows and doors to pay attention to outside situation. Zhao Hai has not actually thought that he fights with that only Malicious Ghost several times, presently that only Malicious Ghost strength is not very strong, most, only then the Rebirth Stage intermediate level strength, such strength naturally possibly is not the Zhao Hai match, fought more than ten rounds Zhao Hai cutting to kill that only Malicious Ghost. Malicious Ghost although is the one type of ghost, but they are impossible to achieve the physical attack immunity the situation, moreover in Zhao Hai attack has Spiritual Qi, is not pure physical attack, therefore that Malicious Ghost naturally cannot only stand off Zhao Hai. After Zhao Hai has killed that only Malicious Ghost, the personal appearance moves, dashes to Li Tiejun, Li Tiejun obviously was one just shortly after learn Ghost Cultivator Cultivation Method, only then such Malicious Ghost, moreover after that Malicious Ghost had only been cut by Zhao Hai, he was also injured, but he also felt that now Zhao Hai flushed, he knows that he has exposed, he to has not thought must run, his very clear could not be inescapable, therefore held that black small banner to clash from in the room. said : that Zhao Hai look at Li Tiejun, two eyes cold light sparkles Tiejun, your why vital part Li Village person? They may be your family member.” Li Tiejun look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly why, you also asked me why, person who I was one have spirit root obviously, I can become like you obviously, top dog who no matter arrives at there respect, was I actually can only in here farming, in Clan leave behind the Cultivation Method rare book obviously, was Li Defu that old bastard is not willing to me, his simply has not regarded the Li Family person me, why I must regard the Li Family person myself.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that cannot help but knitting the brows head, deep voice said : „is this you injures oneself family member's reason?” Tiejun, is not I am not willing to give you Clan practice Cultivation Method, but is Clan has not amended the practice method, my Li Family ancestor in the past was only Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple, because did not have the too great achievement, went home to establish Li type Clan, but afterward because of the attack of Ghost Cultivator, Patriarch died in battle, my Li Family Cultivation Method lost, only then one set of Blade Technique, does not have Qi circulation Cultivation Method, if I gave you Blade Technique rare book, after you have practiced, exited, if matter has troubled, has not dispelled symptoms such as bloating Cultivation Method Blade Technique, was only nice but false appearance, hit not excellently.” don’t know, Li Defu came out, look at Li Tiejun said. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }