Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2035

Li Tiejun one hear of Li Defu said that cannot help but two eyes red said : I do not believe that ancestral temple there is your family, how naturally was you to say how.” The Li Defu look at Li Tiejun appearance, sighed said : Tiejun, was not I do not give, person who when you Li Family village left your one to have spirit root? I am young time is also single Spirit Root, cannot enter Tyrant Blade Sect, finally can only work at farming at home, if I have any Cultivation Method , my can not practice.” Now the people in many Li Family village ran, they looked that this situation knew what's the matter, all person one face shocking look at Li Tiejun, the person's in Li Family village appraisal to Li Tiejun was very good, has not actually thought that Li Tiejun was the Li Family village is haunted unexpectedly, kills the murderers of Li Family village several people. Li Tiejun obviously was lost now was sane, his look at did Li Defu sneer said : you also to have spirit root? Whom said to believe that did not need this excuse to deceive me, you do not want to make me practice, that can be what kind, I have not practiced, you have not possibly thought blade that the ancestor left behind in the past, reason that on will not rust, was not because had the ancestor to bless, because on that blade adhered to stick cohere one in the past by the Ghost Cultivator soul that the ancestor cut to kill, HaHaHa, I have absorbed that soul, on learn this Ghost Cultivation Methods, I knows now that in this world strongest simply was not Tyrant Blade Sect Cultivation Method, but was this Ghost Cultivation Methods.” Zhao Hai look at Li Tiejun appearance, coldly snorted said : „, therefore you have practiced this Cultivation Method? I to am very curious. Your this soul gets so far as from there.” Li Tiejun one hear of Zhao Hai said. Cannot help but two blood red eyes look at Zhao Hai said : you, when I am first day obtain this Cultivation Method? I obtained this Cultivation Method enough three years, two years ago, my mother has had a big sickness, is not shortly good, for forever with my mother in together, therefore I my mother's soul, practiced my life soul, I was the plan forever with my mother in together, was you, was you have killed my mother!” A Li Tiejun such saying. Zhao Hai is really greatly surprised, he has not thought that this Li Tiejun meets frantic to this degree unexpectedly, unexpectedly his mother practicing his life soul. This fellow seems like complete crazy. Not only Zhao Hai, Li Family village all people look at Lunatic same look look at Li Tiejun with one type of, they know that the loyal son, Li Tiejun unexpectedly his mother's soul practicing life soul, before must know Li Tiejun, became famous, will he do such matter to come? Li Tiejun builds up life soul his mother's soul, seems like probably good for his mother, letting his mother can use another one type of way survival in this world, actually actually not so, Ghost Cultivator refines the life soul method. Actually is the one type of tame process, in this process, by the soul that they refine, by innumerably the suffering, finally the complete losing consciousness, will become the Ghost Cultivator slave, can say that will become Ghost Cultivator in hand Malicious Ghost, not only will not have a point advantage, but also by inexhaustibly pain. Because of this. Therefore the person in Li Family village heard that Li Tiejun his mother's soul building up life soul, felt being startled. Zhao Hai look at Li Tiejun coldly snorted said : you really for your mother? I know that life soul must with be killed the soul of person to refine, the soul of natural death, cannot refine life soul. If your life soul is really your mother, your mother is you personally kills. You think that soul is your mother? Moreover you also make your life soul with swallowing the method of blood food practice, starting target is your family member, Li Tiejun, you to really being able to get down hand.” Li Tiejun coldly snorted said : cultivator wants the unfeeling certainly righteousness, your hasn't Zhao Hai killed people? In order to practice, kills several people are anything.” The Zhao Hai look at Li Tiejun appearance, shook the head, Li Tiejun has put the demon completely, such person cannot remain, if makes such person grow, later is murder Demon King.

Zhao Hai suspended the in hand long blade, deep voice said : idle talk is not no need saying that suffered to death.” Li Tiejun coldly snorted said : who dies is uncertain, today I build up my Malicious Ghost you, cultivator spirit Soul Refining Malicious Ghost, HaHaHa, certainly formidable.” Said that Li Tiejun suspends the in hand black streamer, in that black streamer immediately emits intermittent black gas, then sound of the intermittent ghost wailing passed from the black streamer. This black gas floats toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai paid attention, now in these black gas, unexpectedly faint has an only Malicious Ghost forming, the Malicious Ghost quantity is not many, only then several, moreover does not have the complete forming, it seems like it is nearest/recent refining, should be these by the Li Village person who he kills. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, a in hand long blade pendulum, Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade but conveniently, steady has defended the gateway, not only protected oneself, gave to protect the Li Village villagers. The Li Village village to look at them to fight, immediately went toward retreat, they do not want to be implicated, these villagers drew back, Zhao Hai did not have the scruples, started full make a move. Li Tiejun although is Ghost Cultivator, the time that but he practices is not after all long, can in three years practices to present this degree, he is good, but compared to Zhao Hai to come actually to miss, they fought are less than 30 rounds, Li Tiejun was cut to kill by a Zhao Hai blade, after cutting has killed Li Tiejun, Zhao Hai immediately Li Tiejun has gotten so far as in Space, turned into Undead Creature, he did not mean that must turn into Undead Creature not to be possible Li Tiejun, what wants to have a look at Li Tiejun to say was, if Li Tiejun were really from the Li Family ancestral temple. Ghost Cultivation Methods that then learns the Ghost Cultivator remnant soul on blade in said fortunately that if not, some that people teach him, that this matter must trace. What was good says because of Li Tiejun was real, he obtained a Ghost Cultivator remnant soul from the blade of Li Family ancestral temple, this learn Ghost Cultivation Methods, such Zhao Hai also on feel relieved. Looked at Zhao Hai to kill Li Tiejun, these villagers have then encircled, Li Defu bowed said : to Zhao Hai Sir thanks a lot for my Li Village except for this evil, Li Village high and low. Is deeply grateful.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : Uncle Fu you to be too polite. Good, the weather early, I did not want leave, Li Tiejun corpse I must carry off research, Uncle Fu please excuse me.” Li Defu sighed said : to take responsibility along with mister, Li Tiejun unexpectedly to own family member make a move, can practice Malicious Ghost own mother, according to my Li Family family rule , he when was expelled the main house gate, he is not my Li Family person.” Zhao Hai one hear of Li Defu this to say. Also don’t know must say that any was good, sighed, held the fist in the other hand to Li Defu, the personal appearance moved. Vanished in the front of people. After this was Zhao Hai to True Spirit Realm, first time with Space Divergent Technique, but already nobody had practiced in the Li Village person well, not understand what's the matter, but also thinks that was the cultivator ordinary method, although felt mysterious, actually also thinks that was natural.

In the guest room that in that hotel Zhao Hai returned to he lived in now, sits Zhao Hai cannot help but sighs on the bed, he is not the person in Li Family village sighs, but for Li Tiejun. Looked that Li Tiejun appearance knows. Li Tiejun wants certainly to practice thinks crazy, this will turn into this appearance, in True Spirit Realm this cultivator supreme Interface, if you do not practice, almost does not have no the day to hold up one's head , because of this, therefore Li Tiejun will turn into today this appearance, was this environment has created living of this tragedy in the final analysis. However Zhao Hai also can only sigh, this situation he cannot change, he is cultivator. However in this True Spirit Realm here, he is only in numerous cultivator, common, do not say his present status, even if to Yin-Yang 2 elders that status. Even if becomes Tyrant Blade Sect Sect Master can be what kind, True Spirit Realm will not change. cultivator rules mortal not to change, to put it bluntly, cultivator is one between Heaven and Earth, although is also doing along the day matter, when he has the ability of going against heaven's will, will be given to kick out by the heaven surely, this is the road that cultivator must take. Thinks that some here Zhao Hai interests cannot help but dull, the personal appearance moved returned to in Space, they chatted with Laura, stayed one in Space in the evening, next morning, will ride Demon Horse to hurry to toward Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall. Does not have the words, when Zhao Hai enters to Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall, his suddenly felt that had a difference, his leave time, Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall here was not auspicious air/Qi, but he actually felt now tension-filled atmosphere, on road once for a while can see cultivator that hurried along hurriedly, they were a dignity of face. although don’t know lived anything, but Zhao Hai is clear, now these people's performance, feared that was besieged by Ghost Cultivator with Wu Clan there related. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat was also anxious, sped up hurrying along. He goes to Li Village time, has used half a month time, but comes back from Li Village, actually only used less than ten days. After returned to Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall, Zhao Hai went to Duty Hall there to hand over duty first, this rode Demon Horse to arrive at Yin-Yang Peak, pays a visit Yin-Yang 2 elders. In the yard of parents, Qiu Tie is still practicing martial arts, Zhao Hai in this point has to somewhat admire this youngster, this youngster has into the martial arts maniac potential very much. Qiu Tie saw Zhao Hai to come back, immediately moved forward to meet somebody, face excited look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you came back.” Zhao Hai touches the head of Qiu Tie, smiles said : Little Hai, what kind of that nearest/recent practices?” Zhao Hai likes regarding Qiu Tie really, this youngster very sensible, moreover is obedient very much, such child believes that nobody does not like. Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai this saying that immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, I, do not believe me to practice very much diligently to Young Master you look.” Said that Qiu Tie exhibits the posture to open practices.

Zhao Hai looks at the Qiu Tie appearance, quickly said: Wait / Etc. small irons, I must see Master, after we go home, is practicing.” Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai said that embarrassed smiling, nodded. At this time Qiu Zhen has opened the door of living room, from inside walked out, he bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, two Old Master asked you to go.” Zhao Hai nodded, holds the fist in the other hand to Qiu Zhen said : thanks a lot Uncle Zhen.” Then entered the living room. Yin-Yang 2 elders sat in the living room, Zhao Hai clashes them to salute hastily, Yin elder beckoned with the hand said : „, what kind of that duty completes?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : duty has completed, Li Village there really has Ghost Cultivator, but not external, Li Village had left cultivator before, is my Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple, but studying was afterward inadequate, returned to the hometown, has established a Li Family clan, afterward Ghost Cultivator invaded, he and Ghost Cultivator does to fight dead, the inheritance of Clan also broke, but that Ghost Cultivator has a remnant soul, kept on his blade, Li Village has a person to name be Li Tiejun, he is single Spirit Root, cannot adopt the inspection of Sect, can only go home to work at farming., He wholeheartedly wants to practice, finally the blade obtained the Ghost Cultivator remnant soul from that learn Ghost Cultivation Methods, when his mother looks very ill, has become his mother's spirit Soul Refining life soul, reason that the Li Village person said is haunted , because he has used the method of feeding blood food for his life soul, now that Li Tiejun had been cut to kill by me, turned into Undead Creature, determined that he does not repair practice method that there learns from other blood.” Yin elder one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but nodded said : originally is this, good, good that makes, nearest/recent General Hall here because of Wu Clan by the attack matter, was been quite sensitive, all the matter about Ghost Cultivator, General Hall attention, you can think that has a look at that Li Tiejun to lie, this point was very good, was good, nothing, went back to rest, this exited is one month, you also sufficed laboriously.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to be laborious, Master, if no other matter, I first went back, one month did not have, how do I want to take a look in the field?” Yin elder one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : line, goes, well look at small iron youngster, that youngster in the future will become a talented person, over the two days saw, his fist practiced was very good.” Zhao Hai nodded, to their gave a salute, turn around walked, to outside was receiving personally Qiu Tie returned to No.52 Courtyard House, one month did not have, thing that in produced to received much, thing that but these produced, by these robots receiving, the vegetables that cannot put, they were received in Space by Cai'er directly, thing that other can put, to has put in No.52 Courtyard House Warehouse, if Zhao Hai, feared that was No.52 Courtyard House Warehouse on not being able to put down these thing. Zhao Hai received these thing, then goes to junks hall there directly, bought these thing for Sect, the person in Sect also already knows that Zhao Hai type of field are many, therefore has not felt strange, but these thing Zhao Hai income were many, especially Bread Fruit and Bamboo rice these output high grain, in Sect very outside popular, many cultivator time, will choose to take several Bread Fruit, not only advantage, but also very easy to store. Zhao Hai now in Tyrant Blade Sect, is the nickname, called the free and unfettered farmer, although with blade not point relationship, but in Tyrant Blade Sect many people know that now this nickname, was because he, so long as were defending own field, can on the free and unfettered day, don’t know Envy many people. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }