Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2036

Zhao Hai regarding oneself this nickname to dislike, the farmer does not have anything not to be good, perhaps in these cultivator eyes, the farmer truly lowers their First Grade, but Zhao Hai is actually very clear, without farmer, if big Tyrant Blade Sect eats anything, these low level cultivator must eat thing, without the farmer, they have not eaten, but also cultivates to practice. Zhao Hai after returned to No.52 Courtyard House, everyday has practiced, the inspector general Qiu Tie practice, is pays attention to information about Ghost Cultivator. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, Ghost Cultivator information making for two months later completely vanished, on Continent could not be hearing Ghost Cultivator information, not only this let pay attention to Zhao Hai of this matter to feel odd, similarly felt strange also had various True Spirit Realm Great Sect High level. In the past these Ghost Cultivator made very ominously, entire True Spirit Continent many appears Ghost Cultivator, having made the person think Ghost Cultivator and wars between various True Spirit Continent Great Sect in a time start. However two months passed by, among these Ghost Cultivator actually suddenly vanished, probably is they never has appears to be excessively same, this makes True Spirit Realm various Great Sect feel extremely puzzled. Is loud thunder but small raindrops, is the tranquility before storm? This is all True Spirit Realm Great Sect the issue of concern, but passed for three months, these Ghost Cultivator still do not have any motion, various Great Sect also cannot help but feel relieved slowly, it seems like that this Ghost Cultivator moved, really do not make war with various True Spirit Realm Great Sect. Has such idea, the entire True Spirit Realm atmosphere loosens. Deji Mountain there restored the past tranquility. Before anxious serious, is thinking daily must make the duty receiving in exchange commodity to promote oneself strength Inner Disciples also to relax, only then Zhao Hai leisurely was still crossing own easy life. Now Tyrant Blade Sect these Inner Disciples when see Zhao Hai, on the face will be having a strange expression, why their understand Zhao Hai cannot this appearance, in their opinion, Zhao Hai completely be capable of being promoted by own strength in a short time, but he such has not actually done. Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples can think that is not accidental, must know that Zhao Hai two are Master is not the average people. That is the Tyrant Blade Sect elder, is the status very high elder, their in hand good thing to be certainly many, moreover these person also very clear. Yin-Yang 2 elders very attaches great importance to Zhao Hai, in this case, if Zhao Hai wants to promote own strength in a short time, that Yin-Yang 2 elders meets the has plenty means to help Zhao Hai accomplish. Even if not use Yin-Yang 2 elders make a move, Zhao Hai these time toward thing that in Sect sells, but is a lot, but these thing traded many contribution points to Zhao Hai, only the person in these contribution points, Zhao Hai can trade some gangs practice medicine pill, he promoted his strength in a short time is also not the difficult matter. But Zhao Hai probably does not worry to be the same, his everyday practices to practice martial arts in own yard. Teaches own servant to practice martial arts, once for a while arrives in the following field to look at one, or goes to Sect to sell some grain and vegetables, the meaning of probably not having worried, cannot help but makes these Inner Disciples to Zhao Hai is curious, but also some people very much disdain to Zhao Hai, in their opinion, Zhao Hai is wasting the time completely, has such good condition not to use, not by own strength promotion as soon as possible. Instead to daily is busy some useless thing, really likely is not cultivator, their understand, the person like Zhao Hai, how is not came up from Lower Realm ascend.

They and idea of don’t know Zhao Hai. But these months of Zhao Hai have not been idling, his present Law Idol has really congealed with own my similar size. Also in other words, he soon arrived at Condensed Phase Stage Great Perfection boundary. His like this practice was really too quick, quick stemmed from the anticipation of all people, Yin-Yang 2 elders somewhat was worried, Yin-Yang 2 elders made Zhao Hai nearest/recent well relaxed, too the practice, can not stabilize anxiously own mental state. Zhao Hai to has not said anything, he knows his situation, oneself cannot in stabilizing mental state, rapidness that too but this it doesn't matter, he does not want to practice, brings to the attention of person, putting that therefore nearest/recent he intends near own practice, not in wholeheartedly was thinking congealing solid Law Idol, but changed to the main energy the practice of Blade Technique. Zhao Hai several months ago received 15 Blade Technique rare books from Blade Pavilion there, this is the rare book quantity that his two years can receive free, the book that Zhao Hai gets is the Blade Technique rare book, now his everyday in strict research these Blade Technique. Because there is a gang heart of mental power, Zhao Hai practices Blade Technique very fast, one set of Blade Technique it will not take long can practice completes, but wants free the transformation in several Blade Technique, was actually a problem. Zhao Hai practices Blade Technique, Blade Technique that direct Blade Technique Grand Dao, he cultivates is purest, but this also became he lets the biggest hindrance that Blade Technique merges to pass. Blade Technique of average person practices does not arrive at highest boundary, most will pursue formidable Blade Technique to Major Mastery about, but Zhao Hai each set of Blade Technique has almost achieved comprehend Grand Dao boundary, was higher than compared with these people too. However practices not fine also has not the fine advantage, the non- blade that practices, cannot bring forth the charm in Blade Technique to come, cannot achieve blade comes forth spirit boundary, such they can sweep the free combination several sets of Blade Technique blade, although Might is not necessarily big, but used Might not to be small. But Zhao Hai is different, Zhao Hai each set of Blade Technique arrived at comprehend Grand Dao boundary, already crossed Materialization Boundary, in other words, his each set of Blade Technique has itself ** the soul, you want the different soul combinations in together, to form a new soul, that was too difficult. If Blade Technique of other cultivator blades seem like building the building block or the lid house, that Zhao Hai Blade Technique must the soul unions of two people in together, making two people turn into a person, meanwhile difficulty is no comparison between them completely.

Therefore Zhao Hai although can within the shortest time, practice highest boundary these Blade Technique, but wants to merge to pass these Blade Technique is actually not that easy. However Zhao Hai also present a point, that is the same attribute Blade Technique, wants mastery, will be much more relaxed than different attribute Blade Technique, Zhao Hai wants several Blade Technique now first mastery with one type of class, then the Blade Technique fusions of different attribute in together, is achieving true mastery. That Zhao Hai everyday must make now practices the blade, practices the blade, the practicing blade, he is certainly impossible always to practice the blade, was so enchanted on equal to. After more than one year of practice, Qiu Tie already the practice had some durations and degrees of cooking, Zhao Hai general has estimated that now Qiu Tie strength, practice of equivalent to Rebirth boundary initial period, moreover what he practices is Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, strength incredibly big is incomparable, defense strength is astonishing, now general Rebirth boundary initial period cultivator, not necessarily is the Qiu Tie match, if this makes the bystander know that what refers to erratically surprisedly becomes. In True Spirit Realm here, each child when five years old, were examined, have a look are not do not have spirit root compatibility, if present, will be received major Sect to be trained, but are these Heaven Spirit Root children , are received to Sect three to about five years , about ten years old official entry to the Rebirth boundary, can enter at about eight -year-old to the Rebirth boundary on are the talent, but Qiu Tie can actually at six -year-old on entering to the Rebirth boundary, if this is known by other's person., Envies certainly dead. Reason that these talents also need about three years to enter True Spirit Realm , because they grow out of nothing, practice bit by bit, this is not easy, the road of practice, most difficult to walk is the first step, if first step you cannot step, you also cultivate anything to practice. Was adding on these talents to be summoned Sect, Sect was impossible to concentrate all commodities to come to practice for him, will always have other people to come with him to divide thing. But Qiu Tie is different, most from the beginning Qiu Tie walks is the road of Body Cultivator, Zhao Hai trains him with the most scientific method, simultaneously everyday gives back to him to soak the medicinal bath, medicinal herbs that in that medicinal bath uses may all be the Advanced level goods of Space product, even if puts in Tyrant Blade Sect such Great Sect, that is also good thing, if makes the person in Tyrant Blade Sect know that Zhao Hai soaks the medicinal bath with these medicinal herbs to Qiu Tie, certainly grievedly will die. Because under the Zhao Hai full help, therefore Qiu Tie within such short time, will achieve beginning the Rebirth boundary boundary, this is a great result. But makes Zhao Hai feel what tall Chang is, Qiu Tie regarding the Fist Technique perception unexpectedly very high, this youngster is the person of pure martial arts maniac shape, everyday does not practice more than eight double-hour, he will sleep will feel uncomfortable, now his Fist Technique was decent, what although he will practice will be Great Force Subduing Demon Divine Art, however his Fist Technique was just the belt was supple, was deep the fist in which three tastes.

But Zhao Hai also soon arrived at the Condensed Phase Stage complete boundary, can attack Doppelganger Stage quickly, but Zhao Hai has not worried, his present everyday practices the blade, had a look at the paddies, instructed Qiu Tie, the feeling was good. Now Zhao Hai although by cultivate blade give priority to, but Fist Technique he has not put down, Zhao Hai comprehends martial arts, in average man, therefore he starts to collect now from long of family, slowly improves itself regarding the understanding of Blade Dao. Ten thousand Law Idol, Zhao Hai wants in this way, by own Blade Dao mature, not only now he practices the blade, practices boxing, 18 weapons he all practices, but the looks like will not practice the blade that special, he by practicing blade give priority to, what other is auxiliary. Unconscious Zhao Hai entered to True Spirit Realm had one -and-a-half years, in this year half his most time pass through in the practice, Space little went, but in nearest/recent Space to had good information to transmit, making Zhao Hai happy outward. This good information is, Laura they have achieved Immortal Stage, is True Spirit Realm here Rebirth Stage, they currently finally are qualified to True Spirit Realm, finally can with Zhao Hai in together, this regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely be good information. The True Spirit Realm here environment is not worse than Space, moreover in here their things to eat is also the Space products, therefore Zhao does not want to make Laura they always stay in Space, this Laura they arrived at Immortal Stage, the Zhao Hai preparation have made them live to No.52 Courtyard House here. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }