Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2039

flash of white light Zhao Hai and Lin Ling, Xiang Ying their appears in No.52 Courtyard House martial arts training ground, now martial arts training ground here, only then Qiu Tie has in practicing the fist, his present three people of immediately received Fist Force, ran up to nearby Zhao Hai, bows said :to see Young Master to Zhao Hai, has seen two Sirs.([] .) ” Zhao Hai nodded, with a smile to Lin Ling said : Big Brother Lin, this is Qiu Tie, Sect to servant that I match, but I have not regarded servant him, now is teaching him to practice martial arts, this youngster also is really good, now soon arrived at the Rebirth boundary intermediate stage, is very good.” Then Zhao Hai turns the head to Qiu Tie said : Little Hai, this is your Uncle Lin, this is you to the uncle, has remembered, was good, do not practice, walks, we go to eat meal.” Qiu Tie is actually shook the head said : not to use Young Master, now has not arrived at eating meal time, I am practicing a while, you go to eat.” Zhao Hai one hear of Qiu Tie said that has not been blocking him, Qiu Tie immediately must attack the Rebirth boundary intermediate stage now, these days therefore practices martial arts to practice is very industrious. Was leading Lin Ling and Xiang Ying enters the room, Meg they have prepared, Zhao Hai asked them to sit down, did this turn the head to standing in nearby Meg said : two teacher?” Meg smiles said : two teacher saying that they, you do not drink happily, therefore does not come, was right, I just called Dao Shu Big Brother them, they also soon came.” Zhao Hai nodded good that said : makes, to us with the liquor, you are resting.” Meg complied with one, turn around walked, before long was taking two big jug liquor, raised one's wine cup puts down their gave a salute turn around walks to Lin Ling and Xiang Ying. After Lin Ling and Xiang Ying sit down, has sized up all around situation, some little time two talented people nodded, Zhao Hai this house interior decoration also is really good, although is magnificent, but looks like does not make widely known, has the one type of very deep flavor, is very attractive. Was in this time. Transmits speaking voice speaking sounds on hearing outside: Brother Zhao Hai, how think that today asked us to drink?” The voice just fell, Dao Shu they came to the room. After Zhao Hai they presents to Dao Shu and Lin Ling. Several people of immediately raised one's wine cup upside-down on to open has drunk, actually before Lin Ling and Dao Shu them, has listened to the name of opposite party, but Dao Shu their names were not good. Deji Mountain Eccentric 12 originally in Tyrant Blade Sect is not the good reputation, but now is actually existence that everybody envies. Because they had their mountain top.

Lin Ling and Xiang Ying their although has stayed in Soaring Dragon Realm there, but the Tyrant Blade Sect here situation they know that especially the Zhao Hai situation, they very have paid attention, therefore they to Deji Mountain fresh matter also attention. although in others opinion. These days to the reward of Sect to Zhao Hai was really too many, but Lin Ling and Xiang Ying actually do not believe that they know Zhao Hai destroyed completely the Crystal Realm matter, can say that at that time Zhao Hai made the great merit to Tyrant Blade Sect, such reward was not excessive. On this day Zhao Hai their don’t know has drunk how much liquor, final 50 jin (0.5 kg) liquor jug altogether emptied 34 in any case, Lin Ling they had not suppressed smell of alcohol with Spiritual Qi, therefore all people keeled over drunk finally. When Lin Ling they from No.52 Courtyard House returned to peak No. 23 institute time. Is the three days later matter. However this time they drink to is very happy. After Lin Ling they meet the wind, Zhao Hai before a restoration oneself good carefree life, but he also starts to get ready to attack Divided Spirit Stage now. Divided Spirit Stage own part of souls, delivers to own Law Idol, making Law Idol own External Body Incarnation, such Law Idol on equal to is you. Your equal to is Law Idol. Naturally this is not easy, will not do well will cause the damage to own soul. But but this injury permanent, will be very when the time comes troublesome. However Zhao Hai actually does not fear this. He just met Hu Dawei time, the Hu Dawei soul only then, his Soul Fire soon extinguished, finally had not been given to rescue by him, must mention plays the soul, who can compare favorably with Dark Magician, therefore Zhao Hai about attacking Divided Spirit Stage was not worried. Now his Law Idol has congealed very, with his me almost, such as is present Zhao Hai stands with his Law Idol in there is motionless, the bystander feared that is very difficult distinguished clearly that is Zhao Hai, that is his Law Idol. Also underwent one month of preparation, Zhao Hai must attack Divided Spirit Stage finally, actually regarding Zhao Hai, his simply does not need to prepare such long time, but his very clear, he cannot appear too relaxed, will otherwise be suspected. But this person of month, Qiu Tie has also attacked the Rebirth boundary intermediate stage to succeed, now Qiu Tie already official became practice of Rebirth boundary intermediate stage, this regarding a less than seven -year-old child, absolutely was existence of very formidable. On this day after Zhao Hai has practiced a while blade, adjusted best own condition, this arrived at Yin-Yang 2 elders courtyard, Yin-Yang two courtyard, was not No.52 Courtyard House here biggest courtyard, opposite that was not big courtyard, was only quite peaceful, two old person liked peacefully.

However courtyard although is small, however inside thing is actually best, compared with courtyard don’t know that two old person lived in many times, moreover everyday Zhao Hai will come here to pay respects to them, what two old person live is very enjoyable. Actually under two old person want this courtyard because, not only they like peacefully, what is main, they do not want to be affected Qiu Zhen and Qiu Tie master grandson son by oneself killing aura. Zhao Hai and Laura they do not fear his killing aura, but that not did not fear on behalf of Qiu Tie and Qiu Zhen, reason that these years they will go often out to practice mental state , because they go out, is they cannot suppress themselves on killing aura the time, if at that time they did not go out, their killing aura, can make Qiu Zhen die fully in a short time. Moreover their normally in Yin-Yang Peak, will also stay in the room most of the time, but in their rooms has formation, this formation can killing aura that on them comes out separating in their rooms, like this will live in Qiu Zhen in another room will not receive to affect. If there is not taken such measure, Qiu Zhen already died don’t know many to return, must know person who these do not practice, the influence that long-term cultivate until kills, will add their death, because their lives opportunity by killing aura destruction bit by bit, when their life force vanish, was they died. But Qiu Tie although is practice, but danger of two people of killing aura regarding practice, they also had several apprentices before, but finally their apprentice possessed by the Devil, only then Zhao Hai this killing aura compared with they also thick person, can become their disciple, the population that but they kill, is well below Zhao Hai to be many, was unable to achieve the control free situation to killing aura, therefore they wanted independent small courtyard, moreover leaves place that Zhao Hai they live, has short distance. Zhao Hai arrived at yard here, presently Yin-Yang 2 elders has not stayed in the room, since arriving at No.52 Courtyard House, some time that Yin-Yang 2 elders most starts, will also stay after own room, but afterward was actually the scripture hall will come out, because they heard one to make them feel that from Zhao Hai there incomparably shocking information, that was they can in No.52 Courtyard House here optional release own killing aura, but did not need to be worried that who can affect to assume the post. No.52 Courtyard House here defensive formation may, not only defense uses, more is used to attack, moreover this defensive formation also characteristics, that can stores up the killing aura absorption of person, when necessary is taking the use. When a Killing Formation inside has filled rich killing aura, this Killing Formation Might will be bigger than on several times to continue before, but Yin-Yang 2 elders not very believes this information, therefore they stay the time in yard are in the majority, but they drink tea in the yard now, chatted, will not approach before such, always stayed in the room. Yin-Yang 2 elders sits in the yard now drinks tea to chat, that tea naturally is the herb tea that Zhao Hai takes, two old person like that tea very much the flavor. Looked at Zhao Hai to come, Yin elder flushed Zhao Hai to beckon with the hand said : Little Hai to come with a smile, prepared to attack Doppelganger Stage?” Zhao Hai after two old person gave a salute, this smiles said : Master to know, I also almost can attack Doppelganger Stage now, therefore I want to try.”

Yin elder nodded said : your accumulation already to suffice actually, moreover you discipline the mind in Lower Realm is also very good, if not I makes you press, you already had to attack the Doppelganger Stage strength, knows why I have let earlier that the person practices?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to temper my mind.” Yin elder shook the head said : „is not, in our Tyrant Blade Sect, all achieves Doppelganger Stage cultivator, must exiting smelting trial one time, but this time smelting trial is different from general, this smelting trial, you cannot bring Tyrant Blade Sect Blade Command, in other words, you can only an exiting smelting trial like ordinary cultivator, cannot say one are the Tyrant Blade Sect person, does not have Blade Qi in Blade Command to break through for you, must by you, most important is, the place of your this time exiting smelting trial, is not on the mountain, is not copes with Monster Beast, but is must to other. The Sect domain carries on the smelting trial, you will probably meet the provocation or chasing down of other Great Sect disciple, but you come True Spirit Realm to be about two years of time, I have been worried about your situation, therefore line of you practice slow, now looks like unnecessary that somewhat I am worried about.” Zhao Hai stares, then his puzzled look at Yin elder said : „does Master, what in this Doppelganger Stage smelting trial Sect have to request? What duty perhaps has?” Yin elder shook the head said : not any request, does not have any duty, but makes you exit to transfer one revolution, look, if comes across the uneven matter, you can manage one, meets person who needs to help, you can help one group, even if will be you exits not to go to manage for wicked Sect your, but, you must returned to Sect on the outside dull three years, otherwise your duty failure, in these three years time, Sect not give you any help, will not have any relation with you, must by you.” Zhao Hai somewhat was shocked, the so strange smelting trial, he first time heard.( To be continued..) s { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }