Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2040
The Yang elder look at Zhao Hai appearance, showed a faint smile said : you just they to meet didn't have long time Laura, must the exiting smelting trial, was some are not familiar with? Without the means that this is our Tyrant Blade Sect regulation, anybody cannot violate, this is also makes you praise to set up ten thousand opportunity, you can rush out your given name in these three years time, therefore this time smelting trial you must participate.”

Zhao Hai nodded, Yin elder look at Zhao Hai said : besides these reasons, this smelting trial also important very reasons, that must make you be familiar with other Sect strengths, allowing you to understand other Sect forms of combat, after like this you , when to other on Sect people, how to deal with on understand.” Zhao Hai nodded, he has also thought of this point, a Tyrant Blade Sect not causing such smelting trial with no reason at all, if is really only a simple smelting trial, when they can carry on, simply does not need so many turning over to decide, now his understand, Tyrant Blade Sect has arranged such training to let them actually, must then live as for the deathtrap first. cultivator, no matter True Spirit Realm here other Interface, all cultivator, when practices most from the beginning, looks like saplings, if has not passed through the life and death the smelting trial, then this cultivator is impossible becomes a lofty tree, even if his innate skill in good not to be good. No matter that one Sect, will make disciple carry on all kinds of smelting trials, these smelting trials have some to be in danger. cultivator practices originally goes against heaven's will the conduct. Naturally nobody will fear the danger. If you died in the process of smelting trial, that is also Heaven's Will so. The Yang elder look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : was good, after these matter wait for you practice, we in detailed told you that you clash the pass/test, looks at your appearance, should succeed very much easily, has remembered, all things are careful.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, to two old person gave a salute. turn around leave. returned to in oneself courtyard quiet room, Zhao Hai started to get ready to attack Doppelganger Stage, the impact of this Doppelganger Stage, is really not difficult regarding Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai Strength of Soul wants to be stronger than other people, in adding on him is Dark Magician, itself to soul very investigates strictly, therefore attacks Doppelganger Stage regarding Zhao Hai is very simple. Zhao Hai sits cross-legged to sit in quiet room, static feeling own Spiritual Force, before actually such experience Zhao Hai, has one time, when the following person, you crossed Transcends Tribulation Stage also to have Divided Spirit Stage, Divided Spirit Stage was also similar to Doppelganger Stage, but Doppelganger Stage was more difficult. Zhao Hai is feeling own Strength of Soul slowly. To pull out one own Strength of Soul is not that easy, in this process will make cultivator feel that the incomparable pain, many cultivator because of cannot bear this pain and stops gets down, but such not only does not have the means to save them, instead to will aggravate their injuries, leaves behind the life not to have the grief of means cure in their souls. However before do not forget Zhao Hai, is Dark Magician, Dark Magician has own one set regarding the application method of soul, Dark Magician can attach on other Undead Creature own soul, is used for command(er) these Undead Creature, naturally can easily was branched out one by own soul.

Zhao Hai presently Dark Magician regarding the use of soul. Compared with general cultivator much stronger, but Dark Magician has missed a point regarding the practicing system of Undead Creature probably, they are only command(er) Undead Creature make the war, will not actually carry on the further refinement to Undead Creature, therefore their in hand Undead Creature. The strength is not very strong, in this case. They very have suffered a loss to high level plane, therefore after general Dark Magician to high level plane, will discard Dark Magician practice method, other switch to Cultivation Method, even some people think that Dark Magician practice method has no merit to speak. Actually this idea is incorrect, Dark Magician practice method has his alone [say / way], but these people have not used. Must attack Doppelganger Stage like present Zhao Hai, this regarding other cultivator is an incomparable bad risk pass/test, but regarding Zhao Hai is actually the most relaxed pass/test, reason that he must make that such attaching great importance, is because he does not want to know this pass/test is completed is too easy, then does not have what advantage to him. Zhao Hai summoned to leave own Law Idol, then slowly sent in Strength of Soul Law Idol, his Strength of Soul entered to Law Idol, Zhao Hai felt one another resembled suddenly one to sober, he turned the head, looked at all around, he can notice clearly was sitting cross-legged to sit in there, Zhao Hai can affirm, the scene that now see on was Law Idol sees. Zhao Hai tries to enter in the Strength of Soul separation to Law Idol by own lord Strength of Soul with that can also come by own main body soberly, has a look at this whether. ! Not a big sound resounds in Zhao Hai mind, Zhao Hai felt that a severe pain raids, but quick on the past, does not have serious that Zhao Hai imagines, but Zhao Hai felt afterward own main body awoke, but simultaneously he also can feel that his Doppelganger is also sobering, now he can have two thoughts unexpectedly, two completely different fields of vision, this type feels very unusual. although this type feels very strange, but Zhao Hai actually knows one have succeeded, he official entry to Doppelganger Stage, Zhao Hai has stood now, turned the head to look at own Doppelganger, but that Doppelganger also turned the head look at Zhao Hai, person Doppelganger also showed a faint smile. This did not mean that Doppelganger had oneself independent thought, in fact this Doppelganger is only one that the Zhao Hai soul divides, Zhao Hai felt that looks like oneself keeps one eye on to be the same, that Doppelganger not with oneself independent thought, but lets own diverting attention dual purpose. Zhao Hai arrived in courtyard, then he and Doppelganger is taking a blade, they are practicing two sets of different Blade Technique, but does not have the jerky feeling, this cannot help but lets Zhao Hai happy. The Zhao Hai main body stopped, Doppelganger has practiced a while military, then also stopped, he always feels his Doppelganger , not only can such use that simply.

His Strength of Soul with others is different, he can branch out innumerable Strength of Soul to come, because he is Dark Magician, Black Magic before , can Divided Spirit myriad, that not deceive people. Naturally if ordinary Dark Magician cannot achieve this point, after all Dark Magician is not a god, their although has the method of ordinary soul, but cannot unlimited division own soul, such sooner or later some day they exhaust own Strength of Soul. But Zhao Hai is different, Zhao Hai has Hell Space, has innumerable purest Strength of Soul in there, can supplement the soul that at any time he is damaged, is adding on may nourish the Hu Dawei soul these Soul Stone, therefore Zhao Hai can achieve Divided Spirit really myriad. But also because of this, Zhao Hai thought that if cause such Doppelganger to come, really a little has owed, the Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, how is thinking in Doppelganger Stage on enhancement own fighting strength. suddenly Zhao Hai has thought oneself have studied Cultivation Method, Doppleganger Profound Technique, before this Doppleganger Profound Technique, he was the main body is using, the body that divided when the time comes to take back, if this Doppleganger Profound Technique will use on his present Doppelganger will be what kind of? Thinks does, the Zhao Hai horse had been used Doppleganger Profound Technique by own Doppelganger, his status used Doppleganger Profound Technique Zhao Hai to be shocked, because after his Doppelganger has used Doppleganger Profound Technique, Doppelganger that divided unexpectedly was Law Idol! Moreover is not Law Idol, is two Law Idol, one is Buddhist Sect Law Idol, another is actually day Magic! Zhao Hai one was shocked, this situation he has not thought that he is don’t know this Doppleganger Profound Technique actually will really cause two Law Idol? However the Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback note has thought that his beforehand Law Idol unified many Law Idol, has composed thousand Goddess of Mercy, thousand arm Heavenly Demon, he passed through condense after finally, has composed present Law Idol, but now his Doppelganger he one branches out two laws to come unexpectedly is also understandable, after all his Law Idol comprised of myriad Law Idol. Zhao Hai felt, own Doppelganger not, because branches out these two Law Idol to come to have anything to change, but Law Idol that two divide, returns very tall and big now, needs condense well to turn is good, what most important is, that two Law Idol is the same with Law Idol that his Body Cultivator practices, his itself can relaxed control. This presently makes Zhao Hai cannot help but two eyes one bright, his immediately has thought one type of can enhance the fighting strength best method in the Doppelganger boundary, Doppleganger Profound Technique!

Doppelganger is different from general Law Idol, general Law Idol impossible to be far from the main body too, but Doppelganger is different, Doppelganger, Doppelganger can want to leave the main body many good, but Zhao Hai Doppelganger itself precisely is Magic thinks condense, is the innumerable Law Idol compositions, each Doppelganger will have two different Law Idol simultaneously appears , but these Law Idol does not have what difference with Law Idol that main body condense comes out, in other words, Zhao Hai can obtain innumerable Law Idol, but these Law Idol after condense, can become innumerable Doppelganger, if is really such, Zhao Hai on. Achieved Doppelganger really myriad. Must know that these Doppelganger can also practice, after these Doppelganger practices have, with the main body in Soul Fusion, that Zhao Hai the rise of strength straight line, after all the average person will have Doppelganger, but Zhao Hai has myriad Doppelganger, adds one and adds 10,000 that more, this is individual can be considered as this account. If Zhao Hai had myriad people of Doppelganger that him in the strength big promotion of Doppelganger Stage this Stage, when the time comes feared that was Teleportation boundary following cultivator he is not fearing. More wants more to think feasible, Zhao Hai two eyes is also getting more and more bright, Law Idol of his look at own that two Buddha demons, on the face has cannot help but shown the smiling face, but, his smiling face one lived suddenly, then his smiling face probably one vanished was the same, dull look at that two Law Idol, the smiling face on face also slowly changed painstakingly. Because Zhao Hai has thought an issue, oneself are the Tyrant Blade Sect person, but his Law Idol is actually a Buddha demon, if this makes the person know that feared is is not quite good? { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }