Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2041

These two Law Idol Buddha demons, if single release comes that naturally not to have what issue, in True Spirit Realm here, what Law Idol has, animal same Law Idol that some people use, if two together release come, some that issues, True Spirit Realm here probably had not heard that person has pair of Law Idol. Therefore their hurried rushed to Zhao Hai courtyard. But this moment Laura their also walked out, being perplexed look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked that they came, immediately received that Law Idol, that Law Idol although was Doppelganger release comes, but Zhao Hai can also receive, looked like receives ordinary Law Idol to be the same. Yin-Yang 2 elders is actually some look at Zhao Hai Doppelganger, saw Law Idol that Zhao Hai receives, on their faces full is the shocking facial expression, instead to is Laura they. Does not care. Zhao Hai had the status to arrive around two old person, alarmed two teacher to two old person gave a salute said :, two teacher invited.” Yin elder one recovers, look at Zhao Hai face shocking said : Little Hai, what's all this about? Didn't you have Doppelganger? Just that Law Idol what's the matter?” Zhao Hai smiles said : we to go to say. Two teacher invited.” They nodded, half step entered the room. Sat, has not drunk including the tea that Meg makes, look at Zhao Hai that but decides. After Zhao Hai sits down, deep voice said : „I have achieved Doppelganger Stage now, this is my Doppelganger, has succeeded, was just is experimenting Cultivation Method, has not actually thought that met appears this effect.” Yin elder puzzled look at Zhao Hai does said : experiment Cultivation Method? What Cultivation Method experiments?” Zhao Hai smiles said : I in Lower Realm, obtains has wrapped Buddhist Sect amends the practice method, clear(ly) was Doppleganger Profound Technique, this set of Cultivation Method was enables the person to branch out many Doppelganger to come the attack enemy, these Doppelganger were not the illusions, can attack arrive at the person, I just want to take a look, if I used my Doppelganger, uses this Doppleganger Profound Technique, that result will be what kind, finally that thinks that I one used own Doppelganger to use Doppleganger Profound Technique, minute of coming out was actually Law Idol, but this Law Idol can also likely ordinary Law Idol same condense, on be you. That that just saw.” Yin-Yang 2 elders one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes bright said : that said that if you congealed this Law Idol, can cause Doppelganger to come?” Zhao Hai smiles said : theoretically is this, but congealment Doppelganger most important point own Strength of Soul, to be honest, formed Doppelganger to be unbearable, do not say that congealment Doppelganger, that was very dangerous, I believe that will not have several people willing to take risk.”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yin-Yang 2 elders also cannot help but nodded, but can Yang elder to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you give to Sect this Doppleganger Profound Technique? I know that such does a little excessive, but your feel relieved, Sect will certainly not treat unjustly your, our two make the guarantee to you, what kind of?” Zhao Hai stares, then smiles said : this to have anything, I am the Sect person, is the Sect working sentiment should also be, two teacher do not need to think.” Said that Zhao Hai turns puts out a piece jade slip, then has given Yang elder said : jade slip Master, this is Doppleganger Profound Technique, to be honest, I have not thought that will use Doppleganger Profound Technique really to have such effect with Doppelganger, I will regard the ordinary Doppelganger Cultivation Method use this Doppleganger Profound Technique most from the beginning, just suddenly fantasy. Also will not perform this experiment.” Yang elder received jade slip said : well „. Person feel relieved, this matter I will talk clearly with Sect, was right, you cause Law Idol to come now, it seems like can this smelting trial be able to carry on after a period of time?” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly said : „to wait some time, must congeal this Law Idol first said it, otherwise such Law Idol, was a point with does not have in True Spirit Realm here, later was this Law Idol cannot turn into Doppelganger, can regard general Law Idol to use.” Yin elder nodded said : well. You close up some time, you go to the matter of smelting trial, after wait for you leave to deliver, was saying.” Zhao Hai has complied with one. Yin-Yang two have stood, Zhao Hai hastily has also stood. look at their said : two can Master, how such anxiously walk? Sits, soon ate meal.” Yin elder shook the head said : not to eat, your Doppleganger Profound Technique, I feel the wondrous use to be infinite, hands over in Sect feel relieved, you eat, does not need to manage us.” Said that their turn around walked, to courtyard, two people of flash of white light on vanish from sight. look at they disappear. Zhao Hai cannot help but showed a faint smile, receives his Doppelganger, this transferred returned to in the room, Meg they also came out at this time, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, can you really the exiting smelting trial three years? We what to do?” The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, shows a faint smile said : this time smelting trial to go, does not go good, this is Sect regulation, anybody cannot change. You are also just right use these three years time, well consults with teacher, own strength enhancement as soon as possible.” Laura nodded, Laura originally is a ginseng gentleman, therefore he regarding causes the blade not anything counter- sleep. Conversely, Laura study blade returns very fast. Is having Yin-Yang 2 elders these two Blade Technique everyone/Great Clan to direct in the one side in addition, their Blade Technique progressive very fast.

Moreover Laura they now also understand, if later wants with Zhao Hai in together, not to want always to hide in Space, must make own strength promote, therefore their nearest/recent practice very attentively. Zhao Hai look at people said : my nearest/recent must close up one time, if I can make two Doppelganger, that delivers to Doppelganger Space, making his special cultivating manufacture Doppelganger with Doppleganger Profound Technique, like this my strength promotion was quicker, True Spirit Realm here is also not peace, did not say struggles among various Great Sect, these Ghost Cultivator eye covetously in the one side, if my strength promotion not as soon as possible, is can suffer a loss with the fear.” Laura they also nodded, regarding the True Spirit Realm here situation they also knows that they just came True Spirit Realm here, however actually the experience of Zhao Hai these days looks in Space clear, moreover they think after undergoing the adjustment of Space, they can smoothly enter to True Spirit Realm, simply does not use Cleansing Pond there, but that thinks, they this bubble in Cleansing Pond, left many toxin, they were also understand, this True Spirit Realm was really not that simple. Zhao Hai deep voice said : I close up several days first, congeals successfully this Law Idol, when the time comes is thinking other.” Laura they nodded, Zhao Hai has then stood, walks toward quiet room there. initially when constructs No.52 Courtyard House, Zhao Hai has constructed big quiet room in this mountain actually, this quiet room in courtyard, the surface in courtyard below, in mountain, courtyard below is not burying defensive formation, but Zhao Hai quiet room in defensive formation below, in absolute mountain, it can be said that true quiet room. initially Zhao Hai constructs this quiet room, for closing up, if necessary, he also wants to enter from quiet room here to Space, like this he can pass and out Space freely, has mountain to keep off, the average person is impossible presently the Space fluctuation in quiet room. This Zhao Hai to quiet room here, Law Idol that immediately/on horseback release his new condense came out, then directly has delivered to own Doppelganger Space, after Doppelganger to Space, immediately congealed Law Idol, then Zhao Hai and Doppelganger started congealment these two Law Idol slowly. Zhao Hai planned that must be helped itself congeal Law Idol in Space by own Doppelganger, that must outside also Doppelganger, such Yin-Yang 2 elders issue, he well have an excuse to be good to deal, therefore this talent will make Doppelganger immediately enter Space, in congealing Law Idol comes, like this he in many Doppelganger, that will have to be placed on Law Idol, Yin-Yang 2 elders on will not suspect him outwardly. But in Zhao Hai , in quiet room condense Doppelganger diligently, Yin-Yang 2 elders was also bringing Zhao Hai Doppleganger Profound Technique to Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall. Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall is on ZhanTian Peak, the rumor Tyrant Blade Sect first generation Sect Master on this ZhanTian Peak, brandished a sword to wield the heaven in the past, ascend goes, therefore this ZhanTian Peak became Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall is.

Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall looks like extreme style, the top of entire mountain peak had been hewn a platform, built an entire palace in this platform, the entire palace best pupil had 360 meters, was divided into three, the segmentum anterius were the office, in the there has plenty department, many cultivator, they with the Tyrant Blade Sect Sect Master group a ten points enormous management team, has been managing entire Tyrant Blade Sect. Second is Sect Sect Master and Supreme Elder the institute of daily life, in Tyrant Blade Sect practice formidable Supreme Elder lives in there, they can be said as Tyrant Blade Sect Pacifying Oceans Pillar, so long as these people, that Tyrant Blade Sect will not be perished. Last is actually the Tyrant Blade Sect most precious treasure pavilion, hears there rare treasure to be incomparable, besides locates respectively rare treasure, there is also collecting heaven-shaking is rich, in Tyrant Blade Sect Cultivation Method of all most climaxes, can say from there casual puts out same thing to come, can startled shake entire True Spirit Realm. Yin-Yang 2 elders although is not the real power elder in Tyrant Blade Sect, but two people are actually often going in and out General Hall here, therefore they came now, General Hall here surprised of person not point. They just appears in General Hall front square there, guarded square cultivator immediately to salute said : to see two Elders to them.” Yin-Yang 2 elders nodded, hurriedly walks toward General Hall, to is made that cultivator of that guard square somewhat stares, don’t know lived any matter, will let their such worries unexpectedly. Yin-Yang two quickly entered General Hall here, Tyrant Blade Sect the constructions of General Hall here are some palace -type constructions, why each palace uses, has the explicit minute male, moreover these palaces are not casual randomly construct, the here surface has one set of heaven-shaking defensive formation, the grounds of these palaces, almost all are the defensive formation constituents, only then Tyrant Blade Sect inherited several million years of Great Sect likely, will have inside story like this. But in first of entire ZhanTian Peak palace, Great Hall of most core is Zhantian Palace, there is the Tyrant Blade Sect Sect Master daily processing thing place, in normally Sect can go to Zhantian Palace to see the Sect person directly, but does not have many, naturally these include Yin-Yang 2 elders. Not only Yin-Yang 2 elders Tyrant Blade Sect Assassin is so simple, in fact he with Tyrant Blade Sect present age Sect Master, but fellow Martial Brothers, but is not Master, but is the same master main, their Master and Sect's Master Master, is the master leaves the same side. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }