Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2042

Yin-Yang 2 elders arrived at Zhantian Palace here directly, Zhantian Palace in front of the door has been standing two cultivator, these two cultivator saw Yin-Yang 2 elders, immediately/on horseback said loudly: „ Yin-Yang 2 elders elder.([] Inside vigorous sound conveys said : please come in to come.” That two person immediately opened the door to Yin-Yang 2 elders, Yin-Yang 2 elders nodded to that two cultivator, half step entered Great Hall. This Great Hall area is very big, stands several hundred individual suspicions not to push, entire Great Hall has eight pillar to get up, has high platform in Great Hall inside, high platform has 1.2m to be high, on the stage is putting a case chair, a person sits behind the chair. old person is sitting on platform, this old person figure is not tall, but actually very strong, whole person toward crosswise show, but that is not fat, his is muscle. Like the person, generally to person feeling of one type of valiant warrior, but this old person actually non- type, he gives the feeling of person actually very refined. Did old person look at Yin-Yang 2 elders one, deep voice said : you had the time to run up to my this to come? Not in your apprentices that dull good? Your these two fellows, don’t know asks me to drink a liquor, is really.” Yin elder beckoned with the hand said : to drink momentarily good, these time has good thing to make you have a look.” That old person one hear of Yin elder said that somewhat puzzled look at they, deep voice said : what good thing? I have a look.” Yin-Yang 2 elders not polite, has arrived directly on the stage, Yang elder gave his record Doppleganger Profound Technique jade slip to give old person Zhao Hai. old person received jade slip spiritual force to search. Before long the brow of old person wrinkles got up said : this any Doppleganger Profound Technique probably is Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method. Does the here surface record homing thing to be useful? Probably is one set of very ordinary Cultivation Method?” Yin elder shows a faint smile said : „seems like ordinary, but this set of Cultivation Method not ordinary place lies, he can make Doppelganger practice, naturally, lets Cultivation Method has plenty that Doppelganger practices, but this set of Cultivation Method formidable place lies , after Doppelganger has practiced, Doppelganger that divides unexpectedly is Law Idol, is most primitive, has not passed through condense Law Idol.” old person is not a fool. One hear of Yin elder said that two eyes narrows the eyes, then deep voice said : you meant, after having used this Profound Technique, can a person have several Doppelganger?”

Yin elder nodded said : theoretically is this. However you also know that the Doppelganger time the bad risk, feared does not have many person of meetings to be willing to attempt.” old person has not actually shown disappointed expression, instead to is two eyes fierce one has opened, his look at their said : you meant that this thing can let the person practice of you and I this level?” Yang elder claps said : „, we are this meaning, Senior Brother, you think that we already crossed Soul Fusion Stage, moreover after these many years practices. Our Strength of Soul compared with before came, but formidable many, but this Strength of Soul although was formidable, our normally actually don’t know how gathering use, if we can come in handy this Doppleganger Profound Technique, that several External Body Incarnation will come, our Tyrant Blade Sect left a batch Expert on equal to baseless, did you look?” old person has stood, on platform how many steps, deep voice said : „, but can we practice really? If not doing well, the danger were big.” Yin elder deep voice said : I to am think that can try. We have the experience of Doppelganger, how knows to deal with, if really success, then regarding our Tyrant Blade Sect, may absolutely be the good matter. Perhaps our Tyrant Blade Sect will enter a big show time.” old person walked several steps, stopped suddenly has gotten down said : jade slip I to receive. How many Supreme Elder after this matter I must consult, can decide that was right, heard that Zhao Hai nearest/recent must attack Doppelganger Stage, you know that doing of this Cultivation Method uses, was Zhao Hai uses? Succeeded?” Yin elder nodded said : to succeed, now Little Hai besides own Doppelganger, Law Idol, he is closing up condense Law Idol now, therefore the matter of his going out smelting trial must push in the future.” old person nodded said : „the matter earlier late point of smelting trial not to have no relationship, is ready to this youngster real, what matter he cannot have, this Cultivation Method is that youngster takes? I presently on that youngster good thing also is really many, ok, do not stare, reward his, but is not the present gives, what now has to improve eyesight to him? Do you want to put in the fire to roast him? After waiting, has opportunity, rewards him to select and that's the end.” Yin-Yang 2 elders also knows what old person said is real, they in saying anything, but nodded, Yin elder turns, put out liquor jug to put on the table, deep voice said : tastes, liquor that my apprentice made.” Zhao Hai will brew alcohol, this Yin-Yang 2 elders originally and don’t know, but after arriving at No.52 Courtyard House there, they have one time to drink to feel that liquor the flavor is good, asked that Zhao Hai obtained from there, Zhao Hai said one ferment, Yin-Yang 2 elders only knows that Zhao Hai will brew alcohol, later Zhao Hai gives them several jug liquor, but they have not actually drunk many, normally eats meal, the liquor is Zhao Hai takes, gives to them, their simply drinks water on, now happen to takes, has given old person. Liquor jug on old person look at table, does not have a point special place, looks like looks like most common liquor jug is the same, will old person look at Yin-Yang 2 elders said : Zhao Hai also to brew alcohol puzzled?”

Yin elder snort|hum said : „haven't you believed? Liquor although that Little Hai ferments is not True Spirit Realm here is topest, but also the forest True Spirit Realm here majority of liquor want much stronger, you tried to know, when the time comes may leave alone I want.” One that old person searches for raised one's wine cup jug receiving, then serious said : „, this, later my liquor, if drank not to have, the people remember that delivered to select to me, was really, a filial piety did not have.” Yin-Yang 2 elders stared his one eyes, simultaneously wielded the fist to him, turn around walked. look at Yin-Yang 2 elders vanish from sight, old person then sighed, mutters said : in gate to have a deficit your were too many, but finally is the good person has the good report, you received good disciple.” Said that old person turn around from the stage, left Great Hall from nearby back door, walks toward behind. Yin-Yang 2 elders returned to No.52 Courtyard House there, asked the Zhao Hai situation, knows Zhao Hai has closed up, they did not have to say anything. Zhao Hai this time of closing up is not very long, about one month left to shut, he both condense has completed two Law Idol that afterward congealed now, was also turned into Doppelganger by him, another has not actually turned into Doppelganger. Matter Yin-Yang 2 elders that Zhao Hai goes out first knew, their immediately arrived at Zhao Hai courtyard, after Zhao Hai invited them sat down to the living room, Yin elder immediately/on horseback said : what kind of? Succeeded?” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, two person's shadow appears in his, these two people are just the same as his appearance, only water two eyes is bright, with Zhao Hai like, but another is two eyes somewhat is inflexible, looks like dull. In although Doppelganger has a Zhao Hai soul, Ok ** existed, but is the fight time, cultivator can receive in own body Doppelganger, this is different from Soul Fusion, Soul Fusion in Doppelganger that soul union of soul in one time with main body in together, equal to is official has taken back Doppelganger, but Zhao Hai received Doppelganger the returned to body likely, this is only the Doppelganger one type of instinct, release that silk soul not and soul of main body unifies, two souls relative **. Yin elder looked at Zhao Hai to succeed, this let out a long breath, then deep voice said : success was good, previous time you gave our Doppleganger Profound Technique, we already to Sect, Sect Master very happy, but rewarded cannot temporarily to you, later had the opportunity words, rewarding to you.” Zhao Hai nodded, the meaning in his understand gate, his these time for offering is that type to not exposed to light, Sect although will record merit to him, but immediately will actually not put the reward, otherwise your name has not put the reward, that is the difficult obedience, if putting the reason of reward said that that will bring the danger to Zhao Hai, therefore this reward can only record, later put on opportunity together. Yang elder deep voice said : „your time goes out, must prepare the matter of smelting trial, this, stabilizes own boundary first, then can the exiting smelting trial.”

Zhao Hai complied with said : is, Master, my understand.” Yang elder nodded said : this time smelting trial you to be certainly careful, nearest/recent Tyrant Sword Sect these fellows, will possibly take an action, they ate our several times to owe in Soaring Dragon Realm there, perhaps will want to ask, Imperial Beast Sect, they were smelling dragon there also to eat our many owing, may be staring at us, moreover our Tyrant Blade Sect will send the matter of Doppelganger Stage disciple exiting smelting trial, in True Spirit Realm here was not secret, they possibly know, therefore your this time smelting trial bad risk, you certainly will be careful.” Zhao Hai also real don’t know these, but one hear of Yang elder said that he also attached great importance, he nodded said : is, Master, I will certainly be careful.” Yin elder deep voice said : prepares, crosses several days to exit, if the Tyrant Sword Sect person annoys you, you're welcome, our Tyrant Blade Sect person not easily stirs up trouble, but we do not fear the matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, he and don’t know, Tyrant Blade Sect attached great importance to him now, the month of because in Zhao Hai closing up, Tyrant Blade Sect has arranged several elders to go to smelting trial Zhao Hai Doppleganger Profound Technique, has not actually thought that also really success, this makes entire Tyrant Blade Sect High level happy outward, but this matter is actually at the strict keep secret condition, average person simply don’t know. Elder although crosses Soul Fusion Stage, because of another soul already **, therefore their Doppelganger in fact still existed, but actually unified with the main body, if they to be used any Cultivation Method to succeed by own Doppelganger, but actually needs to take some efforts, because of this, therefore Sect Master feared most from the beginning this matter will not succeed, has not actually thought that such smoothly has succeeded, this equal to Zhao Hai has contributed to a great merit to Tyrant Blade Sect, Tyrant Blade Sect nature attaching great importance to he. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }