Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2043

Zhao Hai on main road gradually proceeds, he has not ridden a horse, the body only has also put on very ordinary warrior cloth, carries on the back at the back of a blade, looks like looks like ordinary falling compels Warrior. Space equipment in True Spirit Realm here is really not any good thing, even if among some mortals trades, some time will also use Space equipment, however has plenty cultivator actually likes own weapon belt on the body, like this he can sense the change of weapon frequently, when will use weapon convenient. Therefore in True Spirit Realm here, you, if sees with Warrior of sword strap sword, do not have anything to be surprised, that is very normal, but will not have the average person to pretend to be cultivator with this method, if made cultivator present, may not have their good fruit to eat. Zhao Hai this time to maintain low key, has not ridden Demon Horse to come out, the Demon Horse appearance extremely in amazing steed, general cultivator could not ride, if he is riding Demon Horse, is taking a blade, others eyes can look at him are that Great Sect. This Zhao Hai target is the smelting trial, he was certainly impossible to go to Yalong City there, Yalong City there many cultivator knew him, if he went to Yalong City there, Su Dingshan definitely knows, when the time comes also smelting trial. Zhao Hai this time stopping sign is in True Spirit Continent, he wants to have a look at the scenery in True Spirit Continent, what looks at this True Spirit Continent by an ordinary Warrior appearance is. After this is Zhao Hai leave Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall third day. Because these three days of he did not have the Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall range. Therefore to has not encountered any danger, on the road will occasionally run into the Tyrant Blade Sect person, these people are also only strange looked at Zhao Hai one, is looking at the Zhao Hai strength, almost knows why Zhao Hai is, all people have shown the well-meaning smiling face to Zhao Hai. Walked without rest for three days, Zhao Hai already almost the leave Tyrant Blade Sect mouth General Hall range, must know Transmission Formation that he comes in handy most from the beginning, Transmission Formation to a Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall surrounding not far place, then starts to walk. Must otherwise, light walk with two feet, from Deji Mountain there thinks that goes out of Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall, fears on ten days of half a month. Zhao Hai arrived at here. Could not bear turn head to look at one, his present immediately wanted leave Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall, this leave was three years, what most important was, these three years time, he feared that could not see Laura their surface. although Laura they can also go to Space to meet with him, because Yin-Yang 2 elders lives in No.52 Courtyard House, Laura they want to see him to have inconveniently, the later three years, feared that were meeting opportunity are getting fewer and fewer. Sighed lightly. Zhao Hai turns the head, gradually moving forward, leave carefully Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall, because Zhao Hai has not used Body-Lightweight Technique, therefore his advancing is not quick, the darkness gets down time, he does not have the leave Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall range far, here on the other hand is safe, therefore Zhao Hai has not cared, found a place at will. Puts out a tent, lived one fires, has made eating cut through in the tent to rest. Midnight the ten points, Zhao Hai has opened the eye fiercely, the personal appearance get lost. Long blade in hand, fierce one group of blade light oneself sphering. Along with his blade light, eight molten copper iron cast same big gate appears in his side, his protecting firmly in inside.

Eighth-way Great Gate just appears , heard one to bite the sound of dāng dāng, rows of feather arrows shot on Eighth-way Great Gate directly, strength very sufficient of these feather arrows, when shot on big gate, has been directly cut off, obviously these feather arrows the places of formidable. The direction that some little time these feather arrows vanish from sight, the Zhao Hai look at feather arrow has shot, cold sound said : where the petty people, have not come out to me.” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, hears sound of the coldly snorted, then Zhao Hai presently unexpectedly were surrounded, gathers round his person to have ten fully, moreover looks at the appearances of these people, they are the Soul Fusion Stage above strength, the strength strongest person, Zhao Hai even thinks that he has achieved Earth Monarch Stage. Zhao Hai sees these people, complexion changes, his deep voice said : „is everybody who? Why can block below?” In that several cultivator that Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, sneers said : worthily is Yin-Yang Double Fiend Blade disciple, can be so calm at this time, great.” Zhao Hai one hear of opposite party one had pointed out his status, his two eyes cannot help but concentrates, then why deep voice said : „does everybody block below is being? Please delimit next step to come?” Why in which does cultivator sneer said : „? HaHaHa, to the present you also asked that such naive issue, unavoidably appeared somewhat petty, we for what, your real don’t know? What status we are, your real don’t know? Zhao Hai, you do not need to install to consider as finished with us.” Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, is looking at these people have carried on the back at the back of Great Sword, cold sound said : Tyrant Sword Sect, you really moved, your courage are not small, dares to begin in here unexpectedly, didn't you fear by our Tyrant Blade Sect tidying up?” HaHaHa, Zhao Hai, you do not need to frighten us, we were not frightened in a big way, your time comes out for anything, but we are clear, you have not brought Tyrant Blade Sect disciple Command Token now, your time comes out for the smelting trial, to be honest, I have not thought really that you will have achieved Doppelganger Stage within such short time, great, is really great, no wonder can kill us to dominate Sword Sect and Imperial Beast Sect several people.” „Didn't I bring Tyrant Blade Sect disciple Command Token am not Tyrant Blade Sect disciple? You know my status, should understand, if I had an accident, my Master will not let off your.” Has who knew is we do, you did not use in wasting the time, we already arrange nearby this formation, we in here overturn the heaven, some people will not know.”

So, looks at the blade!” Said that a Zhao Hai blade cuts toward that Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, Zhao Hai understand, these people are determined must cope with him, he was saying that anything has not used, might as well braves death to wrestle, perhaps also has life force. These people have not thought of Zhao Hai unexpectedly first attack, but Zhao Hai these time is not attack, he on release his Doppelganger, person of Doppelganger has jointly attacked these Earth Monarch Stage cultivator directly. But these Earth Monarch Stage cultivator also very outstanding, when Zhao Hai moves, he has extracted Great Sword that behind oneself has carried, a sword cuts toward Zhao Hai. At this time these gathered round the Zhao Hai person also to move, Zhao Hai has carried on attack to and that Doppelganger, Zhao Hai Body-maneuvering Technique very good, strength although of these people compared with Zhao Hai in some, but impossible Zhao Hai to be what kind. But the Zhao Hai majority of energy use on coping with that Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, that Earth Monarch Stage cultivator obvious was higher than two level Zhao Hai, the strength was strong to be too many, Zhao Hai attack could not constitute anything to threaten to him, but Zhao Hai in attack he, because he knows, if he relaxed to attack of that person, that person immediately will come attack he, when the time comes he only trouble. The people bite dāng dāng has hit for quite a while, that ten people cannot how Zhao Hai unexpectedly, this makes complexion of that ten person cannot help but somewhat ugly, they have not thought that by the strengths of oneself these people, why how Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai is actually waiting for opportunity, so long as that opportunity arrives, he to these people will get up fatally will strike, these people also present, Zhao Hai attack slowly weak, especially to that Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, now already, only then the ability to parry, did not have the strength to hit back. These people see this situation, cannot help but happy, they probably saw the bureau of victory light, although their ten people have besieged Zhao Hai such long time, the ten points does not have the face, so long as has killed Zhao Hai, that all said. But at this time, suddenly that Earth Monarch Stage Tyrant Sword Sect cultivator sword handle Zhao Hai Doppelganger compelling to draw back, then a sword jabbed into the Zhao Hai brain chest cavity. All people noticed that this situation stares, especially Zhao Hai, his dull look at that Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, in the eye an appearance does not have, simultaneously Zhao Hai Doppelganger also vanish from sight. When these people just about to cheer, suddenly another Zhao Hai appears in that Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, a sword jabbed into that Earth Monarch Stage cultivator back of the body.

That face proud was taking Great Sword cultivator, lowered the head the look at front dew to come out blade point, suddenly does not tarry, then he diligently has turned the head, saw Zhao Hai that a face sneered, Zhao Hai sneered, kicked aside the body of that Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, then lifted the blade to kill toward other people. Other these cultivator have actually tarried, they do not think understand, why another Zhao Hai meets suddenly appears , at this time, Zhao Hai actually moved, attacks toward them, their immediately lifts the sword to welcome, but the courage actually first lost several points. Zhao Hai does not have that many, just that cultivator punctured, but before is Zhao Hai , that congeals does not have Law Idol of join soul, because that Law Idol does not have the soul, therefore one did not have anything by attack, but Zhao Hai actually used this opportunity to dive that Earth Monarch Stage Expert behind, a blade result he. That Earth Monarch Stage Expert then attention on the body of that Law Idol, moreover Zhao Hai to develop reality, but also received that Doppelganger, making these people think that he died, when their attention was centralized, Zhao Hai suddenly killed, his must first cope naturally was that Earth Monarch Stage Expert, because of that Earth Monarch Stage Expert, the strength was strongest, was biggest to his threat, he naturally must tidy up him first. Now Zhao Hai is dealing with attack of that several person, command(er) own Doppelganger is carrying on attack to these cultivator, although person of Doppelganger leaves to try, but also can only exempt strongly blocks these people's attacks, wants to deal with these people, is almost impossible. These people did not arrive in likely a moment ago that now anxiously, conversely, their indignation, their really understand, why Zhao Hai cannot at heart under attack of these many people, but can also kill that Earth Monarch Stage Expert, if this makes the bystander know that their these many people cope with Zhao Hai, but also had been killed Earth Monarch Stage Expert by Zhao Hai, their faces lost completely. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }