Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2044

The defense of Zhao Hai encircles getting smaller and smaller, finally can only exempt strongly blocked that nine people of attack, that several people of present eye was red, each and every one went all out toward the Zhao Hai attack. At this time, suddenly cultivator, pouring of being perplexed on the ground, when all people stare, there are two cultivator to fall down. Stares numerously, toward behind looked, actually before presently, by that Earth Monarch Stage cultivator that Zhao Hai kills, now has stood, a face indifferent raises to bring the long sword of blood to attack toward them. Zhao Hai these cultivator one dull, by attack that cultivator is so, the appearances of Zhao Hai look at these people, laughing said : suddenly your courage are not truly small, actually did not inquire that is clear I the details to dare to come attack I, your don’t know, I am Dark Magician, can I turn into Undead Creature the deceased person in the shortest time?” Was saying him while waves, is also turned into Undead Creature that three by cultivator that Earth Monarch Stage Undead Creature killed, that three Undead Creature immediately join to have also fought in the circle. These gathers round Zhao Hai these cultivator, died quick half, these besieged Zhao Hai cultivator to fluster finally, although they are presently good Earth Monarch Stage cultivator the strength to be not as before, most was also the Rebirth Stage strength, but they have been scared now, naturally did not have the guts to pester with Zhao Hai in here, what method their don’t know Zhao Hai also had, they feared that such was pestering, they will die in here. Both sides have fought several moves, cultivator deep voice said : suddenly walks separately.” Said that wields two swords tightly. turn around jumps to go. in the blink of an eye on the disappearing trace, other cultivator with him almost, tightly has also attacked two moves, they compelling to have drawn back Zhao Hai, then turn around walks. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not pursued, but waved to receive that several Undead Creature, just second sneak attack time, make a move, not only that Earth Monarch Stage Undead Creature, Zhao Hai another Doppelganger had that Law Idol. But that Doppelganger and hand of Law Idol sneak attack going well, immediately was received by Zhao Hai, therefore these cultivator presently, they have not thought that is that Earth Monarch Stage Undead Creature sneak attack goes well. Moreover that Earth Monarch Stage Undead Creature. Reason that in following attack, only will use the Rebirth Stage strength, is not because after he turns into Undead Creature , the strength dropped, because Zhao Hai makes him such do, like this others do not know that Zhao Hai in hand had such a card in a hand, only thinks that after he person turned into Undead Creature, these Undead Creature only then Rebirth Stage strength, after like this, he when met troublesome, that Earth Monarch Stage Undead Creature will perhaps have on the big use. Reason that Zhao Hai will put these cultivator to walk, because of his very clear. He does not have that strength these people to stay behind, therefore might as well puts them to walk, puts one to walk also walks, puts six to walk also walks, bleeds off several, making them show that his strength, this instead to is better. However Zhao Hai knows that his smelting trial, feared was not easy, that several cultivator that this walking. Certainly will bring in more people to chase down him, he must prepare. Zhao Hai looked at own temporary camp, the account number is destroyed, in entire camp full was all kinds of breaking arrows, was unable in the person. Zhao Hai to these thing to is not grieved. Reason that he just presently these people, are arrow attack that because these people used. This arrow is actually the one type of symbol, this type of talisman known as Rain of Arrows Talisman, is one type of large-scale Metal element offensive talisman, the attack strength is not weak.

Zhao Hai regarding the True Spirit Realm here symbol, originally does not have many finding, but afterward he traded a piece jade slip from Tyrant Blade Sect junks hall there, this jade slip specially records the uses and methods of manufacturing of some True Spirit Realm here commonly used Talisman, True Spirit Realm here Talisman, in the use and manufacture, is more troublesome than Cultivation World there. But these attack his people when use Talisman, has caused the energy fluctuation, although is very far from him, but Zhao Hai or immediately sobered, then has arranged the defense to oneself, has not made the opposite party go well. Zhao Hai looked at scene one, shook the head, has not been tidying up, then he entered forest, to big tree there, directly entered in the big tree to rest with Wood element Divergent Technique. Satisfactory sleeping in big tree, Zhao Hai then walked out from the big tree, goes toward moving forward, walked while at will has eaten dry rations, but simultaneously he was also careful. At the same time walked for three days, he does not have to meet attack, but Zhao Hai actually does not dare to treat it lightly, now equal to is he in bright, enemy in dark, when the don’t know enemy can suddenly give him to come one ruthlessly, therefore Zhao Hai was careful. Now but Tyrant Sword Sect one Sect must cope with him, may also add on Imperial Beast Sect, but Tyrant Blade Sect could not count on evidently in a short time, who lets him now also in the smelting trial time, therefore his must by oneself, he naturally have no alternative but to add now carefully. But what Zhao Hai and don’t know is, before his leave with these Tyrant Sword Sect disciple has fought a place less than day, Tyrant Blade Sect there received information, several Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator when outside handle matters, saw Zhao Hai that by attack camp, the trace that around camp these fight, they feel this very unusual, because there is not far from the Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall range, had the person unexpectedly in there by attack, this itself on was not a small matter, therefore their immediately reported this matter. But Tyrant Blade Sect High level when obtains this information, is being angry, they have not thought that unexpectedly under their eyes hide, some people by attack, moreover after investigation presently, by attack the Tyrant Blade Sect person, how this enables Tyrant Blade Sect High level to endure unexpectedly. Darkness under a lamp, this clarified is Darkness under a lamp! Tyrant Blade Sect High level also understand this point, opposite party is because knows that there leaves Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall not quite to be far, there equal to is the Tyrant Blade Sect control strictest area, therefore almost nobody dares at the there noisy matter, because of this. Therefore these many years passed by. control ability of Tyrant Blade Sect to there has been not as before, making these people exploit loopholes. For this matter, Tyrant Blade Sect was responsible for the elder of this matter being removed from office directly, simultaneously Tyrant Blade Sect sent out the massive military strength, started to carry on cleaning up of clear large-scale to Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall around. Does not clean up don’t know, this cleaning up Tyrant Blade Sect person knows that is hiding many people around Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall unexpectedly, cleaned up other Sect scout 500-600 people, this digit was not small, these scouts had some to marry in the area. However finally was given by Tyrant Blade Sect presently, these people naturally do not have the good end, Tyrant Blade Sect to treat manner being clear of this matter, kills. It is not lenient, at once Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall surrounding wind sighing and crane calling, even some by the present scout, had not run away.

Zhao Hai and don’t know he and Tyrant Sword Sect person one time fights, will cause such big sound unexpectedly, now he entered in small town, this small town also belongs to Tyrant Blade Sect control small town, in this small town, there is Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, but Tyrant Blade Sect obvious is not strong to this small town control ability. Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall in this small town is not big, the entire branch Hall population adds also about 50, branch Hall Hall Master, is a Teleportation Stage elder. However Zhao Hai had not planned that pays a visit Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall in small town, he at the smelting trial, cannot have the contact with Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall now, therefore looked for a small hotel to live in small town, has rested well. After a night of rest, the Zhao Hai spirit finally restored, next day he has not drawn back the room. But left the gate of inn at the back of own blade, is strolling on the small town avenue. Let Zhao Hai be what is surprised, he in this small town, saw many cultivator, but these cultivator people with sword strap sword. Does not belong to Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, this lets Zhao Hai very strange. This small town cultivator quantity probably was too many a point. Zhao Hai entered liquor to welcome at will, had two dishes, wanted pot liquor, afterward after hitting enjoyed the partner/shop assistant a piece gold, he stopped by calling out partner/shop assistant said : partner/shop assistant, how this in the city these many cultivator? What matter has to live?” That partner/shop assistant had just resulted in enjoying of Zhao Hai, naturally is the knowledge all says, expresses oneself fully, his look at Zhao Hai said : „isn't Sir a native?” Zhao Hai nodded said : truly is not, I passed by here, here my first time, what? local area Wu Feng was very abundant, unexpectedly so many cultivator?” That partner/shop assistant smiles said : Sir to have not to know that our small town did not have the name, here does not have Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, but afterward Tyrant Blade Sect Sir, when a smelting trial, in our small East District northern five 10 Li(5km) away places present underground cave, in that underground cave, there are many Monster Beast, in some underground cave special product Blue Rock-Moss, this Blue Rock-Moss heard that is one type of good medicinal herbs, practiced very useful regarding cultivator, Tyrant Blade Sect has then established branch Hall in here, at the same time small town life known as Lost City, because that underground cave looked like a place labyrinth is the same, had many. Big, nobody knows, after has plenty cultivator goes in any case, in has not come out.” Speaking of here that partner/shop assistant to stop, looks other cultivator that in a shop has eaten meal, then in a low voice actually good thing in hole to Zhao Hai said :, already by Tyrant Blade Sect taking, even if the present goes, also presently many Blue Rock-Moss, but in these cultivator study want to go to try one's luck, went in along with cultivator more and more, died in inside were also getting more and more, as the matter stands in has left behind many good thing, afterward cultivator, was not because picked in to Blue Rock-Moss, but wealth, but was thing that presently other cultivator has left behind in, this wealth., Therefore more and more cultivator want to enter to the cavern in now, but beforehand Tyrant Blade Sect subscribed the custom, every month was only allowed 1000 people to enter to the cavern, because entered the quota of cavern to be limited, the quota of therefore through the method of bidding obtaining, price high resulted, if naturally in one month if insufficient 1000 people, then only needed everyone to turn in hundred Jade essence to enter to the cavern, this immediately to not entering the day of cavern, can therefore these many cultivator.” Zhao Hai nodded, beckoned with the hand, lets that partner/shop assistant leave, but he actually thought from drinking in there, drank while is thinking that underground cave matter. To be honest thing in these underground cave, but also anything has not been can make him begin, makes him begin truly, is that underground cave itself, after listening to that partner/shop assistant words, Zhao Hai knew, that underground cave, is place of confusion, seizes the treasure in the there murder certainly is very ordinary matter, but processing manner also very obvious of Tyrant Blade Sect to there, that is, they by all means receives money, other no matter totally, you in overturn the heaven, no matter also their matters, therefore in that underground cave, has certainly is a place of not what custom, In there, whose fist that is looks is hard.

But Zhao Hai this coming out smelting trial, the most important point wants to fight with the different people, compared with gaining in some experiences, but such absolutely does not have the place of custom, isn't just right is appropriate he? Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but two eyes one bright, he looked at surrounding these cultivator one, shows a faint smile, small is drinking own liquor, the happy expression in eye was actually more and more obvious. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai does not have the shop that sharply is returning to itself to live, but on street optional is transferring, he present a very interesting phenomenon, in this Lost City, came these many cultivator, these cultivator are not the sage, said accurately they are one crowd of warrior, warrior meets together, if there are some friction, will draw a sword unavoidably in opposite directions, but this situation is actually few sees in this in the city, among many warrior friction, on approximately time, on approximately a place, or direct on to outside the city solution, absolutely. in the city will not resort to violence. Zhao Hai also somewhat is most from the beginning perplexed, but he afterward on understand, this certainly is the custom that Tyrant Blade Sect subscribes, here although was not the Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall range, but said strictly that here to Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall was also not very difficult, if flight Magic Beast, feared that can arrive at here in less than one day, therefore Tyrant Blade Sect subscribed the custom, coming in the city these cultivator not to dare to violate, they most were some Rogue Cultivator or some small Clan, small Sect cultivator, that dares to annoy a Tyrant Blade Sect this colossus, what therefore there is to conflict, the nature must solve to outside.. To be honest, regarding such procedure, Zhao Hai quite approves, if this in the city is too chaotic, these average people in here, the average person will not live in here, these cultivator think that the supplies are difficult, moreover this will have very tremendous influence to the Tyrant Blade Sect reputation, therefore regarding such regulation, Zhao Hai very much favors. Has encircled for day in small town, has been familiar with the small town terrain, that small hotel that Zhao Hai then returned to he stayed, that pub known as Pleasant Stay Inn, is in all Wuxia World the first big chain-like hotel, Zhao Hai is admitted to this shop to this name. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }