Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2046

fierce tiger jumps, two eyes stared at Zhao Hai, the tiger has roared, threw toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai Eighth Gate Golden Lock also not to be trifled with, fierce tiger this struck not to have what effect, but the defense of this old tiger was actually very formidable, the sharp claws were the same like the blade, the Zhao Hai long blade actually took his sharp claws not to have the means. Several other Imperial Beast Sect cultivator looked at that guy release Monster Beast, they were impolite, respective release own Monster Beast, these Monster Beast what had, some people even person release two Monster Beast, seven person altogether release ten Monster Beast. This attack Zhao Hai person turned into 17 from seven, Monster Beast of Imperial Beast Sect these people, but very formidable, its strength does not compare the general cultivator difference, in this case, Zhao Hai wanted to defend own gateway somewhat to be difficult. However Zhao Hai at this time also immediately release own Undead Creature, but he does not have release to be too many, strength that four Tyrant Sword Sect Undead Creature let out that but kills on, these Undead Creature show, is still Rebirth Stage, even if this, makes the Zhao Hai pressure one light. Zhao Hai is paying attention to these Imperial Beast Sect people, he presently these Imperial Beast Sect person although looks like probably is breathless, but in the eye is actually a calmness, can look, they have certainly the card in a hand not to shine, therefore Zhao Hai has not moved heedlessly, he to wants to have a look at these to do anything. When fights with Imperial Beast Sect these people, Zhao Hai in many accumulations the experience, before was also fighting with the Tyrant Sword Sect person. Has made Zhao Hai know Tyrant Sword Sect person attack some characteristics. Tyrant Sword Sect is similar to Tyrant Blade Sect, the person in Sect is the use, what sword has, the long sword, short sword, Double-handed Broadsword, Single-handed Rapier, the soft sword, the heavy sword, what sword uses. But Imperial Beast Sect these cultivator attack. With attack of Tyrant Sword Sect these people not, attack of Imperial Beast Sect there person, a little Monster Beast flavor, Body-maneuvering Technique and Cultivation Method. Can see imitates the Monster Beast trace, it seems like looks like hundred beast fists that Zhao Hai creates is the same, Imperial Beast Sect person also by Monster Beast teacher. Fights, Zhao Hai while is observing attack of Imperial Beast Sect these people, attack of these people are very formidable, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm that they skid fully. Why although don’t know Imperial Beast Sect these people must such do, but he actually does not dare to treat it lightly, full is dealing with these people, is preparing. Deals with suddenly the situation at all times. Zhao Hai although release several Undead Creature have helped itself, because he has limited that several Undead Creature strength, therefore now the Zhao Hai situation is also not good, he and his Doppelganger, simultaneously has used Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade this to defend Blade Technique, but actually also can only exempts the strong defense, attack already complete did not have. But is this, suffices these Imperial Beast Sect head pains, they presently actually do not have the means to break through the defense of Zhao Hai, even if that two Earth Monarch Stage cultivator is impossible. This is not because the Zhao Hai skill has how deeply, what is complete is because of Zhao Hai Blade Technique.

Zhao Hai Blade Technique fantastic, his Blade Technique has practiced highest boundary, although said that cannot let all Blade Technique mastery, but Zhao Hai, when independent employment one set of Blade Technique. His Blade Technique superimposed layer may be not allow to neglect. The Blade Technique level is not nonsense comes out, you level that Blade Technique practices are high. Blade Technique to your attack or defense carries on some superimposed layers, this type of superimposed layer are most even can increase thick of double, but Zhao Hai has practiced comprehend Grand Dao highest boundary Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade, in this case, Blade Technique to his defense superimposed layer, minimum also is more in double, because of this type of superimposed layer, therefore Imperial Beast Sect these people does not have the means to break through the defense of Zhao Hai, can only stare on helplessly in there. That looks at this situation the guy who Zhao Hai directs, two eyes cannot help but stands, then deep voice said : fully make a move, as soon as possible has solved him, by the Tyrant Blade Sect person present.” As soon as several other people listened to that guy saying that has complied with one, then they simultaneously toward their waist racket, everyone release to only Monster Beast, they have attacked toward Zhao Hai with Monster Beast together. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, knows that these Imperial Beast Sect people have acted seriously, but he has not used his trump card, but is defending fully. This Imperial Beast Sect person was really anxious, although said that Lost City here Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, has turned a blind eye regarding the outside the city battle, but that must look at the both sides of battle is who. The Imperial Beast Sect person knows that Zhao Hai this time is the coming out smelting trial, moreover is a Tyrant Blade Sect most special smelting trial, even if the person in Tyrant Blade Sect, few people know that the Zhao Hai coming out smelting trial, Zhao Hai can not contact with the Tyrant Blade Sect person, therefore a Lost City here Tyrant Blade Sect people, should don’t know in the here fight is Zhao Hai. However do not forget their status, the Tyrant Blade Sect person don’t know Zhao Hai status, will not rescue, but they are the Imperial Beast Sect people, Imperial Beast Sect did not cope with Tyrant Blade Sect, if makes Tyrant Blade Sect these people see that the Imperial Beast Sect person dares to fight with the person outside Lost City unexpectedly, what the Tyrant Blade Sect talented person will not manage with the Imperial Beast Sect person fights is who, they can immediately come out to insert a foot, therefore a that guy some worries, if they cannot solve Zhao Hai in a short time, the Tyrant Blade Sect these person inserts a foot, that may on be troublesome. Imperial Beast Sect these attack tightened, but similarly, they also lost the last patience, attention centralized to attack during, regarding guarding against the Zhao Hai matter has forgotten. But at this time, twinkling brightly of Zhao Hai eye China , Tunisia, then his Law Idol, one on appears Imperial Beast Sect cultivator that in had just drawn back, a blade jabbed into that person of heart, that person called out pitifully, wants to turn head to have a look is who attack he, anything has not actually seen.

But a that person of pitiful yell has also alarmed Imperial Beast Sect other people, these people looked that person of there looks, presently that person has actually fallen down, the mouth braves the blood froth, could not live shortly. But this person dies, these Monster Beast immediately that release comes lost control, they are presently insane same attacks toward Zhao Hai, making other Monster Beast have to fall back on the one side temporarily. But at this moment, another Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator was actually stuffy snort|hum one, other people looked toward that person, presently that person is actually looking around rhinocero type Monster Beast, complexion became very pale. Imperial Beast Sect these cultivator very clear, that rhinocero is his Monster Beast, must know Monster Beast that Imperial Beast Sect cultivator, uses, has certain relation with his Master, they are not simple regards the slave to use Monster Beast, but regards own brothers Monster Beast, their family member, they even own Divine Soul will be attached to Monster Beast, therefore Monster Beast, if the accident sentiment, his Master will then also be injured. Naturally is not all Monster Beast is this, each Imperial Beast Sect disciple will have Life Source Monster Beast, only then the body of Life Source Monster Beast will attach cultivator Divine Soul, but obviously that rhinocero is that Imperial Beast Sect disciple Life Source Monster Beast, that only Monster Beast death, regarding the attack of that cultivator is very big. But most makes that cultivator feel what is angry, his Life Source Monster Beast was killed, but his don’t know was any thing has actually killed his Life Source Monster Beast, this feeling made him several want crazily. That Imperial Beast Sect cultivator could not be bearing, furiously roar, not awfully same attacks toward Zhao Hai, the fools know that his Life Source Monster Beast death, had certainly relationship with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai equal to has killed his brothers, how this let him to endure, moreover his Life Source Monster Beast died, will have very tremendous influence regarding his cultivation level, was makes his Divine Soul be damaged, later his cultivation level in wants to strive, feared that was difficult. In this case, that cultivator naturally must go all out with Zhao Hai, but Imperial Beast Sect other people are actually the complexion big changes, started careful attention all around situation. But as the matter stands, affected their attack, but Zhao Hai does not have therefore to feel relaxed, that several lost Master Monster Beast, lost Life Source Monster Beast cultivator with that goes all out same carries on attack to Zhao Hai, lets Zhao Hai not only not relaxed, to was instead more anxious. But at this time, Monster Beast that cultivator of that dying and that only died, suddenly one has stood, then direct attack Zhao Hai that cultivator and these Monster Beast threw, ten points suddenly that this gets down, that lost this has not responded about Monster Beast cultivator and these Monster Beast simply that one had been killed only Monster Beast by that a person and a beast two Undead Creature, that lost Life Source Monster Beast cultivator, was seriously injured.

But the Imperial Beast Sect person sees this situation, complexion cannot help but uglier, they rescued that cultivator, Monster Beast that but that was just only killed by Undead Creature, actually in one time turned into Undead Creature. Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature were also many three, Imperial Beast Sect here actually lost three, cultivator was seriously injured, lost fighting strength, equal to was one lost four people. Imperial Beast Sect these person of complexion were uglier, they have not thought that Zhao Hai strength actually such formidable, they today think has been killing Zhao Hai, feared that is somewhat difficult. That directs Zhao Hai the guy who comes out from in the city, look at by Zhao Hai that these Monster Beast besiege, on the face to be revealed color of the resenting, but his means do not have, they almost exhausted the hand to break, still took Zhao Hai not to have the means that in this case, they want to keep here Zhao Hai today, feared that was very difficult. That guy looked at one, follows these Undead Creature side Zhao Hai, especially that killed Imperial Beast Sect cultivator and two Monster Beast, complexion cannot help but uglier. At this moment, in the suddenly field in having the change, sees several Zhao Hai suddenly appears in these side attack Zhao Hai Monster Beast, in hand long blade fierce cuts toward that Monster Beast. Guy complexion big change, said loudly: Be careful!” Does not need him to shout that other people noted these Zhao Hai, they already by sneak attack several times, if has not grown the memory, that was not stupid, therefore almost when these Zhao Hai appears , they responded, attacked toward these Zhao Hai, but these Zhao Hai have kept off a blade, then on vanish from sight. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }