Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2047

Doppelganger?! Imperial Beast Sect these person understand, attack their is Zhao Hai Doppelganger, but this Doppelganger is not that Doppelganger in level, but is one type of Doppelganger Cultivation Method! To be honest, True Spirit Realm here, Doppelganger Cultivation Method is not considered as that any good thing, therefore saw that attack they are actually Doppelganger that Doppelganger Cultivation Method divides, Imperial Beast Sect these people felt their lung quickly in exploding with rage, they have not thought that making a oneself side loss serious, unexpectedly is weak Cultivation Method in this their eyes. The eye that the guy is mad was red, when he several wants crazily, he noted oneself nearby person suddenly, was that is struck severely wounded cultivator by Undead Creature, his complexion cannot help but changed, then take deep breaths, calm. This calms down, his immediately presently Zhao Hai Doppelganger Cultivation Method with the Doppelganger Cultivation Method differences that he knew, in True Spirit Realm here, Doppelganger Cultivation Method was divided into two types generally, one type is illusion Cultivation Method, this illusion Cultivation Method, but met appears one with Daoist/actual person same Doppelganger, but he was only mirage, without any attack ability, you, if attack he, your merit will strike will only pass through on his body. Second Doppelganger Cultivation Method is entity Doppelganger Cultivation Method, this Doppelganger Cultivation Method, can branch out Doppelganger to come, this Doppelganger meets the attack person, but attack strength is not very strong,, moreover they not like general Doppelganger Cultivation Method, one on vanish from sight. But Zhao Hai the Doppelganger Cultivation Method, two Doppelganger Cultivation Method is both different from he has seen. First Zhao Hai Doppelganger Cultivation Method is the strength. He can be used for attack, moreover attack strength very formidable, like such strong Doppelganger Cultivation Method, he first time sees. Second, Doppelganger that Zhao Hai Doppelganger Cultivation Method, divides, Ok hidden presently, such ability other Doppelganger do not have, general Doppelganger branches out from the body of cultivator, most from the beginning appears position. Generally is the cultivator sides, then in starting to move under cultivator command(er), but Zhao Hai Doppelganger, is actually suddenly one wants the side of attack person on appears in him. Then disappearance in suddenly, such Doppelganger method he has not seen. Third is Doppelganger that Zhao Hai Doppelganger Cultivation Method divides, uses spiritual force to be very difficult unexpectedly presently, must know that cultivator spiritual force is not weak, the ordinary person do not arrive at their side, even if to their several li (0.5km), they can feel the opposite party position, even if suddenly appears side them, their bodies will have the feeling, will make the natural response to deal. However Zhao Hai Doppelganger is different. His Doppelganger you use spiritual force to be very difficult presently, is adding on that type hidden the present ability, absolutely is cultivator Assassin. Now before his also understand why, that cultivator and that Monster Beast will only die sneak attack, has such Doppelganger, was used for sneak attack too to be really good not to have. That guy look at was still being besieged, actually has not appeared flurried, does not have tired feeling Zhao Hai, he knows that he cannot ask to be good today, did not say other. Only is, has that Doppelganger that status suffices them to receive, they do not dare to attack Zhao Hai fully, but defense of Zhao Hai very formidable, in this case. They are almost impossible to break through Zhao Hai attack, therefore they want to cope with Zhao Hai are impossible. although his is not very willingly. However he actually knows, if in did not retreat at this time, when they were dying two people, thought to retreat, was not too possible. It looks like in that guy, reason that they have not coped with Zhao Hai, is not their strengths is insufficient, but is they do not understand the Zhao Hai card in a hand, therefore is underprepared, if lets their preparations fully, they can cope with Zhao Hai with ease. Thinks of here, that guy clenches teeth, then coldly snorted said : brothers, have not hit, removes, Zhao Hai, you do not want proud, this account I praised ignorant to take down, we later slowly calculate that walked!” Said that got these Imperial Beast Sect people to retreat, Zhao Hai has not pursued, he today without exposing oneself card in a hand, had profited, if were pursuing, stirred up these Imperial Beast Sect people to go all out with him, he is not beautiful.

That Doppelganger Cultivation Method that actually finally these Imperial Beast Sect people see, is Zhao Hai causes specially, this Doppelganger Cultivation Method although is easy-to-use, but the attack strength has not praised Meng Xiang formidable that comes to have many compared with his Law Idol, he such does, to let praise to deceive them to believe that what he used was Doppelganger Cultivation Method, was not Law Idol. After many Doppelganger, was the Zhao Hai card in a hand, Zhao Hai naturally cannot readily to know, therefore he will use Doppleganger Profound Technique, let praise to deceive them unable to branch out the genuine and fake. The look at quart hoodwinked their leave, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, on the face also has then revealed weary look, just he when hoodwinked with the quart they made the war, although looks like probably is very relaxed, but has actually been fighting the heart to fight the strength, now looks safely, he felt really had exhausted. However weary look on his face quick on vanish from sight, his take deep breaths, turn around rushes toward Lost City Fang to strike, this time he has used Lightweight Art, not long after on returned to Lost City. After Pleasant Stay Inn, Zhao Hai walked toward in directly, just passing through the gate, saw that the shop boss is standing in there, that shop boss saw Zhao Hai, immediately welcomed, bowed said : Sir to come back to Zhao Hai, but let small Old Man worried to death, small Old Man saved a life great kindness in here Sir thanks a lot, please greatly recognize by small Old Man is done obeisance.” Zhao Hai one hear of shop bosses said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : boss not to need to be polite, is actually my not make a move, that person does not dare to act unreasonably, but here Tyrant Blade Sect domain.” That shop boss smiles bitterly next step: mister has not to know, Sir although in Tyrant Blade Sect cherishes to us, but like just that person of such, fired off walks, the Tyrant Blade Sect Sir has not located to find the person, therefore the beautiful year like the matter, we will meet the 1 or 2 time, but these people actually do not dare the in the city murder, if their in the city murder, that Tyrant Blade Sect Sir, will certainly not let off their.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be so good. Boss. I first came up to rest, nothing words, do not disturb me.” The boss has complied with one, bowed to deliver Zhao Hai to go upstairs to rest. Zhao Hai returned to own in the room, sat on the bed is controlling one's breathing, striving lets own condition restoration as soon as possible best, simultaneously he also paid attention, among oneself families in that Doppelganger situation, that Doppelganger in his Space by a congealment Law Idol, now congealment Law Idol. This Law Idol be good in can condense after a period of time, so long as this Law Idol condense is good, he and many Doppelganger. Since there is a that plan, Zhao Hai to own Doppelganger. Has regarded as important, because of Zhao Hai very clear, he in more good that in Doppelganger Stage this one layer time practices, later his strength will be stronger. In the later several days time, Lost City here to has not lived any matter, but more and more cultivator arrived at here, obviously they want to enter to the underground labyrinth in treasure hunt. Zhao Hai these days little meets the leave inn, most of the time, in own in the room practice, finally before bidding of underground labyrinth new theory starts. Zhao Hai left Doppelganger in time condense. Also appears Doppelganger, this has been representing the Zhao Hai strength the stage a point, is the Doppelganger that new condense comes out, Zhao Hai had three Doppelganger, this equal to is four people is also practicing, such practice naturally very quick. Also has Zhao Hai, if has changed other people, surely does not have such ability, is only such frequent fission soul, enough wanted assigning of these people.

However after condense left this Doppelganger. Zhao Hai did not prepare when short time intrinsic condense Doppelganger \; first, because his Strength of Soul needed to recuperate well, second was he must adapt, simultaneously command(er) many Doppelganger feelings, otherwise his condense was leaving these many Doppelganger to come. Does not have the means to make these Doppelganger wield they biggest fighting strength, that some too wasted. Therefore Zhao Hai wants adaptation well one this feeling. When Zhao Hai is adapting to many Doppelganger, tunnel quota bidding arrived quietly, this bidding not in any auction room, but in Tyrant Blade Sect in the square of Lost City branch Hall in front of the door. Tyrant Blade Sect in the Lost City branch Hall square is not small, even if ten thousand people stands in here, will not appear will push, Zhao Hai to here time, here is the sea of people, although everyone/Great Clan at humming sound discussion, but nobody noisy matter, because in the surroundings of this square, two teams of Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator will actually be going on patrol, although their population will not be many, only then two teams of people will add also 40 people about, but they are actually representing Tyrant Blade Sect, nature nobody dares at the here noisy matter. Zhao Hai found a place in the square at will, stands in there look at branch Hall of Tyrant Blade Sect in Lost City, this branch Hall looks like is not big, but appears somewhat high in the decorative archway, above writes the Tyrant Blade Sect Lost City branch Hall character building, to does not have any special place. Zhao Hai has not cared, he looked at all around these cultivator one, presently these cultivator mostly are Doppelganger Stage and Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, occasionally several Rebirth Stage, but the quantity is actually few. In this time, is going out of several people to come from Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, for old person, looks like the age is not very big, the 50-year-old appearance, cultivator you have not certainly been able to look that the appearance concludes their ages. These Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator appears in front of decorative archway, that old person look at person in a square, the square last present several thousand people, the population has not calculated that was short. Nod of that old person eye belt happy expression, then deep voice said : everybody, believes you come time also knows the custom, wants to enter to the underground labyrinth, two requests, one, the strength cannot Earth Monarch Stage, two, price high result, I was not wasting breath, now is the first quota, everybody can bid.” The old person voice just fell, hears sound speaking sounds: Hundred Jade essence.” Two hundred Jade essence!” Three hundred Jade essence!” Five hundred Jade essence!” Thousand Jade essence!” Stems from Zhao Hai to anticipate that he thinks these several thousand people are struggling that quota, that certainly anxious very intense, but he has not thought that here just some people called thousand Jade essence, nobody was increasing price.

Tyrant Blade Sect that elder, to this price also very satisfied, his deep voice said : please just shout out the price a thousand Jade essence friend to come to get a license probably, you obtained entered to the qualifications of underground labyrinth.” In the population hears one to cheer, a cultivator half step arrived in front of old person, a face likes has given old person Space Bag, took away a piece Jade Token from old person in hand, then Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator leads that person to walk toward Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall. Looked that this situation Zhao Hai knew, that person in Transmission Formation through Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall enters certainly to the underground labyrinth, he has not thought , after making a payment, can directly enter to the underground labyrinth, this arrives somewhat accidentally. After that person walked, elder immediately/on horseback said : „the second quota!” Some immediately people shouted said : three hundred Jade essence!” Zhao Hai that person, has not waited for others in the start to talk, immediately/on horseback said : thousand Jade essence!” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, the people in square were peaceful, many person look at Zhao Hai, in the eye is having the extremely angry color, obviously adds to thousand Jade essence procedure very discontented the price to Zhao Hai this start to talk. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, he looked at all around one, has a look also to have the person to increase price, did not have, nobody increases price, at this moment, that elder deep voice said : please bid a thousand Jade essence friend to come my here to get a license.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, arrives around that elder, Space Bag has given the elder with the jade, after the elder received Space Bag, a piece Jade Token has given Zhao Hai, after Zhao Hai received Jade Token , immediately has Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator to make him walk toward the gate, Zhao Hai paid attention, that cultivator is Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, his waist is also bringing a piece Blade Command, moreover strength also in Earth Monarch Stage. That Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples has not spoken, on his face actually proud facial expressions, Zhao Hai look at his appearance, cannot help but micro smile, but he has not said anything. Really looks like the good type that he thinks, they entered in the Tyrant Blade Sect Lost City branch Hall decorative archway not to be far, entered courtyard, but in this courtyard, was actually scoring many Transmission Formation, each Transmission Formation was not big, can only be for 1 or 2 individual use, that Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples has referred to Transmission Formation Dao: Comes up to Transmission Formation, has remembered, going in dull how long, wants, pinches broken Jade Token to come out, after going , the life and death is proud.” Zhao Hai nodded, stands on Transmission Formation, that Inner Disciples immediately moved Transmission Formation, flash of white light, Zhao Hai vanished in Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall. Next quarter Zhao Hai left appears in big cavern, saw this cavern, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, because of him presently this cavern with him in Cultivation World there, making cavern that Insect Race dug look like very much, in this cavern had many Transmission Formation, on some Transmission Formation was also even bringing the bloodstain, saw this situation, Zhao Hai two eyes cannot help but shrinks, put out a hand to take coming out own long blade, careful was sizing up all around. At this moment, malevolent winds raids toward the cerebellum of Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai personal appearance proceeds get lost, the in hand long blade will wield in the future! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }