Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2048

Clang! The Zhao Hai long blade has hit same thing, that thing directly striking to fly by his long blade, however Zhao Hai complexion is not quite attractive, the strength that because on that thing transmits is not small. Zhao Hai has not stopped, but proceeded get lost several then turning over to stand continually, but at this time, he has backed in cave wall, this will not fear some people from behind sneak attack he. Zhao Hai also saw, was just knocked thing that flies by him, is a throwing knife, this throwing knife actually compared with Zhao Hai has seen throwing knife even bigger some, looks like looks like a dagger. Direction that the Zhao Hai look at throwing knife shoots, cold sound said : who, Come out here.” Sound of the coldly snorted transmits, a person's shadow slowly walked out from a nearby little cave entrance, this person of in hand is taking a blade, Scimitar, this Scimitar curving curve very big, looks like looks like in the party flag that hammer is the same the somewhat abstract sickle with sickle in of. This was Invisible Weapon , such weapon used not to be easy, each Invisible Weapon had oneself special application method, was very difficult to practice, but one when words that but practiced, Invisible Weapon to on ordinary weapon, can wield even bigger Might slightly. But this uses Scimitar cultivator Zhao Hai to see unexpectedly, first his advancing entered that cultivator in tunnel, as soon as it seems like he entered to the tunnel, immediately found a place to ambush, then sneak attack entered in cultivator to underground chamber, but Zhao Hai was second comes, was by his first sneak attack. That is taking Scimitar cultivator look at Zhao Hai. Sneers said : youngster. You are the suicide, waits for me to kill you? Speaks the truth with you, I most like suffers the person, if you do not commit suicide, I can a blade blade your meat shearing, you draining away last drop of blood slowly will die.” Zhao Hai look at that person, sneered said : I to is not will give to hack you, but I liked turning into Zombie my enemy, then made him turn into the slave, everyday works to me.” That cultivator look at Zhao Hai appearance. Sneers said : mouth to is very fierce, is don’t know under the hand/subordinate is such as your mouth so fierce, youngster, suffers to death.” Said that in hand that attacks toward Zhao Hai odd-shape Scimitar. A Zhao Hai in hand long blade pendulum. Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade, fought with that conveniently in together, Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade originally was one set of defense Blade Technique, the attack move are not many, but Zhao Hai actually now is the full defense, therefore Zhao Hai almost cannot see the attack now, this fight also turned into the opposite party to attack Zhao Hai in the attack and defense drilling of defense.

That person looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, the smiling face that the corners of the mouth have cannot help but revealed disdaining, must know his in hand Scimitar, but is hard to deal with, with his strength similar person. Folded under his Scimitar, in his opinion, the Zhao Hai this full defense, was against how long, was killed by him is the sooner or later matter. However reason that cultivator and don’t know, Zhao Hai so will display, is not because he does not have the ability of attack, but is he thinks through this way to observe, what that Scimitar service condition is. That Scimitar is actually both sides brings the blade edge, preparation. That should be Scimitar, like his attack strange, even if were Zhao Hai practices Highest Level Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade , can only exempt strongly defended his attack. That actually more hits the heart with Scimitar cultivator startled, he has not thought that the Zhao Hai defense capability so will be unexpectedly strong. He attacked such a long time actually effect not to have. At this time, on Transmission Formation in suddenly cavern flash of white light. Another cultivator appears in cavern, that cultivator appears saw Zhao Hai and that fought are taking Scimitar cultivator, in that person of eye flashes through look of surprise, in Zhao Hai and that type have not responded before Scimitar cultivator, immediately escaped into nearby cavern vanish from sight. Zhao Hai and that Scimitar cultivator see this situation, stares, but they afterward attention centralized to the opposite party on, but their also understand, they must quickly end this fight, place that because they are at possibly momentarily also in appears cultivator, if they fight exhaustedly, is meeting cultivator, finally can only cheap others. Thinks of here, that Scimitar cultivator cannot help but in one time reinforced the attack, but Zhao Hai in defense constantly, did not start the counter-attack. That cultivator when the Zhao Hai counter-attack understand, Zhao Hai has lived to save the strength, but has also maintained the strength, his coldly snorted one, in his suddenly appears one with his exactly the same person, this person naturally is his status, then that Doppelganger attacks toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai actually shows a faint smile, his side also appears Doppelganger, his Doppelganger also welcomed opposite party Doppelganger, two Doppelganger fought in one, but that Scimitar cultivator complexion was uglier. Zhao Hai attack getting fiercer and fiercer, that Scimitar cultivator also has to adopt some defense now, the scene by one time has refused to compromise, at this time, in the Zhao Hai eye twinkling brightly, that was dealing with Scimitar cultivator of Zhao Hai attack, feeling own back transmitted one wicked, the one type of sharp lock feeling toward his back, he gawked, the body opened in a hurry in a flash, wanted to evade this time attack, but that attack came too, his full avoidance actually still has not been suddenly able avoid. Throw! The sharp knife blade enters the sound of body to transmit, that Scimitar cultivator stuffy, looked at an own left arm, a dagger same throwing knife is inserting on his left arm, that Scimitar cultivator complexion cannot help but changes, because before this throwing knife is him, is used to shoot Zhao Hai that.

When his mind falls into enemy hands, Zhao Hai a blade has delimited his throat, blood of that Scimitar cultivator like fountain same has welled up, in his throat juts out two sound, in hand Scimitar one fell on the ground, his hand went all out covered own throat, wants blood that stopped up that to spew out, but has not succeeded finally actually. But at this time his Doppelganger also vanish from sight, that Scimitar cultivator finally threw to died on the ground, Zhao Hai look at his corpse is Wu Zui/innocent is not happy, but waves, his corpse receiving, turned into Undead Creature. Just Zhao Hai coped with this cultivator time, has not used own Law Idol, because of his very clear, in nearby cavern, a person in look at he, he was unable to come out to the dew own card in a hand, therefore has used metal Divergent Technique, before letting, that Scimitar cultivator was used for attack his throwing knife to fly, attack that Scimitar cultivator was the same, response of who knew that Scimitar cultivator slow, simply has not blocked that time attack, the directness on by the flying knife wound, and other he when seeing the wound he unexpectedly was own throwing knife, the mind fell into enemy hands., Was struck to kill by the Zhao Hai person. After receiving that Scimitar cultivator, Zhao Hai looked at that cavern that cultivator has hidden, coldly snorted, then the personal appearance in a flash, escaped into nearby cavern, vanish from sight. But beforehand Zhao Hai has looked in that cavern has actually drilled a person, that person looked at a underground bloodstain, looks at the direction that Zhao Hai vanished, cannot help but take deep breaths, swept turn around to escape into to that small cavern in vanish from sight. That cultivator felt the Zhao Hai fearful place, his very clear, cultivator like Zhao Hai, if he with it to, the victory and defeat really did not say, was adding on Zhao Hai to reveal that metal Divergent Technique, gave to frighten really him. Before Zhao Hai, comes out one set of Divergent Technique to fight Fighting Technique on own research, but arrived at True Spirit Realm here he little to use, he wants to practice first Tyrant Blade Sect Blade Technique, then in slowly fought to Divergent Technique Blade Technique integration Fighting Technique, like his strength will increase. But he did not have means his Blade Technique mastery now, therefore he wants to integrate Divergent Technique to fight in his Blade Technique Fighting Technique, that is almost impossible. Also because has such idea, therefore Zhao Hai almost little uses other abilities in True Spirit Realm here, in opposing the enemy, many with blade. How Zhao Hai actually doesn't manage that cultivator thinks that he knows that cultivator strength is not strong, most is also the Doppelganger Stage strength, if his strength, did not need to hide in the one side peeped, coped with him directly about that Scimitar cultivator, therefore Zhao Hai recognized that cultivator does not dare to pursue him. Such that really such as he thinks, that cultivator has not pursued him, but was turn around leave, Zhao Hai does not want to defend in that against delivers cavern there to go to sneak attack these to enter the cavern person, that did not have the meaning, such big underground labyrinth, he also feared that could not find the person to fight, why kept there to wait.

Moreover what Zhao Hai also wants to have a look at this underground labyrinth is, transferred several in cavern, Zhao Hai has determined finally, here looked like with the Insect Race underground world really very much, looked like, a large hole set of pinhole, the pinhole wrapped Old hole, in the hole also has the hole, the hole was also linking the hole, had the name of underground labyrinth worthily. But makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, in this underground labyrinth is not unexpectedly dark, on all around cave wall, is dispersing glistening blue light, this makes entire cavern appear far and mysterious. Zhao Hai also specially made Space to this cavern examined, he wants to have a look at this cavern to have any radioactive material, must know that these thing were a point advantage does not have to the human body. However the inspection ended lets Zhao Hai feel relieved, in this cavern does not have any radioactive material, these blue light are in the one type of unknown element by earth disperses, Zhao Hai not polite, directly digging the earth in many cavern lost in Space, making the material in Space also many one type of. After receiving the earth in some underground chamber, Zhao Hai is not having presently any thing, he has not worried, moving forward slowly, he suddenly stopped, because he smelled a very special flavor, a stink, the preparation said that is the corpse stink. Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head, walks in the direction that the corpse stink transmits, probably walked for about five minutes, Zhao Hai went to the corpse stink appears place, in not a big tunnel, is lying down corpse specific, this corpse specific is somewhat strange, because of side of this corpse, but also is throwing a long sword, sword of that long sword such as the autumn waters are common, looks is not every. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }