Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2049

The deceased people do not have quite strangely what, strange feels strange in that the sword on, then looks at the sword is good thing, this cultivator no matter was killed by whom, no matter the opposite party with the sword, will not let off that the sword, but now that the sword on the pendulum in there, this is really some strange. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, the hand has wielded, a ground fluctuation, then that corpse and that was buried the sword in earth vanish from sight. Zhao Hai takes a step just about to walk, hears one to call out transmits said : to halt, youngster, destroyed the Uncle good matter, do you want to walk the knowledge?” Zhao Hai has not cared, looked following sound, cultivator slowly has appeared from the hole the personal appearance, before Zhao Hai, thinks that this start to talk Uncle, the silent Uncle person, can be a husky fellow, but looks at actually simply now is not that a matter, now appears the cultivator, is thin and small, the personal appearance also on 1.5m about, black warrior cloth, his carrying on the back carries a single blade, except for color of the face, the entire body was given to wrap by black his warrior cloth. However this person of appearance is makes Zhao Hai very accidental, like a stature thin and small person, on his waist is actually growing the strong beard, appearance very funny. That person looked that Zhao Hai has not spoken, stares at him to look fiercely, cannot help but complexion ugly, that person knows that his long odd appearance is ugly, but also because of so, therefore he cares about others' vision specially, so long as presently others use the one type of difference the vision to come to see him, he will move , then takes the person life. That person of coldly snorted said : youngster. That is Uncle is used to fish to use. You actually give to bury him now, but is also good, finally your this fish fishing, has met at the worst Uncle my water-drop design time to dig him and that's the end.” Zhao Hai look at this cultivator, corners of the mouth are hanging smiling face said : oh, you to are very confident, what's wrong, do you such have the confidence to be able me to stay behind?” That person laughs said : you trivial Doppelganger Stage cultivator, dares such to speak to me? youngster, my real don’t know should admire your will forever be mad. Should laugh at you to overreach oneself.” Zhao Hai look at this cultivator, to be honest, this cultivator strength also is not very strong, is Soul Fusion Stage. Naturally, Soul Fusion Stage compared with Doppelganger Stage much stronger, Doppelganger Stage cultivator, their although also Doppelganger, Doppelganger also be able to practice, Also can help him fight, however their status also belong now **, cannot to the main body use Spiritual Qi that they practice, but Soul Fusion Stage cultivator is different, that soul that Soul Fusion Stage cultivator divides. Unified with their main bodies in together, therefore the soul of Doppelganger practice on equal to is Spiritual Qi that he practices, even if in the fight, they also has Spiritual Qi that Doppelganger provides, continuously. Because of this, general Doppelganger Stage cultivator, is therefore impossible to fight Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, because no matter from the Spiritual Qi total quantity from lasting of soul, Doppelganger Stage cultivator can't compare with Soul Fusion Stage cultivator.

However wants to cope with Zhao Hai about Gunz's cultivator, truly a little insufficiently looks. About the cultivator Spiritual Qi foot of cloud time, however Zhao Hai Blade Technique actually sufficiently makes up for the shortcoming on Spiritual Qi, regarding the Spiritual Qi resiliency, must be Soul Fusion Stage these cultivator also not necessarily compared with Zhao Hai resiliency in many, if both sides refuse to budge. Finally who drags who is really uncertain. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has not paid attention to this Soul Fusion Stage cultivator. But that cultivator also noted the Zhao Hai expression obviously, the expression that Zhao Hai that type did not spare a glance probably, deep stabbing pain good personally, that cried out strangely said : good youngster, you were Doppelganger Stage, dares to look down upon me unexpectedly? Suffers to death.” Said that his hand will grasp in the future, his back single blade to in hand, a blade has chopped toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai is also long blade make a move, a tool rest on his single blade. Listens appropriately ~, Zhao Hai felt that a tremendous strength raids, he could not direct thump thump thump thump to draw back 78 steps then to come to a stop continually. Zhao Hai these was really actually shocked, although he does not have now fully, but must know that his strength comes to be possible compared with general cultivator to want on a big way many, but he all was compelled to draw back by this thin and small cultivator blade unexpectedly, moreover compelling of pure strength draws back, this stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at that cultivator, Zhao Hai, because does not want to expose own strength, normally he, when fights with the person, generally will not use own strength innate skill, does not lift to use Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, strength that he uses, is only compared with ordinary cultivator in some, but he has not thought that this looks like thin and small cultivator, unexpectedly is inborn Divine Power, this blade chops his arm hemp unexpectedly. After that cultivator has attacked this blade, not in attack, but is proud vast standing in there, look at does Zhao Hai, smile said : youngster, how the taste? HaHaHa, knows Uncle now fierce? You commit suicide, Uncle I will also keep your entire corpse, otherwise I chop certainly your head.” Zhao Hai look at this thin and small cultivator, laughing said : suddenly good, good long time not to have met strength such strong cultivator, today to must playing well.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance stands firm, hey called one, then his body lived the change, his body unexpectedly became big, entire he turned into a more than 2 meters high guy instantaneously, the body muscle dragon knot, however on the face of whole person dispersed intermittent golden light, making people feel that did not get angry from the prestige. This is the Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique strongest condition, Vajra changes, Vajra changes is the Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique strongest condition, he changes the body becomes great strength Vajra, Vajra with terrifying face, subdue monsters eliminate demons! That thin and small cultivator sees Zhao Hai such change, cannot help but complexion changes, he is Innate Divine Strength, this is his innate skill ability, although his long thin and small, but has Dragon's Strength, his in hand blade although is not long, but with one type of special made of metal, the weight is heavy, therefore he, when with person to, generally by strength win, even if some strength formidable matches, impossible to exceed him in the strength. But now Zhao Hai turns into this appearance, has actually given his huge pressure, because besides has the innate skill ability person like him, generally the strength big person, is the husky fellow, a muscle male of muscle, therefore he noticed that Zhao Hai changes the body becomes this appearance, knows that he has certainly used any Secret Technique, making own strength one stiffen.

Not only Zhao Hai the personal appearance is changing, his in hand long blade is also changing, his in hand long blade turned into long handle Ghost Head Broadsword instantaneously unexpectedly, this Ghost Head Broadsword handle is not very long , more than half meters are long, happen to Zhao Hai that suffices the increasing body to open double grasps. Zhao Hai double grasps Ghost Head Broadsword to be sideways to lift the blade in the right of head, two eyes coldly look at that cultivator said : you, since Innate Divine Strength, that makes me have a look, is your strength is big, is my strength is big.” Said that Zhao Hai bellows, a blade chops. That thin and small cultivator complexion changes, lifts the blade to welcome, listens to work as ~, this sound very enormous, shakes entire cavern humming sound to make the sound, probably the bell was sounded was the same. However Zhao Hai has not actually stopped with that cultivator, their in hand blade keeps is brandishing, one long one short, one big is small, the sound of dāng dāng is lingering on faintly. This was a competion of pure strength, what style Zhao Hai and that cultivator has even forgotten itself to use, they were only your blade my blade was chopping. Their don’t know has fought how long, thin and small cultivator that and Zhao Hai fights somewhat cannot bear, his although is strength innate skill, but before him, does not come and such big strength person again has fought, Zhao Hai changes the body later strength, and he is also same, but Zhao Hai is the breath and pulse is long, is longer than this Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, they have fought several hundred to gather to the present, he cheaply has not actually asked, now he somewhat could not endure. To be honest, now this thin and small cultivator, somewhat regretted, he regretted to provoke Zhao Hai, he has not thought that Zhao Hai such formidable, formidable to the situation of making one referring , can putting together the strength unexpectedly does not drop the wind with him, before this was him, could not think absolutely. Zhao Hai also saw that thin and small cultivator soon arrived at spent force, he cultivates, but Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method most pays great attention is the durability, all general Buddhism Cultivator are the breath and pulse long generations, their Cultivation Method are also same, but Zhao Hai resiliency, is First Grade, therefore he puts together the protracted war with any cultivator, will not lose, now this thin and small cultivator in one time has lost to Zhao Hai in the endurance. Zhao Hai is not the kindhearted generation, especially regarding own enemy, he will be more impolite, now that thin and small cultivator, soon arrived at spent force, how he possibly lets off this opportunity, Zhao Hai not only has not slowed down attack, instead to sped up attack. Thin and small cultivator these time was really the tragedy, he has not thought that will meet Zhao Hai this anomaly, but started gasping for breath in gulps now, the in hand blade also resembled ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) heaviness, but he actually has to a blade blade was keeping off Zhao Hai attack.

However in his eye did not have the slight flurried color, this point Zhao Hai also to note, he presently in this person of eye, not only did not have the flurried color, conversely, in this person of eye also had a ruthless offense, Zhao Hai cannot help but paying attention of slowly, simultaneously he also own skin Crystallization. Really, must unable to block his attack quantity in that thin and small cultivator immediately, a that thin and small cultivator suddenly revolution, in his hand were many a glossy bead, this bead is not big, only then longan size, but Zhao Hai saw that this bead is actually complexion changes. This bead Zhao Hai has not seen, did not know that is any thing, but a little can actually affirm that this bead is not every thing, because he from this bead, felt that a very formidable strength principle, this strength formidable is unusual, but now probably by any thing imprisoning, one but this strength was released release to come, that is absolutely serious. At this moment, that thin and small cultivator also saw Zhao Hai complexion, did he laugh said : what? to fear? This Heavenly Lightning Bead was I spends the high price to obtain, today makes you know that fierce of this Heavenly Lightning Bead, together died, ~ Your idle talk were too many!” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }