Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2050

That thin and small cultivator lowers the head look at front appears blade point, just when he introduced Heavenly Lightning Bead, blade point suddenly appears before his brain, was bringing blade point of blood, seemed like such sharp eye, what most important was, his full strength vanished along with this blade point together, he now simplest moved the Heavenly Lightning Bead strength unable to use. That thin and small cultivator understand, why didn't Zhao Hai give him opportunity to say the words? In the book such does not write? In must go all out before the person, must say how many, can demonstrate that own heroic air/Qi, did arrive at here not to work? He is having a question of face, fell down, but before he fell to the ground, Zhao Hai received in hand that Heavenly Lightning Bead, Zhao Hai carefully looked, this Heavenly Lightning Bead probably was by the one layer transparent coverglass, was one green, that green point that kept rotating toward manifestation green radiance, but that green was is very probably unstable. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, lost in Heavenly Lightning Bead Space directly, then made Universal Manufacturing Machine decompose him, having a look at the here surface to have any thing. His order just issued, Universal Manufacturing Machine, immediately Heavenly Lightning Bead swallowing, a sound has then transmitted said : medium grade intensity Crystal, contains the strength of high level Heavenly Lightning, withdraws the strength of Heavenly Lightning, join to Space Heavenly Lightning.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought, in that Heavenly Lightning Bead contains also is really strength of the Heavenly Lightning, is high level the strength of Heavenly Lightning. However Zhao Hai has not cared. Later in his Space Heavenly Lightning Bead feared that was can the mass production, he also had anything to be good to care. Then Zhao Hai received Space that thin and small cultivator, turned into Undead Creature, but made the matter that Zhao Hai has not thought in one time live, he just turned into Undead Creature that thin and small cultivator, heard in Space to transmit raising type speaking sounds: Presently high level strength Divergent Technique, withdraws Divergent Technique, Level Up shrinks Main Force to measure Divergent Technique, Level Up completes, Host strength Divergent Technique achieves high level.” Pleasantly surprised. This prompt sound definitely is a pleasant surprise, although beforehand Zhao Hai also has strength Divergent Technique, however his strength Divergent Technique to True Spirit Realm here, but was not effective. After all True Spirit Realm here cultivator is very formidable, the general strength may not have what effect to them. This Divergent Technique Level Up regarding Zhao Hai is very important, some Divergent Technique Level Up also difficulties, because he is the one type of innate skill ability, you do not have the means to practice him, therefore his wish lets Divergent Technique Level Up, during use that must in keeping, lets his strengthen bit by bit, but this practice way is actually very difficult, because Zhao Hai simply that many time has not practiced this strength Divergent Technique now. Strength Divergent Technique you want Level Up. Only can by keeping strength training, this your strength Divergent Technique slowly can Level Up, Zhao Hai that so many time carry on the strength training now. Is adding on Zhao Hai to have Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, therefore he not too cares this strength Divergent Technique, but his strength Divergent Technique Level Up, he has been able to feel now clearly that now with Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, his strength do not compare that thin and small cultivator difference, if using Great Force Subduing Demon Divine Art, his strength will be stronger. This must oppose the enemy, he will certainly profit. Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique, with general Cultivation Method not, later of this Cultivation Method practice, to your strength carry out additional support. carry out additional support in your original strength foundation, because of this. Therefore your originally strength is stronger, this Profound Technique is also stronger to your blessing/additional support, therefore Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique and Zhao Hai strength innate skill is not cannot use together, conversely, they will play the one type of overlay the effect, will make the Zhao Hai strength stronger. Zhao Hai breathed out the tone lightly, hand has wielded, the long sword that then one was buried with former that corpse by him, was caught in hand by him, this long sword absolutely was not every, Zhao Hai naturally cannot bury him in earth, reason that before he that long sword burying, do not give up that long sword, but arranged the person of this trap for the stimulation.

Zhao Hai looked at that long sword, but also is really good thing, sword like the autumn waters, he used hand shooting gently the ball, sword to tremble lightly, leaves humming sound the sound of Dragon's Roar, was really good thing. Zhao Hai stole in the long sword Space, making Universal Machine the long sword decomposing, in Space were also many several ores, meanwhile some special crafting materials, then Zhao Hai long sword synthesizing original appearance, after this thing, can be used to see somebody off, draws a friendship to be also good. moving forward, Zhao Hai quite a while has not run into a person, this is not strange, after all this underground labyrinth was really too big, quite a while could not run into a person in here, was not the matter at the worst, looked like can live in 1 million people of big city cities, you let the big city city that 1000 people entered to 1 million people of living, looked like has poured into the pond one water, simply could not see any change. Zhao Hai has not cared, he comes to this underground labyrinth \; first, to fight with the person, two to have a look in this underground labyrinth have any special thing, is good to receive in Space some. At the same time walked for two hours, Zhao Hai has not met this, he also walked was somewhat tired, this naturally was not tired, by his physical strength, even if walks without rest on several days not to be tired, was only such arid hurrying along, everybody somewhat will be bothersome, therefore Zhao Hai felt that was somewhat tired, he found not big cavern, lived one fires in cavern, then put out some one by one beef from Space, has burnt, has put out one bottle of liquor, there is one not one was drinking. Zhao Hai just drank half bottle of liquor, suddenly heard the sound of raking away earth, Zhao Hai went along the prestige, actually not far place of present little mouse appears in front of him, this only little mouse all over the body is the white, a black small eye looks like the small black soybeans is common, now just put on the ground, the sorption small nose that kept, the appearance may not receive good. However Zhao Hai does not have, because his appearance adorable on underestimated he, Zhao Hai can feel clearly that this only little mouse is Monster Beast, is strength not weak Monster Beast, because he cannot see clearly this only little mouse level unexpectedly. That this only little mouse minimum wants equivalent to humanity cultivator Earth Monarch Stage above cultivation level. Zhao Hai cannot help but was shocked. Simultaneously the whole body muscle collapses tightly, two eyes moves also motionless look at that only little mouse. This Old Mouse really is not only big, half is counted including the tail , about 30 centimeters, moreover on his tail the belt length long white fur, is looking like looks like a squirrel, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm that he is not the squirrel. That only gives Zhao Hai to create very tremendous pressure Old Mouse, looked up Zhao Hai, in the eye has shown a timid facial expression unexpectedly. Probably he also is afraid Zhao Hai to be the same, but he lies in there, the look at Zhao Hai in hand barbecue, the small nose moves. Zhao Hai sees that situation. immediately understand the meaning of that little mouse, he has only put the ground the in hand barbecue, then toward retreat two steps. That only little mouse looks at Zhao Hai to have the movement, actually toward retreat two steps, still timid look at Zhao Hai, looked at Zhao Hai to retreat, that little mouse, in the eye actually has only shown a facial expression of doubts, look at Zhao Hai that decides. Zhao Hai look at that only little mouse, shows a faint smile. Also has drawn back several steps, this sat, has taken up the liquor, is not drinking.

That only little mouse looked at Zhao Hai, looked at the ripe beef of ground, finally cannot by the enticement, arrive at crowbar there, is eating the above ripe beef, the a piece beef has swallowed before long his abdomen. The Zhao Hai look at that little mouse appearance, shows a faint smile. Has not said anything, his although wants to get so far as in Space this Little Thing, but he had not actually moved, because of his understand, oneself is not this Little Thing match. If made this Little Thing give to injure him, that may not be good. Reason that will have this idea. Because of the Zhao Hai very clear this Little Thing strength, this Little Thing, not only makes Zhao Hai unable to completely understand his strength, moreover his claw very fierce, cave wall of this underground labyrinth, although looks like probably is also unsophisticated, but its degree of hardness is not weak in Stone, even also wants on the hard several points compared with general ordinary Stone, but under the claw of that only little mouse, this cave wall actually like is the bean curd, obviously the claw of this Little Thing has fierce how, because also like this, therefore Zhao Hai has not had the idea of this Little Thing. Little Thing has eaten beef of rock drill before long, some having not given full expression has licked own small claw, two black soybeans same eyes, in one time look toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at that Little Thing one, shows a faint smile, has put out the a piece beef, walked returned to side of fire of high-piled firewood to roast, before long the intermittent rich fragrance fluttered, the sorption nose that Little Thing made an effort, two front claws leave slowly the ground, has after only used , the claw was standing. After Zhao Hai the beef roasts, has put out a tray, took from the crowbar the beef, has put in the tray, then advanced Little Thing, this Little Thing although according to toward retreat several steps, was too far, moreover looked that Zhao Hai that has not actually drawn back sits in there has not moved, he has still arrived by the tray, in gulps is eating the beef. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, drinks, how his don’t know this Little Thing is survives in here, how is also can appears in here, but Zhao Hai to does not have evil intention to him. Also has eaten a tray meat, Little Thing probably was somewhat full, he looked up Zhao Hai one, then three put on returned to that two jumped in that his appears pinhole, wormed one's way into, was not having appears . Zhao Hai looked at completely empty tray, shows a faint smile, the hand wields, one group of water ball appears , washed was clean, to receive after the tray, then he extinguished the fire, has put out beast skin spread on the ground, has lain down in cavern, he prepared rest a while well, then in explored this underground labyrinth. Zhao Hai just lay down didn't have long time, hears a low sound of talking to transmit said : everyone/Great Clan a bit faster to walk, clown smelled, just that flavor transmitted from front.” Zhao Hai stares, turning over has stood, receives beast skin, wants leave, because he just heard, person more than one that these time comes, Monster Beast, this kind of crowd of person Zhao Hai have not wanted probably to provoke. However he does not want to stir up trouble, the equal to matter does not annoy him, his here just had the sound, hears a sound to transmit said : youngster, you halt to me, my clown smelled your taste, you could not be inescapable.” The Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, he does not want to stir up trouble, equal to he does not fear the matter, these person also don’t know his status, such impolite, how this lets him to endure, Zhao Hai coldly snorted, stopped, not.

In cavern that before long several person appears in Zhao Hai was, Zhao Hai has counted, that person that altogether five people, these five people lead, the side with Monster Beast, Monster Beast of this dog, this dog long stature is tall and slender, unexpectedly is greyhound type Monster Beast. These people are ordinary grey warrior cloth, cannot see to have any special place, everyone carries a single blade, now angry-looking look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai is actually somewhat puzzled look at these people, his understand, oneself did not know with these person of simply, has not offended them, appearance why they are angry probably very much? Isn't this right? Zhao Hai puzzled look at these people, then to them, as soon as cups one hand in the other across the chest said : what matter several Big Brother to stop by calling out below has?” Did that side with cultivator look at Zhao Hai of dog, coldly snorted said : youngster, what just you run? Made what matter that weighs on the conscience to be inadequate?” Zhao Hai one hear of that people said that cannot help but has gawked, then his complexion cannot help but sinks, these people did not know with him, but the speech is actually point also impolite, before was to shout hits to shout the type, now is held responsible him to make matter that weighs on the conscience, in this underground labyrinth, that also had any custom to say, they actually such asked him, this clarified must find fault. Zhao Hai look at that five people of do said : make matter that weighs on the conscience below, has probably not been one's turn you to manage, you want to work as the chivalrous person to think that the good variant does uphold justice? I think your appearances, feared that did not have the qualifications that line of variants uphold justice.” Zhao Hai has not spoken incorrectly, these people are Doppelganger Stage cultivator, the although person are all many, if has met Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, they do not dare inconsiderately shout, now is just to look at Zhao Hai is a person, is Doppelganger Stage cultivator, this can impolite such. As soon as that person of lead listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but laughed said : good variant to uphold justice? What is that? Haven't I heard? My type Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers, never handles the matter that the good variant upholds justice, we only meet dog eat dog, youngster, obedient hands over your thing, Uncle mood good words, will also put you to want the life, otherwise, here is your burial ground.” Has cultivator of Zhao Hai look at that lead, sneered said : Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers? I thought that you to are not quite quiet, if you died certainly, that arrived is pure, I think me today on the mercy, turned into five dead tigers your five old tiger, like this you can forever was quiet.” cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai of that lead said that cannot help but stares, is angry said : good youngster, does not know the good and evil, the brothers, begin, extinguished to me this youngster.” Said that pulls out own long blade, a blade chops toward Zhao Hai. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }