Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2051

Zhao Hai was also extracts growing, Blade Technique has launched, with this Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers fight in one, this Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers is five brothers who became sworn brothers, the Rogue Cultivator family background, but their time, when went to quiet mountain there to make duty, obtained antiquity blade culivator amended the practice method, has learned known as 5 Tigers Break the Gate Blade Blade Technique. This set of Blade Technique is not a person practices, but is Blade Formation, is five people of institutes uses, to be divided into Five Elements, five people according to the Five Elements position station law, the onset and retreat have the moment, is one set of very formidable Blade Formation. But that five people moved, immediately transports this set of Blade Formation, Zhao Hai presently presently, his all around pressure one big, this pressure followed, when he was similar facing these Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai one surprised, these five people were the Doppelganger Stage strengths, but this composition Blade Formation, unexpectedly gives him now the one type of Earth Monarch Stage cultivator constriction, this was really some strange. Zhao Hai is defending their attack carefully, while is paying attention to their Blade Technique, Zhao Hai regarding Formation completely understand, although said this Blade Formation Sword Formation, with ordinary formation not, but this is also difficult not to say Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, is in itself one set of Sword Formation, he is not strange regarding this Blade Formation Sword Formation nature. Zhao Hai quickly on present, Blade Technique that these five people use is one set of Five Elements Formation, but is different from general Five Elements Formation, can say that this is one set of Five Elements Killing Formation. Five Elements Killing Formation is different from ordinary Five Elements Formation, ordinary Five Elements Formation although is also divided into Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. However in this Five Elements will certainly leave leeway Life Gate together. If understands a person, can find this Life Gate, can An Ran/safely be out of danger. But Five Elements Killing Formation is different, Five Elements Killing Formation designs for the murder, he does not have Life Gate, any Dao Sect is Death Gate. Also really made Zhao Hai thinking right, the Blade Formation known as 5 Tigers Break the Gate Blade that this Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers obtained, the meaning of this Break the Gate Blade was, cut off Life Gate, did not keep the means of livelihood. Because of this, therefore called Break the Gate Blade. Zhao Hai is startled Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers Blade Formation, but Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers is also startled the Zhao Hai strength, their very clear. Own these people jointly attack with Blade Formation, even if Earth Monarch Stage cultivator can also deal with, but Zhao Jingran has defended such long time, a flaw has not broken, this stems from their unexpected absolutely. Saw Zhao Hai strength such formidable, Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers in one time strengthened attack, Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers very clear, if they cannot keep here Zhao Hai today, they were many a formidable enemy, this did not have any advantage to them. Some such formidable enemies have peeped at them in the back, they with the fear think that continually cannot have a good sleep. Zhao Hai also felt that the determinations of these people, his intention moves, release own Doppelganger, strengthened own defense, but Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers saw Zhao Hai release Doppelganger, they also moved, release own status, simultaneously 5 Tigers Break the Gate Blade Great Formation dispersing, become bigger. attack was also fiercer.

Zhao Hai is paying attention to these fellows, now his defense pressure is very big, no matter what, this overlay 5 Tigers Break the Gate Blade Great Formation, a equivalent to Earth Monarch Stage cultivator strength. Facing Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, he has very tremendous pressure. However in Zhao Hai eye twinkling brightly. Has thought means that he after blocking Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers several times attack, putting out a hand suddenly, a throwing knife shoots toward Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers Eldest Child, Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers Eldest Child has not thought that Zhao Hai will come such one unexpectedly, but he was also responds rapidly, a personal appearance revolution, let toward side, but the throwing knife actually scratched his head to fly, has carried off his several heads, has not injured to his person. That Eldest Child by having a scare is also angry, to several other people of said : brothers, be careful, this youngster meets the throwing knife, was leaving his Dao.” He just said that this saying, hears a sad and shrill yelp to transmit, Monster Beast that but that dog Eldest Child raises, followed his for a long time, sentimental very good, hears so miserably, that Eldest Child cannot help but mind that the dog called, turned the head to look that own dog looked, actually presently Zhao Hai flew the minute to insert on the belly of dog, not to handle. That Eldest Child sees this situation, cannot help but the mind megascism, at this moment, he suddenly felt that his chest pain, he stops first one to look, happen to saw section of blade point slowly extracts from his body. That Eldest Child shouts wildly one, a fierce blade in the future detachment, but this blade has actually divided, he behind simply nobody, in his eye flashes through doubts the facial expression, but two eyes actually slowly lost the appearance. But this entered Eldest Child that dog is actually puts together the completely final strength to crawl the Eldest Child side, has lain down, a person and a dog died in together. Eldest Child together, five tigers break blade gate to collapse of itself, Zhao Hai naturally cannot let off this opportunity, a Blade Technique show, encircles other four people in middle, that four people saw Eldest Child dead, mind megascism, but simultaneously the eye also has practiced, their five knew that several hundred years, almost in together, the sentiment also wanted on the strong innumerable generations compared with the common blood brother daily, now look at Eldest Child dead, they naturally must be Eldest Child revenge, each and every one not awfully to the Zhao Hai attack. However group inadequate 5 Tigers Break the Gate Blade Great Formation several, look like fangless tiger, how Zhao Hai will fear them, blade circle one tight, is about twenty moves, another person was divided by his blade, several other people of present completely lost sanely, going all out to the Zhao Hai attack. Zhao Hai most does not fear is such attack, his coldly snorted, has not used own strength Divergent Technique on own initiative, that several felt that their strength one big several fold has continued, before they have not responded, was cut to kill by Zhao Hai one by one.

Cut to kill Quiet Mountain 5 Tigers, Zhao Hai received that cavern that their corpse leave he lived, just before leaving before , he also looked at the hole that little mouse has only dug up, he must walk, that little mouse next don’t know could not only have come here, coming here unable to find him. Sighed, Zhao Hai walked toward underground chamber sinking place, but he has been careful, he was looks, in this underground chamber, so long as has run into the person, no matter that many, were the blade chops first and that's the end, you did not divide others, others will divide you. Also proceeded for one hour, front suddenly Zhao Hai heard has transmitted one quarrels the mixed sound, Zhao Hai stares, this sound very big, was not a person comes out obviously, the population will not be less than several hundred people, some these many people organized, ran up to this underground chamber? Zhao Hai has not thought wants avoid that place, conversely, he instead to is slowly has traced toward good, he wants to have a look at there what's the matter. Before long Zhao Hai saw the direction that sound conveys, saw place that sound conveys, he cannot help but stares, there unexpectedly is incomparably huge cavern, what most important is, now in this cavern minimum has concentrated 400-500 people, but these people have obviously some knew that some are actually simply did not know, these people sit in this cavern, is eating thing, drinks, chats, probably is the same in the city of ground. Zhao Hai has not thought that can be such one type of situation, his some standing of being perplexed in there, cultivator in here cavern also saw Zhao Hai, looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, cultivator in cavern cannot help but has laughed, a side gathered round several guys of people to stand, walked toward Zhao Hai, but other people did not have. look at this guy who Zhao Hai is perplexed, the height of this guy in 1.8 m about, such height, in Body Cultivator does not calculate normally is high, but this person actually gives people the one type of very big feeling, his body toward the crosswise show, muscle, looks is not affable. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at this guy, has not actually moved, he can feel clearly that this guy does not have the hostility to him, he is only look at this guy of being perplexed. The guy arrived at about Zhao sea surface top three meter place to stop, look at Zhao Hai, laughed said : brothers, was first time comes to this underground labyrinth?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, but also asked Big Brother to direct?”

The guy he he chuckle said : direction is not at all, but told you one custom of this underground labyrinth, saw like this big cavern? In this underground labyrinth, big cavern also has many like this, but like this big cavern by the everyone/Great Clan default for the rest place, in this big cavern, everyone/Great Clan will not resort to violence generally generally, because everyone/Great Clan seeks a livelihood in this underground labyrinth is not easy, needs a rest the place, place that therefore big cavern for did not resort to violence by the everyone/Great Clan designation like this generally, has many big enmity outside, in here, everyone/Great Clan will not resort to violence, Brother, to here rest a while, in here eating of your feel relieved, feel relieved. Drinks, nobody will bump you absolutely.” Zhao Hai has not thought that really will come across such matter, he looked at other cultivator one in cavern, presently these people eat and drink in there, chat, weapon of all people received, appearance of staying on good terms with everyone. Zhao Hai also cannot help but nodded, holds the fist in the other hand said : thanks a lot Big Brother to remind to that guy, little brother also real don’t know these, Big Brother invited.” The guy he he chuckle said : does not need to call me Big Brother, I called Wang Hu, walked, introduced that several brothers gave you to know, we were year to year seek a livelihood in this underground labyrinth.” Zhao Hai one hear of Wang Hu said that cannot help but somewhat stares, he walks toward in Wang Hu, while puzzled to Wang Hu said : Big Brother Wang, what good thing in this underground labyrinth has? Even if snatches this not to snatch too many thing? Moreover this entry fee is not cheap, points at here to seek a livelihood, that also not, it is fortunate that?” Solid that Wang Hu one hear of Zhao Hai said that shows a faint smile said : to walk, in the past said.” Said that was leading Zhao Hai to just his dull place, in the there also several people, these each and every one was ash-gray warrior cloth, the strength also has low high, understood at a glance that was Rogue Cultivator. Wang Hu leads Zhao Hai to arrive among these people, to these person of deep voice said : to everyone/Great Clan introduced that a friend, Zhao Hai, everyone/Great Clan seeks a livelihood in this underground labyrinth is not easy, many friends compare many enemy, later is predestined friends meets, is taking care of mutually a little.” The people nodded, one by one saw the ritual with Zhao Hai. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }