Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2052

After Zhao Hai sits down, Wang Hu to Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, you just asked that I have any thing in this underground labyrinth, speaks the truth with you, in this underground labyrinth good thing to be many, besides Blue Rock-Moss this special medicinal herbs, many underground Monster Beast, this underground labyrinth was really too big, but here underground Monster Beast were many, many by the mouse class and put on mountain armor-type, Snake class, the scorpion, Frog class give priority to, naturally some Monster Beast strength very formidable, we were could not have stirred up, if met some strength not strong Monster Beast, we can also be young. Gains one, must know these Monster Beast, may be this underground labyrinth unique, has some different place with outside Monster Beast.” Zhao Hai nodded, he has not thought really that in this underground labyrinth, unexpectedly so many Monster Beast, so, here appears that Earth Monarch Stage little mouse was also not anything. Wang Hu look at Zhao Hai appearance deep voice said : besides these thing, was Magical Artifact that various predecessors kept, was snatches, naturally, this underground labyrinth is not that simple, this underground labyrinth big, nobody knows, if you rushed in a nobody went to the place, then must congratulate you, or your wealth, either you died.” Zhao Hai nodded said : so that's how it is, the little brother is first time enters this underground labyrinth, the has plenty custom does not understand, thanks a lot Big Brother Wang considers.” Wang Hu beckoned with the hand said : brothers not to need to be polite, we are Rogue Cultivator, originally should have one to take care, otherwise feared that already died, the brothers come, drinks one cup with us.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not declined, they have drunk several glasses of liquor with Wang Hu. although beforehand Wang Hu they said that in here can the feel relieved food and drink, but they have not actually drunk how much liquor, eats is also thing that bring, it seems like in this underground labyrinth. They maintained very high vigilance. Zhao Hai eats thing, while listens to Wang Hu they to chat, they chatted in the process that Zhao Hai to be able to hear from Wang Hu. Wang Hu they, is a small alliance, normally they can move, or looks for two to move with person together that are intimate. However if has run into the person in this small alliance, everyone/Great Clan mutually will take care, therefore since everyone/Great Clan has been together to also good. Looks at their appearances secretly, Zhao Hai to has selected right, just as is such that Wang Hu said. They are some Rogue Cultivator, if in cannot take care of mutually, they can only die is quicker. Stayed for about four hours in this big cavern, Wang Hu they after eating thing have started to sleep, they have not even left behind a person to stand night watch, because of Wang Hu their very clear, like everyone/Great Clan tacitly consented to the place that has, will not have any danger. Because nobody will break that rule. Any cultivator needs to rest. If this Pure Land loses continually, that later underground labyrinth here danger, feared that was nobody in dares to come.

To be honest Zhao Hai has not thought most from the beginning really that this underground labyrinth can be this appearance unexpectedly, here has formed special shape hot underground Small World, this stemmed from his unexpected. Zhao Hai in this cavern rests. Some often cultivator leave cavern, often will have some cultivator to arrive at this cavern. These cultivator know the here custom probably, to cavern here. Is well-mannered eating thing, chatted, nobody acted unreasonably. After four hours, Zhao Hai was been finally best by own condition returned to, at this time Wang Hu they also got up, Wang Hu looked Zhao Hai that similarly also gets up, shows a faint smile said : brothers, has remembered, if later runs into us, can look after looks, if there is a matter that anything could not solve, ran into these people, should not be polite.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, holds the fist in the other hand to other Wang Hu and people said : everybody, I must go to the labyrinth to transfer the extension, we have another chance to meet.” The people get up to hold the fist in the other hand for him see off, Zhao Hai then hidden entered to cavern in vanish from sight. After Wang Hu look at Zhao Hai leave, turns the head after other person of said : meets Zhao Hai, if can add on his , helping him as far as possible, this does not have the fault to us.” Other person puzzled look at Wang Hu, side a Wang Hu person is to Wang Hu said : Elder Brother Hu, why is this? Did you know this Zhao Hai before?” Wang Hu shook the head said : not to know, but where do not forget here are, this underground labyrinth although is very far to General Hall that Tyrant Blade stands, but in the center of Tyrant Blade Sect control area, in the entire Tyrant Blade Sect control area, don’t know has the underground labyrinth to exist, does Rogue Cultivator of don’t know underground labyrinth custom have? No, almost all in Rogue Cultivator of Tyrant Blade Sect control area activity, almost all has been to this underground labyrinth, knows that here custom, but Zhao Hai don’t know, what did this explain exactly? This indicated that he is not ordinary Rogue Cultivator.” People is listening to the Wang Hu words, the meaning of do not understand Wang Hu, Wang Hu look at they, deep voice said : Zhao Hai is not ordinary Rogue Cultivator, he either is Clan cultivator, either is Tyrant Blade Sect comes out to gain experience disciple, must know, but Rogue Cultivator of few other places run up to Tyrant Blade Sect here to come.” One hear of Wang Hu said that these person cannot help but suddenly realize, good, looked like Wang Hu said that Tyrant Blade Sect center here, little will have Rogue Cultivator of other places to come, truly said that all Rogue Cultivator little met the place that leave they were familiar with, because was unfamiliar with the people and place to other place, their life firm difficult, does not do well will die outside, therefore Rogue Cultivator only in the place activities of some of their very familiar with, in all directions will not wander about aimlessly generally.

Also in other words, Zhao Hai is the Rogue Cultivator possibility is very small, he is not Rogue Cultivator, that may be some Clan juniors, or Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, what status no matter Zhao Hai is, is on good terms with him, regarding their these Rogue Cultivator, will not have any fault. Thinks of here, people look at Zhao Hai leave that passage, in look cannot help but many several blazing, their very clear, if they have put on the friendship with Zhao Hai, regarding them, but only then the advantage does not have the fault. Zhao Hai actually and don’t know these, he walks toward the underground labyrinth in along that passage, must say that also really has blamed, this underground labyrinth although thorough underground, but actually does not appear moist, instead to very dry, this arrives somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. Is proceeding, front suddenly hears transmits to the underwater sound, Zhao Hai stares, oneself are just thinking in this underground labyrinth is not moist, met underground river unexpectedly, this arrived is a little meaning, Zhao Hai walks in the direction that the underwater sound transmitted, along with underwater sound getting bigger and bigger, Zhao Hai felt that the moisture was also getting more and more heavy, probably walked for about 20 minutes, Zhao Hai saw finally place that the underwater sound transmitted, that was very wide underground river, the entire underground river water breadth feared that had about the percentage, could not look deeply, was given the complementing by all around cave wall, river water to become blue. At this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly present, on river surface raised the point sparkling stone light, looks like the star in Milky Way, the person in Milky Way fluttered came out to be the same, that beautiful scenery, one Zhao Hai being shocked. Some little time Zhao Hai recover, he has not thought that will see such beautiful scene in this underground labyrinth unexpectedly, he knows these liters the sparkling stone light is anything, that is an only firefly, Zhao Hai has not thought really that in this underground labyrinth, unexpectedly so many fireflies, is really too attractive. Crash-bang, Zhao Hai suddenly hears a river water tuck dive the sound, he turns the head to look that saw a giant frog head to stretch out the water surface, then the giant tongue turned, a firefly of big eyeball disappeared in the frog mouth, then the frog in one time sank toward the water, vanish from sight. Zhao Hai one dull, afterward cannot help but cannot help laughing, it seems like that this underground river here, has formed alone thing food chain, this arrives is very interesting. Zhao Hai has stood in the riverside a small little while, he then presently, this river fire of firefly, distant his imagination person, that frog eats, but is one hair of nine cattle, simply is not anything.

Zhao Hai not polite, received in some fireflies Space directly, received in some river water Space, Zhao Hai has not thought that this river water unexpectedly is also the high level water, making the water in Space well. After receiving the river water, looked at this underground river one, Zhao Hai two eyes suddenly one bright, the hand wielded release Yama Ship, on his flashes Yama Ship, Yama Ship changed is then small, has thrown into underground river. Enters to this underground river, Zhao Hai felt that all around one black, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, then felt with spiritual force around, finally has to sigh, drilled from the river. The water in this underground river is the one type of high level water, after Zhao Hai goes, spiritual force does not let out far, simply cannot feel the situation in underground river, even if no big use Liquid Silver needle release, because the True Spirit Realm here pressure is oversized, the Liquid Silver needle cannot fly far, can say that Zhao Hai lost the one type of very important scout method now. However Zhao Hai not depressed, conversely, he diligently is adapting to this situation now, because of his very clear, just arrived at True Spirit Realm, the Space scout ability is limited such ruthlessly, ruthless that if to Advanced level plane, Space scout ability certainly limited, if he cannot adapt to this situation as soon as possible, after him, to Advanced level plane, only will be more difficult to adapt, therefore Zhao Hai now as far as possible does not use Space carry out reconnaissance, he wants adaptation this not scout the feeling of as soon as possible. Zhao Hai came up from underground river, looked at underground river one, sighed, he does not dare to be suppressed in spiritual force, Space also did not have the means scout situation to explore this underground river, must know that Monster Beast in this underground labyrinth, the strength not necessarily weakly will also go to that little mouse that he met before, the Earth Monarch Stage strength, such big underground river, inside formidable Monster Beast certainly were more, if his not careful point, feared that was on the danger. Zhao Hai wants obtaining many species enriches Space, but he did not have frantic to not to give a thought to oneself safety the situation. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }