Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2053

Zhao Hai has stood a while near the underground river, on turn around leave, he just turn around, saw in the underground river fierce stretched out a giant tongue, curled toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai felt that dorsal malevolent winds transmitted, did not know well, he has not turned head, the personal appearance proceeded get lost directly, simultaneously together Earth Wall appears in his A Zhao Hai minute of clarity, this time attack possibly is not cultivator, this all around does not have cultivator, that attack his only possibly is Monster Beast in underground river, is very likely that frog same Monster Beast that he just saw That only Monster Beast although is only the glance, but Zhao Hai can affirm, that frog same Monster Beast, strength absolutely in Earth Monarch Stage above, if is really that only Monster Beast attack he, now he must do , is same, that runs, has runs quickly The Zhao Hai shape proceeds get lost at the same time, Earth Wall has blocked that frog shape Monster Beast attack in dorsal release, Zhao Hai hears behind transmits with a bang sound, he stops has not stopped, after a standing up personal appearance, proceeds directly one vertical, then makes a turn in a nearest cave entrance, vanish from sight Continually transferred in cavern several, Zhao Hai was light the tone, he can hear, following that Monster Beast has not only pursued, his then feel relieved Zhao Hai let out a long breath, looked at all around one, presently here is not big small cavern, in the tunnel to has not had what difference with other place, but were many a moisture, in that moisture also has decayed air/Qi This decayed air/Qi is not the putrid stench, but in the one type of Swamp place and so on place, that plants rotted, turned into the air/Qi of mud same spoiled rest The knitting the brows head of Zhao Hengqing, walks toward inside, where in he to wants to have a look is how will have like this decayed air/Qi Walked for about a half hour, Zhao Hang feeling at present one black, he one bright, presently is not all around does not have the clear light, but was the bright compared with just wanted on weakly many, Zhao Hai Ding eyeball looked that was really actually shocked He is standing in a piece of Swamp country now, in this piece of Swamp everywhere is the black mud, disperses the intermittent decayed air/Qi, entire Swamp is actually a deathly stillness, does not have a point voice Zhao Hangran has the feeling of one type of infant, he felt that has probably an eye of gloomy and cold closely to stare at to look own there good end opening Felt that this feeling, Zhao Hai wants not to think, the diving posture draws back, turn around walks although he to that piece of Swamp very curious however Zhao Hai is actually very clear, by his present strength, explores there to court death Simultaneously Zhao Hai also very strange, in this underground labyrinth do such dangerous these disperse the cultivate until bottom to survive? Just that two places, Zhao Hai can affirm, if these Rogue Cultivator dare to go, guaranteed comes but not return, is to the present, these Rogue Cultivator still survived in the underground labyrinth even the important source that here regarded them to live, this what's the matter Zhao Hai moving forward of fast in cavern, walked for about a half hour, finally gets rid of that type was staring at the feeling, he has then put down the heart, changes to loses headway gradually, but simultaneously he at heart raised the question, his understand these do not disperse cultivation level anything to be able in underground labyrinth here live well

In Zhao Hanhang time, front his suddenly heard broadcasts the sound of fighting, Zhao Hai has gawked, he does not want to pass, but suddenly he heard a sound to roar said : Kunshan 3 Weirdo, your three bastards, dared sneak attack unexpectedly I, I wanted you dead” Zhao Hai one hear of this sounds have cannot help but gawked, because this sound he very familiar, is the Wang Hu sound, hears in the Wang Hu sound the breathless appearance, obviously his present situation is not very good GéGéGé(laughing), Wang Hu, we already wanted to kill you, you said that what alliance you organize, we cannot get used to seeing your this hypocritical person, I to have a look, we also who can save you today, your brothers? You called them to come out a voice of woman to transmit, this sound very delightful, words that however said that was the hatred is incomparable, making the person listen to feel very uncomfortable Others' matter Zhao Hai can, no matter, however the Wang Hu matter team also really has no alternative but to manage, no matter what, Wang Hu has also helped him, he cannot look at Wang Hu be killed The Zhao Hai shape moves, the direction that direct sound conveys flies, is less than five minutes, he went to the place that Wang Hu and Kunshan 3 Weirdo fought Saw one to there Zhao Hai, three cultivator are gathering round Wang Hu to attack, the clothes that in these three cultivator two men, a woman, three people wear to are very special, the clothes that they wear look like likely are not warrior cloth, not too like long gown, moreover their head styles, very strange, on the face the belt is drawing some patterns, Zhao Hai looks at dressing up, how does not know, he felt that he saw these Barbarian person of television performance probably But was encircled by them in middle Wang Hu, grasps two sledgehammers, is brandishing, his complexion is somewhat pale, in his abdomen also blade very long wound, kept is infiltrating the blood Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but coldly snorted, long blade already appears in in his hand, then shouted: Wang Hu Big Brother rests hurriedly, I helped you saying that blade join to has fought in the circle Zhao Hai make a move is the Rolling Stones Blade method, this Rolling Stones Blade method although is only in one level Blade Technique, but this set of Blade Technique impulse is actually extremely powerful, Zhao Hangran surprise attack, is adding on this Blade Technique impulse, he one has broken through three people of encirclement rings, rushed to the Wang Hu side Wang Hu sees Zhao Hai, cannot help but stares, then great happiness said : good, Zhao Hai younger brother, Elder Brother my thanks a lot you Blade Technique in Zhao Hai changes, changed into defense Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade, simultaneously the hand wields, jade bottle appears in the Wang Hu front, to Wang Hu said loudly: Wang Hu Big Brother, the modesty waited first was saying that this was the medicine, under the direct clothing/taking was OK Wang Hu not polite, has complied with one, turned on the cover of jade bottle, he presently in this jade bottle attire unexpectedly is Potion, he cannot help but stares, but is also inferior to think that raised head to arrive at own mouth Potion, Potion just an entrance, immediately turned into warm currents, walked randomly simultaneously him also to feel on his body wound there of own abdomen, transmitted the intermittent hemp itchy feeling But at this time Zhao Hai has protected him with Wang Hu with Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade in middle, but his pressure non- shoes, because no matter Wang Hu is opposite Kunshan 3 Weirdo they are Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, compared with on his strength high First Grade

But that Kunshan 3 Weirdo being startled, they were track Wang Hu for a long time, knows that his these time wanted the go it alone, and supposing got down this trap to cope his, has not actually thought that must go well shortly, killed a Cheng Yaojin to come, moreover this person of although was only the Doppelganger Stage solid blade, but Blade Technique like the god, has blocked their attack unexpectedly, they also see Wang Hu now in healing their very clear, if made Wang Hu cure the wound, that they disappeared on one not Their attack cannot help but tightened, Zhao Hai has to Doppelganger also let out, person of Doppelganger simultaneously display Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade then to block opposite party attack They hit is a half hour, meanwhile Zhao Hai has been defending, but the enemy has been attacking, Wang Hu has actually been closing one's eyes healing, Zhao Hai to has not worried, opposite party attack although is very fierce, but a short time also how him not to, moreover he has calculated, the Wang Hu injury, should be soon good, the medicine that he takes is not ordinary thing, that is after improvement the ingredients of some medicine even also cell growth medicinal preparations, can by cell quick stimulation wound heal/fuse Roar! A long howl transmits, this howl such as the stuffy thunder is common, then stood in there motionless Wang Hu has opened the eye fiercely, stared Kunshan 3 Weirdo, then he bellowed said : Kunshan 3 Weirdo, your three bastards, I must make you die without burial ground today saying that two sledgehammer pendulums, attacked toward Kunshan 3 Weirdo Kunshan 3 Weirdo probably is fearing Wang Hu, looks at Wang Hu to wake, they are one startled, but they want to walk now could not get away, in moment that Wang Hu wakes up, a Blade Technique show in Zhao Hai, several people to the circle in middle, them has now wanted to run, that must ask that Zhao Han did not agree Had Wang Hu join, Zhao Heran is more relaxed, Blade Technique complete expansion, Kunshan 3 Weirdo covering, but Wang Hu attack is very fierce is fierce, comes toward, Might is infinite, is a strength falls the fighting methods of ten meetings completely, but such fighting method, Kunshan 3 Weirdo simply to break not Five people fought for one hour, Kunshan 3 Weirdo have not beaten Zhao Hai Wang Hu finally, was struck to kill by their one by one, Zhao Hai has not actually received in three people Space, but was the plan gives the Wang Hu punishment them, Wang Hu actually must to Zhao Hai, the Kunshan 3 Weirdo corpse arrive in Space by Zhao He finally After having killed Kunshan 3 Weirdo, Zhao Hai and Wang Hu have arrived in nearby cavern, sits, Zhao Hai cannot bear said : Wang Hu Big Brother, did you annoy these fellows? I thought that you did know probably? Before had a grudge?” Wang Hu nodded said : „is really has a grudge, once their three are taking by force a person in our alliance, happen to had been bumped into by me, I collaborate with that person, gave to expel them, from then on this enmity has also had, has not actually thought that they dare to cope with me unexpectedly, was good you came because of the brothers today, otherwise I was dangerous Zhao Hai said : I as luck would have it was also passing by, happen to hears the fighting sound, has a look, what duty come does Elder Brother to here makes?” Wang Hu nodded said : present Monster Beast, therefore, was right, Brother, how you ran up to here to come, here leaves Forbidden Land not to be far Zhao Hai puzzled look at Wang Hu said : Wang Hu Big Brother, where this is Forbidden Land? How also to have Forbidden Land in this underground labyrinth?” Wang Hu nodded said : naturally to have, here to two Forbidden Land of underground labyrinth, Star Dance River also has Toxic Swamp not to be far, Brother, you may probably remember, that two places must not, there has some strength very formidable Monster Beast, by our present strengths, in the past, only then dies

Zhao Hai cannot help but does complexion change Star Dance River that said : Elder Brother said is about one percentage the wide river, the river bank has the firefly to dance in the air? That Toxic Swamp , is not far from Star Dance River probably, distant can smell decayed air/Qi? I said can be right?” Wang Hu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion changes, said : brothers, aren't you first time come to this underground labyrinth? Do you know these two places? Have you gone?” Zhao Hai is smiling bitterly nod, said the beforehand experience, Wang Hu hears the cold sweat to direct current, when continuously Zhao Hai said that he forced smile said : I said the brother, your this luck also is really good, rapidness that you run luckily, otherwise feared that was you did not come back today, that Star Dance River and Toxic Swamp , were this becoming famous of ominously, before had Earth Monarch Stage Expert to go to there not to come back, after person color, in the past, too the danger, you do not pay attention to under one, so long as were in cave entrance has this beautiful place, was some ominous. You must go, careful that must double, if you see to have the mark of skeleton in cave entrance, such cave entrance ten thousand cannot enter was saying Wang Hu while in the ground drew in one is three solutions, outside was round diagram, this was the symbol design of danger area he said Zhao Hai nodded said : is, I have taken down, thanks a lot Wang Hu Big Brother Zhao Hai was saying while recalled, but also let alone, he also made him give to think, a cavern cave entrance that he passed by before, but also was drawing a small skeleton, but he and don’t know that was forbidden beauty, he also thinks was that cultivator bored picture Wang Hu beckoned with the hand said : to be polite with me anything, Brother, in this underground labyrinth, incomparably huge, even if Tyrant Blade Sect cannot the underground labyrinth searching clearly, some places are the Tyrant Blade Sect people do not dare to go, do not say that our these Rogue Cultivator, is good in this underground labyrinth, does not have appears any too big calamity, moreover has plenty low level Monster Beast, this can support these many Rogue Cultivator Zhao Hai nodded said : is this underground labyrinth is really too big, if later I have opportunity, certainly transfers the entire underground labyrinth, Wang Hu Big Brother, you are don’t know, I saw a beautiful scene in Star Dance River there today, the beauty of that scenery is my entire life only sees, was too attractive, was only a pity that my strength is insufficient, otherwise, must have a good swim Star Dance River After Wang Hu smiles said : wait for you, had the strength saying that Brother, I also looked, you came this underground labyrinth simply to not to seek a livelihood, you were the coming out smelting trial? Listens to the Elder Brother words, this underground labyrinth was too dangerous, if there are if possible, you are earlier leave, here is some low level Rogue Cultivator, does not have the too extraordinary character, you at the here smelting trial, will not have great achievement Zhao Hai was nodding said : thanks a lot Big Brother Wang to remind, the little brother has taken down, I also prepare to keep some time in here, on leave, was right, today and Big Brother Wang understanding is also the fate, this Jade Token Big Brother you are remaining, if later has the matter that anything could not solve, you pinched broken Jade Token , the brothers I, so long as can help, did not decline Zhao Hai was saying while put out a piece Coordinate Jade Token to give Wang Hu, this Coordinate jade tiger can demonstrate that a Coordinate, letting Zhao Hai can know, he can easily rush to Jade Token in place ^-^^-^ { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }