Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2054

Wang Hu received Jade Token , face excited look at Zhao Hai said : Brother thanks a lot.” Wang Hu although now also don’t know Zhao Hai is any status, but he knows that the Zhao Hai status is not definitely ordinary, will otherwise not say such words to come, the Zhao Hai status is not ordinary, the Jade Token that he gives certainly is not ordinary, this Jade Token regarding Wang Hu, was really too important. The look at Wang Hu excited appearance, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, he can realize that Wang Hu mood, Wang Hu is only ordinary Rogue Cultivator, can draw in relationship with him, he excitedly is also so normal. Them Rogue Cultivator like Wang Hu, they have a dream want to join relationship with some Great Sect cultivator, like this they had contacted Great Sect opportunity, this said regarding these Rogue Cultivator advantage endlessly. Even if these Rogue Cultivator does not have the means to use this relationship directly to enter to Great Sect, their descendants? If in their descendants has the innate skill outstanding person, they can use this opportunity, allowing their descendants to enter to Great Sect, Such words their Clan will fly to ascend brightly. It can be said that such opportunity, was any Rogue Cultivator wants, this on behalf of opportunity. But reason that Zhao Hai will know these , because before him, when Cultivation World there, has experienced such matter. Zhao Hai patted Wang Hu shoulder said : and other later to have opportunity, I will tell Big Brother Wang your status, now is not good, this time I came out to try to practice, cannot say own status easily, my this time smelting trial took a talented person line. Therefore I cannot with Big Brother you in together. A while I must walk.” Wang Hu knows these Great Clan or Sect, will always have this and that regulation, the custom in a big way, therefore he has not felt strange, conversely, he also very much envies Zhao Hai, therefore he nodded said : brothers feel relieved, how my understand does.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : so good, Wang Hu Big Brother. I first walked, later we are predestined friends are seeing.” Wang Hu nodded, Zhao Hai has stood, holds the fist in the other hand to him. turn around walked. After leave that cavern, Zhao Hai transferred the extension in the underground labyrinth, his these time intended to avoid these car(riage)s the dangerous region symbol area, these Forbidden Land he has not entered, by his present strength, but also was not enough these places to go to the wanderer. Zhao Hai is not the youth who these think oneself infallible, his very clear, on path of practice, if you cannot be careful, feared that is can not live on much longer. Always do not think has this and that fortuitous encounter, why fortuitous encounter would makes you meet? If your this time has not come across the fortuitous encounter, that consequence will be what kind of? Do not give these not reasonable miracle own destiny, must depend on their strength to speak. Zhao Hai believes that the heaven has given itself a [gold/metal] finger, that is Space, but he does not believe that the heaven to his many [gold/metal] fingers, he will have Space, however his strength promotion must practice by oneself gradually is good, otherwise, he died not to blame the head of heaven.

After leave Wang Hu. Zhao Hai looked for cavern to worm one's way into at will, puts out a piece beast skin spread on the ground, afterward put out the kiln that grilled meat used from Space, has put out some high grade beef, has burnt at a moderate pace. Actually Zhao Hai really very much does not want to eat thing that these bake now, reason that he puts out these thing. Is because he wants to have a look, can oneself meet that Little Thing. although that Little Thing previous time to eat talent appears , moreover after having eaten thing, has not fought him including greeting ran away, but Zhao Hai thinks that is having a look at that Little Thing, this is the one type of strange feeling. However Zhao Hai also knows that he is meeting that Little Thing opportunity not to be big, because he was too far from the place of beforehand barbecue now, that Little Thing was impossible to pursue. However made the matter that Zhao Hai could not think of live, his beef has not roasted, heard sound of the raking away earth, Zhao Hai turns the head to look that little white mouse in one time has only shoved open the earth, appears in his side not far away, after two , the claw was supporting the entire body, stood in the there eager look at Zhao Hai in hand beef. Zhao Hai sees this Little Thing, does not have one of the reason at heart smoothly, he cannot help but laughs, then has put out a tray, this tray previous Little Thing eats that the meat uses, then Zhao Hai roasting the good beef has put on the tray, advanced the kid, kid although when Zhao Hai pushes the tray toward him, routine in the future will shrink the body, but this time he does not have retreat, this to Zhao Hai to is a good phenomenon. After Little Thing has eaten several beef, does not have immediately/on horseback to run, but squats in there look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai knows that he ate to the full, has not managed him, has eaten. After eating to the full, Zhao Hai lay down on beast skin has closed the eye, but Zhao Hai not presently , he when closed the eye, that only little mouse, was actually two eyes twinkle look at he, finally jumped in own hole vanish from sight. Satisfactory sleeping, Zhao Hai gets up to look, that Little Thing vanish from sight, he has not really cared, after thing receives, turn around walks. Then in the several days time, Zhao Hai all around strolling in the underground labyrinth, some time he will have met taking by force some cultivator, but these cultivator final fates very pitiful, they turned into one in Zhao Hai Undead Creature army, but those who make Zhao Hai accidental is, he has also met some Monster Beast in the underground labyrinth, but these Monster Beast finally also became in Zhao Hai undead army. Zhao Hai does not want to give to sell out these Monster Beast, because does not have that necessity, in his Space has is Jade essence and Jade Marrow, simply does not need to sell these Monster Beast, might as well is keeping these Monster Beast, regards Undead Creature to be easy-to-use. Besides the fight, the Zhao Hai sole pleasure in eating meal, teases that only little white mouse, that only little white mouse also is really formidable, no matter Zhao Hai arrives at there, so long as Zhao Hai puts out the beef to roast, he punctual appears , now Zhao Hai has been very familiar with that only little white mouse.

This white mouse real very strange, his strength Zhao Hai does not see clearly, should be very strong, but he actually very timid, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat curious, not understand this Little Thing what's the matter. True Spirit Realm here Monster Beast, is very intelligent, their wisdom are not lower than humanity, otherwise these many years, True Spirit Realm here had feared already did not have Monster Beast existed, but the fact is actually, True Spirit Realm here not only has existence of Monster Beast, but also these Monster Beast live returning very good. But that white mouse, strength absolutely compared with Zhao Hai in many, however his courage actually extraordinary small, facing Zhao Hai time, he thinks is turn around runs unexpectedly, but has not killed Zhao Hai. Such Monster Beast also truly was very strange, Zhao Hai not understand, how this only Monster Beast lives the present, how he possibly practiced to such high level. Zhao Hai stayed in the underground labyrinth nearly for one month, this month, he walked many places of underground labyrinth, to many people, has met many Monster Beast, naturally also made him obtain many medicinal herbs, before Zhao Hai thinks that in this underground labyrinth had Blue Rock-Moss, now looked like has actually made a mistake, in this underground labyrinth also had many medicinal herbs, just has plenty medicinal herbs was growing some on the other hand very dangerous places. Naturally this is not the Zhao Hai biggest harvest, the Zhao Hai biggest harvest is actually that white mouse, now that white mouse in fearing him, moment that even he in leave Zhao Hai, in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai has not proceeded, he will run up to the shoulder of Zhao Hai, looks like he looks like the Zhao Hai pet is the same. In fact this Little Thing is not the Zhao Hai pet, Zhao Hai has not received in Space him, also has not signed any contract with him, is not Zhao Hai does not want such to do, but is Zhao Hai thinks that now is also not the time. Zhao Hai stands in cavern, looked at all around situation, this is not big cavern, according to the Zhao Hai beforehand experience, like cavern, will not have any danger generally, he plans in here rest well. Zhao Hai deep voice said : Little Thing, you said that we do rest to be good in here?” Zhao Hai asked naturally was that white mouse, now that white mouse is squatting on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai presently this Little Thing besides courage small point, but also very intelligent, therefore he such will ask. Original Zhao Hai thinks that Little Thing will not have any opinion, what makes him feel strange, he presently Little Thing unexpectedly extraordinarily swung the head, then Zhi Zhi was calling, the small claw was pointing at the front.

Zhao Hai stares, then puzzled look at this Little Thing said : your meaning is, does the front have thing? Can we also proceed?” Little Thing nodded, the small claw is still pointing at the front. Meaning of Zhao Hai although do not understand this Little Thing, but he actually knows that this Little Thing will not harm him, he smiles said : well, since you insisted that front we went to have a look, but you may want the late point to eat the barbecue.” Was saying Zhao Hai while proceeds to walk. Just proceeded for about ten minutes, Zhao Hai suddenly was shocked, because he smelled a fragrance, this fragrance is one type of very fragrant breath, smelled this flavor, Zhao Hai felt that his head becomes clear, he cannot help but was shocked, sped up the footsteps to proceed to walk hastily. The stronger and stronger fragrance transmits, Zhao Hai the footsteps were quicker, at this moment, Little Thing on suddenly his shoulder, Zhi Zhi called, Zhao Hai one hear of this Little Thing sound some are not right, turns the head to look hastily, presently this Little Thing face panic-stricken was calling, probably was front has any fearful thing to be the same. Zhao Hai footsteps cannot help but, these days is together with this Little Thing, Zhao Hai completely understand this Little Thing, this Little Thing do not look at the courage to be small, but can make him feel that truly truly fear thing are not so many, in other words, front has to make him feel that very fearful thing, but Zhao Hai guessed that thing strength, will not be lower than Earth Monarch Stage. Zhao Hai cannot help but stopped, frowning gently, to be honest, he does not want to annoy these strength too strong Monster Beast, but that fragrance obvious representative good thing, to be possible be Heaven and Earth Treasure, Heaven and Earth Treasure, may with not be possible to ask, he does not want to give up this opportunity, this cannot help but makes him somewhat in a dilemma. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }