Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2055
Zhao Hai look at that cavern, clenched teeth, finally he decides in cavern to have a look, although of cultivator in the process of practice must be careful for on, but this risk time must be able to take risk, a danger does not want to brave, you work as any cultivator, daily stayed at home has been resulting, do not go out by the leaf pounding. However Zhao Hai has pulled out the long blade, simultaneously release own Law Idol, by own Law Idol opening, was walked toward cavern, he to wants to have a look, in this cavern is anything. Zhao Hai Law Idol let out, he can see the front road through his Law Idol, Zhao Hai closes one's eyes, through the Law Idol look at front road, suddenly Zhao Hai felt that at present one bright, he saw a plum hua tree unexpectedly. This plum hua next minute special, on this plum tree you cannot see any leaf blade, only then on iron black branch, hua point pink color plum hua, under the complementing of this blue cave wall, that conspicuous. although Zhao Hai is the eye of grounded Law Idol saw that but he looked to stay, in this gloomily blue, did not have in other color cavern probably, a suddenly appears such plum hua tree, that feeling, was really the too startled face. At this moment, suddenly snake head appears in the Zhao Hai front, Zhao Hai awakened, his immediately knew own Law Idol by snake same Monster Beast to attack, moreover that only Monster Beast attack had the Earth Monarch Stage strength. Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but changes, then the personal appearance moves fully proceeds to hurry, fortunately, he is release Law Idol explores the way in front, if proceeded that to be dangerous directly. Before long Zhao Hai arrived at plum hua to set up there, he presently that snake is spitting is believing, two eyes braved sinister and ruthless light look at his Law Idol. Now looked that Zhao Hai they came, that snake mouth leaves the sound, has aimed at Zhao Hai the snake head they, this snake seems like not big, the Chief Head about two meters, about the thick also walnut, all over the body the iron black, with that plum hua tree to is the same color. A although this snake point is also common, but Zhao Hai actually does not dare to treat it lightly, the strength of this snake he, but is clear, this snake has the Earth Monarch Stage strength, if a he not careful point, strikes can want his life. Zhao Hai two hands is grasping the long blade, careful look at this snake, that snake plate the body, the head is keeping is rocking, not to stop is gazing at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai remembered a few words, the snake has feared to turn circle, he was moving his body carefully, was achieved a relative security by oneself to that snake the position, then careful was black that snake to turn circle. However that snake actually does not want and other Zhao Hai, not to be each Monster Beast is that Little Thing, that snake is not Little Thing, after he presently Zhao Hai not his strength, immediately moves to throw toward Zhao Hai.

The Zhao Hai in hand long blade wields, Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade smoothly, but Zhao Hai has not thought that this Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade, cannot block the attack of that snake unexpectedly, that snake one together the void appears gate dashing, flushed toward Zhao Hai, the poison fangs of two sparkling light, directly soar Zhao Hai neck. Zhao Hai also present this point, he one startled, although startled is not chaotic, the in hand long blade receives, on neck of direct good snake cuts. When, the Zhao Hai long blade cut on neck of that snake, actually left the sound of metal clash, the body of Zhao Hai one has let that snake toward side floating has struck, but simultaneously him also knows that strength very formidable of that snake, his struck regarding that snake feared did not have what effect. Really, that snake although by Zhao Hai this blade keeping off side, but has not actually been injured, now is rocking the head, harboring evil intentions look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at that snake, calling out said : suddenly kills n!” The in hand long blade wields, the direct that snake attacks, that snake also one fled, clashes toward Zhao Hai, entered a snake to fight in one. Zhao Hai quickly presently, is only is impossible to defeat this snake by oneself, this snake is much bigger than the general strength, moreover Zhao Hai does not believe that snake does not have poisonous, his release their Doppelganger, simultaneously release several entered Undead Creature, especially Earth Monarch Undead Creature, has carried on attack to that snake. These that snake somewhat could not bear, strength although of that snake is not weak, but did not have to be attacked not to drop the wind by these many acceptances weakly the situation, finally that snake also can only cherish hatred under the Zhao Hai huge-crowd strategy. After Zhao Hai that snake received, that white mouse don’t know from there ran, three next two jumped on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, to Zhao Hai Zhi Zhi was calling. Shaking the head of Zhao Hai look at this Little Thing, not bears, this Little Thing, just pill, when he fights with that snake, jumped from his body, where don’t know ran up to went, now appears . Zhao Hai looked at this kid, actually somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, this clarified has bullied the weak and feared the strong, this kid fortunately did was so righteous. Zhao Hai has not managed that many, put out a hand to receive in Space that snake, but he just to receive in the good snake Space, heard in Space to transmit sound speaking sounds: Presently mouse shape Monster Beast, not necessarily surrenders, surrenders to start, surrenders to finish, mouse shape Monster Beast, has the ability of treasure hunt, fighting strength is not strong.” Zhao Hai stares, looks toward own shoulder, really that kid, his hand did not turn hastily, that kid let out, after the kid came out, immediately jumps on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, with his head, has rubbed the face of Zhao Hai, performance was more intimate. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he was really don’t know must say that now any was good, but no matter what, this Little Thing was not impossible leave he.

Zhao Hai currently has the time to change to that plum hua tree vision, that plum hua tree long is not high, all over the body about two meters, above is opening small hua. Zhao Hai looked at this situation, immediately release mouse shape Monster Beast in oneself Space, after these mouse shape Monster Beast appears , immediately sneaked in underground before long, in cavern on appears intermittent rustle the sound, then these Old Mouse drilled, squatted look at nearby Zhao Hai he. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but shows a faint smile, these Old Mouse receiving, has then waved, that plum hua tree also vanish from sight, only kept a very big pit in underground. In plum hua tree just taking in Space, heard in Space to transmit sound speaking sounds: Existing improvement enters the body qualitative plum hua tree ordinary, divides with hua of this plum hua tree, spiritual force that can let into has been promoted, Spiritual Qi that can let into has been promoted, Plum branch of edible plum hua tree, can increase the join body intensity.” Zhao Hai one hear of Space said that can do on understand this plum hua tree, spiritual force and Battle Qi that plum hua on this plum hua tree, can let into have been promoted, but the physical quality that the branch can actually let into has been promoted, although these are not useful to Zhao Hai, but is actually effective regarding Qiu Tie. In the following several days time, Zhao Hai transferred the extension in the underground labyrinth, but does not have presently any useful thing finally, this disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat. Finally transferred in underground chamber for about one week, Zhao Hai decided finally, leave underground chamber. He stands, in underground chamber does not calculate that in big cavern, looked at all around one, sighed, turns the head Little Thing to his little mouse said :, we wanted leave, here was not my world, was not your, outside had the even bigger world to wait for us, we must walk.” Little Thing to does not have any opinion, but to Zhao Hai Zhi Zhi called several, Zhao Hai to show a faint smile, this Little Thing was really too adorable, after this Little Thing since has entered Space, was intimate with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also knew the meanings of this Little Thing all surfaces entered, this Little Thing started not to have leave from the birth this underground labyrinth, regarding him, the entire underground labyrinth was his world, now Zhao Hai must bring his leave, his some fears. However Zhao Hai has not said anything, this Little Thing is must with his leave, did not say other, only the ability of this Little Thing that treasure hunt enables Zhao Hai to give up him, because this ability made Zhao Hai think life form that the one type of Earth upload said that treasure hunt mouse. Zhao Hai put out him to enter to labyrinth, Tyrant Blade Sect that cultivator gave his jade and sign, pinching gently has broken to pieces Jade Token , Zhao Hai flash of white light vanish from sight. Waits for the Zhao Hai next quarter in appears , actually presently about hundred li (0.5km) place of appears outside Lost City, his distant even can see Lost City. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : in Sect to consider is very thorough.” Thinks of here, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the personal appearance moves, rushes toward Lost City.

Hundred li (0.5km) is really nothing regarding him, before long Zhao Hai rushed to Lost City, look at still entered came into toward Lost City, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile. Before long he arrived at Pleasant Stay Inn, the there shop boss actually also knew Zhao Hai, saw that Zhao Hai immediately welcomed warmly, bowed to Zhao Hai said : have seen Sir, Sir, Are you okay? I think that you walked.” Zhao Hai, with had always hardened the room charge, therefore he does not owe the room charge of boss, this boss is so warm to him, stems from the sincerity. Zhao Hai smiles said : previous leave time, went to the underground labyrinth, this just did not come back, opens a room to me, I must rest well.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that boss immediately/on horseback complied with said : Sir to invite feel relieved and ensure gave you best room.” Said that directs Zhao Hai to walk toward building. Looked at the boss to the room that he arranges, Zhao Hai satisfied nod said : good, was good, I exit to eat to select thing, this room I wanted.” The boss has complied with one, delivers Zhao Hai to go out. On avenue optional is walking, look at street both sides shop, Zhao Hai turned the head I to say to white mouse said :, Little Thing, what do you want to eat?” Has not actually thought that the white mouse closes one's eyes, lies toward the shoulder of Zhao Hai on directly, the appearance that must fall asleep, Zhao Hai looked that this Little Thing appearance knows his very dissatisfied. Zhao Hai stares, then shows a faint smile, the meaning of his understand this Little Thing, this Little Thing cannot eat thing outside Space, the meat and dish that before Zhao Hai ate were in Space produce, therefore this Little Thing directing, besides thing in Space, other thing he not to can have eaten. Zhao Hai entered in a nearby shop with a smile, Little Thing cannot eat, he went to that shop to be OK. ( To be continued! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }