Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2056

Zhao Hai just arrived at shop in front of the door, partner/shop assistant welcomed, partner/shop assistant sees little mouse on Zhao Hai shoulder, knew the Zhao Hai status, he bows hastily said : Sir, in requests personally, does the Sir have the friend to arrive? You must sit or want the great hall elegantly.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : „a position by the window to be good to me.” partner/shop assistant one hear, is intimate friends to direct Zhao Hai to go upstairs, looked for a position by the window in second floor to Zhao Hai, asking Zhao Hai to sit. After to Zhao Hai but actually tea, that partner/shop assistant on two eyes look at Zhao Hai anxiously, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to sort your here adept small tea to come up four to me, was right, has roasted to me these beef, then takes.” That partner/shop assistant although don’t know Zhao Hai is any meaning, but is still actually depending on the Zhao Hai words, that beef taking away, before long, four small side dish has carried. In this time, in the suddenly giving people a hard time restaurant is fluttering strong fragrance, Zhao Hai heard that knows after is take these beef that have roasted, come out, he does not have point being startled, still in there drinking one after another, is eating small side dish. In although Space has plenty is delicious, but Zhao Hai these time came out for by oneself an understanding True Spirit Continent situation, therefore he must experience the True Spirit Continent local conditions and social customs, but wanted to experience local conditions and social customs of area, best from eating this, on the one hand. Zhao Hai very clear, the person are like enjoying, special regarding things to eat, has the one type of very persistent pursue, on Earth is so. When on Earth. Some old custom hearts of many place were used to have discarded, but their there actually stayed behind very much had the characteristics snack, these snack sometimes, can pursue modelled many years ago, obviously people regarding eating rigid. Therefore Zhao Hai to any city, will have eaten in this cities the most famous snack, this is also Zhao Hai understands the method of this city. Before long partner/shop assistant in that shop carried beef to deliver to the Zhao Hai table, then bowed to draw back to Zhao Hai, but in entire restaurant Second Layer, all diners. On the look at Zhao Hai table that two eyes decides is suspending that beef, now they know finally the beforehand that fragrance transmits from there. Zhao Hai often smiles, he has not moved, but has sat that only little mouse on his shoulder actually jumped down from his shoulder. Jumped tray there, one after another was eating the beef. look at Zhao Hai that table that entire restaurant two layers, decides, these average people naturally do not dare to have any expression, but these cultivator are actually face appearances of indignation, unexpectedly wants to come them unable to get used to seeing Old Mouse to eat is better. This do not blame these person of not happy, because Little Thing completely has restrained own imposing manner now, therefore bystander simply cannot see his strength, only thinks that he is an ordinary pet mouse. Zhao Hai has not cared about the vision of these people, still one after another is eating own thing. After drinking pot liquor, Zhao Hai then sets out to prepare leave. At this moment, suddenly stands up a person to come from Zhao Hai nearby table, this person of sky blue warrior cloth, long Yushu faces the wind, straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards tiger eyes, is that type to understand at a glance that this is a that person of few variant. This person of two eyes is limpid, on the face is having some arrogance smiling faces, but that arrogance does not let dislike, conversely. That arrogance appears on his face, is complements each other to be the same probably. In the waist of team, is hanging a long sword, the scabbard of this long sword seems like not magnificent, although above is mounting some gemstone. However actually gives people the one type of very plain feeling.

Before this handsome uncommon cultivator has arrived at the Zhao Hai table, held the fist in the other hand said : mister to invite to Zhao Hai. Below Matchless Sword School, Liu Yingjie has seen mister.” Zhao Hai although understand this person is not any meaning, but he has stood, holds the fist in the other hand said : to see mister to that person, below Zhao Hai, nameless Rogue Cultivator.” Liu Yingjie look at Zhao Hai said : mister invited, sees these beef that mister eats below, is really High Grade, mister, this beef buys from there, wants to buy to taste below to taste.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : this Sir to invite, below , when obtained this beef, has reached an agreement with that person, will not disclose absolutely the source of this beef, asking the Sir to excuse me.” As soon as Liu Yingjie listened to Zhao Hai saying that complexion cannot help but sank, look at Zhao Hai said : that his two eyes decided mister, you, but had not heard the Matchless Sword Arts name, Matchless Sword Arts, managed the person to want thing, but also nobody dares to say a non- character.” Zhao Hai impression to this Liu Yingjie was good, after all a person long Jun, profits very much, besides person who some are sick at heart, other people will not be bad to their first impression. However this Liu Yingjie such saying, Zhao Hai is actually some are not glad, his two eyebrows selected, look at that Liu Yingjie said : oh, listened to the meaning of mister, I did not say that today can also say? If I did not say that mister also does plan to use strongly inadequate? mister do not forget, but here Lost City, is the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, is not the Matchless Sword School boundary.” As soon as Liu Yingjie listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but laughed said : joke, here although was the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, but I did not believe that person and our Matchless Sword School that Tyrant Blade Sect for your has nothing to do with for enemy, youngster, you if today says this beef is, if did not say, on do not blame me for being rude where the clump obtained.” Zhao Hai look at Liu Yingjie, is actually somewhat puzzled, his understand, why this Liu Yingjie such does not attach great importance to this beef, beef , is also one type of eats, he should not such care is right, must know that Matchless Sword School is also Great Sect, how to lack several beef. Zhao Hai and don’t know, Matchless Sword School besides Sword Technique extremely powerful, they are also opening entire True Spirit Realm biggest chain-like restaurant, that chain-like restaurant not only can bring the huge benefit to them, meanwhile can bring many information to them. Because of this. Therefore Matchless Sword School person. Regarding with restaurant related thing caring, especially this eats. To be honest, like Lost City small town, but also does not have the Matchless Sword School branch store, Liu Yingjie they are also because had the matter to pass by here, will therefore stop in here for day, thing that in this shop made, but also anything has not been Liu Yingjie can have a liking for the eye, what he ate the meal in this shop to know the chef in this shop is level. When partner/shop assistant in that shop carries the beef, Liu Yingjie on very clear. Reason that this beef so will be fragrant, is not because this makes the chef craftsmanship in shop good, that is because the quality of this beef is good. The quality of beef is good, can make more delicious food. In their Sect shop, business will be better, the business is good, will bring the even bigger benefit to Sect, will make also Sect obtain more information.

Is adding on Matchless Sword School also regulation, if there is disciple present the high grade food, and brought to Sect purchasing channel of this food, that disciple will also obtain many rewards, even Sect can key training he, be because of this. Therefore Liu Yingjie so will take seriously this beef. Why Zhao Hai although don’t know Liu Yingjie so takes seriously this beef, but he will not lower the head like Liu Yingjie, his look at Liu Yingjie, was speaking, has not actually thought that some people spoke compared with him first. Right? You are not the Tyrant Blade Sect person, you know that the Tyrant Blade Sect person won't take care this matter? This matter, Tyrant Blade Sect also certainly.” Along with this sound, a sound of footsteps transmits, two people walked from downstairs. Zhao Hai goes along the prestige. Actually is being two Tyrant Blade Sect people, these two carry on the back carry a single blade, wears black warrior cloth, two eyes coldly look at Liu Yingjie. When first a person looks like about 30 years old, the surface does not need in vain. Some appearance gentle and reserved, but in his behind person. It looks like 27 or 28-year-old, shiny black face, is growing even/including Mao beard of face, is tall, to is appears formidable might is uncommon. After these two go upstairs, that Tyrant Blade Sect wheat flour cultivator, looked at Liu Yingjie one eyes, holds the fist in the other hand said : Tyrant Blade Sect supple water blade Liu Shui, resorts to arms Ai Lei to see Matchless Sword School Senior Brother Liu.” His present speech although very polite, but before him , the words that spoke are actually not that polite, Liu Yingjie's complexion some are unattractive, but he returns salute said : Liu Yingjie to see two Senior Brother, what meaning are two Senior Brother beforehand words?” Liu Shui deep voice said : Senior Brother Liu should know that in this Lost City, does not permit to resort to violence, if Senior Brother Liu wants to begin with the person, welcome go to outside the city, to outside the city, our brothers did not stop, but in this city, but also asked Senior Brother Liu to give me a face, didn't know Senior Brother Liu what do you think?” Liu Yingjie complexion changed two changed, Liu Shui this saying enough has given him the face, if he in did not know the good and evil, that may not give the Tyrant Blade Sect face, when the time comes did not do well on the matter is big. After having measured the advantages, Liu Yingjie's complexion calm, he has held the fist in the other hand said : Senior Brother Liu to say to Liu Shui that below naturally Venerable, since.” Said that he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : youngster, you should better not Lost City.” The Zhao Hai look at Liu Yingjie's appearance, laughing doesn't said : suddenly leave Lost City? The joke, I go out of town today, I to have a look, you can I be what kind.” As soon as Liu Yingjie listened to Zhao Hai saying that a complexion paleness, but he looked has stood is the same in nearby Liu Shui, coldly snorted, was not speaking, turn around walks to two male female said : that on his good table to sit.” That three people have also stood, coldly looked at Zhao Hai one, turn around walked. They walk, Liu Shui turns the head look at Zhao Hai, some little time sighed said : this brothers, we also can only guarantee that your in the city security, you just really should not stimulate him, strove for fortunately.” Said that led Ai Lei turn around to walk. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes , cannot help but good to their impressions several points, his originally finished eating, now after naturally is paying up, on leave, went out later Zhao Hai presently, probably some people are monitoring him, he paid attention, is Liu Yingjie's Junior Brother, he has not cared, returned to Pleasant Stay Inn entered own room to rest.

Zhao Hai simply has not thought to in today's leave Lost City, reason that he must tell Liu Yingjie, but to play Liu Yingjie, he cannot get used to seeing Liu Yingjie high and mighty wants. Has rested for two days in Pleasant Stay Inn there, after own condition restores to be best, Zhao Hai leave Lost City, over the two days he had then felt that some people are monitoring him, he also knows is who, but he has not cared. Liu Yingjie their although is the Matchless Sword School person, however their strengths are actually not very strong, even if they are strongest, is Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, several other people are Divided Spirit Stage cultivator, but is this, nobody dares to provoke them easily \; first, because they are the Matchless Sword School people, Matchless Sword School in True Spirit Realm here is also Great Sect, even compared with Tyrant Blade Sect must on big some, the general Rogue Cultivator nature does not dare to provoke them. Second is the Matchless Sword School person, each Sword Technique outstanding, this Matchless Sword School name is not nonsense, Matchless Sword School can be said as True Spirit Realm here Sword Technique best Sect, Matchless Sword School regarding the request of Sect's Disciples Sword Technique is also highest, therefore Matchless Sword School disciple is also in entire True Spirit Realm, all Sect are not willing to, in the same level situation, Matchless Sword School disciple, at and person battle, often use Sword Technique, but occupies the winning side. In fact not only Matchless Sword School person, in True Spirit Realm here, 80 Great Sect, any one Sect disciple, if not hide the identity to walk outside, that is existence that nobody dares to provoke easily, because 80 Great Sect is really too formidable, moreover 80 Great Sect disciple, are one by one hard to deal with, these Rogue Cultivator do not have the guts to provoke. However Liu Yingjie's their Sword Technique although very formidable, but to Zhao Hai, they actually takes less than a point advantage, Zhao Hai came from Tyrant Blade Sect, knows the foundation regarding the Matchless Sword School matter, therefore he does not fear Liu Yingjie their several people, but he did not prepare to kill Liu Yingjie they, after all Liu Yingjie they were the Matchless Sword School person, Matchless Sword School with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship not, but was not the enemy, Zhao Hai may not hope, because and Liu Yingjie's conflict, advanced the opposite with Tyrant Blade Sect Matchless Sword School. He and Liu Yingjie's conflict is not anything, he will give Liu Yingjie their lesson not to have any matter, Great Sect although is concerned about face-saving, but not because conflicts between two disciple will get angry, such will not serve the Great Sect benefit. But if he they gave to kill Liu Yingjie, that is different, he did not reveal his status, but he after all was the Tyrant Blade Sect person, if made the Matchless Sword School person know that was he they give to kill Liu Yingjie, that Matchless Sword School friendly Ba Ganti, such one will certainly not come the matter to make in a big way. Zhao Hai now is the Tyrant Blade Sect person, he naturally must be Tyrant Blade Sect considers, he and Liu Yingjie have the conflict, not only or has injured the Tyrant Blade Sect face, cannot annoy troublesome to Tyrant Blade Sect, this must grasp. Adjusted own condition in Lost City, Zhao Hai on leave Lost City, he has not hidden his whereabouts, that natural leave Lost City.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }