Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2057

Zhao Hai knows that the matter must always be solved, he has thought the solution, then on natural does, does not need to cover up, does not have that necessity. However Zhao Hai goes out of town this matter, besides few insiders, nobody will pay attention, Lost City here everyday can has plenty cultivator pass and out, does not have quite strangely what. When Liu Shui hears Zhao Hai that naturally in the city, Liu Shui also sighed, has not said anything, he was only Tyrant Blade Sect Lost City branch Hall Inner Disciples, although he appreciates Zhao Hai is to fear the appearance of might, but that will not represent him to offend Liu Yingjie for Zhao Hai, after all Liu Yingjie was Matchless Sword School disciple. Various Great Sect now although is somewhat contradictory, but except for like Tyrant Blade Sect and Tyrant Sword Sect to fighting Sect, the peace on performance needs to maintain, in this case, Liu Shui not blatant for Zhao Hai over. Zhao Hai and don’t know Liu Shui will pay attention to him, in his opinion Liu Shui confuses plate branch Hall disciple, then maintains the order should be in Lost City. Zhao Hai left Lost City, gradually proceeds, his very clear, Liu Yingjie they want to look for his trouble, covertly, they will not meet open and aboveboard appears . Really like Zhao Hai thinks, Zhao Hai just left Lost City not long after, saw that on the road is standing four people, Liu Yingjie of lead, but in his behind his several Junior Brother Junior Sister. Liu Yingjie look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : youngster, your courage is not small, dares to play me unexpectedly? You die today.” The Zhao Hai look at Liu Yingjie's appearance, shows a faint smile said : I not to play you, will you let off me? He said that many useless, begin.” Said that Zhao Hai has pulled out own long blade. Liu Yingjie has not thought that Zhao Hai such simple, his look at Zhao Hai will sneer unexpectedly said : youngster, you were too extremely arrogant, who your don’t know do you want to face are? He fights with me, you have not committed suicide happy.” Zhao Hai look at Liu Yingjie, shook the head said : this saying I to listen to many times. What what a pity is, to the present I still live well.” Said that Zhao Hai does not wait for Liu Yingjie to respond, the in hand long blade wields, when first make a move. Liu Yingjie has not thought that Zhao Hai make a move, he will gawk unexpectedly first slightly. However his response is not slow. He has pulled out oneself long sword, kidnaps toward the Zhao Hai blade on.

Matchless Sword School becomes famous by Sword Technique, therefore cultivator in their gate, each is the generation of Sword Technique group. Liu Ying comes is also so, after his sword supports the Zhao Hai blade, in hand sword immediately has had the change, attacks toward Zhao Hai, in his opinion. By own Sword Technique, wanted to suppress Zhao Hai is really too simple. But his these Junior Brother also think that therefore they do not have make a move, but stands in the one side, look at Zhao Hai and Liu Yingjie fought one, in their opinion, Liu Yingjie wanted to tidy up Zhao Hai such Rogue Cultivator, that was also not the easy matter. However the matter showed that they have made a mistake, Zhao Hai Blade Technique their imagination. Liu Yingjie's Sword Technique now only then complete boundary, must be too far compared with the Zhao Hai incoming messenger. The Zhao Hai blade round trip receives, fought in one, Liu Yingjie most from the beginning also self-confidently with Liu Yingjie, however his present matter slowly probably was some of his expectation. His Sword Technique actually does not have the means to suppress Zhao Hai attack, conversely, his attack instead to was suppressed by the Zhao Hai person. Not only this situation makes Liu Yingjie feel stunned, several other people also feel being startled. They have not thought that Zhao Hai meets formidable to this situation unexpectedly. Zhao Hai does not have mood tube these now, he also present Liu Yingjie's hard to deal with place. although Liu Yingjie is not in the person who he runs into the strength is strongest, but Liu Yingjie is actually in the person who he runs into, Sword Technique is best, Liu Yingjie uses is not level how high Sword Technique, but he actually practiced one type of not low boundary this set of Sword Technique, before this situation Zhao Hai, has not met, to was the one type of brand-new experience. although said that Liu Yingjie's Sword Technique, missed compared with his Blade Technique much, but compared with average person but much better, has fought with such person, Zhao Hai harvest even bigger. happy that Zhao Hai hits, but Liu Yingjie happy, he has actually not thought that continuously by Sword Technique famous, now facing Rogue Cultivator time, unexpectedly by opposite party Blade Technique suppressing, if not own level is higher than the opposite party, now feared that has defeated. This regarding Liu Yingjie, is the one type of shame, the huge shame, they are the Matchless Sword School person, the Matchless Sword School person, will lose to others on Sword Technique unexpectedly, although opposite party with blade, but this is still the Matchless Sword School shame. How however lets Liu Yingjie to be angry, does not have the means with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai strength much higher than his, he is thinks that immediately/on horseback killed Zhao Hai unable to achieve. But has looked at the heat in the one side, Liu Yingjie's Junior Brother and Junior Sister, actually mutually looked at one, saw a shocking facial expression from the opposite party eye, they have not thought that can be this.

Liu Yingjie's sword encircles getting smaller and smaller, Zhao Hai blade circle actually getting bigger and bigger, although Liu Yingjie is Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, but Zhao Hai Blade Technique level completely has actually made up for the difference on this level, slowly occupied the winning side. Liu Yingjie had not felt that such aggrieved, he felt that own in hand sword was falls into large net probably, own each sword wielded to tow ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) heavy burden probably, what most important was, the blade of opposite party probably constantly not, in the front was waiting for itself, no matter how what got angry the strength also to take the opposite party not to have the means. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, he still oppression bit by bit Liu Yingjie's survival Space, his understand own Blade Technique is being stronger than the other, however own level is actually the ratio to main low, therefore want to defeat Liu Yingjie in a short time is impossible, he can only use his Blade Technique, 1.1 Liu Yingjie pressing leeward, is finding the way to defeat him. The idea of Zhao Hai is very good, but Liu Yingjie actually does not want to his such opportunity, in Liu Yingjie opinion, Zhao Hai to defeat him using Blade Technique, this compared with using other methods defeats him attacks him, this is one type of insults, he cannot bear this insult. In Liu Yingjie opinion, this is not one has fought simply, this is a life and death war, the ordinary fight, Liu Yingjie can not use other method, but the life and death war is different, the life and death fights your anything method to use, thinks of here, Liu Yingjie immediately/on horseback said : is also gawking doing, make a move, today must kill him.” His saying shouted certainly that own Junior Brother and Junior Sister help, but his Junior Brother Junior Sister hears Liu Yingjie's words, stares, because they understood Liu Yingjie very that Liu Yingjie in Matchless Sword School is also a talent, but the talent problem, that is their very arrogant, Liu Yingjie is also so, his very arrogant, if he, when begins with the person, does not permit other people to meddle, if other people meddle to help him, he not only will not feel grateful, counter- attended the meeting very angry, because also like this reason, therefore his Junior Brother Junior Sister fights in him and Zhao Hai. The time, does not have make a move to help him, but stands in the one side watches the fun. They have not thought that arrogant Liu Yingjie actually will always shout they make a move help, they have gawked, but they are immediately pull out their long sword, join to has fought in the circle. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, the blade circle receives, oneself protecting firmly in middle, release own Doppelganger, person of Doppelganger fully has defended. Liu Yingjie they were depressed, they presently their four people besiege Zhao Hai, actually still takes opposite party not any means that this situation makes them feel extremely surprised. The fight is still continuing, does not have more hits by four people who the sword sends is more surprised, they have not thought that the four people actually still take the opposite party not to have the means that this made them be surprised. Five people have hit for one hour, in this period although caused some cultivator wait and see, but these cultivator looked at not long after to walk, in Lost City here cultivator, many were some Rogue Cultivator, but these Rogue Cultivator strength is not very strong, they looked at Zhao Hai and Liu Yingjie their fight, knows that these person are not affable, naturally cannot come this time turbid water.

Liu Yingjie they more hits the heart startled, exceed hits more lacked self-confidence at heart, their understand, what monster oneself have not really met, why Doppelganger Stage cultivator, can block the attacks of five Soul Fusion Stage cultivator unexpectedly, this did not have the truth. Zhao Hai looks also similarly, his Blade Technique show suddenly, one several people to circle in middle, when several people are startled, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, jumped out beyond the circle, then transports Lightweight Art, suddenly flushed several hundred meters distance, walked Zhao Hai while deep voice said : several do not need to see off, in the future will be predestined friends is seeing.” Said that Zhao Hai rushed to about two li (0.5km), Liu Yingjie they want to pursue also without enough time. Sees this situation, Liu Yingjie's complexion cannot help but pale a piece, he has not thought that under besieging of oneself four people, can make Zhao Hai depart unexpectedly calmly, does not have to injure including a fine body hair, this makes them feel sad. At this time Matchless Sword School cultivator has arrived at Liu Yingjie, to Liu Yingjie said : Senior Brother, the matter is some does not suit probably.” What Liu Yingjie complexion pale does said : have not to suit? Found Sect all branch stores, making them pay attention this Zhao Hai whereabouts, I must make him die.” That Matchless Sword School cultivator shook the head said : Senior Brother, does not suit really very much, if Zhao Hai is only general Rogue Cultivator, he will not have such strong strength, if he is really general Rogue Cultivator, he will not have such strong Blade Technique, such Blade Technique does not pass through the person to direct to practice? I look not possibly, therefore outside this Zhao Hai status feared that is not general.” One hear of he said that Liu Yingjie cannot help but calm, he knit the brows said : „, person who this Zhao Hai is one has the back? Can he be the Tyrant Blade Sect person? But if he is the Tyrant Blade Sect person, why the yesterday that two Tyrant Blade Sect person does not know him, moreover this several days has not had any contact with Tyrant Blade Sect Lost City branch Hall, doesn't this suit probably?” That cultivator knit the brows said : this is I do not think the understand place.”. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }