Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2058
Can Matchless Sword School these people think that the understand Zhao Hai family background, does not have with his 10 cents relationship, Zhao Hai will not go to manage them whether to think understand, he is hurrying along now. He has three days of times, now passed for one month, but he has not thought that is about one month, lived these many matters. although said that is hurrying along, but might as well said that is walking, because Zhao Hai does not worry, he gradually proceeds, to be honest, went out before, is not Yama Ship is Pegasus, or is Demon Horse, to him now this, were not many with opportunity that the foot walks, this arrived has given Zhao Hai one type of rare experience opportunity. Zhao Hai proceeds, while open the mouth and said: Little Thing, you said that these fellows have the problem, is not the beef, as for letting them is careful? I looked that the here surface has certainly any issue, after I go back, must say this matter to Master.” Little Thing Zhi Zhi called to make response, but also set the appearance that a face was infatuated with. Zhao Hai looks at his appearance, cannot help but he he smiled got up said : well, your this Little Thing, you also know that was good thing? What a pity, now Laura they not in Space, if they in Space, can make one to us delicious, was right, we came out also one month, Laura they were entering Space, should nobody care, now also don’t know Qiu Tie that youngster practices how.” Zhi Zhi that Little Thing is perplexed called two, Zhao Hai to show a faint smile. Puts out his communication device. Has put through Laura, this all over the body is the 3 D imaging, on meets appears opposite party three-dimensional hologram projection all over the body, Laura form appears on communication device. In fact before their this, frequent hold a conversation, therefore to too many dog blood scene, has not been only Zhao Hai look at Laura, said : you probably were in a soft voice thin, what matter in the what? family has?” Laura shook the head said : not to have, you do not need to be worried, in the family all are good. You? This is several days what kind of?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be very good, I am very good, by, this is the pet that I receive. Little Thing, come, has seen Lady.” The small east station on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, stretched out the small claw to arch cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Laura projection, that adorable appearance, caused that Laura smiled tenderly. Does Zhao Hai smile said : how two Master?” Laura smiles said : to be very good, they little go out, possibly is feared killing aura of own body affects Qiu Tie, practice of small iron these days very assiduous, but that child too did not like speaking. Moreover his intensity of training is a little probably big, I feared that he will unable to bear.”

Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : „to endure hardship painstakingly, the side is a top dog, making him practice, was right, I came out such long time, you had the words of time also return to Space to have a look, I couple of days ago obtained a Plum Blossom tree in the underground labyrinth, the branch of that tree was used to boil water, can increase the add people body intensity. You give the small iron to use, what he must walk is the Body Cultivator path, the body more has the advantage.” Laura has complied with one. Zhao Hai deep voice said : has the words of time, consults next two Master, why Matchless Sword School regards as important the food. Even for the Space beef, lives the conflict with me. I want to know what's the matter.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : Matchless Sword School? Is that probably also Great Sect? Are you all right?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to be all right, but later can Matchless Sword School send for chasing down my don’t know, but it doesn't matter, many people must chase down me in any case, does not miss this.” Laura some said : of worry Elder Brother Hai, you must be careful, if counted Matchless Sword School, three Great Sect in chasing down you, moreover your status is not secret, can be said as in Tyrant Blade Sect everyone knows your name, therefore you must be careful, Matchless Sword School might also quickly know your status very much, if they in knowing your status situation, will also chase down you, that on representing them has been ready that and Tyrant Blade Sect got angry, such their make a move will not be forgiving absolutely.” Zhao Hai nodded said : my also understand this point, but this matter must think that beef to Matchless Sword School attracts gravitational force in a big way, I think them not for several beef will chase down me.” Laura nodded said : this matter I to look for two Master to ascertain as soon as possible, Elder Brother Hai, you must add carefully.” Zhao Hai nodded, had finished hold a conversation. Little Thing has stood on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, is pointing at Zhao Hai in hand communication device Zhi Zhi called several, the Zhao Hai look at Little Thing appearance, shows a faint smile, has not spoken, but he has given Little Thing communication device, this Little Thing actually takes communication device to manipulate to keep in there, obviously he is very curious to communication device. Zhao Hai has not managed him, oneself moving forward, was walking about two hours slowly, Zhao Hai originally plan casual found a place to rest well, when he saw in front of him not far away appears a small village, Zhao Hai changed the mind, he planned that small village had a look to say. Small village is not big, in entire village altogether also more than 50 families, when Zhao Hai entered small village, one was actually shocked, because the situation in this small village, imagines with him complete not, in small village has many people, but these people have an ashen look, moreover some children are the clothes do not obstruct the body, seems looks like the refugee concentration camp is the same.

Zhao Hai is somewhat puzzled, like small village, defends when the big tree, possibly appears this situation, he curiously will be sizing how up all around, actually presently the person in small village sees him, unconscious in the future will shrink the body, probably he is the wild boar that momentarily will stick out suddenly offends somebody is the same. These these people who Zhao Hai is perplexed, he presently the person in this village, the common average person has not been having recently feeling to that awe on cultivator, conversely, in their looks, Zhao Hai only saw the fear, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled. Zhao Hai presently in this small village has a small liquor shop, his quickly walked, in the hotel has the person, two people, an old man and an old woman. Can look, this is small tavern, but in this small tavern, a guest does not have now, only then old man listless sitting in there, the old woman has in one side does not have to clean the table suddenly. Saw Zhao Hai to come, old man immediately has stood, moved forward to meet somebody, bowed to Zhao Hai said : „the Sir of respect, hello, if you were eat meal, that sorry , the shop did not have things to eat, did not have the liquor, if you have brought the food, we to can help you process.” Zhao Hai stares, then puzzled look at this old man said : „can Senior, why like this? I looked that the position of village should very good be right, why hasn't your here meeting eaten? Also, I look at the person in village, the life is not quite probably good, why is this?” The old man looked at Zhao Hai one, sighed said : Sir, good that you said that the person in our village, what before lived was very good, but is different this year, this year our village hit by disaster, was an insect plague, these insects almost ate in our village all crops, although finally by the Tyrant Blade Sect Sir the insect suppressing, but our village did not have the crop, now everyone/Great Clan ate meal becomes an issue, many people have eaten including grain seed, but can also don’t know insist next year.” Zhao Hai stares, then complexion cannot help but changes, his too clear these farmers, if not to time awfully, these farmers are impossible to eat their seed, because seed is representing the hope, did not have seed, their next year places will not have the means to plant, they have not eaten. Does Zhao Hai frown said : „the Tyrant Blade Sect person not to manage? You have hit by disaster, they should help you are right?” That old farmer look at Zhao Hai said : „is Sir, you cracking a joke? Can Tyrant Blade Sect take care these matters? We hit by disaster, what relationship has with Tyrant Blade Sect?”

Zhao Hai felt that own head buzz, he finally understand issue appears in there, Tyrant Blade Sect has helped these farmers destroying completely the insect now, however in True Spirit Realm here, has the dominant position is cultivator, but cultivator sometimes will not work as the adult the average person, in their opinion, the average people are their slaves, they can protect these average people, these average people must pay taxes to them, if these ordinary disasters, they possibly help, however the post-disaster rescue is actually not. This is there biggest difference of True Spirit Realm here on with Earth, because in True Spirit Realm here, cultivator will not be serious the average person, in the cultivator eye, ordinary is ants like existence, is not worth them taking a lot of care. The old man looked standing that the Zhao Hai complexion number changes in there, his don’t know Zhao Hai is thinking anything, he does not dare to disturb Zhao Hai, he feared that Zhao Hai will hit him. these days this situation old person sees were too many, after their village hit by disaster, they also imagine the cultivator request help that these pass by the road most from the beginning, even wants to go begging some thing, but these cultivator looked that does not look at their one eyes, what they obtain is disappointments, the villagers who even sometimes, these cultivator also to encircling beat, because fortunately these cultivator here is the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, does not have the optional murder. But is this, enough these villagers felt to dread to cultivator, why this was also Zhao Hai appears in the village, these villagers with look look at that one type of will dread his reason. Zhao Hai recovers, he looked at old person one, turned the head to look outside one bewildered villagers, Zhao Hai thought one should do anything for them. He has put out his communication device, in one time sent the letter to Laura, Laura immediately has put through communication device, he looked that Zhao Hai complexion was somewhat ugly, cannot help but curious said : Elder Brother Hai? What matter lived?” Zhao Hai told Laura the situation in village, Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that is also a dignity of face, after waiting for Zhao Hai saying that Laura sighed said : this is True Spirit Realm with the Lower Realm different place, how did you plan to do?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : immediately informs two Master, I told you Coordinate of village, making two Master act, to the areas of villages and this surrounding all disasters rescued, the quicker the better.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }