Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2059

Old man's dull look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not avoided him, he in old man's front, has put out his communication device, direct link Laura, therefore he and Laura hold a conversation process, the old men clearly looked in the eye, has closed communication device to Zhao Hai, the old man was stands in there dull. At this time a weeping sound transmitted, Zhao Hai following the crying prestige in the past, is being the weeping sound that the old woman came out, but she does not dare to cry loudly, in diligently was enduring, but can leave the sound of low voice sob, Zhao Hai believes that if were not Zhao Hai sits in the room , the old woman will certainly howl. At this time old man also sobered, he looked at Zhao Hai one, suddenly ran up to Zhao Hai, thump has knelt, gave Zhao Hai to kowtow again and again, kowtowed while said : Sir thanks a lot, Sir thanks a lot.” Zhao Hai held old person hastily, deep voice said : Senior, you do not need so, this is I should do.” In this time, Zhao Hai communication device in one time is dodging the clear light, Zhao Hai knows that some people must with his hold a conversation, his immediately open communication device, this appears on communication device is actually not Laura, but is Yin elder, really Yin elder look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : Little Hai, the there situation looked like you to say was so serious?” Zhao Hai to Yin elder gave a salute said : „, is very serious, Master, I think that Sect should help them, although they are only ordinary, but we from these average people, will select many person join to arrive at Tyrant Blade Sect every year, if we have now helped them, they have been loyal to our Tyrant Blade Sect. This has the advantage to our Tyrant Blade Sect very much. said it, helping them not need to spend too many thing, so long as some grain, some Crystal Stone were OK.” Yin elder has hesitated, to be honest the matter of this disaster relief, they had not done likely before, they provide some protections to these villagers generally, helping them solve some troublesome, then collected taxes, the post-disaster rescue they have not carried on. Zhao Hai such does, but held precedent. However Yin elder thought very reasonable that Zhao Hai said that rescues these disaster victims, regarding Tyrant Blade Sect was really too relaxed, the area of Tyrant Blade Sect rule was very big. They every tax has plenty that one year receives, has a large part of grain animal is useless, finally can only be the mildew discards, or breeds Spirit Wine to exist, if puts out some grain to rescue these disaster victims, regarding Tyrant Blade Sect is not any great matter, therefore Yin elder does not oppose the proposition of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai told Yin elder them the small village here Coordinate, Yin elder explain/transfer Zhao Hai several, have closed communication device, after Zhao Hai has closed communication device. Turns the head to that old man said : Senior, you will go to say one with your here Steward person, a while Tyrant Blade Sect person will possibly come your here, put the grain and seed to you, other living necessities, were right, besides your village, where nearby this also had hits by disaster?” That old person quickly said: Returns to the words of Sir, including our village, nearby this altogether more than 30 villages hit by disaster. Their situations with us, some were almost more serious than our here, hear already some village appears the situation of starving to death person.” Zhao Hai has not thought that matter unexpectedly such serious, he is somewhat puzzled, True Spirit Realm here. Can see the mountain everywhere, but on these mountains is growing all kinds of old bastard. Some plants although do not have what medicinal value, can actually eat, why don't they on go together to pick come back to eat? However sees little mouse on own shoulder, Zhao Hai immediately understand why these people did not climb mountains to pick thing to eat, because on these mountains had Monster Beast, the although these Monster Beast strengths were not strong, but these villagers may not practice, their strengths were weaker. Moreover Zhao Hai also understood why these villagers soon have starved to death, actually still not leave this village, because of their leave to other village, may not be helped, they defend in here, perhaps can also endure next year, by that time they can farm, only then can plant, had the crop, they will not starve to death, but if their leave, that possibly really had starved to death.

Zhao Hai hears this situation, has to one time put out communication device, told Laura the here situation, making Laura tell Yin elder them, prepares some using of eating, the person who because these time hits by disaster are not few. But at this time, Yin-Yang 2 elders actually went to Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall, Zhantian Palace there, Sect Master has still been handling the in the gang matter in Zhantian Palace, but he processes generally is various in the gang branch Hall matters, the matter of average person, little will process by him. This Yin-Yang 2 elders together arrives, to is makes Sect Master somewhat surprised, he has put down oneself in hand jade slip, puzzled look at their said : I said that you do come today? Did your young apprentices stir up trouble to you? Didn't he go to the smelting trial?” Yin elder looked at Sect Master said : ill-humoredly what has stirred up trouble, probably Little Hai liked stirring up trouble to be the same very much, but we come today, but also had relationship with Little Hai, before Little Hai passed on information, some villages that our Tyrant Blade Sect governed hit by disaster, the there villagers could not eat the food, he wants to make us send for the disaster relief, I think he said reasonable.” Sect Master stares, then knit the brows said : you says the villagers? Are they the average people?” Yin elder nodded said : „, is some ordinary, ordinary in the ordinary average person, what? doesn't rescue?” Sect Master frowns said : „, but these average people, we manage them to do.” The Yin elder look at Sect Master appearance, forced smile said : I said Sir Sect Master, you are intentional? Why can't the average people rescue? The average people are also the person, in our gate has plenty disciple that chooses from average person there, if we have saved that average person, not only will win the loyalty of these average people, will also make these disciple to Sect loyal, isn't this good? But we must pay. However is some grain. Some ordinary clothing, these thing put in our Sect Warehouse quickly in the mildew, might as well did a good matter with him.” Sect Master one hear of Yin elder said that cannot help but has gawked, then he has stood, transferred two on the ground, finally nodded said : well, good that you said that we should rescue, good. I complied, immediately arranges.” In this time, Yin elder suddenly was feeling that Laura gave his communication device to make a sound, Yin elder gawked. immediately took communication device, opens, Laura personal appearance immediately appears on communication device, Laura to Yin elder gave a salute said : big Master, just the Elder Brother Hai letter said that near that village, the villages of more than 30 disasters, some villages appears the situation of starving to death person, the situation has imagined us is more serious.” Yin elder nodded said : well, I knew.” Said that he has switched off communication device. Turned the head look at Sect Master said : then you to hear, some people have starved to death, we have no alternative but to manage.” Sect Master nodded said : to hear, the immediately/on horseback organization people go to the disaster relief, must guarantee that there person before the tomorrow fall harvest, the grain must suffice to eat, cannot in the appears starving to death person, freeze to death the situation of person.” Yin elder nodded, Sect Master immediately called the person, started to arrange duty.

Zhao Hai has made tavern old person go Village Chief to look. This Village Chief actually is also Patriarch of this village, in True Spirit Realm here, like small village, exists in the way of race generally, naturally also some big villages. Is several Great Surname dominates together, but this small village. Has a surname, Patriarch is Village Chief. Chang Village, is the name of this village, in this village all people are surnamed Chang, this is not the surname that more than see, but these are unimportant, no matter this village surname anything, Zhao Hai will help their one. Has to recognize, Tyrant Blade Sect, if sets up the matter to come , the efficiency of management is very high, in Zhao Hai after Tyrant Blade Sect two hours, the person of a batch disaster relief arrived. These person who came from Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall, they may know Zhao Hai, after Chang Village, has said a hello with Zhao Hai, then starts to give various Chang Village each clan households to put the grain, seed, some food and living necessities, even each family member also obtained Crystal Stone of fate/fixed number quantity, enough after their annual lives. But the immediate consequence that does this is, the Chang Clan person became the Tyrant Blade Sect most faithful subject, later Chang Village each family will establish a piece Tyrant Blade Sect token at home, everyday worships. However Zhao Hai and don’t know these, he looked that the person of Tyrant Blade Sect disaster relief arrived, he was not managing, after Tyrant Blade Sect these people have greeted, his leave Chang Village, was continuing own smelting trial, he cannot lose the too long time in here, said it, now in Sect started the disaster relief, had no need for him, he naturally must continue his smelting trial, Sect does not hope he many meddled these matter. However in following several days time, Zhao Hai is not good, did not mean that he is not wild is used to such day, not the good reason that in fact such day his custom, he crosses is, in the following several days time, he pass through in the disaster area, is some numb faces that he sees, lost of hope to the life, facing this situation, the Zhao Hai mood means cannot be good. One week later, Zhao Hai was thorough leave the disaster area, although said that he knows the stricken the place will be rescued quickly, when he saw these also not rescued disaster victims, very much did not feel better at heart. However these days Zhao Hai to has not encountered any danger, possibly because of the reasons of Tyrant Blade Sect rescue to these disaster victims, making Tyrant Sword Sect and Imperial Beast Sect honest, has not begun to Zhao Hai in there. Zhao Hai slowly proceeds, look at path both sides trees, he in the mountainous area, here cannot be the plain now, however the both sides of path, are big piece forest, True Spirit Realm here population although are still many, but area even bigger, therefore still the feelings of some one type of vast territories with a sparse population, to be honest, Zhao Hai very likes this feeling. Is proceeding, suddenly Zhao Hai felt that behind broadcasts the sound that horse carriage has galloped, Zhao Hai turns the head to look, immediately/on horseback dashes to come from behind, what meeting a train is four horse shape Monster Beast, naturally this is not high level Monster Beast, but is Monster Beast that commoner can use. This horse carriage looks like a little likely is that postal service horse carriage of West, by four horses then, behind is a big carriage, but this carriage looks like actually very magnificent, understood at a glance that sits the person.

In the position of horse carriage driver, sits two, person in hand pulling reins, another holds the chest to sit in there, horse carriage very fast, Zhao Hai does not want to stir up trouble, does not think the tower car(riage), therefore he has let toward the roadside. However he has not thought that horse carriage rushes to his, the carriage driver pulled the reins up, the four horses rise up on two feet, horse carriage one stopped, Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but two eyes shrinks, can only look from this, this driver is cultivator, the strength is not small. Zhao Hai is taking a look at the driver's by that person with him, he presently have not guessed wrong, these two are really cultivator, that person of driving a cart is a husky fellow, the height feared that has about two meters, bronze skin, is moving the metal same gloss, looks at his appearance, Zhao Hai knows that this is defense strength formidable, Innate Divine Strength Body Cultivator, but this person of strength is a little low, only then Rebirth Stage Advanced level strength. But sits that cultivator by driver, looks like over 40 years old, skin very fair and clear, the meticulosity of handling, stern-faced, his strength is actually not weak, has the Soul Fusion Stage strength, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. Zhao Hai when handles the two, the two also in sizing up Zhao Hai, that fair and clear middle-aged person have been standing in the position of driver, held the fist in the other hand said : this mister to invite to Zhao Hai, below Rong Family three Butler, mister, but did comes out to practice, meet duty?” Zhao Hai stares, this Rong Family he really has also heard, Rong Family is very famous in Tyrant Blade Sect, this fame did not mean that their family has left how formidable cultivator, in fact person although of Rong Family practice are many, however in Tyrant Blade Sect, Rong Family anything had not taken the make a move character, only then several ordinary elders are supporting the scene, in fact Rong Family becomes famous in Tyrant Blade Sect, is not because their family how many cultivator, but is because Rong Family is Merchant Clan that Tyrant Blade Sect became famous, their Clan person, the result of practice is not quite good, but in trade. innate skill is actually nobody can compare, many industries of Tyrant Blade Sect, are the Rong Family person is helping sizing up, therefore in the True Spirit Realm here person, some Rong Family also Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Sect Butler saying, obviously Rong Family regarding Tyrant Blade Sect how important. Zhao Hai now regarding the situation although understanding of True Spirit Realm here are not many, but in the situation regarding Tyrant Blade Sect, had has understood, this regarding Tyrant Blade Sect very important Merchant Clan, how possible don’t know his, was only his not understand, this Rong Family person stopped by calling out him to do. Zhao Hai puzzled to this said that the Rong Family three Butler people hold the fist in the other hand said : to see mister, below comes out to practice, does not know that what duty mister does have?” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }