Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2060

Makes duty, is not the patent of Sect cultivator, in fact these Rogue Cultivator will also meet duty, but Rogue Cultivator may not have a no contribution points saying, Rogue Cultivator makes duty, can obtain is also Crystal Stone or Jade essence, little will have other any thing. Moreover Sect cultivator and Rogue Cultivator meet duty to is different, duty that Sect meets is Sect release comes, reward also very rich. But duty that Rogue Cultivator meets what is actually has, some are Merchant release come, some are actually farmer release come, duty that some Rogue Cultivator meet sounds very unusual, for example, a canal of village has stopped up, if the farmer in village does not have the means to dredge, they will put out some Crystal Stone to ask some Rogue Cultivator to help them, Merchant wants the freight, but feared that in the group will have the danger, some of their also please Rogue Cultivator help them. Do not think that does not have the robber in True Spirit Realm here, in fact in True Spirit Realm here, the robber is a point are also many, these robbers are comprised of some Rogue Cultivator, they by taking by force some ordinary Merchant maintain livelihood, moreover these person of normally look like looks like ordinary Rogue Cultivator, they do robber sometimes to be a guest performer , because of this, therefore various Great Sect want to trace does not have the means. Because of this, therefore True Spirit Realm here many Merchant, the person goes out, will employ some Rogue Cultivator to work as the bodyguard, to assure their securities, this is not strange. Do not think that True Spirit Realm here is the world of cultivator rule, in the average person did not have Merchant, when no matter in fact Merchant exists. True Spirit Realm here is also same. In True Spirit Realm here, Merchant returns has plenty, Merchant in many average person, the day pass also good, if behind this Merchant aristocratic family, if few cultivator support, then this aristocratic family feared that will be will not have how long, this will be the True Spirit Realm reality. But also because of such reason, therefore True Spirit Realm here meets appears that many Rogue Cultivator, but these Rogue Cultivator support by these average people. Therefore inquired Rogue Cultivator to meet duty, this was very normal matter. This Butler look at Zhao Hai said : don’t know can mister have the point? If mister does not have the point, we want to ask mister to make some convoy duty, protects our young ladies. Our young ladies must go to Yunfei City to go to to go home to visit one's family, thinks that many please protect to individual, if mister agreed that this board and lodging all the way is under the charge to us, after Yunfei City there, we are giving mister five ten Jade essence as the reward.” This reward is nothing less than rich, especially regarding Rogue Cultivator, such reward was very good, but Zhao Hai does not have what feeling regarding such reward, what he cares is behind this thing of representative. Rong Family is not small Clan. They have complicated relation with Tyrant Blade Sect, especially in the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, almost all cultivator, no matter Rogue Cultivator or the robber, they know that Rong Family and Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, these people do not dare to come Rong Family, so long as in the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, Rong Family should be safe. However now Rong Family is actually willing to pay such high price to hire him, but to work as the bodyguard, what inside story that here surface has? That Butler looked that Zhao Hai frowns has not made noise. Cannot help but deep voice said : „does mister have other duty? That was really too regrettable.”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, mister, I am feared one do not have the means to be competent this time duty, in fact I had made just duty, now did not have other duty. If mister does not shut out, that this duty I met.” although don’t know Rong Family so is why careful. However Zhao Hai decides to receive this duty, because he also wants Yunfei City. Yunfei City is not the ordinary city under Tyrant Blade Sect, Yunfei City can be said as the Tyrant Blade Sect border city, crossed Yunfei City is another one Sect, the Butterfly Sect domain. This Butterfly Sect is not Monster Cultivator Sect, reason that in fact they this name, with their weapon, Body-maneuvering Technique and Monster Beast has relationship, person their weapon of Butterfly Sect very has the characteristics, their weapon are Butterfly Knife of large size, but their Body-maneuvering Technique also known as Butterfly Dance Forward Thrust Body-maneuvering Technique, but they have one type of Life Source Monster Beast, Hidden Mist Blade-Wing Butterfly . Butterfly Sect is not considered as that big faction, but this Sect cultivator also is very difficult to deal with \; first, because of their weapon, their weapon Butterfly Knife, in True Spirit Realm here was one type of Invisible Weapon , second was their Body-maneuvering Technique, their Butterfly Dance Forward Thrust Body-maneuvering Technique, in entire True Spirit Realm were very famous, this Body-maneuvering Technique drifted from place to place, letting the person is unable to ponder over, extremely powerful, third was their Monster Beast. Hidden Mist Blade-Wing Butterfly , beast, if, this butterfly can the release dense fog, this dense fog not only can tunnel the vision of cultivator, but can also block cultivator spiritual force, can make cultivator turn into the deaf person and blind person, but the wing of this butterfly strange, their wings have tenacious very much, thin of next minute, they can the body hidden in the dense fog, then suddenly departs, cuts the enemy with own wing, is one type of lets the person very headache absolutely Monster Beast. Butterfly Sect person although does not dare provoking Tyrant Blade Sect easily, but must say that they have fear how to Tyrant Blade Sect, to is also not necessarily, but Butterfly Sect and Tyrant Blade Sect have not actually lived anything to conflict, because two Sect relationship are also good, is relationship of one type of ally. Naturally, does not have what genuine ally in True Spirit Realm here, Butterfly Sect and Tyrant Blade Sect will have some small conflicts on border, but both sides do is not excessive, but as the matter stands, border of both sides not so was peaceful. How Zhao Hai wants to go to Butterfly Sect there to have a look at Butterfly Sect cultivator to use Butterfly Knife, in his impression, Butterfly Knife is that small blade, but he knows, Butterfly Sect Butterfly Knife, is not considered as small blade, therefore Zhao Hai wants to go to experience. Because has such reason, therefore Zhao Hai will agree that the employment of Rong Family, that Butler one hear of Zhao Hai said that this nodded, to Zhao Hai deep voice said : so good, mister please board.” Said that has referred to horse carriage. Zhao Hai nodded, he noticed that he pats surface also two to be able in horse carriage the position of standing person, looks like gives the guard to prepare specially, Zhao Hai, holds the fist in the other hand to Manager, personal appearance one vertical, on the horse carriage left guard position has stood firm the personal appearance, Manager looked at Zhao Hai such achievement, cannot help but nodded, then turns the head to walk to that driver said :.” That driver shakes oneself in hand reins, horse carriage proceeds to dash to go.

Zhao Hai stands on horse carriage, by the look at path keeps the retreat scenery, breathing a sigh of relief of slightly, to be honest, experienced him for a long time not to have like this, in the past he sat the person in car(riage) generally, but now he actually has become a guard. Thinks that on the face of here Zhao Hai has not shown a smiling face on own initiative, he felt that all these are really very interesting. However Zhao Hai actually has not thought now the young lady who must have a look at this Rong Family three Fang what is long is what idea, he currently had Laura they, he did not want to provoke the woman. Laura they with his such long time, from Lower Realm with him, to the present, he with Laura their sentiments, had been in any thing not to have the means their separated situations, in this case, Zhao Hai will not be provoking the woman, because he is provoking the woman, will be to Laura their one type of injuries, Zhao Hai will not handle such matter. Therefore now Zhao Hai acts is ordinary Rogue Cultivator character, in front of facing Rong Family such Clan, he is naturally honest, therefore he is only stands on horse carriage honestly, acts as character of bodyguard. horse carriage is quick, moreover driver obviously to this road very familiar, at noon, they arrived at not big small town to eat while traveling, this small town known as River City, in River City, the river was through cities, this river not becoming famous , was also not great river, but was actually nearby this most famous quality compensation our traffic line. This River City although is not big city, because in the river bank reason, the in the city climate is very good, very neat, meal that in the city restaurant makes, the flavor is also very good. When driver stopped hotel in front of the door the car(riage), Zhao Hai gawked, he thought the status like Rong Family Young Lady, will look for a nice point hotel, but the hotel that now they are , was actually only a shop, but looked toward from shop in front of the door that can actually see inside has many people. After the car(riage) stops, Zhao Hai stood horse carriage, stood in horse carriage side, but that Manager was actually when has gone down horse carriage first, entered small restaurant of this known as Yu Clan old-established shop. Zhao Hai knows that Manager went to do, the status that Rong Family Young Lady this wanted, ate meal in small tavern like this, must arrange ahead of time, after cannot let the young lady entered the shop, look for the seat, therefore these needed Manager to prepare ahead of time. Before long that Manager walked out from shop, to horse carriage side, has been bowing to horse carriage said : young lady, has arranged, please get out.”

Inside girl's delicate voice conveys said : thanks a lot Uncle Gui.” The vehicle door opens, goes out of a 13 ~ 14 years old little girl from inside, this girl servant appearance, but is actually smartly stands, very beautiful. After the little girls got out, extend the hand to side of vehicle door, extended a hand from the vehicle door, in this hand is bringing the white glove of pure silk, embroidered a lotus flower on the glove with the gold thread, the hand has been putting in girl's hand gently, then the girl's walked out slowly from car(riage). Zhao Hai looked at girl one eyes that this walked in looking, he could not see anything to come, was only certainly this girl's personal appearance very petite, but the stature was also good, on his face was bringing the fine gauze, what could not see clearly long. Zhao Hai has not planned to look that he listened to look at that girl one eyes, then all around turned the head to look to look, momentarily was maintaining the vigilant appearance, is don’t know the misconception, Zhao Hai always felt that had one pair to include the hostility eye in staring at them, especially that vision will always spin on that Rong Family young lady, this let Zhao Hai very uncomfortable. Zhao Hai is uncomfortable, does not want to live anything with the Rong Family young lady, in fact he will not do, he uncomfortable is because, in here some people in having their ideas, feared after is , the right and wrong will not be few. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }