Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2062
Zhao Hai personal appearance appears slowly in courtyard, his look at that handsome fellow, has shown a faint smile said : I to say the handsome fellow, did you a little throw the share? Unexpectedly with this method? Is this method unable to amount to something probably?” They could not amount to something.” Along with the personal appearance, the door opens, Manager and Rong San walked out, Rong San in hand were many a big axe, now coldly look at that handsome fellow. That handsome fellow looked to be opportunistic is inadequate, has let loose in any case, one that he brushed turned on own folding fan, the jogging two next step: I do not want to use this type with the section, but the heaven has care for all living things, I do not want to kill people, since you court death, that no wonder I.” Zhao Hai look at this fellow, shows a faint smile said : he he, what dying is who is uncertain, looks at your appearance, likely is not the obscure individual, report ten thousand.” As soon as that handsome fellow listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but light snort|hum said : that many wasted breath to do, the deceased person does not need to know too many matters.” The in hand folding fan gathers, selects toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai sneers, in has not wasted breath, the in hand long blade wields, fought with that person in one, that person when attack Zhao Hai, fully, in his opinion, what in three people threatened to him is biggest was Manager, after all he was the same with Manager, was Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, therefore his attack Zhao Hai, but was begins, in his opinion, his genuine enemy had Manager one. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, Blade Technique launches, one gave the circle that person in inside. Must mention Spiritual Qi to measure, Zhao Hai truly does not have this handsome fellow to be many, after all Soul Fusion Stage is the equal to two people also practices, the Spiritual Qi quantity comes compared with Zhao Hai, were many. However must say regarding the practice of style. That handsome fellow sycophancy cannot catch up with Zhao Hai, is adding on him not to have fully, therefore came up by Zhao Hai Blade Technique to the circle in inside, completely has been at passive. Shuai Ge was shocked. Manager was shocked, Rong San was also shocked, in True Spirit Realm here, jumps the ranks the challenge and has, but are not really many, what most important is, in True Spirit Realm here, all can jump the ranks the person of challenge. Generally is on Continent becomes famous by the long talent, a name like Zhao Hai does not see after cultivator that does not pass on, jumps the ranks with Blade Technique unexpectedly the challenge, this cannot imagine absolutely. That handsome fellow regretted. He regrets his pulling rank. Even the regret had this motion, Zhao Hai so was difficult to deal with, the side two people have not begun, if their together began. He cannot ask to be good absolutely. He is not a youth, the situation is not presently right, he started to consider was escaping, but he also knows, if looks up now him with own strength, blocks the attack of Zhao Hai. Will only let Manager and Rong San meddles, such words he has had bad luck, therefore he does not have immediately to block the attack of Zhao Hai with the complete strength, conversely, he is still keeping off the attack of Zhao Hai, but actually bit by bit directs Zhao Hai to Manager and Rong San side. Zhao Hai how possible don’t know how he plans. However Zhao Hai has not made noise, this person wants to run that is impossible. Zhao Hai Doppelganger already release went, has been waiting for this fellow outside, if he wants to run, will be surely given to block by Zhao Hai Doppelganger, therefore he cannot be inescapable. Manager is not a fool, he is also clear that fellow the plan, he also leads Rong San to encircle there to encircle toward the war, that person looked that Manager and Rong San have encircled, knows one wanted to escape was somewhat difficult, his eyeball revolution, looked at that house that a young lady was, cannot help but two eyes one bright, then he in retreat, did not start fully instead drew back. Zhao Hai Blade Technique although is very strong, but the strength of that handsome fellow is not weak, Blade Technique complete expansion of Zhao Hai, has hit an evenness with him, wants to defeat him, is almost impossible, therefore Zhao Hai beforehand superiority disappearance slowly, final two head well-matched. Manager looked at this situation, coldly snorted, the hand has wielded, long blade appears in his hand, a blade has cut toward that cultivator.

Manager this join, that cultivator in time falling to leeward, his strength is really not weak, is defending strictly the gateway, Zhao Hai and Manager they did not have the means with him at once. But at this time Rong San wanted the help unable to meddle, his strength was in several people weakest one, moreover his weapon big axe, this weapon most suited in the magnificent scene uses, like the fight of this type of small scale, used the big axe somewhat to suffer a loss, therefore he can only stand in the one side stares on helplessly. At this moment, that person of suddenly waves, one group of black sand they raise toward Zhao Hai and Manager, ten points suddenly that this gets down, moreover that sand just appears , Zhao Hai heard a rank stink, he knows that sand certain poisonous, his immediately/on horseback said loudly: Be careful, poisonous.” Did not need him saying that Manager also knows this sand is not good thing, the Manager personal appearance cannot help but in the future will draw back absolutely. Zhao Hai does not have retreat, however his Blade Force also receives, oneself protects, in has kept off, all flies to his sand, was blocked by him. At this time, that person of personal appearance proceeded to put on, then a very strange booklet, such as snake same proceeded to flush away, one has let Zhao Hai, from the blank generation between Zhao Hai and Manager drilled, but his target unexpectedly was not the courtyard wall, but was young lady's room. Sees this situation, Manager complexion cannot help but changes, his shouted: Evildoer, you dare! said that the personal appearance moved to pursue, however was a pity that he did not grow perceptibly by Lightweight Art, was impossible to overtake that person. That person laughs, must sneak in young lady's in the room shortly, suddenly blade appears on his advancing path, this blade came quite quick, is quite fierce. That person cried out strangely, personal appearance folds the in hand folding fan one to block this sudden blade, then the personal appearance moved, jumped up the roof, but at this time Zhao Hai has bound in one group of blade light, the direct that person killed. That cold sound said : your other proud, I will also come back!” Said that this saying, his personal appearance flashes, vanish from sight, but Zhao Hai hears this saying, actually staggers, almost falls down, he has not thought that fellow actually will say such a few words, because these words he was too familiar. Brings to have the hat of patch, on the face has the scar bad luck egg, spoke these words often. Standing of Zhao Hai on roof, looks direction that cultivator went far away. Cannot help but let out a long breath, then the turning the head personal appearance moves, jumped down from the room, he knows that he could not overtake that fellow, only if uses Pegasus, but he does not want to use Pegasus now. Waits for Zhao Hai to stand in courtyard the time, Manager also let out a long breath, deep voice to Zhao Hai said : what kind of?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „unable to overtake. Lightweight Art very good of fellow, I think that today can keep here him, has not actually thought that he is one uses poisonous Expert unexpectedly. Misjudged.” Manager patted his shoulder said : to call me Uncle Gui. You do not need to rebuke oneself, but the fellow one Sect cultivator, he cannot block him to be also normal.”

Zhao Hai stares, then puzzled look at Manager said : Uncle Gui do you know him?” Uncle Gui shook the head said : my although not to know him. However can actually general guessing correctly, he belongs to that one Sect, in my opinion, he possibly belongs to Amidst Flowers Sect, Amidst Flowers Sect is medium grade sends Sect evilly, follower is the good-looking man beautiful woman. However this Sect is actually entire True Spirit Realm most repugnant Sect, because in this Sect, no matter male cultivator is not female cultivator, is some flower thief(rapist).” Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, this Amidst Flowers Sect he really has also heard, this Sect also really like Uncle Gui said that was obscene thief Sect. But reason that this flower sends can exist now , because in their Demon Alliance. Behind them has several Large Demon School's support, therefore lets them rampantly to the present. In True Spirit Realm here, Sect is divided into three influences, positive, evil, the demon, influence altogether the most powerful, in 81 Great Sect, Righteous Influence has occupied 35, next is Demon Influence, Demon Influence occupied 28 final 18 is Evil Cultivator Sect. These three influence not Taihe, but has not actually lived the too big conflict, because they know opposite party very formidable, even if the opposite party destroying completely, oneself will also lose seriously, in this case, they will certainly not begin. But the Righteous Path influence has Justice League, Demon Influence has Demon Alliance, but the Evil Path influence has also composed Devil Coalition, heard many Ghost Cultivator join to the Evil Path alliance. These three big influences are the True Spirit Realm genuine overlords, but in these three big influences, is contradictory layer on layer, does not have that influence, can his easily another two influences tidying up, therefore, True Spirit Realm here, it can be said that the potential of the confrontation among three forces. But Amidst Flowers Sect is actually in Demon Alliance the most important constituent, do not think that Amidst Flowers Sect is medium grade Sect is good to bully, Amidst Flowers Sect has a tradition, they can with the average person, when the cauldron furnace practices, then can others, when cauldron furnace, therefore Amidst Flowers Sect each year of metropolis has plenty female cultivator will marry other Sect to go, will have some cultivator to marry other Sect female cultivator to be the wife, can say that Amidst Flowers Sect with this alternative marriage way continually, in Demon Alliance, wove has become a huge relationship net, therefore Amidst Flowers Sect was not simple medium grade Sect, To cope with them not to be easy. If ordinary Rogue Cultivator, but may also not hear the Amidst Flowers Sect name, but Zhao Hai has actually heard, his although comes the True Spirit Realm here time not to be long, but Tyrant Blade Sect is different from Rogue Cultivator, he understood in Tyrant Blade Sect there thing that possibly is these Rogue Cultivator is for a lifetime impossible to know. Uncle Gui looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but said : how, Little Hai, you probably have heard this Amidst Flowers Sect?” Before Zhao Hai nodded said : „, hear of others have said that this is Sect probably Demon Path Sect? They dare to go into the Tyrant Blade Sect domain to come up, if matter? Did not fear that was chased down by Tyrant Blade Sect?” Uncle Gui forced smile said : they feared certainly, so long as after they go well, immediately/on horseback leave Tyrant Blade Sect domain, Tyrant Blade Sect not because of our young ladies, but makes war with Amidst Flowers Sect, in that case, does not do well is a demon war, they will not do.” Zhao Hai nodded, then his puzzled look at Uncle Gui said : Uncle Gui, why will that fellow stare at the young lady? I felt that the young lady has not practiced probably is excessively same, he should not stare at the young lady is right?”

Uncle Gui has smiled bitterly next step: You do not understand, young lady's her body is quite special, is Nine Absolute Yin lineage , moreover is Water element variation ice spirit root, therefore the young lady cannot practice, because she, as soon as practices, the whole body meridians freeze dies, but regarding the Amidst Flowers Sect person, the young lady is actually...... Oh, in brief after us, careful, stared by the Amidst Flowers Sect person, our troubles will not be small.” Zhao Hai one hear of Uncle Gui said that immediately understand what's the matter, Nine Absolute Yin lineage , in has iced spirit root in addition, such woman can be said as the body of Pure Yin, in her body inborn is containing the air/Qi of very strong Pure Yin, the air/Qi of this type of Pure Yin regarding practicing Amidst Flowers Sect that Evil Sect Cultivation Method cultivator was saying that absolutely was the thing of big making up, no wonder that fellow stared at the young lady. Zhao Hai their here hits is so lively, naturally also has alarmed the person in village, but the people in village are some average people, their very clear, the battle between cultivator, they are impossible to be involved, even if has a liking for two eyes not to be good, because such they for this reason will possibly pay with the life the price. Uncle Gui after Zhao Hai spoke, has arrived at young lady's room in front of the door, whispered: Young lady, but disturbed you.” Girl's voice conveys said : it doesn't matter Uncle Gui, today is laborious you, if tomorrow on the late point, you rests well.” Uncle Gui shook the head said : not to need young lady, tomorrow we are normal, otherwise feared that could not rush to Magnificent Dragon City to rest, such words we danger.” Young lady's voice conveys said : „to listen to the arrangement of Uncle Gui, the expensive step, you also rests.” Uncle Gui has complied with one, greeted Zhao Hai and Rong San returned to in the room rest, arrived at in the room, Rong San received own big axe, has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : that look at made an effort good brothers, you may really be great, you can block that fellow's attack unexpectedly, was really fierce.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I very much to have innate skill on Blade Technique, if hits, I may not necessarily be that person of match, you know that my Spiritual Qi is inferior to him to be many, finally he is drags also to be able me dragging, he mainly fears Uncle Gui.” Uncle Gui deep voice said : was good, the rest, tomorrow must hurry along.” Zhao Hai and Rong San complied with one, Rong San in one time have lain down, before long had the snoring, but Zhao Hai actually still sat cross-legged to sit in there, the Uncle Gui look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but shook the head, he was knew now, Zhao Hai absolutely was a practice madman. Zhao Hai is also specially the performance like a practice madman, only then can explain why his Blade Technique formidable, otherwise Uncle Gui will doubt his identity. Zhao Hai always felt that Rong Family the young lady, these time is not to go home to visit one's family so is simple. Late at night that Amidst Flowers Sect person, Zhao Hai they have not rested dawn, at will has eaten thing, has given Village Chief the expense of lodging, was catching up with car(riage) leave.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }