Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2064

Zhao Hai look at that Amidst Flowers Sect cultivator, coldly snorted said : plays tricks, looks at the blade!” Said a in hand long blade pendulum, a blade toward that person of detachment. Rong Gui has not thought that Zhao Hai this began, his complexion cannot help but changes, at this moment, suddenly in his hand were many same thing, met to transmit Zhao Hai sound speaking sounds: Uncle Gui, this is hundred years of lotus root, takes to the young lady under this.” A lotus root of Rong Gui look at in hand cannot help but stares, but he also can only believe Zhao Hai now, no matter the opposite party is the Tyrant Blade Sect person, Zhao Hai the opposite party offending, moreover Rong Gui very clear, this account will record his head finally, therefore he does not have other to choose now. When Zhao Hai draws a sword toward that person attacks, that person also lifts the blade to welcome, but after the personal appearance is to actually live direct, before having fallen back on the window, jumped to jump, Zhao Hai already knows that he will do such, followed close on also to jump in behind. Zhao Hai they now in ten layers of hotel, here are not low to the ground, but in them can well Lightweight Art, junction that in airborne still keeps, but how that person with the blade saw that somewhat is irritable. They fight several rounds, fell in the in the city ground, at this time the in the city person also presently the fight of here, these average people screamed, scatters in all directions to run away, simultaneously a sound conveys said : where the petty people, dares to begin in Magnificent Dragon City.” As this sound comes, a formidable pressure, Zhao Hai felt, this pressure most at least if also Teleportation Stage cultivator can come out. Stands also stares in the Zhao Hai opposite person. complexion is somewhat ugly. Zhao Hai looked at that person of one, sneers said : youngster, takes your commonly used weapon, otherwise you died.” At this moment, in sky appears a shadow, direct Zhao Hai their here flew, before long Zhao Hai saw a middle age installed Chinese appears in him with that person of sky, that person has sized up Zhao Hai and Amidst Flowers Sect that cultivator, in the eye has shown a puzzled facial expression. At this moment that Amidst Flowers Sect person suddenly open the mouth and said: This Martial Uncle invited, below always often Outer Disciple. This time is to come out to make duty, has not thought that this Rogue Cultivator intoxicates to injure someone in the city unexpectedly, I treat and cure him not to let, in the city fights with me unexpectedly. Invited Martial Uncle make a move, must take him.” Now that Amidst Flowers Sect person is still a appearance of Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, therefore he wants to confuse falsehood with the truth, makes a false countercharge. However Zhao Hai was not that type is said person who did not talk back, Zhao Hai open the mouth and said: This Sir invited, below is Rogue Cultivator that Rong Family hires, protects Rong Family Young Lady, but this person is actually Amidst Flowers Sect evil spirit, under poisons the Rong Family non- elder sister unexpectedly, but also plays the role of the Tyrant Blade Sect person. Asked the Sir to take him first below.”

That cultivator one hear of their words, cannot help but stare, then two eyebrows select said : „, no matter you are any status, dares to begin in this city is not good, I all take you first, is doing to haggle over.” Said that his hand wields, two hand shape Qi Strength grasp toward Zhao Hai and that Amidst Flowers Sect cultivator. That Amidst Flowers Sect cultivator sees this situation, complexion cannot help but changes, must say that the technique of this disguise is not brilliant, if were stressed the careful examination. Certainly will reveal the secret, thought of here, Amidst Flowers Sect the cultivator cannot be waiting, he has cried out strangely, the in hand long blade, when the throwing knife used. Effort throws toward that hand shape Qi Strength, simultaneously his turn around. The body like Spirit Snake, runs toward distant place. But is opposite with him, Zhao Hai has not actually moved, he stands in there, whatever that hand shape Qi Strength grasps toward oneself, simultaneously his face funny look at good Amidst Flowers Sect cultivator that runs toward the distant place, that fellow this runs, one has exposed his status, he thinks, no matter what his Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, can run Teleportation Stage cultivator that has been able to fly? Really, looked that Amidst Flowers Sect fellow ran, Tyrant Blade Sect the guy cannot help but coldly snorted, he now also understand, truly some people have been pretending the Tyrant Blade Sect person, this makes him infuriated, he gave up Zhao Hai, the personal appearance moved to pursue toward that person. But at this time, several Tyrant Blade Sect people arrived at the Zhao Hai side. Zhao Hai look at these facial color somewhat bad Tyrant Blade Sect people, immediately/on horseback received the blade, has seen several Sirs to several people of gave a salute said :, was Rogue Cultivator that Rong Family hired, protected the Rong Family Young Lady security specially, just that person intoxicated to Rong Family Young Lady, pretended the Tyrant Blade Sect Sir, has then hit with him below, how several did not believe that Rong Family three Butler in building.” That several Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator to is not the mindless person, one of them nodded said : some Rong Family people in easy to do, and leads me to go to see the Rong Family person.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, leading several people to walk toward the building. They just entered in the building, sees Rong Gui walked out from the building, looked at Zhao Hai behind several Tyrant Blade Sect people, Rong Gui also almost understand what's the matter, his immediately/on horseback bowed said : Rong Family Third House Manager Rong Gui to see several Sirs to that several people, this was below Identity Card.” Said that put out a piece Jade Token to give that several Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator. After lead Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator received Jade Token , looked at one, then nodded, deep voice said : originally is Rong Gui Manager, does not know that Miss your house/family can have the danger?” Rong Gui quickly said: Exhausted Sir cared, my family young lady was good, this villain escorts the young lady to go to go home to visit one's family, actually does not think that in the halfway by a Amidst Flowers Sect remote person staring, that Amidst Flowers Sect person, has dared to pretend to be the Tyrant Blade Sect Sir today unexpectedly, if not by Zhao Hai present, we were dangerous.” Rong Gui this saying is very ordinary, actually does not think that Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator hears Zhao Hai this name time, cannot help but has gawked, then he suddenly turned around looked at Zhao Hai one, the two eyes extraordinary splendor dodged continually, finally he nodded said : to be all right well, we went back, later had the matter to come in Tyrant Blade Sect to rescue, your Rong Family did not compare with my Tyrant Blade Sect relationship general, I and others met make a move to rescue.”

Zhao Hai originally is the worldly person same character, looked that person of look knows that person knows his status, but that person feared that was also under the above order, will not come to recognize each other with him, therefore so will say to Rong Gui that this saying was also says to him actually. Zhao Hai to that person of nod of slightly, nodded to Zhao Hai that person may not observe, then led person turn around to walk. Looked that these people walked, Rong Gui followed hastily, has delivered to out of the door these Tyrant Blade Sect people, this half step walked, to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you are all right?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to be all right, that fellow is to that we begin, as soon as I entered the room to know, Amidst Flowers Sect these fellows, their body fragrance, I did smell that fragrance, Uncle Gui, the young lady have been all right?” Rong Gui nodded said : to be all right, promptness of good treatment.” At this time Rong San and that maidservant also came back, before Rong San, has come back one time, has delivered to here that Amidst Flowers Sect fellow, then looked to give a pretext by Amidst Flowers Sect that fellow getting someone to leave, but that maidservant truly just came back, but is actually depressed of face, obviously he had not found the lotus root. Two know that some here people begin, but specific what's the matter actually don’t know, therefore comes back to see Zhao Hai and Rong Gui now stands in first floor, immediately has encircled, Rong San quickly said: Uncle Gui, here What happened? I heard that just some people did fight in here?” Rong Gui nodded that fellow who said : you just got is fake, the fellow is that Amidst Flowers Sect fellow disguise, the Little Hai present morning, now young lady is dangerous, fortunately, young lady has been all right now, I estimated that Amidst Flowers Sect that fellow these time cannot be inescapable.” Zhao Hai nodded, Amidst Flowers Sect that fellow truly had not run, in fact that fellow by Tyrant Blade Sect that guy grasping returned to Magnificent Dragon City Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, but now that already, no matter the Zhao Hai matter, that Amidst Flowers Sect fellow silently will certainly be processed. Rong San one hear of Rong Gui said that is actually complexion changes, then his face ashamed is unfair to Uncle Gui to Rong Gui said :, is my mistake, I have not thought that fellow is actually that Amidst Flowers Sect person pretends.” Rong Gui beckoned with the hand said : to consider as finished, I do not have presently, Purple Bamboo, goes upstairs to look after the young lady, Little San, goes to outside to buy several pet Monster Beast, partner/shop assistant, making the kitchen make a gruel to me, Little Hai, we come up.” Several people have complied with one, each one was busy.

Rong Gui was bringing Zhao Hai returned to his room, after entering the room, Rong Gui asked Zhao Hai to sit down, this deep voice said : Little Hai, I must thank you, this twice, if were not you, the young lady was dangerous, Little Hai, did you have interest join our Rong Family? If you are interested, I can in Rong Family, seek position of the Guest Official to you.” join Clan regarding some Rogue Cultivator, is their long-awaited matters, but Zhao Hai hears the Rong Gui words, at heart is actually a forced smile, he holds the fist in the other hand said : to be unfair to Uncle Gui to Rong Gui, I because of own some reasons, therefore cannot join Rong Family, asking Uncle Gui to excuse me.” Hears the reply of Zhao Hai, Rong Gui cannot help but regret sighed in the mouth to be mad said : that is really too regrettable, but it doesn't matter, later you, if met anything to trouble, can come Rong Family to look for me, so long as were our Rong Family can help, we'll certainly help was busy.” Zhao Hai cannot help but darkly approves Rong Gui to cultivate the behavior, Rong Family although is also cultivator Clan, however the Clan strength is not very strong, like Clan that this wants, wins over some Rogue Cultivator to take Clan Guest Official, that is very ordinary matter, moreover sometimes, some strength formidable Rogue Cultivator will win over by them not necessarily, but can maintain friendly relationship with these Rogue Cultivator, regarding them is also only then the advantage does not have the fault. Now Rong Gui such does, although he is not Rogue Cultivator, but actually also cannot help but raised to Rong Family now a favorable impression. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but holds the fist in the other hand to his Rong Gui said : thanks a lot Uncle Gui, if needed , later, I will certainly go to the Rong Family rescue, if Rong Family has to have a need for my place, invited Uncle Gui certain start to talk, was right, this was a piece with my Contact Formation, asking Noble to receive.” Was saying Zhao Hai puts out made of metal, looks like somewhat rough formation, has given Rong Gui.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }