Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2065

You determined really that is Zhao Hai?” In Magnificent Dragon City Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, Zhao Hai had seen before that Teleportation Stage guy, to his front humanity. Will not be absolutely wrong, I have determined, his also recognize, he is Zhao Hai not wrong.” The person of speech, before , with that Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator that Rong Gui spoke. This guy Magnificent Dragon City Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall Hall Master, Tyrant Blade Sect elder, Lei Bao, but to the person who he spoke, was his Senior Brother, Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples Yang Feng. Did Lei Bao knit the brows said : Zhao Hai to pound together with the Rong Family person? Does two Elders make the Rong Family person look after Zhao Hai?” Yang Feng shook the head said : I not to look like, the Rong Family person resembles simply not to know that the Zhao Hai status, Senior Brother, you looked how this matter can process?” Yang Feng and Lei Bao had heard from Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall there Zhao Hai name, they also know that Zhao Hai in the near future coming out smelting trial, they even obtained information in General Hall there, if there are if possible, General Hall there hopes that they can give Zhao Hai certain help. Like this before order them, has not received, this is also their surprised reasons, their not understand, General Hall there why to Zhao Hai such attendance, but no matter what, they know that status of Zhao Hai in Tyrant Blade Sect is extraordinary, if there are if possible, they to did not mind that helps Zhao Hai, after all Zhao Hai is also the Tyrant Blade Sect person. Moreover Lei Bao and Yang Feng know that Zhao Hai offended Tyrant Sword Sect and Imperial Beast Sect now, the danger of this coming out smelting trial, if higher than other people, if there are if possible, they naturally must assure the Zhao Hai security. Lei Bao nodded said : I already to hear, two Elders is not low regarding the appraisal of Zhao Hai, it seems like that the Rong Family real don’t know Zhao Hai status, otherwise borrows Rong Family several courage, their also non- balls hires Zhao Hai, if they know that Zhao Hai status, feared that was already got up the Zhao Hai person tribute. Ok, it seems like Zhao Hai is really the duty when Rogue Cultivator meets, but by the Zhao Hai disposition. His general duty is impossible to meet, I heard, the fellow is the rich man who in our Tyrant Blade Sect became famous, you said that was what he present?” Yang Feng knit the brows said : Senior Brother. You look at us with Zhao Hai Lian are, if he with Rong Family were really present anything, our here was also good to make some preparations, even if were he is only for duty, we and he contacted. Makes friendly friends to be also good.” Lei Bao nodded said : well, that tries to contact with him, by the Rong Family person present, Rong Family that young lady was poisoned, they will possibly rest in here for two days, you find a time to go, goes personally.” Yang Feng nodded said : is, Senior Brother. I knew. To be honest, I to this Zhao Hai also really am very curious, that Amidst Flowers Sect fellow is not good to deal with, but that fellow suffered a loss in Zhao Hai in hand, the Zhao Hai strength is weaker than him, so looks like. Zhao Hai also really has his unique point.” Lei Bao shows a faint smile said : naturally, otherwise Zhao Hai is impossible becomes two Elders disciple. two Elders looks for the disciple condition, but very harsh, this Zhao Hai I heard. He is the Slaughter God common character.” Yang Feng smiles said : „, if not the Slaughter God common character, is impossible becomes two Elders disciple, two Elders these many years have not received disciple, will be insane their disciple, now look like they to Zhao Hai very satisfied, to be honest, I also to Zhao Hai felt that very surprised, you looked he comes the Sect less than two years, can carry on the Doppelganger smelting trial unexpectedly, such progress degree may really suffice quickly.” Perhaps Lei Bao sighed said : this is also Sect takes seriously his reason, no matter what, Zhao Hai was our Tyrant Blade Sect person, can help his words probably help as far as possible.” Yang Feng complied with one, turn around walked.

Zhao Hai and don’t know Lei Bao they actually obtained Sect such information, don’t know Lei Bao wants to send for contacting him unexpectedly, he knows that this time Doppelganger smelting trial, but was different from the past, in Tyrant Blade Sect, the person of Doppelganger smelting trial, did not permit optional in the person contact with Sect, the person in Sect, cannot optional contacted with them, he thinks that the opposite party has recognized him, in doubting his identity, does not want that many. Zhao Hai to Rong Gui that Transmission Formation real, but that is one can only be used to pass on jade slip or low system letter Transmission Formation, is not direct hold a conversation Transmission Formation, such Transmission Formation, is Rogue Cultivator most commonly used thing, Zhao Hai takes, will not cause the suspicion of Rong Gui. After Rong Gui received Zhao Hai Transmission Formation, received carefully, general Doppelganger Stage Rogue Cultivator, is impossible to have such allowance, but Zhao Hai has, how because cannot find out the Zhao Hai strength Rong Gui to the present. After receiving Zhao Hai Transmission Formation, Rong Gui turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, now young lady was poisoned, although the toxin has solved now, but I hope that we can rest for two days in Magnificent Dragon City, now Tyrant Blade Sect knew we arrived at Magnificent Dragon City, we were safe, over the two days you can the extension extension well in Magnificent Dragon City, Magnificent Dragon City really spirit the city of good food big here became famous, went to the in the city tasting good food well, this gives you.” Said that Rong Gui put out Space Bag to give Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai not polite, he received Space Bag to look, inside is actually some Crystal Stone, the quantity is not many, about 100. Zhao Hai to has not considered too little, received, expressed gratitude to Rong Gui. Rong Gui beckoned with the hand said : Little Hai, is not I do not want to give you some Crystal Stone, now is to give your Jade essence does not have anything, but in this Magnificent Dragon City cultivator are not many, the people many trade with money, Crystal Stone will be only cultivator will use, therefore in this Magnificent Dragon City, even if gives you Jade essence, feared that will unable to spend, your feel relieved, I will not treat unjustly the person.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Uncle Gui to consider thoroughly, my understand what's the matter, to be honest, I did not have other hobby, is delicious, tomorrow I must go well tastes the good food in this Magnificent Dragon City.” Rong Gui one hear of Zhao Hai said that also cannot help but laughs said : well, but Magnificent Dragon City here dried meat flavor Continent one certainly, if you like, buys the point to take unexpectedly takes the dry rations, that is rare good thing.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, has stood, holds the fist in the other hand to Rong Gui said : Uncle Gui, if no other matter, I first went back.” Because the Dragon Palace here room are many. Rong Gui also very natural opened a room to Zhao Hai and a Rong San person, room although is not best, actually also good. After Zhao Hai returned to own room. immediately starts to sit to control one's breathing, he his strength was insufficient in a feeling today, today Tyrant Blade Sect that Teleportation Stage cultivator to his make a move time, if he in not in the situation that uses Space to escape. Does not have any stratagem which ensures success, this made the Zhao Hai sense of crisis at heart more intense. A night does not have the words, next morning, after having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai said one to Rong Gui. On leave Dragon Palace, in Magnificent Dragon City in all directions is strolling. Walks while look at all around situation, moreover he has also tried the Magnificent Dragon City here snack, flavor really good, especially beforehand Rong Gui had mentioned dried meat, Ye [say / way] is very good, does, but no fat, very tasty. Also has the chewability very much. Really is good thing. Noon time he does not have returned to Dragon Palace to go, to be honest the Dragon Palace there meal does was also a matter, Zhao Hai at will looks for one has looked like the shops of some years walked, Zhao Hai knows that must understand some local good food, you must enter such old-established shop. Like the meal that in Dragon Palace the shop makes, on Continent any big point hotel can do. Not any special place.

Zhao Hai just entered this shop, partner/shop assistant welcomed. Bows to Zhao Hai said : have seen Sir, in the Sir requests personally, Sir several, must sit sits elegantly must dine in the hall.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to ask a Nha to sit to me, delivers four to me the signature dish in your shop, is sending two pot liquor.” partner/shop assistant has complied with one, directed Nha in building to sit Zhao Hai, after Zhao Hai sat down, this turn around exited. Before long partner/shop assistant carried the tray to come up, on the tray was suspending four dishes, was putting two pot liquor, the tableware, after partner/shop assistant thing put down, said requested verbally took your time on leave. That partner/shop assistant walks, Zhao Hai to oneself but actually one glass of liquor, has drunk one, then tries the dish in this shop, the flavor is very good, Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded. In this time, suddenly out of the door is hearing the sound of knocking on a door, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, then complexion changes, because he has not heard the sound of footsteps, but Zhao Hai calm, his deep voice said : please come in.” The door shoves open, a person walked from outside, the person who Zhao Hai looks , a facial expression cannot help but loosen. This person of passing through the gate, holds the fist in the other hand said : Tyrant Blade Sect Magnificent Dragon City Outer Hall Inner Disciples Yang Feng to see Zhao Hai Junior Brother to Zhao Hai.” Comes person Yang Feng, he received the order of Lei Bao, lets him and Zhao Hai contacts, therefore a Zhao Hai Dragon Palace gate he knows today that now looked Zhao Hai is eating meal, this did not come on horse first. Zhao Hai has also stood hastily, returns salute said : to see Yang Feng Senior Brother, yesterday has really sorry, because in Sect has regulation, therefore cannot contact with Senior Brother, but also asked Senior Brother to excuse me.” Yang Feng beckoned with the hand, laughs said : not to be no need to say sorry, this no big deal, we contact with you in fact now, this is Sect does not permit, but can in here meet Senior Brother, this is also the fate, does not come you unable to meet with Junior Brother, Senior Brother I feared one will stay behind regretted.” Does Zhao Hai laugh said : Senior Brother to please sit down, how coming together to drink one cup?” Yang Feng smiles said : to be so best, Junior Brother invited.” Said that Yang Feng also sat, Zhao Hai gave him to pour one glass of liquor, they have bumped the cup, tossed down. Puts down wine glass, Yang Feng then look at Zhao Hai said : Junior Brother, you may raise really suffices the low key, to this Magnificent Dragon City, did not contact with us unexpectedly, Junior Brother, does not compare now before, person who now comes out to make the Doppelganger training truly, when various branch Hall, will go to there to report, if there is a matter to be also good to take care.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to consider as finished, I do not need, if made Master know, but there are me to receive.” Yang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has smiled, then his look at Zhao Hai said : Junior Brother, you speak the truth with me, this Rong Family what's the matter? You are only making duty, present had the place that what does not suit?”

Zhao Hai knit the brows said : now I not to clarify, Rong Family this time situation is somewhat special, don’t know they in doing anything, if only ordinary to go home to visit one's family, their simply does not need to hire the person, moreover their to go home to visit one's family place unexpectedly in Yunfei City, there, but border, therefore I now and don’t know what's the matter, after must go to Yunfei City that city, can know.” Yang Feng nodded said : „, if Junior Brother has anything presently, must tell us that I thought this matter must say one to Sect to well, Rong Family now control Sect many business, if has anything to change , will then have some influences to Sect.” Zhao Hai nodded, shook the head said : to report Sect this matter, but I do not think that Rong Family dares to betray Sect, Merchant Clan like them, if they dare to betray Sect, no matter they invest into that one Sect, unavoidably extinguished bad luck, therefore they do not dare.” Yang Feng nodded said : „more careful to well, this matter I will report, come, Junior Brother, we drink.” Zhao Hai also carries wine glass to come, has done one cup with Yang Feng together. Zhao Hai they altogether stayed for three days in Magnificent Dragon City, in these three days of Zhao Hai Magnificent Dragon City all around strolling, has bought the Magnificent Dragon City here many special foods, but these three days of times, Rong Gui has been taking care of Rong Family that young lady, that young lady present body finally complete restoration. Young lady was healthy, they naturally in one time left, but just came out from Magnificent Dragon City not far, Zhao Hai they stopped, because in their front, one group of people have blocked the way, this group of everybody count not many, only then ten, all take the sword strap sword, valiant aura, but the strength is also that a matter, strongest also is really Earth Monarch Stage. When Zhao Hai face vigilant look at these people, the splendor actually stood got up said : well, you came finally, originally was Mister Hua came personally, these time troubled mister.” In ten people Earth Monarch Stage cultivator somewhat arrogant nod said : of that sole Manager said young lady poisoned, why rest several days well in Magnificent Dragon City isn't walking? But young lady now unobstructive?” Rong Gui nodded said : to return to the mister words, young lady already unobstructive, we must hurry along, does mister ride Horse comes? Please send in front of them to lead the way.” That Mister Hua nodded said : well.” Then at will has referred to their said : you, front leads the way, other people take Horse comes, follows behind horse carriage, protects the young lady.” These cultivator have complied with one, various prepared. Before long Mister Hua they took out ten horse from forest, Mister Hua turning over start, have arrived at horse carriage behind, when he saw Zhao Hai on horse carriage, cannot help but did the knitting the brows head, to Rong Gui said : Gui Manager, how here have a bystander?”( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }