Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2066

Rong Gui obviously to this Mister Hua very respectful, this also no wonder he, the Mister Hua strength is Earth Monarch Stage, this in Great Sect possibly is not anything, however in Rogue Cultivator, is actually small Expert, the inheritance that Rogue Cultivator obtains generally is incomplete, moreover they are some innate skill are not very good people, therefore Rogue Cultivator cultivation level is not generally high, only if some hidden spirit root people, otherwise Rogue Cultivator will not have the too high achievement. Because of this, the Rogue Cultivator strength is generally very therefore weak, this Mister Hua evidently is the Rogue Cultivator family background, can by the body of Rogue Cultivator, practice Earth Monarch Stage, is very result. Rong Family although has several Expert, but that several Expert of their family now also in Tyrant Blade Sect, are makes their Clan and Tyrant Blade Sect maintain steps up the relation of secret, therefore now Expert in Rong Family are not many, but this Mister Hua is one, therefore he is very high in the Rong Family status, is not can Guest Official is so simple, he is the Rong Family guest's seat elder, has very high authority and status. Therefore one hear of Mister Hua such asked that Rong Gui quickly said: Returns to the mister words, this is Mr. Zhao Hai, he was we hires on the road, this has been lucky Mr. Zhao Hai all the way, otherwise these time was dangerous.” Mister Hua looked at Zhao Hai one, somewhat arrogant nod said : of was good, that lets him, Gui Manager, let's go.” Rong Gui complied with one, immediately has made Rong San drive a cart, one team of people proceeded to walk. Zhao Hai stands on the vehicle, does not have, he now is only Rogue Cultivator. A bodyguard. Completed own duty to be good. horse carriage starts off, but Zhao Hai actually feels that Mister Hua probably to his some hostilities, Zhao Hai cannot help but secret being careful, motion of this Rong Family very strange, if a young lady goes to to go home to visit one's family, simply does not need such rigid, if in the common situation, to go visiting relative, is when impossible, appears these many matters. She already should go back, but this Rong Family such has not actually done, this itself somewhat is strange, therefore Zhao Hai wants to have a look at Rong Family to do. Battalion troops' arrival. Not only has not let horse carriage changes quick, conversely, but also lets horse carriage slowed down much, because there are these people, Rong Gui thought safely, naturally slow, after all horse carriage of quick to run quickly, was not that comfortable. Because the car(riage) slowed down, therefore at noon, they cannot rush to the next eating while traveling place. Only can find a place to eat in outdoor at will has selected thing. The place that they are at now is piece of forest outside, there has a piece small meadow, is not very big, but is very smooth, can everyone/Great Clan rest well, can make chew a while grass in there. Zhao Hai place that stands from guard horse carriage jumped down, has moved own trick/hand and foot, then found a place to sit, then put out the dried meat to eat from own Space. This dried meat is the Magnificent Dragon City there special product, before Zhao Hai, has bought much. To be honest, the flavors of these dried meat also are really very good.

Zhao Hai has also given a Little Thing point the dried meat, Little Thing regarding the dried meat to not dislike, this dried meat although was inferior the beef that Zhao Hai takes is delicious, but the flavor is also good. Little Thing exempts strongly acceptable. However Zhao Hai actually present one type of situation, he presently is given to isolate. That Mister Hua leads Rong Family these guard get together to eat thing, moreover they also wanting to eat thing Rong San also to give to call with Zhao Hai together, as for Rong Gui, is taking care of the young lady now, simply has not eaten thing. Zhao Hai displays not to feel anything regarding them like this, he sits in there, has put out the water bag, eats the dried meat, has drunk a water, then lies down on meadow look at sky, from beginning to end he has not looked at Rong Family these guard one eyes, has not spoken a few words. Rong Gui also present the plans of Rong Family these guards, noted Zhao Hai, these guards somewhat looked down upon Zhao Hai obviously, to the Zhao Hai even also a little hostility, therefore these fellows started open and aboveboard preemption Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai was using obviously also another one type of way to counter-attack. Mister Hua look at lay down on a few words did not say that actually also paid no attention to their Zhao Hai, complexion somewhat cannot help but ugly, reason that he must isolate Zhao Hai, must let Zhao Hai understand, he was Eldest Child of these guards, wanted Zhao Hai to admit defeat to him, obviously Zhao Hai actually does not want such to do, how this enabled his complexion to be attractive. Lunch because of very simple, therefore quick finished eating, Rong Gui greeted everyone/Great Clan to prepare, at this time that Mister Hua command(er) two cultivator stood the place that guard horse carriage has stood, but as the matter stands, they the Zhao Hai position occupying. Zhao Hai looked at proud vast Mister Hua, looked at Rong Gui, Rong Gui complexion somewhat is also ugly, Mister Hua is not the Rong Family children of domestic slaves, but his Rong Gui but, his Rong Gui Clan followed Rong Family many years, has held the post of the Butler position in Rong Family, therefore afterward by Rong Family bestow surname Rong, therefore, his status be higher than Mister Hua, but Zhao Hai is the person who he hires, that on is his person, now Mister Hua was given to occupy the Zhao Hai position, he may naive thinking, Mister Hua unable by Zhao Hai. Rides a horse, Mister Hua this clarifies is running on a bank Zhao Hai, similarly does not give him the face, his complexion naturally cannot be attractive. Rong Gui arrives around Mister Hua said : Mister Hua, Zhao Hai is my Gu to come guard, has him, when protects the young lady, has done one's best, moreover he does not have the horse, mister you looked that also lets his guard young lady's car(riage)?” Mister Hua looked at Rong Gui one, snort|hum said : Gui Manager, is not I do not give you face, is really young lady's safety important, I watch the guard horse carriage matter, gives the guard in Clan feel relieved.” Rong Gui complexion was uglier, his look at Mister Hua said : that does mister want to make Zhao Hai ride a horse with your together?” Mister Hua coldly snorted said : our Rong Family horse, is who wants to ride can ride? Can't he Body-Lightweight Technique? Let him run.”

Rong Gui complexion cannot help but changes, what meaning his look at Mister Hua said : „is mister this saying? Zhao Hai is I hires, is it possible that mister has what idea to be inadequate to the person who I do hire?” Mister Hua cynical said : is not strange, what idea my dares to the person who Gui Manager hires, but now this team of guards, but Clan makes me manage, I naturally must manage well, must assure young lady's safety, not?” A complexion paleness of Rong Gui, he is only deep looked at Mister Hua one, then turn around arrived at the Zhao Hai side, to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this, your duty has completed, I will give you your wages.” Zhao Hai looked at that Mister Hua one, smiles said : so also well, but I must go to Yunfei City, therefore this I possibly also will walk all the way with you in together, perhaps will follow in your, do not regard the unprincipled person me.” Rong Gui one hear of Zhao Hai so easily complied, cannot help but smiles said : thanks for the compliment, this is not our Rong Family cultivates, you are willing to walk walk, no one can manage.” Said that put out Space Bag to give Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at one, nodded, receives Space Bag. The dialog of Mister Hua one hear of Zhao Hai and Rong Gui, cannot help but complexion sinks, coldly snorted, to Rong Gui said : Gui Manager, duty has not been completed, you paid up to others, you may be really natural enough, but you spend probably is the Clan money, you so do, did not fear that Clan does investigate?” Rong Gui looked at Mister Hua one, shows a faint smile said : Clan to investigate? What investigates my? If mister wants to go to say with Clan, that did as you please.” Mister Hua one hear of Rong Gui said that cannot help but was mad results in complexion to be pale, look at Rong Gui, coldly snorted, turned the head not to visit them. Actually just Zhao Hai said that with these words, is makes Mister Hua feel that was disgustingly incomparable, Zhao Hai in their teams, he can also push aside Zhao Hai using the in hand authority, Zhao Hai one, but paid up leave, that Zhao Hai may be a free man, he could not be managing Zhao Hai, moreover Zhao Hai said that must go to Yunfei City, continuously with them, but just as Rong Gui said that this road was not Rong Family, whom Zhao Hai wants to walk unable to control, Zhao Hai and Rong Gui this sang one to drink, really tied strong/sturdy disgusting Mister Hua. Rong Gui looked at Mister Hua complexion, on the face has shown the smiling face, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : well, we walked Little Hai first, if were meeting in front in the city, I asked you to drink.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to meet, certainly will.”

Mister Hua looked at Zhao Hai one, coldly snorted said : ran carefully badly your boots, including Monster Beast no poor devil.” Zhao Hai looked at that Mister Hua one, then sighed, shaking the head of not bore, then put out a hand toward a waist racket, long neighing transmitted, Mister Hua their Mount cannot help but shivered, probably met any fearful thing to be the same. In Mister Hua they comfort their horse, actually presently Zhao Hai appears a horse, this horse be more than their horse amazing steed, is not only bigger than their horses, looks like also be more attractive than their horses, this makes Mister Hua their eye poor drums come out. Rong Gui looked this horse that Zhao Hai release comes, cannot help but two eyes one bright, deep voice said : good horse, Little Hai, where did you get that horse? Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the Tyrant Blade Sect Sir to deliver, previous time we helped them catch one to pretend to be the Tyrant Blade Sect person, in Magnificent Dragon City, once I went to window-shop, has run into the Tyrant Blade Sect Sir, he gave me this horse, he he, what kind of? Good?” Rong Gui look at this horse, forcibly nod said : good, is very good, is quite good, is really a good horse, good, that walks.” Said that his turn around returned to by horse carriage, in deep voice said : young lady to horse carriage, we wanted, please be careful.” In compartment some people of faint complied with one, Rong Gui then sat in front of horse carriage, has stood in one side look at Rong San also turns the head to show a faint smile to Zhao Hai, then shook the reins, horse carriage slowly proceeded to walk. That Mister Hua looked at Zhao Hai one, two eyes killing intent flashes, then coldly snorted, the controlling horse followed. But Zhao Hai also jumped up Demon Horse, at a moderate pace with at their back. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }