Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2067
Mister Hua complexion is very black, never has such black, look at his complexion, Zhao Hai has cannot help but remembered African brothers, that type all the year round outside insolation African brothers. However this does not have no relationship with Zhao Hai, this Mister Hua looked from the beginning he is not pleasing to the eyes, met with him quite a while, him from the Rong Family team kicking, although said that Zhao Hai does not care about this any duty, moreover he has also received money, but this truly is makes Zhao Hai feel that is a little disgusting. Some people are disgusting he , he if not disgusting comes back the opposite party, that was unfair to itself, therefore Zhao Hai has such done, he such followed behind the Rong Family team, was not near, was maintaining five meters distance, Rong Family walked him also to walk, Rong Family stopped him also to stop, at a moderate pace, did not leave not abandoned, must disgusting dead Mister Hua while still alive. Must come Mister Hua to turn head to cope with Zhao Hai, but he actually cannot do now, he just for the Zhao Hai matter, offended Rong Gui, Mister Hua although is arrogant, but compared with his understand, he in the Rong Family status, does not have the means to live with these Rong Family families, to him, trust these families that Rong Family adds lives. Moreover now in horse carriage also sits young lady, if he provokes Zhao Hai, Rong Gui in the name of him will stir up trouble, goes to Clan by his shape , his date certainly will not feel better. The look at repugnant person sways in own front, oneself are means does not have, this makes Mister Hua think that is not disgusting is not good. He is mad in eating of Rong Gui to crawl outside, in his opinion, he is some glory people, Rong Gui in treating the Zhao Hai issue. Should maintain with him one to line, but now is actually such result, therefore he is mad Rong Gui. He is mad Zhao Hai, why he is mad Zhao Hai to meet this duty, why must with him. Zhao Hai is why younger than him, Zhao Hai his horse is why good, he is looked in any case Zhao Hai is not pleasing to the eyes, saw that is not pleasing to the eyes. However he has not actually thought that is he aims at Zhao Hai first. If not he first really to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai so will not be disgusting his. moving forward, when the weather must get dark, they arrived at a small village finally, Rong Gui watched the weather not, decided that rested in this small village. The small village always crosses also about 200 families, is divided into two surnames. However presently they do not have no relationship with Zhao Hai, no matter this small village is divided into several surnames, they must be respectful in the cultivator front. Zhao Hai has not entered the small village with Rong Family person together, the Rong Family person entered the small village, went to the village directly good room there. Then gave the Village Chief money, the Village Chief nature has arranged the food and lodging for them.

But Zhao Hai afterward a person entered the small village, small people in the village also thinks that Zhao Hai with Rong Family person together, Zhao Hai actually looked for ordinary family in the small village, has given them money, borrowed them Fang Laizhu of family. people in the village although not understand. Why normally only then occasionally has cultivator in the small place that here eats while traveling, met suddenly to get down these many cultivator, has not asked anything. Because of their very clear, these matters are not they should ask. Zhao Hai to that household of families money, that families naturally must be Zhao Hai prepares to eat and drink, but this village, naturally does not have what delicious, is good because of Zhao Hai regarding this aspect is not caring . To eat delicious, in Space has is. He to did not mind that occasionally eats a typical farm food. When that families are Zhao Hai preparation food, suddenly Zhao Hai hears the Rong San sound to transmit said : Little Hai, Brother, you in not?” Zhao Hai quickly said: In, the Third Brother, comes.” Rong San pushed the door to enter this yard, the yard that Zhao Hai lives in now was not very big, this also three people, old person and his son daughter-in-law lived, in this has in the yards in five room. Rong San entered the yard, has sized up all around one, nodded said : well, but also is very clean, walked the brothers, Uncle Gui said that made you eat in the past, we in Magnificent Dragon City there brought much delicious, in the past together drank.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished Third Brother, does not use, I do not want to look at complexion of that fellow, said it, making Uncle Gui awkwardly not good.” Rong San coldly snorted said : do not manage these bastards, their outsiders, have not been able to ride on us, walks, Uncle Gui specifically called your.” Zhao Hai one hear of Rong San said that knows why Mister Hua will look he is not pleasing to the eyes, the here surface also involves the Rong Family family to live among the struggle with Guest Official. Zhao Hai does not want to be involved in this matter, but Rong Gui to him also good, is adding on Mister Hua actually to feel embarrassed him, that naturally is his enemy, on the one hand exempts is the friend, another side is actually an enemy, that Zhao Hai stood in that side naturally also chooses on very good. When Zhao Hai and Rong San arrive at the yard of Village Chief, Mister Hua was chatting in institute with these guards, but saw the Mister Hua that somewhat gloomy face, Zhao Hai knows, they chatted definitely was not the happy matter, perhaps also had relationship with him.

Mister Hua looked that Zhao Hai entered the institute along with Rong San, killing intent in his eyes adds was swift and fierce, but Zhao Hai is actually when all had not seen that entered nearby in the room with Rong San. This in the room has two beds, looked at this situation Zhao Hai on understand, this was Rong Gui and Rong San room, Rong Gui and Rong San is the Rong Family family lives certainly, their naturally in addition was more intimate, therefore was also normal in a in the room rest in the evening. Rong San asked Zhao Hai to sit down, to Zhao Hai but actually one cup of waterway: Comes the brothers, drinks water, the person who Uncle Gui is having a look at Village Chief prepares food, since the young lady is poisoned to start, Uncle Rong to is very strict, no matter makes the letter that this aspect grasps time wants look at, after eating meal, specially has tried eating with Monster Beast, he he, he does not have the time to visit you now.” Zhao Hai smiled said : not to need to come to see me specially, making Uncle Gui busy, Uncle Gui also suffices tired, right Third Brother, I feel somewhat strangely, if the young lady goes to to go home to visit one's family, is not when good, encountered the danger also to go? This probably is not too right?” Zhao Hai wants to probe, Rong San this person is careless, but be good the polite talk more than Rong Gui. Rong San has not disappointed him, he opens the mouth young lady these time to go on said : actually not for to go home to visit one's family, but to be on intimate terms, but this being on intimate terms regarding Rong Family is also very important, therefore the right and wrong goes not to be possible.” Zhao Hai stares, then puzzled said : „is young lady on own initiative on intimate terms? Is this opposite party who? Rong Family is so good with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, but also on serving a need hurries to being on intimate terms?” Rong San forced smile said : our Rong Family is very good with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, but our Rong Family in Tyrant Blade Sect, does not have anything to take make a move cultivator, now has plenty to our Rong Family same Clan, just wants to drive out from Tyrant Blade Sect our Rong Family, to let Rong Family stands firm in Tyrant Blade Sect, therefore there is this being on intimate terms, this young lady is on intimate terms, is Tyrant Blade Sect in Yunfei City branch Hall Inner Sect younger brother Hoban, if the young lady settled on by Sir Hoban, that our Rong Family in Tyrant Blade Sect, on also had a backer, when the time comes our Rong Family in Tyrant Blade Sect. Status on in addition was reliable.” Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, he has not thought that unexpectedly is for this reason, but his some too had not understood that really the idea of Rong Family, must know in Cultivation World, cultivator and average person little are related trhough marriage, because the cultivator life is long, but the life of average person, to cultivator was really too short, that cultivator is not willing to see, own lover bit by bit passed away in own front. cultivator also has the sentiment, many some cultivator, will fall in love with the mortal female or male matter lives, but immortal has in addition, the mortal can live 100 to 200 years old, when their lives come to the end time, cultivator also has incomparably full Chang the life to walk, when cultivator sees with one's own eyes own lover, in own front aging slowly, latter died, a that pain is the bystander cannot dissociate, main is, pain like this also will probably turn into cultivator Heart's Demon, will have very tremendous influence regarding cultivator the group of practice. In this case, had more and more cultivator, will not be carrying on many raising to touch with the mortal, in addition will not marry a mortal is a wife, therefore Rong San said the person who this Rong Family young lady is on intimate terms, unexpectedly is the Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Sect younger brother, Zhao Hai really somewhat surprised, but some did not understand similarly.

Rong Family although is not traditional Cultivator Great Clan, but their Clan has had practice of cultivator in Tyrant Blade Sect, such truth they should not understand, but why they know perfectly well this, actually can still deliver to Yunfei City to go the daughters of their family? That will destroy that girl's life. Rong San looks at Zhao Hai to frown, knows that Zhao Hai is thinking anything, he sighed, patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : young lady is the body of Pure Yin, was very big regarding the help of cultivator . Moreover the Clan hua high price was the young lady looks for Ageless Pill, young lady's appearance life will not change, this was also is the Great Clan female, must be the matter that Clan handled, can the good show get down for Rong Family, must always have some people to sacrifice.” Zhao Hai let out a long breath, to be honest such matter he sees were too many, now just saw one, no big deal, said that he sympathizes with Rong Family Young Lady, that arrives is also not necessarily, is the Rong Family person, Rong Family Young Lady thing that while enjoying the average person had not enjoyed, they must be able to shoulder the responsibility that the average person does not need to shoulder. Rong San looked that Zhao Hai has not made noise, his also don’t know must say that any was good, to be honest, the decision of Rong Family does not have the matter of means that Rong Family although also several cultivator to practice in Tyrant Blade Sect now, but the status is not high, that two elder in Tyrant Blade Sect was old, but also don’t know can live for several years, moreover they are not the real power elder, in adding on these year of Rong Family although painstakingly plans, but Tyrant Blade Sect every year income has not increased, moreover now under Tyrant Blade Sect governs, appears several Merchant Clan, these Merchant Clan also had the cooperation with Tyrant Blade Sect, moreover does. Good, therefore the Rong Family status was challenged, they have to use this move. !! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }