Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2068

In they relatively silent time, the door was shoved open, Rong Gui walked from outside, on the Rong Gui face to is hanging the smiling face, enters the room to look that Zhao Hai and Rong San have not spoken, cannot help but stares, then puzzled look at their said : „does What happened? have the matter? Did Mister Hua look your troubles?” Zhao Hai one hear of Rong Gui said that also cannot help but shook the head said : not to have Uncle Gui, is very good, what kind of? Young lady there was to settle down good?” Rong Gui nodded said : to settle down to be good, he he, Little Hai, what kind, tonight our drinking well two cups, Mister Hua they came, our securities also had have guaranteed, should not have the matter.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, he also knows that Rong Gui invited him \; first, to with making the friendly contacts, second was to want disgusting Mister Hua, therefore Zhao Hai not polite, nodded directly. Rong Gui he he the chuckle, took one pile to eat to outside, has put out several pot liquor, three people sat in small room eat and drink, often spreading laughter, but this laughter in the Mister Hua hear actually that grating. Rong Gui has drunk several pot liquor, in that courtyard that Zhao Hai returned to oneself have then stayed overnight in somebody's home, but at this time, is around 10 : 00 pm. These Rong Family guards to very fulfills duty to fulfill responsibility, in the evening actually also kept two people to stand night watch outside, Zhao Hai has not notified that two people, but he actually noted in that two person eyes flashes, but ice-cold killing intent. Room that Zhao Hai returned to he has stayed overnight in somebody's home sat cross-legged to sit on the bed. Simultaneously has put out own blade. Blade traverse on own knee, he has one type of to feel that tonight will certainly have the matter to live. Really, to late at night time, Zhao Hai felt that a person has jumped in courtyard, clashes toward his in the room, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, jumped the ground from the bed, then jumped, jumped from window there. Looked to courtyard. That Mister Hua is standing in courtyard, coldly look at he, Zhao Hai looked at that Mister Hua one, the personal appearance moved. Flies toward the six beyond. That Mister Hua to was made to stare by Zhao Hai, but his immediately pursued, in his opinion, Zhao Hai exits from courtyard, nothing else but two situations, one type of is Zhao Hai wants to escape, another one type of is Zhao Hai wants to direct outside to go him to fight him. No matter that one type of situation, he cannot let off Zhao Hai, therefore he also hastily pursued, he is confident to himself. But one Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, but Zhao Hai is Doppelganger Stage cultivator, is missing two big levels, in his opinion, tidies up Zhao Hai, that is the easy matter. They left the village quickly, to hill outside village on, has stood on hill, Zhao Hai look at opposite Mister Hua, knows said : not to think slightly. I one have not offended you, two have not made duty not to favor the Rong Family matter, you must send me unexpectedly in the deathtrap, measures by you like this, no wonder is only Earth Monarch Stage cultivator.” This level is Mister Hua pain at heart. How also don’t know was, these many years. He did not have the means to rush to Teleportation Stage, seriously is somewhat strange, now Zhao Hai takes this matter to satirize him, Mister Hua is on the air/Qi fills with gas, in the anger adds the anger. Mister Hua coldly snorted said : is low level cultivator, wants learn to respect Expert, you do not respect Expert, will kill.” Zhao Hai look at this Mister Hua, suddenly smiled said : your meaning is you can kill me? To be honest, this saying I listened to many people saying that but until now, actually nobody succeeded, conversely, all wants to kill my person dead.”

Mister Hua coldly snorted said : ignorant children/my son, courts death!” The hand wields, Qi Strength direct Zhao Hai of hand grasps, Zhao Hai looks at Mister Hua such make a move, cannot help but has smiled, if cultivator of Teleportation boundary uses this move to him, perhaps he also fully will deal with, this Mister Hua uses this move to him, seriously is funny. The Zhao Hai in hand long blade wields, Blade Qi broke Mister Hua hand shape Qi Strength together directly, Mister Hua cannot help but complexion changes, he was higher than two level Zhao Hai, thinks, so long as strike Zhao Hai not to be impossible to meet, has not actually thought that this struck unexpectedly directly by Zhao Hai blocking. Mister Hua cannot help but coldly snorted, hand wields, handle long sword appears in in his hand, saw this long sword, Zhao Hai cannot help but slightly stares, because this long sword is not the ordinary long sword, this unexpectedly is a soft sword. A Mister Hua sword in the hand, attacks toward Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai is also Blade Technique powder, stood with Mister Hua in one, must say that this soft sword was also in the long sword the one type of comparison specially existed, was one type of Invisible Weapon , attack strength very formidable, naturally, practiced also difficulty. Mister Hua this sword is really outstanding in the hand, must say that this Mister Hua soft sword Sword Technique also is really very good, attack strength very formidable, in Rogue Cultivator, he takes seriously existence of Sword Technique relatively. However what is a pity was Mister Hua has met Zhao Hai today, Zhao Hai Blade Technique absolutely was Grandmaster Level, even if in Tyrant Blade Sect, can practice fearing of this degree Blade Technique is also few, therefore that Mister Hua to Zhao Hai, on Sword Technique, he was a point small advantage does not occupy. Zhao Hai knows own present weakness, that on Spiritual Qi, his Spiritual Qi compared with the Mister Hua congealing reality, however the Spiritual Qi quantity is actually inferior to Mister Hua to be many, no matter what, Mister Hua now is also Earth Monarch Stage Expert, he crosses Soul Fusion Stage now, in other words, he can by his Doppelganger, when fight is also practicing, even if he in hurrying along, in practice of keeping, therefore his Spiritual Qi quantity be more than Zhao Hai. If not Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi solid in ten really segregates, he already by Mister Hua butchering, his Blade Technique no doubt is strong, but if in the face of the absolute strength also insufficiently looked that looks like a person, he has 100 jin (0.5 kg) strength, he can only take a wooden shield to make the defense, but his enemy 1000 jin (0.5 kg) strengths, in hand takes is also a 800 cattys in weight sledgehammer, a hammer, no matter your how good of wooden shield defense, unable to escape the fate that the shield broken person perishes. Mister Hua complexion is somewhat ugly. Also was somewhat anxious. He has not thought that oneself Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, could not tidy up Doppelganger Stage cultivator unexpectedly, if this made the bystander know, that loses old person. Zhao Hai saw Mister Hua to worry, because his present attack was more anxious than before, but actually wanted compared with before chaotically, can say that now looks like the attack of Mister Hua is fiercer compare to just a moment ago, but regarding Zhao Hai, the danger has not actually increased. However Zhao Hai also knows. By his present strength, if not make Undead Creature help, he is impossible to defeat Mister Hua, he defends oneself attack in Mister Hua under the hand/subordinate. Already very good. Zhao Hai has not actually wanted killing Mister Hua, because does not have that necessity, he does not have the life and death big enmity with Mister Hua strict, said it, no matter what, Mister Hua is also the Rong Family person, he must give a Rong Family face. The fight place that they choose is not far from village, in adding on them has hit such long time, naturally also has alarmed Rong Gui they, before long and Rong Gui they rushed to hill. Saw this situation to hill on. Rong Gui immediately understand what's the matter, a complexion cannot help but paleness of Rong Gui, his coldly snorted said : has not stopped.” The Zhao Hai book thinks that Mister Hua will stop, but has not actually thought that Mister Hua simply does not listen to Rong Gui, instead to was calling a Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate slow time, started to assault.

Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but complexion changes, then coldly snorted, the intention moved. Doppelganger appears in his side, person of Doppelganger simultaneously dispersed has defended Blade Technique, the Mister Hua offensive one slow, could not be attacking. That Mister Hua complexion was then uglier, he had already forgotten Zhao Hai unexpectedly is a Doppelganger Stage cultivator this matter. He has not thought of Zhao Hai unexpectedly such formidable, when facing him. Actually did not have fully. But Rong Gui looked that Mister Hua has still not stopped, his complexion cannot help but uglier, his coldly snorted said : stops, Mister Hua, if you in do not stop, but goes to you do not blame me to Patriarch in front.” One hear of Rong Gui said that Mister Hua cannot help but coldly snorted, received own soft sword, Zhao Hai also received own Doppelganger, received own blade. Rong Gui look at Mister Hua, cold sound said : Mister Hua, today's matter I will report Patriarch, you should know that this time matter to the Yu Clan clan how important, your actually still knot little lives, such as looks up really because of this matter, but appears what careless mistake, I think that mister doesn't shoulder this responsibility?” Mister Hua coldly snorted said : old man such does, to guarantee this matter smoothly carries on, has such an unknown person, has followed in us behind, is really unsafe, you can guarantee that he isn't the enemy sends?” Rong Gui coldly snorted said : „is Zhao Hai an enemy, you said does not calculate, if before were not Zhao Hai, the young lady was now dangerous, if he must be disadvantageous to the young lady, also has no need to wait till today, you appears , expels the team Zhao Hai today, such did, not only made my Rong Family lose the prestige, was makes our Rong Family for no reason antagonize people, you also dare to say you for Rong Family.” Mister Hua coldly snorted said : in brief the old man considers for Rong Family, the duty skillful enemy like the reed, has Patriarch to distinguish.” Said that does not leave Rong Gui, turn around walks. The Rong Gui look at Mister Hua back, complexion is pale, finally coldly snorted, let out a long breath, this turning the head opposite Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, these time was to put in great inconvenience you seriously.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, actually this hands over me to go to Yunfei City, moreover initially we are say, after must you deliver to Yunfei City, be duty completes, now walks was so far, you have paid me the commission, I am embarrassed, this is thinking must deliver you a regulation, if really makes Uncle Gui you feel embarrassed, I not and that's the end.” Rong Gui suspended moat said :not to need, You, this surnamed Hua, after going back, tidies up him in me. ” Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at Rong Gui said : Uncle Gui, why will these guards listen his? Aren't these guards your Rong Family people? They should listen your is right?” Rong Gui coldly snorted said : these time surnamed Hua comes is his trusted aide, these fellow originally are also the Rogue Cultivator family backgrounds, was afterward surnamed Hua recruits into Rong Family, naturally listens his.” Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes, looked at Mister Hua and these leave guard, deep voice said : „, if is really this, that Uncle Gui you must be careful a point, that surnamed Hua came to make me, everywhere did with you right, this coming out belt also all was own trusted aide person, what if he had to change, feared that was by you, the means have not dealt with.”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Rong Gui cannot help but stares, then his puzzled said : cannot, that surnamed Hua can have that big courage?” although Rong Gui has some contradictions with Mister Hua, but he thinks that Mister Hua is competing for the status with him, is small-minded, has not thought that surnamed Hua will have other any idea. Zhao Hai shook the head said : „to guard, this time matter, wants regarding Rong Family very heavy, but that Mister Hua Rogue Cultivator family background, if he is Rong Family that enemy Clan sends, or by Rong Family that enemy Clan buying, his anything matter has done came out, therefore you be careful a point to well.” Rong Gui complexion cannot help but changes, he is then cold sound said : so looks like, to has to really against, good, Little Hai, this time must trouble the person, you must deliver to Yunfei City there to go us, to Yunfei City there, I will not have treated unjustly your.” Before Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, Uncle Gui hires my time may be says, this commission has also paid, you do not need to be worried, I certain your safe delivering place.” Rong Gui nodded, leading the Zhao Hai round trip to walk, after returned to village, Rong Gui immediately returned to their courtyard, he has feared him not, Mister Hua will be disadvantageous to the young lady, what if Zhao Hai guesses is real, that this matter is not impossible to live. Zhao Hai naturally cannot go back with his together, his returned to own yard, sits in meditation dawn, in the morning gets up, after having eaten thing, Zhao Hai rides Demon Horse to leave, but at this time, Rong Gui they did not have. Mister Hua they looked that Zhao Hai rides a horse first leave, at heart cannot help but one happy, they thought Zhao Hai not with them. However their happy is a little early, when they just leave village didn't have long time, saw Zhao Hai is riding Demon Horse gradually in front to proceed, that may compared with the snail. Visited them to come, Zhao Hai has also let toward side, after they passed, Zhao Hai followed in behind, still left, only then several meters far, the face of that Mister Hua was also pitch-black one piece, probably by the dark cloud covering, the appearance that momentarily can rain. Rong Gui and Rong San to do not have anything, they still sit in horse carriage scurry to please horse carriage, is regards not to see to Zhao Hai that made that Mister Hua is point means does not have. The line, noon time their luck was good, has met a small village, in the village had small tavern, they have hit a point in small tavern, in the afternoon then hurried along. However this line, not only Zhao Hai, felt that Rong Gui that Mister Hua some are not right, on the fellow once for a while face of a appears anxious facial expression, moreover appears somewhat restlesses. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }