Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2069

Naturally, the Mister Hua movement is very small, the look change is also not very obvious, if not Zhao Hai and Rong Gui has paid attention to him, simply presently he does not have anything to change. However this was enough, Rong Gui thought what more and more Zhao Hai said is right, this Mister Hua may be other Clan send to cope really their. This presently makes Rong Gui somewhat be scared, must know that Mister Hua is Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, level is higher than him and Zhao Hai, moreover person who comes with him, is his person, this is the place that Rong Gui most is afraid. When world noon, Rong Gui sped up, because of him presently, if according to present this hurrying along, to evening's time, they still cannot the in the city rest, still probably rest outside village, if before, Rong Gui will not have thought of anything, but now is different, Rong Gui felt that matter some do not suit. Rests outside village, they do not have the means to obtain the help of in the city Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, if when the time comes they have any danger, that may really be ascends the sky roadless, entered does not have the gate, therefore Rong Gui immediately sped up, he prepared the evening to rest to in the city. But at noon in eating meal, Rong Gui also looked for Zhao Hai, asking Zhao Hai to pay attention to Mister Hua they, must ensure their securities. although don’t know Zhao Hai strength how, but Rong Gui looked that Zhao Hai and Mister Hua of that day fought that long time, Mister Hua have not been able to take Zhao Hai to be what kind, this sufficiently has proven the Zhao Hai strength. Therefore he at this time. First has thought of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai naturally has not declined, he does not have what friendship with Rong Family although, but with Rong San and Rong Gui is actually some friendship, these two people are good to him, he cannot look at these two people have the matter, therefore he naturally agreed with the request of Rong Gui. Mister Hua afternoon time, looked that Rong Gui ordered to speed up, complexion changed, although he strongly opposed, but Rong Gui now already complete did not trust him. Naturally cannot agree, in the afternoon hurries along unconscious quick. When evening's time, the teams rushed to a known as Poland city small town rest finally, this city although is not big. But is also riverside city, is the water transportation important highway, therefore here also has Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall , after small town, after Rong Gui arranged the young lady a in the city good hotel stayed, on leave, left behind Rong San and Zhao Hai is defending the young lady. Mister Hua although wants to send for with Rong Gui, but Rong Gui has actually rejected, after Rong Gui leave, first target visited to Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall of Polish city, but he visible has not rescued to Tyrant Blade Sect. Said that this time is to deliver the young lady goes to be on intimate terms, feared that on the road has the danger, wants to ask Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator to help, to give him Contact Formation, if there is any matter, they will rescue to Tyrant Blade Sect. Naturally this ritual must deliver, the Tyrant Blade Sect people know Rong Family with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, moreover Rong Gui also said that their young ladies go with Inner Disciples being on intimate terms of Tyrant Blade Sect, therefore Tyrant Blade Sect has not felt embarrassed Rong Gui. Accepted the request of Rong Gui, has given Rong Gui small communication device.

Comes out from Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, Rong Gui immediately/on horseback relates Rong Family with the special way, but this time he relates is person of Clan in Rong Family, the family member tells the matter that oneself suspect. Asked family member immediately to send for supporting him. Originally he on , etc. two days in this Polish in the city, because lost some time before. Was not far from their scheduled dates, he does not dare to wait in Polish in the city, next morning will leave. horse carriage forwards, the worried look on Rong Gui face was actually more and more heavy, because of by their such, can rush to Yunfei City in the time of agreement, but Clan, if were sending out reinforcement to come, wanted to overtake them, somewhat was difficult, feared that was must two days of be able to catch up with them, they troubled. One any matter has not lived in the morning, what they walk is the main road, the although passing vehicles are not many, actually also many, this also makes Rong Gui slightly has felt at ease a point. With the lapse of time, this immediately must to noon, should find a place to eat while traveling to rest, they to do not matter, but the young lady actually must rest. All around Rong Gui looked to look, confirmed own position, later turned the head to Rong San said : San'er, in a bit faster, in having half often about, small villages, we at noon today will eat while traveling in there.” Rong San has complied with one, shakes the reins, horse carriage in one time sped up, but has followed in horse carriage following Mister Hua two eyes is actually flash of cold light. Really like Rong Gui said that is less than a half hour, they saw a small village, distant saw that in this small courtyard has in front of the door of house, is setting up a wineshop banner, obviously that place was the hotel in small village. horse carriage overtook quickly, but looked to shop in front of the door that Rong Gui cannot help but wrinkled under the brow, in this shop unexpectedly in having person . Moreover the person are many, but is some Merchant, outside of shop with stopping some horse carriage, on horse carriage the pulling goods, these business have also hired some Rogue Cultivator, is pushes fully the entire shop, shop waiter in shop busy. Saw this situation, the brow of Rong Gui wrinkles tightly, now in the shop almost does not have empty space, moreover now in this shop is the mixing of good and bad people, such place they to did not matter, but the young lady actually cannot go. Looked in the shop these person of a while, Rong Gui from the vehicle, entered the shop, was busy at perspiration waiter immediately welcoming, bowed to Rong Gui said : have seen Sir, the Sir must rest in the shop?”

Rong Gui nodded, looked at person one in shop, to that waiter said : waiter, your this shops can have the backyard? We have the female to be tired, can arrange, money is not the issue.” One hear of Rong Gui said that waiter has cannot help but gawked, then immediately/on horseback nodded said : to have, the customer, behind our shops also the yard, is the family of villain, if the Sir does not shut out, can arrive at the backyard rest.” Rong Gui nodded said : to be so best, the waiter elder brother you give to arrange.” Said that a piece Crystal Stone lost, waiter face pleasantly surprised receiving Crystal Stone, directing Rong Gui they to enter the backyard from a nearby small lane. The backyard of this shop to is not small, but very clean that also inside cleans, but also puts thing that some peasant families are using, even also bull shape Monster Beast, in courtyard behind at a moderate pace is chewing the grass, is good does not have the cow dung taste in courtyard. At this time, Rong Gui naturally impossible too to be far from oneself by oneself, invited in Zhao Hai the yard, then invited the young lady, making the young lady rest to the room, other people have set out two tables in courtyard. That waiter trick/hand and foot to is very quick, before long the table stool suspended, the people sat, after waiter exited, before long carried the food and wine to walk, the dish that this first time delivered naturally to the young lady, that waiter directly serves food to arrive at outside young lady's door, has given Rong Gui the meal. Rong Gui serves food young lady's room, Zhao Hai is actually two eyes narrows the eyes, then lowers the head to gather Rong San nearby said : Third Brother, prepared your axe, immediately must start.” Rong San complexion cannot help but changes, deep voice said : what's the matter?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : to the dish that in the young lady sends to poisonous, these fellow and don’t know Uncle Gui will examine the toxin with Monster Beast, moreover I look outside these Merchant, these Rogue Cultivator, feared that is one group, comes to us, Mister Hua is unreliable, we prepare to go all out.” Rong San one hear of Zhao Hai said that nod of maintaining composure, has actually prepared for has momentarily put out that the axe goes all out, at this moment, hears young lady's in the room to spread screams. Mister Hua one has stood, the soft sword one took, drank said : Start! saying that loud the in hand soft sword wielded, a sword attacked toward Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai had also drawn a sword at this time in the hand, Rong San had also revealed own axe, two have fallen directly back on young lady's room in front of the door, Zhao Hai deep voice said : Uncle Gui, stays in the room.” Inside does not see Rong Gui to comply, but Zhao Hai can affirm, Rong Gui understand his meaning.

At this moment, from outside of courtyard flushed the troop person, this group of people just in these Merchant and these Rogue Cultivator that in the front shop drank, these person of appears in courtyard, immediately flushed toward them with Mister Hua. Zhao Hai release Doppelganger, then Blade Technique had also dispersed at this time, selected before the room, but Mister Hua actually led the attack that Rogue Cultivator was not believing. At this time had intelligent Rogue Cultivator, but also wants to jump to the roof comes up, then entered from the roof to the room, but that person just jumped to the roof on, was hit, Zhao Hai Doppelganger arrived on the roof. But this time Rong Gui, in the room prayed for rescue from Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, he also has put simultaneously out his weapon, protected in the young lady, but on the ground of house, was lying down Monster Beast of rabbit, but this only Monster Beast died now. Zhao Hai defense continuously very formidable, the enemy but who he faces now were too many, moreover several strengths compared with him, therefore his defense pressure are very big, eye look at must unable to defend, but now he has not dared to call back his status to help defend, otherwise on the roof nobody guards, some quick people will enter from the roof to the room. At this time Rong San had been injured, Zhao Hai looked at this situation, cannot help but clenched teeth, coldly snorted, has met to begin to wield, large quantities of Undead Creature appears in his side, Undead Creature that but this Zhao Hai release came, was actually not human-shape, but was the Monster Beast shape, now he cannot attend to too. These Monster Beast come out, situation immediately is different, must know that Zhao Hai these Monster Beast may all come out in the underground labyrinth neighborhood, Monster Beast strength very formidable, was adding on these Monster Beast to turn into Undead Creature now, each and every one fierce has not feared, the attack strength was more formidable. Actually Zhao Hai move of trump card is useless, that is Little Thing on his shoulder, naturally, now Little Thing already not on his shoulder, this is the meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not let his make a move, he does not want to know that now this Little Thing is formidable Monster Beast, Monster Beast that can treasure hunt. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }