Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2070
Zhao Hai very clear, the Little Thing value, is much bigger than general Monster Beast, because there are him, can find many Heaven and Earth Treasure, this regarding them absolutely is the good matter.

Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai Huining may release own Undead Creature come Mister Hua they to carry on attack now, does not make Little Thing participate during the attack. The courage of although Little Thing is very small, but after entering Space, the Little Thing gene obtained the improvement, in adding on him has recognized Zhao Hai give priority to, if Zhao Hai allows him to participate in the fight, Little Thing fighting strength is not weak, but Zhao Hai actually does not want to expose Little Thing, when commencing of action, he received in Little Thing Space. These Undead Creature join, Zhao Hai felt that own pressure one light, must know in these Undead Creature, but two are Earth Monarch Stage Monster Beast. Both sides have fought more than ten rounds, suddenly calls out transmits said : evildoer, you dare! along with this sound, Blade Qi, in courtyard sound of the pitiful yell, Zhao Hai looks together immediately, actually sees a person to stand in the courtyard wall, in hand is taking the blade. This person looks at the strength is also Earth Monarch Stage, but he regarding own Blade Qi attack, control has actually reached the peak, just his Blade Qi attack, had killed following several strength low cultivator, on in addition in front with Mister Hua that Zhao Hai pesters, was affected, but Zhao Hai and Rong San is a matter do not have. Mister Hua also heard certainly this calling out, hears this calling out, his complexion cannot help but changes. Personal appearance in a flash. Crossed the courtyard wall to run, obviously this fellow knows one possibly are not that Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator match, prepared to escape. But other these are besieging Zhao Hai Rogue Cultivator, immediately scatters in a panic, they have not remained to rescue the bonus, because of their very clear, begging for mercy, the opposite party will not let off useless their. That Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator has not actually pursued, but is these Monster Beast that in look at courtyard two eyes decides, Zhao Hai wields. The corpse of these Monster Beast and ground disappears, that person looks at the Zhao Hai movement, two eyes cannot help but shrinks, then the personal appearance moves from the wall jumped down. Is holding the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : „, but Mr. Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai also returns salute said : Zhao Hai.” At this time the door opened, Rong Gui from in the room walked out , he as soon as came out Rong Family three Butler Rong Gui of immediately cultivator gave a salute said : to that Tyrant Blade Sect, have seen Sir.” Tyrant Blade Sect that cultivator beckoned with the hand said : „, this, what's going on? unexpectedly really have person attack you? Moreover I just saw, besieges in your people, probably do some people put on to have the clothes of Rong Family mark? this, what's going on? Rong Gui has smiled bitterly next step: Made the Sir be laughed , the main house gate misfortune, had the rebel.”

That Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator had not asked that but turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one. Shows a faint smile said : mister to have the words of time, but also welcome seat guests to Polish city branch Hall, I and others welcomed a guest to welcome.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be polite, if there is a time, went certainly below.” That Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator showed a faint smile, turns the head to look at Rong Gui one, deep voice said : had Mr. Zhao Hai in here, you do not need to be worried this was safe, I walked.” Said that he holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, body flash of white light vanish from sight. That person walked. However his words are make Rong Gui not be startled by, Rong Gui look at Zhao Hai, the look completely changed, must know that Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator may be supercilious, can make them to a person so polite. It is not an easy matter, but obviously just that Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator to Zhao Hai very polite. Even to Zhao Hai rating very high. Zhao Hai looks at the Rong Gui look, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : Uncle Gui not to need to think so me, actually I in some people with Tyrant Blade Sect have some contacts, my Alchemy Technique is very good.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Rong Gui also knows what he was not good to ask, he does not believe words that Zhao Hai spoke, if Zhao Hai were only the Alchemy technology is not bad, simply was not worth Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator so to him, Tyrant Blade Sect had on Alchemy Hall, will save the bystander to build up to practice? said it, even if good that your Alchemy builds up, that Tyrant Blade Sect person, will not say you, on road on safe such words. although knows what Zhao Hai said is fake, but Rong Gui had determined most minimum a matter, that is the Zhao Hai status does not have the disparity topic, the Tyrant Blade Sect person trusts him, that Zhao Hai had no reason to harm Rong Family. Rong Gui polite to Zhao Hai said : so on thanks a lot mister, this all the way must trouble mister.” Zhao Hai one hear of Rong Gui said that cannot help but has smiled bitterly next step: Uncle Gui, do not call me mister, as before, called me Little Hai on the line.” Rong Gui looked at Zhao Hai one, has smiled bitterly next step: I called you mister, the Tyrant Blade Sect Sirs called you mister, if I were calling you Little Hai, that was to your disrespecting.” Zhao Hai does not have the means that mister on mister, he must nod said : we to rest for day in here, tomorrow is hurrying along.”

Rong Gui nodded, now Mister Hua has exposed, moreover this matter Tyrant Blade Sect person also knew, the person who no matter who sends, these time impossible to cope with them in make a move, was because of this, therefore Rong Gui agreed that rested for day in here, reason that but Rong Gui and don’t know, Zhao Hai must rest for day in here, for they tidied up Mister Hua. Before Mister Hua and many Rogue Cultivator ran away, these Zhao Hai did not plan to let off, he already stayed behind the Liquid Silver dust on the bodies of these people, these people could not be inescapable. although said Mister Hua to Earth Monarch Stage, but he just the mind megascism, that also had the mood to manage own body to fall the ash, therefore Zhao Hai had determined now his position, prepared release Undead Creature to cope with him. The quick three people have tidied up courtyard, then Zhao Hai and Rong San remained to protect the young lady, Rong Gui exited, to small village asks that what's the matter, because just besieged in their people, that shop waiter, obviously the opposite party was early deliberate. Inquired one in the afternoon, to evening's time, Rong Gui returned to in courtyard, his complexion somewhat was then ugly, Zhao Hai and Rong San have encircled, Rong Gui looked at their one eyes, sighed said : two days ago, some people took to buy this yard and front shop, this shop originally Master, has bought a house in the village now, after that person bought the house and yard this, came many Merchant, these people in here and other two days.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to guess that is also this, no matter that Clan wants to cope with you, they do not dare to be really what kind of the person in this village, if they have killed really the people in village, the preparation withstands the Tyrant Blade Sect anger, that is not they can withstand.” Rong Gui nodded, then sighed said : these fellows is really somewhat hateful, what a pity don’t know they were that a family/clan person, if knows that they are that a family/clan person, Rong Family will certainly not let off them.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this is not a clue does not have, others said fortunately that Mister Hua, should leave behind some clues, but after this matter, I think that Mister Hua definitely will travel, since your Rong Family can only start to look up from his origin, such as careful, I want certainly to find out anything to come.” Rong Gui nodded, two eyes flash of cold light said : „, if makes me know that the opposite party is that I do not certainly let off them, by, mister, if you are very ripe with Tyrant Blade Sect, I looked that must remind Tyrant Blade Sect one, because of me presently, with that several Clan that we compete, before although, is Merchant Clan, but nearest/recent for these years the show was actually quick, probably was received anything to support, but regarding that several clans, we very found that before, their Clan although also had cultivator in Tyrant Blade Sect, but status might as well our Rong Family, wanted to have the support of Tyrant Blade Sect is impossible, if. mister you with the Tyrant Blade Sect familiar words, had better be able propose police Tyrant Blade Sect, pays attention to that several fellows.” One hear of Rong Gui said that Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, then two eyes flash of cold light, nodded said : I in some people with Tyrant Blade Sect to some friendship, this matter I will remind their.” Rong Gui then nodded, then reason that he sighed said : this matter our Rong Family has not reported that was because we skid now any evidence, if there is an evidence, I already reported.”

Zhao Hai nodded, has not spoken, but has actually related on Cai'er in the head, making Cai'er act, looks Lin Ling they, Lin Ling they look up this matter. Lin Ling their although is only Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, the resources that but they can mobilize in Tyrant Blade Sect are many, making them look up this matter, is the most appropriate candidate, if the that several clans person has the issue, Zhao Hai believes that Lin Ling they can certainly look up. In the evening Rong Gui in does not dare to find the person to prepare food in the village, but will prepare food in Zhao Hai well, he made several meals to make Rong Gui send to the young lady, has done then, they ate. This to was makes the status of Rong Gui to Zhao Hai have the suspicion, he in suspecting Zhao Hai possibly was the cultivator coming out smelting trial in Tyrant Blade Sect, because the Tyrant Blade Sect Doppelganger smelting trial he was also knows that but he had not stated clearly. However now sees Zhao Hai preparing food person, Rong Gui intertwined, in his opinion, Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, that is not a God's favored one, will some people prepare how possibly food? Moreover good that makes, this is some Rogue Cultivator should obviously thing of meeting, this made his status to the Zhao Hai somewhat be in doubt. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, after having had the dinner, he found a room to rest, the room that now in entire courtyard nobody, they may choose were many, Zhao Hai naturally cannot push a room with Rong San, in fact Rong Gui will not be making Rong San push a room with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai, but Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator must call the mister character, his dared to make Rong San struggle the room with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai wants the independent room, not only to practice, what are more is to interrogate, daytime time, Mister Hua they by his Space Undead Creature killing, entered in Space now, Zhao Hai wants to ask that they are that Clan. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }