Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2072

When these people pull out the sword, a pressure raises from their bodies, gave to cover entire Arena, but stage complexion on three Zhao Hai were slightly changed, but person of such change under by stage was seen, thinks Zhao Hai on stage was uses the illusion that formation made, otherwise, how to have such exactly the same response possibly.([] …… Reason that Zhao Hai such attaching great importance to these seven people, are because these seven people are Earth Monarch Stage Expert, that middle-aged person, is half-step steps into formidable cultivator of Teleportation boundary, even if were he has made these many arrangement, cannot guarantee that certainly will tidy up these. However is good because of place that Zhao Hai chooses is thunder area, but these person and don’t know here is thunder area, so long as they step strike, wanted to be difficult in leave. First Senior Brother saw that on the stage changed complexion Zhao Hai, the affirmation own idea, Fifth Junior Brother of his deep voice person said : to that Literati appearance, after one will come to power, several of us first cope with Zhao Hai, you first here formation breaking, otherwise these formation will have brought very big trouble to us.” Fifth Junior Brother nodded, whispered: Yes, First Senior Brother your feel relieved was good, that youngster formation arrangement strength is not much, I can these formation breaking quickly, have been inferior to us to compare, looked that was I broke his formation first, you first that youngster tidying up.” First Senior Brother he he chuckle said : earnest, this time must be you broke formation first, turns head I to deliver you good Magical Artifact, if you cannot break formation, snort|hum, your youngster waits by tidying up.” Fifth Junior Brother one hear of First Senior Brother said. Cannot help but said loudly: Good. That such settled, First Senior Brother, you just wait, I certainly have tidied up him.” Several other people he he the chuckle, obviously they have not cared Zhao Hai, this time they do not receive this to chase down Zhao Hai duty specially, they are comes out to make duty the time, has met such duty while convenient, in their opinion, making their seven people kill Zhao Hai. A little kills the chicken to use the meaning of oxen knife. These seven people are not simple, they are happy that in Matchless Sword School in the young generation became famous, seven artificial same side fellow Martial Brothers, moreover finished Technique of Joint Attack. known as 7 Star Sword Formation, they were also called 7 Star Strange Sword by outside world. Why called the strange sword, was because these seven person each people besides Sword Technique, but also had the one type of very special ability, looked like the nose of Third Senior Brother big nose cultivator, his nose very sensitive, worked than the nose of Monster Beast. It looks like Fifth Junior Brother Compass and scheme, the fellow besides Sword Technique, is a person Formation madman, he to Formation very has research. Naturally, he may, not only meets break the formation, formation arrangement was also a skilled person.

But these seven person normally are together moves, their together meets duty, together makes duty, with person to war, is on seven person together, therefore you, if provokes in them duty, simultaneously provoked seven on equal to, very difficult has entangled. First Senior Brother looked at several other people of one. deep voice said : was good, brothers, work earlier, earlier goes home, walks.” The personal appearance moves. Vertical goes toward Arena on, other people also hastily. The quick seven people in Arena, six people have encircled three Zhao Hai in the middle, but Fifth Junior Brother has actually put out Compass and scheme has manipulated in the one side. Zhao Hai saw that the Fifth Junior Brother appearance knows he is doing, but he was not worried that here is the battlefield of his careful arrangement, is not that good broken. First Senior Brother they encircle three Zhao Hai after the middle, three Zhao Hai also has extracted own growing, then carried the relying on back to stand in there. First Senior Brother saw that this situation cannot help but stares, because of his very clear, if the opposite party has two people is really comprised of the illusion, that such position, courts death without doubt. However now actually does not allow him to be too many, First Senior Brother howls, directing several people of several people to wield long sword direct Zhao Hai to attack, but three Zhao Hai simultaneously left the blade, three people used defends Blade Technique. When ~ when ~ when ~ when ~ works as ~, a series of violent sounds, three Zhao Hai have defended six people of attacks, but First Senior Brother is actually face stunned look at three Zhao Hai, his understand, why these three don't Zhao Hai, look like probably real? Not only that First Senior Brother, several other people of some such feelings, they really do not make understand, why can appears this situation, because they just did not have the means to judge that Zhao Hai real, therefore they have carried on attack to three Zhao Hai, in their opinion, under such attack, that fake Zhao Hai will certainly reveal broken shrinks, but the matter stems from their anticipation, these three Zhao Hai kept off their attack with oneself in hand blade unexpectedly, this was surprised by them. although is surprised, but they have not actually stopped, still attack diligently, but they presently, their attack actually take Zhao Hai not to have the means quickly, but oneself here do six people, actually take that three Zhao Hai not to have the means? What situation is this? When they stare, suddenly also heard a pitiful yell, hears this pitiful yell, that six people stare, they turn the head to look, presently their Fifth Junior Brother, have actually poured in the pool of blood. But in the Fifth Junior Brother side, but also is standing two Zhao Hai, present that this wants, let them one on ignorant, their really don’t know lived any matter, how can appears two Zhao Hai.

At this moment, suddenly they hear the with a bang sound thunderclap, then big nose Third Senior Brother, suddenly body twitching, then the whole person probably was burnt down became one group of knees is black, falls down, saw with own eyes cannot live. First Senior Brother sees this situation, is thinking that here position, cannot help but complexion changes said : thunder area, here is Lightning God Mountain thunder area.” Zhao Hai one hear of First Senior Brother said that cannot help but laughs does not have the mistake that said : you said that here is Lightning God Mountain thunder area, enjoys me well to the grand feast that you prepare, you think that my these time has concealed the Tyrant Blade Sect status coming out smelting trial, is a soft persimmon, can make you pinch at will, you were too naive.” The Zhao Hai in hand long blade wields, they overran toward First Senior Brother, but when First Senior Brother they were attracted by Zhao Hai, two groups of black gas wrap up Fifth Junior Brother and big nose Third Senior Brother. Before long black gas vanishes, but vanishes, Fifth Junior Brother and Third Senior Brother corpse, but at this time five Zhao Hai their five were actually hitting with First Senior Brother inextricably involved. Zhao Hai now three Doppelganger, Law Idol, in adding on the Zhao Hai main body, therefore meets appears five Zhao Hai, but these 15 Zhao Hai from some degree, are real. Zhao Hai after being used to branch out Doppelganger, no matter in condense Law Idol in Doppelganger, Zhao Hai was quicker, in adding on his status can practice continuously in Space, but not like others, one, but Doppelganger called in the body, did not have the practice that the means continued, this was also the Zhao Hai superiority. Five Zhao Hai to the previous five strange swords, hit is inextricably involved, Zhao Hai Blade Technique is changeable, one will attack, a while defense, moreover he by person command(er) other four people, therefore coordinates absolutely not to have the issue. But First Senior Brother their situations are also similar, coordinate also very well coordinated of their five people, because they were too long in the time of together coordination, the scene unexpectedly somewhat is at once deeply worried. Main at this time, join of two people, one undermines the balance in field, these two people are not others, big nose Third Senior Brother and killed Fifth Junior Brother. These two people turned into Undead Creature now, reason that before Zhao Hai has not put them to come out, is thinks that fight one fight with that several people, many understanding Matchless Sword School Sword Technique, now his understood was similar, if naturally wants the means to tie this fight.

But wants to beat a person, the has plenty means that spiritually beats a person, can remove the bottom has destroyed this person, now in 7 Star Strange Sword remaining five strange are this situation, when Third Senior Brother and Fifth Junior Brother appears , five strange swords somewhat collapsed. Is the person has the sentiment, what although cultivator pursue is immortal, but they after all are not the immortals, they now or cultivator, cultivator also has the sentiment, the brothers who when they saw themselves dead, suddenly appears in their front, suddenly to have been holding up weapon the time, at that moment they were shocked. Then remaining 7 Star Strange Sword turned into three people from five people, two people were killed, simultaneously Zhao Hai such procedure, enraged Seven Star to blame in star the remaining three people, First Senior Brother in 7 Star Strange Sword, imposing manner was getting stronger and stronger, simultaneously his aura, appears some fluctuations. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but complexion changes, because he knows that this is the omen that the opposite party breaks through, this presently makes Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but change, his very clear, the opposite party is breaking through, that was cultivator of Teleportation boundary, facing cultivator of Teleportation boundary, he could not ask. Therefore the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved directly hidden to enter the ground, however his three Doppelganger added on Law Idol, actually still in remaining three people to 7 Star Strange Sword carried on attack. But in the 7 Star Strange Sword remaining three people, First Senior Brother is breaking through, cannot appears , the remaining two also present this situation, therefore they protect fully in the First Senior Brother side, is waiting for that moment of First Senior Brother breakthrough. Before long First Senior Brother imposing manner has achieved Peak, then started to stop, however his imposing manner did not have weak getting down, still maintained at that condition, seemed like saving the strength, waited for volcano that spurted. Boom! a loud sound, entire Arena vibrated, then First Senior Brother that invariable imposing manner, in one time elevated several level, but at this moment, that two are protecting the First Senior Brother 7 Star Strange Sword member, on the face is also one happy, the spirit cannot help but somewhat relaxes, in that moment that they relax, two blade point appears in their chests, they turned the head to look, before is being, by that two 7 Star Strange Sword member who Third Senior Brother and Fifth Junior Brother kill. In vision that in their face cannot believe that Zhao Hai Doppelganger, Law Idol, six 7 Star Strange Sword member all vanish from sight, but at this time, 7 Star Strange Sword First Senior Brother, has opened the eye finally. Zhao Hai, I want tear you to shreds!” A sad and shrill roar, transmits from Arena there. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }