Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2073

Excuse me, the previous time chapter number has made a mistake in writing, but the content right, asking everyone/Great Clan to excuse me! The Zhao Hai personal appearance is flashing in the wooded mountain, every appears very careful, he not careful is not good, because he is being chased down by 7 Star Strange Sword First Senior Brother now. After 7 Star Strange Sword First Senior Brother breaks through is successful, actually presently their brothers all died, remaining he is also only living, but Zhao Hai and his Doppelganger actually all vanish from sight. This made 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child get angry completely, he has not thought that his brothers all died unexpectedly, therefore he vowed must make Zhao Hai die. Is promoted later 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child successfully, broke Zhao Hai formation with the method of most violence, simultaneously used quickest leave thunder area there, then started over the mountain seeking Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai is not daring to appear in the underground soil at that time, after three days of seeking, 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child without finding Zhao Hai, chose leave, Zhao Hai then drilled from the soil, vented anger, these three days he moved does not dare to move, because of his very clear, 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child after breakthrough, his spiritual force original be much more formidable, if he moved heedlessly, can by the opposite party present. However Zhao Hai has not actually thought that this time he was actually swindled, when he just in the soil drilled, 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child has killed, look at flew in in midair 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, Zhao Hai not to have the means to be calm, immediately escaped into underground. But this time he has misjudged, is promoted later 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, his spiritual force really compared with original much better, even if were Zhao Hai drills underground, he can still feel that the Zhao Hai position, under Sword Qi shot toward underground, Zhao Hai has to from drill below. Fast has run into the mountain. Then the thousand li(500 km) greatly chased down to start, Zhao Hai by Eldest Child chasing down of 7 Star Strange Sword, if were not his Body-maneuvering Technique is quick enough. Moreover all kinds of Divergent Technique words, will fear that was the present entered to hide to Space. although was chased down by the 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child thousand li(500 km), but Zhao Hai had not actually entered to Space, he has been displaying their wisdom and bravery with 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child. Has good several times he almost under the help of own Doppelganger, casts off 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, but he has not succeeded finally. Zhao Hai and don’t know, 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, has the one type of special ability. That felt where he can feel his enemy, reason that in Arena there, he has not felt Zhao Hai, because of Zhao Hai arrangement formation, in adding on thunder area there special environmental effect his feeling, since Zhao Hai leave him, thinks that is escaping his feeling. Almost is impossible.

For this reason. Therefore Zhao Hai multiple use own Doppelganger covers to oneself, had not actually escaped chasing down of 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, as soon as they pursue run away, passing good several days, the beforehand so-called thousand li(500 km) has certainly chased down, but is the classifier that described. Did not mean that they only have chased really down the thousand li(500 km). Zhao Hai now already don’t know where, but a little he can affirm. That was not in Lightning God Mountain, moreover was far from Lightning God Mountain. He did not have forest fortunately. Moreover in using Wood element Divergent Technique, shuttled back and forth in forest by oneself, this is seven Eldest Child of strange sword knows that he in any direction , is very difficult to lock his position. But in Zhao Hai behind not the far place, 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, now industriously is working, because he looks to vary the Zhao Hai specific position, therefore their all possibly hid the Zhao Hai big tree he to sweep with Sword Qi. Eldest Child that now the Seven Star sword sends, was very disorderly, the beard has also braved, two blood red eyes, sees likely is Lunatic. He truly is crazy, he cannot think that duty of time while convenient hand, unexpectedly made him fold six brothers, moreover when he broke through, his final two brothers also died, in his opinion, finally these two brothers' deaths, all because of him, therefore he must kill Zhao Hai for his Ashiga share, this will be in hot pursuit to Zhao Hai. Is good because of them now continuously in the barren hill, otherwise this chases down, don’t know will be seen by many people, at that time Zhao Hai feared must become famous. In fact their this pursues runs away, was seen by some Rogue Cultivator, because like mountain range, forever does not lack is making duty Rogue Cultivator, but these Rogue Cultivator see flying in the sky 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, turn around ran, simply will not come to look at one. This is also Rogue Cultivator survival Law, in True Spirit Realm here, you do not think any axiom, the fist big talented person holds true, if you meets Teleportation boundary above cultivator on the road, but he is chasing down others, you must do was not the past watches the fun, was not the past helps, was not the past tries to get close, but was turn around runs, can run many runs many far, can run runs many many quick, if otherwise cultivator of that Teleportation boundary were sad, has killed you, that you died are also die in vain, anybody cannot for you. Revenging. Zhao Hai although puts on forest, however his very fast, however in quickly is impossible to result in chasing down of his 7 Star Strange Sword First Senior Brother happily, sees pursuing troops getting closer and closer, Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat was also anxious.

In this time, suddenly Zhao Hai was feeling own at present, he looked previous looked, actually presently arrived at a nearby of cliff, Zhao Hai turns the head to look, 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, left oneself getting closer and closer. Zhao Hai cannot help but coldly snorted, the personal appearance moved, under the direct cliff jumps, in in midair, his immediately release Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede one on appears in his under foot, Zhao Hai jumped carrying on the back of Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede nine pairs of wing rackets, flew away from the cliff. But at this time, 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child also resembled to have a sleep, fast flew toward cliff there, Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede that to cliff sky over, his immediately present flown from, with Zhao Hai that Cloud Centipede carried on the back. 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child cannot help but complexion changes, the direction that direct Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede goes far away pursues. As soon as they pursue run away, among in the blink of an eye departed mountain valley. Zhao Hai look at pursues 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child that does not gather in the back tightly, cannot help but coldly snorted, then his hand turned, in hand left long spear, this defers to the appearance manufacture of sniper's rifle long spear. Moreover inside use **, after arriving at True Spirit Realm here, compounds, Might big. attack strength , a spear|gun exits, general equivalent to Doppelganger Stage Expert strikes fully. Original Zhao Hai does not want to use this thing, but he was also pursued Fire Qi now. He does not want to expose Space, but thing in Space is not unuseful, the opposite party wants his life, moreover does not want his sword on the appearance of vowing not to rest, this was makes Zhao Hai hot. Therefore he puts out his sniper's rifle. Not only he has put out his sniper's rifle, simultaneously Zhao Hai release his four Doppelganger, he just also turned into Doppelganger that Law Idol, then release several Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, each Doppelganger has stood on Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, their in hand are also taking the sniper's rifle, five people, five Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede. Five spear|guns. Meanwhile has dispersed attack to 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child. 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child thought that own at heart not being feeling well, he has not thought that Zhao Hai with such will draw on to cope with him unexpectedly, Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede is not slow, his present although will fly, because was just promoted chases down Zhao Hai, boundary is not steady. Flight quickly, in this case. He wants to overtake Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede is almost impossible, therefore he can only be the status that is in comes under attack now. But is impossible to project on Zhao Hai, this lets they incomparable aggrievedness. On 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child has Magical Artifact, however used Magical Artifact at this time, was not big regarding the threat of Zhao Hai, because distance between he and Zhao Hai was too far. Not wrong, distance between he and Zhao Hai was too far, Zhao Hai currently has about ten li (0.5km) to his minimum, but this distance, wants to make his Magical Artifact constitute anything to threaten to Zhao Hai is almost impossible.

However Zhao Hai sniper's rifle, firing distance actually distant crosses ten li (0.5km), in other words, Zhao Hai can project on him, he actually cannot project on Zhao Hai, how this lets him not to be aggrieved. Their fights shifted in sky from the ground, but this attack and defense two-sided has actually changed the position, although Zhao Hai seemed like is escaping probably, a side that but attacks now was actually Zhao Hai, but chased down Zhao Hai 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, actually turned into a side of defense. They fight like this, was looked by countless people in the eye, now several Sect near Tyrant Blade Sect knew, cultivator of Teleportation boundary, is chasing down another cultivator, both sides at the airborne war. A day passed by, they still in airborne dogfight, but this fight, captured the attention of too many person, now had some Sect to leave Inner Disciples to watch this fight, but in these people, even also has Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, but these Tyrant Blade Sect disciple do not have make a move. However these Tyrant Blade Sect disciple appears , let 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child understand, he wanted to kill Zhao Hai is impossible, because these Tyrant Blade Sect disciple although does not have what motion now, but that did not represent them to be able look at Zhao Hai to be killed by him, that was impossible, Tyrant Blade Sect to unite to become famous, smelting trial that Zhao Hai this although hid the identity, but if Zhao Hai has encountered the danger, these Tyrant Blade Sect disciple can make a move. But the issue came, now is not he wants to drop independently, Zhao Hai had been made Fire Qi, now initiative already not in 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child in hand, but in Zhao Hai in hand, now Zhao Hai and his Doppelganger is entangling him, he wants to walk now, thinks that has not fought with Zhao Hai, that must have a look at Zhao Hai to agree. The dogfight, the endless dogfight, entangles 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child to be insane, entangles him to be crazy, entangles him not to have the means that 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child present, oneself this time chases down Zhao Hai, was really one time in wrong has not decided that now he will reduce to this situation unexpectedly, his tasting person Teleportation boundary cultivator, unexpectedly by Zhao Hai compelling this situation in a dilemma, disgraced, lost face too. To be honest, now the feeling of Zhao Hai is not quite also good, because surrounds the person who they fight to be too many now, moreover is Expert, he felt now one in Houzi/Monkey of performance vaudeville, this feeling let his not being feeling well very probably.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }