Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2074

Zhao Hai and 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child in airborne already entire dogfight three days, these three days, their dogfights, attracted several hundred people of attention, these really have Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, there is Matchless Sword School cultivator. Saw that the Matchless Sword School person also arrived, Zhao Hai knows that oneself and 7 Star Strange Sword the fight between Eldest Child cannot have any result, not only Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator will not let his appears , Matchless Sword School person, will not make 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child have the matter, they could not branch out the life and death. Thought of here, Zhao Hai wields, receives own Doppelganger and that several Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, then coldly look at 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, deep voice said : opposite, you were listening to me, this time was you chases down my, was killed by me has also gotten what one deserves, our two have performed for three days in here, I do not think that was accompanying you to play, you with my grievances, we later in settlement slowly.” 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child saw Zhao Hai to stop, cannot help but let out a long breath, but one hear of Zhao Hai this saying, were actually mad clench jaws, his look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : good, you were waiting, my certain tear you to shreds.” Does Zhao Hai sneer said : to break to pieces the corpse ten thousand to break me? If not person who because sees a play are many, I have certainly abandoned you.” Said that Zhao Hai pats Nine-Wing Cloud Centipede, flies toward the distant place, in did not speak a few words to him. 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, look at Zhao Hai back, clenching teeth of effort, but he does not have what means that looked like Zhao Hai said that if were not because the Matchless Sword School person came, this time he was more unfortunate than fortunate. With the Zhao Hai dogfight three days. He must maintain in the condition in sky flying, this lets his consumption very big, but Zhao Hai is not actually flying, moreover his weapon attack simply useless Spiritual Qi, this is the place that Zhao Hai most profits, in this case, he can definitely drag him. Zhao Hai just flew not to be far, the distant place had several people to fly, these people all were Expert of Teleportation boundary, but from their appearance. They should be Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, but that person Zhao Hai that leads has also met, that is Expert in Inner Disciples, surnamed Li. Named Li Hao. Because saw person of understanding, therefore Zhao Hai has not carried on attack to them, but makes that several people smooth to his side. Waited for that several people to arrive at his side, Zhao Hai has then held the fist in the other hand said : to see Senior Brother Li to Li Hao, has seen Senior Brother.” Li Hao also holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, then laughs said : well, Zhao Hai, you are the great, dry attractiveness, HaHaHa. By the Doppelganger Stage strength, refutes with Teleportation Stage Expert unexpectedly, but also almost the opposite party extinguishing, rising face, rising face, but your youngster this time matter noisy is a little big, Sect Master ordered, had ended your this time smelting trial to here, in immediately return to Sect, within three days do not leave mountain gate/entrance.” Zhao Hai one hear of Li Hao said. Cannot help but stares, then complexion painstakingly doesn't said : within three years permit mountain gate/entrance? Why? I also want to go to other place to have a look.” Li Hao their look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but laughed said : this saying you to look for Sect Master saying that walked, went back.” Zhao Hai has complied with one. To Li Hao their said : several Senior Brother, to my this Monster Beast on. Remaining you flew, here leaves Sect not to be near.” Zhao Hai has not spoken incorrectly, position that they are at now, is really not near to Tyrant Blade Sect, here went down to the Butterfly Sect domain, this was Zhao Hai control the range, continuously in reason of turning circle, otherwise, these three days of times, he and 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, don’t know will fly that. Li Hao they have not rejected the Zhao Hai good intention, to be honest, cultivator of Teleportation boundary, flight of long time in sky, but also is really very exhausting, like 7 Star Strange Sword Eldest Child, Zhao Hai attack he, is not leading him , in sky flies several days, can give to burn out him fully.

although said some conflicts of Butterfly Sect and Tyrant Blade Sect also in border, but that is some small issues, both sides have regarded a place of training the border probably, they will send out some disciple of both sides to carry on the smelting trial in border there, two Sect will not live the conflict of large-scale truly. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai they fly toward Tyrant Blade Sect, has not encountered any danger, must know that this time meets Zhao Hai Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, is fully several, moreover is Teleportation boundary above Expert, has them, even if like Tyrant Sword Sect and Imperial Beast Sect with Tyrant Blade Sect is Sect of sworn enemy, does not dare to begin to them, if they began, will not do well will cause the several Sect war, therefore group of smoothness of Zhao Hai return. Zhao Hai this returned to Sect, has not returned to Deji Mountain directly, but went to ZhanTian Peak, has seen right in front of one Sect Master, Zhao Hai is first hands over ZhanTian Peak to come, is first time to Zhantian Palace. With Li Hao to Zhantian Palace outside, before Li Tianhao cultivator to Zhantian Palace, deep voice said : two Senior Brother invited, please two Senior Brother notify one, Li Hao Zhao Hai rescues to see Sect Master.” In two cultivator, deep voice said : two Junior Brother please wait a bit.” Said that he pushed the door Zhantian Palace big gate to walk, before long he walked out from Great Hall, to Zhao Hai their gave a salute said : two Junior Brother, Sect made two go.” They after this cultivator gave a salute, this pushed the door to enter in Zhantian Palace. After entering Great Hall, they on Sect to stage bow, said : Li Hao( Zhao Hai) has seen Sect Master with one voice.” Sect Master nodded, looked at their one eyes, deep voice to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, your this youngster is suffices to stir up trouble, first exiting, if you do not stir up trouble, not peacefully?” Zhao Hai look at Sect Master appearance, how also don’t know must reply is good, Sect Master look at his appearance, he he chuckle said : you do not need to be anxious, good that this several times matter you make, has not thrown our Tyrant Blade Sect person, but now outside that several Sect already red eye, wants kill you, therefore your following some time cannot leave Sect, practice well in Sect.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : is. Zhao Hai receives an order.” Sect Master nodded. Turns the head look at Li Hao said : Li Hao, what matter these did time come back to come across? Has the person to look for your troubles?” Li Hao deep voice said : returns to the Sect Master words, no, this very smooth, nobody dares to intercept us.” Sect Master nodded said : well, you draw back.” They have complied with one, to Sect Master gave a salute, turn around walked, does not have understand Zhao Hai to the present, why Sect Master called him. To speak such a few words words? Actually reason that Zhao Hai and don’t know, this Sect Master will call him, is actually wants to see him, since Zhao Hai to Tyrant Blade Sect. Can be Tyrant Blade Sect has handled many matters, but has not seen Zhao Hai Sect Master to the present, this makes Sect Master to Zhao Hai curious, what person he wants to have a look at this Zhao Hai is. A Zhao Hai although head is puzzled, but he has not thought that did not make him leave Sect not to leave, no big deal, Zhao Hai opened oneself Transmission Formation, directly on returned to in the yard on Deji Mountain.

To the yard in Zhao Hai saw that Laura their several stand in martial arts training ground there look at Qiu Tie practices martial arts, Qiu Tie is practicing boxing now. To be honest, now Qiu Tie Fist Technique practiced was very good, he is different from Zhao Hai, cannot use mental power like Zhao Hai, direct carries on communicate with the martial arts soul, in this case, Qiu Tie can practice this degree Fist Technique, was very good, do not forget, he is a young child. Zhao Hai general has calculated. Now Qiu Tie Fist Technique, has practiced the Major Mastery boundary probably, if in general Sect, he can be considered as absolutely on is heavenly aptitude, naturally he is only Fist Technique heavenly aptitude. Regarding the practice, he is not heavenly aptitude. Qiu Tie cannot be a talent. His innate skill was too ordinary, Zhao Hai uses the innumerable medicines to make him have today's result, if these medicines used on the bodies of some talents, they feared that now had achieved already Doppelganger Stage. However Zhao Hai actually to Qiu Tie performance very satisfied, Qiu Tie is not the talent of practice, but he is actually a very diligent person, if not the practice of his frantic, he cannot achieve today's result absolutely, this is also the Zhao Hai most satisfied place. Laura they also saw Zhao Hai at this time, Laura their immediately have encircled, Qiu Tie also stopped, ran up to the Zhao Hai side, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, your matter we heard, we also think that you couple of days ago will come back.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to be easy, does not tidy up Matchless Sword School that fellow well, how I can leave to result in that tone, he he, but their Sect also came the person, finally cannot butcher that fellow, was cheap he, will have also some troubles with the fear.” Laura shows a faint smile said : this time he unable you to be what kind, later he did not have opportunity, Elder Brother Hai, pays a visit next two Master.” Zhao Hai nodded, has tapped the head of Qiu Tie gently, smiles said : small iron Fist Technique to be good, it seems like carried on the next step training, he he, the small iron, then you can study Advanced level Fist Technique.” Has not actually thought that Qiu Tie shook the head said : Young Master, I do not want on Fist Technique of learn reproducting class, two Elders to say quickly, Young Master initially studies Blade Technique time, practiced highest boundary foundation Blade Technique, other Blade Technique that studied, I must like Young Master.” One hear of Qiu Tie said that Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled, his look at Qiu Tie said : good, you pour in practicing, the small iron, you must know, if your this, will have delayed your practice, you now are only laying the foundation time, later is not good.” Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai said that nod of appearing to understand but not really understand, his don’t know, in this world may not certainly everybody be Zhao Hai, impossible everybody to practice highest boundary martial arts, if he pursues boundary, will only delay his practice. Is entering in this, the Yin elder sound conveyed said : Little Hai to come back.” Zhao Hai turns the head to look that presently Yin-Yang 2 elders came, he walked hastily quickly, to them good big ritual said : disciple Zhao Hai, has seen two Master.” Yin elder beckoned with the hand said : to be good, gets up, walks, entered the room saying that your youngster these time exited, but has annoyed many matters, must say well was good.” Zhao Hai nodded, asking Yin-Yang 2 elders to enter the room, after the living room has sat down, Meg delivers the tea, Zhao Hai this fresh matter, said to Yin-Yang 2 elders. Yin-Yang 2 elders gloomy face, deep voice said : said that before you did receive Tyrant Sword Sect and Imperial Beast Sect attack? In our domains?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : truly is, afterward Matchless Sword School also appears , but had been tidied up six by me, afterward broke through to of Teleportation boundary.” Yin elder coldly snorted said : they were really more and more wild, when our Tyrant Blade Sect was eats without working, it seems like did not select to them tastes fiercely, their President memory, your feel relieved, I will not let off their.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Master feel relieved, my matter, I can solve, when the time comes these my cannot put, I will tidy up well their.” Yin elder one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then he cannot help but shows a faint smile said : well, worthily is our Yin-Yang Double Fiend Blade disciple, if you have this heart, we leave you them, making you revenge.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : thanks a lot Master.” Yin elder beckoned with the hand, deep voice said : this time you come back, practice well, your present strength was too low, if met Expert, you were dangerous, these time with you to the war, was Expert that in the Matchless Sword School young generation became famous, 7 Star Strange Sword, they were Earth Monarch Stage Expert, what finally breakthrough was 7 Star Strange Sword First Senior Brother, called Lu Sheng, this person of nickname appealed to heaven to become aware the sword, was hard to deal with ruthless character, your time can tidy up their six people, mainly by formation also had the thunder area extreme terrain, in adding on them. Has not seen your Undead Creature, this shocked lost the resistance, went well by you, moreover that Lu Sheng was just promoted the Teleportation boundary, his Sword Qi cannot reach you, otherwise, your Magical Artifact also bears what him not to, finally is any situation, has not said that therefore you must do now, must enhance own strength as soon as possible.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, my understand, invited Master feel relieved.” Yin elder deep voice said : Little Hai, your present strength was too bad, that Doppelganger method that but you practice, to is very good, if you can use that Doppelganger method, makes several Doppelganger to come, can help your together practice, now therefore you must do is not promoting own level anxiously, but must consolidate own cultivation level first.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, Master feel relieved, I practiced certainly the Doppelganger boundary.” To be honest, listening to Yin elder saying that Zhao Hai also cannot help but sighed his eyes blazing like torches, one has thought this Doppleganger Profound Technique strongest use, great, was really great. Yang elder look at Zhao Hai said : you is a Blade Technique talent, your present Blade Technique enough person has used, do not bite off more than one can chew, the matter that therefore you must handle now only then, consolidates own Blade Technique, was achieved boundary of mastery by own Blade Technique, most minimum same attribute Blade Technique, you want the offense and defense to be free, this is your next Stage practice main duty.”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }