Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2075
Monster blade Zhao Hai! This is a nickname, nickname that Zhao Hai just obtained, after Zhao Hai and Lu Sheng war, Zhao Hai success by various True Spirit Realm Great Sect turning, the matter that even Zhao Hai handles in Soaring Dragon Realm there was turned, the people also knew, Zhao Hai destroys completely the Crystal Realm person. Zhao Hai enters to the True Spirit Realm not multi- progress, regarding causing a stir in True Spirit Realm, even caused that several Great Sect hit the make a move Crystal Realm event greatly, the True Spirit Realm here person has a vivid memory, they think most from the beginning is Tyrant Blade Sect that Inner Disciples does, but Zha Cai knows now that this matter is Zhao Hai is done unexpectedly. Now True Spirit Realm here various Great Sect understand, why Yin-Yang 2 elders will also receive Zhao Hai to make disciple, Yin-Yang 2 elders killing aura is full, but Zhao Hai killing aura is certainly fuller, Zhao Hai did not affect Yin-Yang 2 elders to be good, Yin-Yang 2 elders killing aura was an influence does not have regarding Zhao Hai. Especially the Tyrant Blade Sect person, Tyrant Blade Sect person understand, why Zhao Hai will not receive the attendance of Sect before, moreover they became Yin-Yang 2 elders disciple, but also obtained a mountain peak on Deji Mountain to take own mountain gate/entrance, now all understand, his sea unexpectedly is ruthless person of that extinguish people in the entire realm in Soaring Dragon Realm. To be honest, when hears this information, Dao Shu they have not believed that does not have the means that compares other people to come, Dao Shu they with Zhao Hai familiar, in Dao Shu their impressions, Zhao Hai is a very temperate person, the although sometimes war has gotten up some frantic. How however he sees likely is not that meeting extinguish people in the entire realm ominous person. This make very puzzled. Only then know the truth Lin Ling and Xiang Ying they are not surprised, because Zhao Hai, when handles this matter, they are the purity that knows. But many people in Sect also arrive at their here to rescue the card, they want to know that Zhao Hai has handled such matter, because this matter is world all knew now, therefore Lin Ling they do not have to conceal the truth, they also confirmed Crystal Realm truly is Zhao Hai destroys completely. After this information has been confirmed that the unusual matter lived, on Zhao Hai Yuanyue Peak, almost could not be seeing the person. All cultivator will walk around there, even if these is riding flight Monster Beast Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, distant round Yuanyue Peak, will not have flown from the Yuanyue Peak sky. This did not mean that these cultivator have feared Zhao Hai. Their people do not fear Zhao Hai, before Zhao Hai is, kills people in many, but his present strength is placed in there, is adding on him is the Tyrant Blade Sect person on one's own side, these people had no reason to fear him. Reason that these people will walk around Zhao Hai Yuanyue Peak , because they feared that reason that will come under the influence of Zhao Hai killing aura, Yin-Yang 2 elders has lived in small Yin-Yang Peak there, will be because their killing aura were too strong, the will influence be very big.

Tyrant Blade Sect these Outer Disciple and ordinary Inner Disciples, all walk around Yuanyue Peak. However to likes Yuanyue Peak coming with the Zhao Hai familiar person very much, because of their very clear, oneself will not have any matter to live, if the luck is good, they have to meet Yin-Yang 2 elders in Yuanyue Peak there, obtains they two directions, this regarding them, gained absolutely. The following some time, Zhao Hai almost appears on Continent, he had not left in the Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall range. Therefore on Continent naturally did not have his information. But these days Zhao Hai has been closing up practice, because his strength was too weak, he must enhance his strength as soon as possible. Three years of time, Zhao Hai has closed up on Yuanyue Peak for three years, naturally he closes up in the three years has not closed up the practice. But said his three years does not have leave Yuanyue Peak. The matter that these three years time, Zhao Hai has handled has one. That is manufacture own Doppelganger that keeps, naturally Yin-Yang 2 elders and don’t know this matter, they think that Zhao Hai has been consolidating own cultivation level. However Zhao Hai also present, this Doppelganger is not the manufacture of Yuan limiting, he uses for one year, manufactures Doppelganger with Doppelganger, then in manufacture Doppelganger that using Doppelganger keeps, finally he altogether has manufactured 1000 Doppelganger, when 1000 th Doppelganger manufactures, he could not actually be manufacturing Doppelganger, in other words, he most can only manufacture 1000 Doppelganger. although knew he can manufacture the Doppelganger upper limit, but Zhao Hai not disappointed, he can manufacture 1000 Doppelganger, this figure was very astonishing, if he can be all successful these 1000 Doppelganger Soul Fusion, then had 1000 Zhao Hai to practice in together on equivalent to, that practice absolutely very astonishing. However this is not that easy, first is the Doppelganger strength, Doppelganger, when condense was just successful, only then the Rebirth Stage strength, must make Doppelganger also achieve the Doppelganger Stage strength to be good. Next must let that Strength of Soul of dividing, in slowly echoes with the main soul, finally coincides with the main soul, this is very difficult, even separating the soul is more difficult. Zhao Hai has used two years of time, was echoed by the these Doppelganger soul main own main souls, was unable to achieve own Doppelganger soul with own main soul, situation that can fuse.

But these three years time, Zhao Hai besides in practicing Spiritual Qi, he has not practiced new Blade Technique, is by own Blade Technique mastery, finally effect very good, he has been able to achieve now, same attribute Blade Technique, can achieve the offense and defense completely conveniently. This regarding Zhao Hai is not an easy matter, because of his Blade Technique compared with other good of practicing, wants two sets of Blade Technique complete fusion as the matter stands in together, the time needed is longer. Even if by the Zhao Hai perception, can achieve the fusion with attribute Blade Technique now, different attribute Blade Technique mastery, Zhao Hai could not have achieved now. Not only Zhao Hai also simple not being able to achieve, is Yin-Yang 2 elders does not want to make him achieve in fact, if one, but Zhao Hai can make with entire attribute Blade Technique, others immediately can know that Zhao Hai possibly is a Innate Dao Body person, other Sect certainly not at any cost will eliminate when the time comes him. Zhao Hai extinguished Crystal Realm, possibly other Sect will not have coped, after all Crystal Realm does not have no relationship with them, even if will be Tyrant Sword Sect will not send for killing Zhao Hai specially, after all Crystal Realm will be Lower Realm, Tyrant Sword Sect control Lower Realm, not only Crystal Realm, Crystal Realm was extinguished, regarding them, will lose is not very big. But if makes these Sect know that Zhao Hai unexpectedly is Innate Dao Body, these people will not certainly hesitate all representatives to pass through Zhao Hai massacre, because of a Innate Dao Body person, regarding them, the threat was really too big, that may the quantity plant almost can change the entire True Spirit Realm pattern the physique. Zhao Hai when previous Doppelganger smelting trial, very attention use own Blade Technique, he many times uses is metal attribute and earth attribute Blade Technique, other attribute Blade Technique he little uses. Three years, regarding True Spirit Realm, is not a long time, because regarding cultivator, three years is not really long, even if True Spirit Realm cultivator, is closing up the practice, three years is not long. Because True Spirit Realm cultivator must eat meal, therefore some low level cultivator, not long time closing up, so long as to Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, they if closes up, that time will not be short. Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, cannot complete does not eat thing, but they like ordinary cultivator, do not need everyday to eat thing, their every other about one month ate time thing to be OK, therefore likely cultivator of wall dust time, in closing up, if not want to disturb, they will take some Fasting Pill, if they were hungry, can eat Fasting Pill to maintain oneself life.

Fasting Pill is one type of eats can let person not hungry medicine pill, this Fasting Pill with many medicinal herbs refinements, refines successful Fasting Pill, after not only eating, can let person long time is not hungry, but can also the manner provide the nutrition that the human body needs, but also Fasting Pill can provide about one month nutrition. Naturally, Fasting Pill is not everybody eats, Fasting Pill effect very good, but the price is also not poor, Sect not to cultivator free provides Fasting Pill, you want Fasting Pill, oneself bought. If some strength insufficient cultivator, want to close up, they will not prepare Fasting Pill generally, but or will hire servant by own companion, special will deliver the food to him, everyday delivers the three times food, or everyday will only deliver a food. But is this, the expenditure are also many, therefore True Spirit Realm here many strength not strong cultivator, closing up of long time, their so-called closing up, will not see the bystander, not too contacts with outside world, so as to avoid being disturbed. But Zhao Hai present closing up, is this situation, each almost daily three meals a day will eat in the same old way, but he will not go to outside chaotic extension, will not make duty, everyday is only the relieved practice. But these three years time, most makes Tyrant Blade Sect feel shock is not Zhao Hai, but is Zhao Hai type of that a piece field, three years, enough Zhao Hai that a piece field complete formation scale, several defensive systems have been completed, Man Eating Flower, forest, Reaching Sky Vine wait / etc. these thing grew, now before has not obtained antidote that Zhao Hai put, even if were cultivator of Teleportation boundary, impossible easily passed through from the Zhao Hai paddies, no matter ground Space was the same. Not only the defensive system in field ended , the doing thing official growth in field, Bread Tree, Bamboo rice, vegetables these thing already could also produce, moreover became the important source of Zhao Hai income, but three years, made in the Zhao Hai paddies that medicine produce to deliver, some low level medicinal herbs that in that Medicine Fields delivered, can bring massive receiving to Zhao Hai, can say that now Zhao Hai is in Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples the first wealthy man is not overrated. Zhao Hai such income, stirs up many people jealous comfortably, but they have the means that because, when that place nobody wants, Zhao Hai wanted, moreover thinks of every means does farm work, now had the income, that is also good of Zhao Hai management, they are jealous in vain are also jealous.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }