Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2076

Standing of Zhao Hai face calm in martial arts training ground, look at Qiu Tie practices martial arts on martial arts training ground, what now Qiu Tie use is a wooden blade, but this wooden blade is not the ordinary wooden blade, he is a Ironwood blade, he compares the common wooden blade to be heavier, but also does not have the iron blade to be heavy, most suits the Qiu Tie use. Reason that Zhao Hai has not made Qiu Tie use the iron blade to practice to the present , because feared that the body of Qiu Tie cannot bear, what although Qiu Tie walks is the Body Cultivator route, however the Qiu Tie age is small, now is also less than ten years old, if made him too already use the iron blade to carry on the practice, regarding him was not the good matter, might injure to his body very much, therefore Zhao Hai makes him use the wooden blade to practice now. Reason that this also has another reason, that is the blade that Qiu Tie uses, the blade that Qiu Tie uses is not the ordinary long blade or Executioner Blade and so on blade, the blade that he uses is large Glaive. When received Zhao Hai before and Monster Beast war, used the influence of large Glaive Charging Formation, Qiu Tie this youngster recognizes large Glaive, when Zhao Hai initially asked he must use any weapon, he bold did not choose large Glaive hesitant, Zhao Hai did not have the also means only to promise him finally. Naturally Zhao Hai also, not only complies because of fondness of Qiu Tie his, Zhao Hai most important because Qiu Tie very suitable uses large Glaive. large Glaive belongs to heavy weapon, non- strength big person not available, but what Qiu Tie walks is the Body Cultivator route, that naturally is the strength big person, therefore he uses large Glaive to appropriately. However the Qiu Tie age is small, if in this moment. Makes him use the made of metal large Glaive words. Possibly will be exhausted him, the body of person is very strange, if one, but the body leaves behind an internal injury, that is not very easy good, therefore Qiu Tie and not suitable practice on use made of metal large Glaive now, such will possibly make his body leave behind the internal injury. In order to let Qiu Tie can be familiar with large Glaive, therefore Zhao Hai has manufactured dozens large Glaive, naturally these large Glaive are by made of wood, from most ordinary wooden blade from the beginning, to heaviest Ironwood. large Glaive of various weights have prepared to Qiu Tie. But the progress of Qiu Tie also stems from the expectation of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai thinks Qiu Tie must to 12 and three -year-old times, can use large Glaive that Ironwood makes, has not actually thought. The Qiu Tie less than ten years old can use. although now large Glaive of Qiu Tie use is not heaviest, but was also very great, Zhao Hai regarding the progress of Qiu Tie is very satisfied. When Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie practices martial arts, a sound resounds said : in his side Elder Brother Hai, probably some people came.” Zhao Hai turns the head to look, is Laura. Laura their these three years times, has basically been familiar with the Tyrant Blade Sect here environment, even in some places, they are more familiar than Zhao Hai, especially in female disciple regarding Tyrant Blade Sect. They have not known. Now Laura their control the security defense system of entire Yuanyue Peak, can say regarding the understanding of Yuanyue Peak here, Zhao Hai distant is inferior to Laura they, because Zhao Hai initially has constructed No.52 Courtyard House, but Laura they have actually installed the defense system on entire Yuanyue Peak, but what these defenses are, is Zhao Hai does not talk clearly.

One hear of Laura said that Zhao Hai cannot help but does turn the head to Laura said : is who?” Laura deep voice said : is the person in Sect, looks at their advancing routes, certainly is our Yuanyue Peak. Possibly is Sect asks you to have any matter.” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, in this time, time is transmitting said : Little Hai, you prepare, these time could go out.” Zhao Hai looks. Yin-Yang 2 elders, speech Yin elder. Zhao Hai and Laura salute to them hastily, Zhao Hai puzzled to their said : Master, how you to know that I can go out?” Yin-Yang 2 elders shows a faint smile, Yang elder said : „, because time Justice League competition must open this every ten years, but your this time, will be will certainly enter the war on behalf of Tyrant Blade Sect.” Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at their said : two Master, this Justice League competition what's the matter?” Yin elder deep voice said : you also know that in True Spirit Realm here, altogether is divided into three big influences, positive, demon, evil, but our Tyrant Blade Sect is one in Justice League, but about ten years, Justice League will have every other time competition, in all Sect by Justice League participates, but various Great Sect representatives are the seed players, this time competition is divided three, First Stage is the competition of Doppelganger Stage disciple, Second Stage Soul Fusion Stage disciple compared with the type, Third Stage is Earth Monarch Stage disciple compared with type, altogether only then these three, three compared with the type, optimization can obtain the reward of Sect, but. Sect that they are , can also gain many benefits, this is also one time a competition that to promote young disciple progresses, mainly by competition give priority to, does not advocate the murder.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Sect is preparation allows me to attend the competition of Doppelganger Stage disciple, first comes back with?” Ten points impolite that Zhao Hai this saying said that probably first is his it's in the bag, he wants to take takes. He really also has such energy, because his strength is placed in there, dares with the person who Teleportation boundary Expert puts together hardly, will also raise some Doppelganger Stage Expert? Yang elder nodded said : well, Sect wants to make you struggle this Doppelganger Stage each position, do not think that this first position is so good to struggle, in this time competition, along with Portable weapon beside, has not permitted to use any other Magical Artifact, does not permit to use Battle Beast to help the fight, even if like Formation Cultivator or Artifact Cultivator and so on Magical Artifact that cultivator, they use can not five, but Imperial Beast Sect, hits world Sect by Monster Beast likely, Monster Beast that they use, can not three only.” Zhao Hai has selected eyebrow said : also in other words, our Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, can only use Portable weapon, other combat vehicles and are Magical Artifact unuseful?” Yin elder nodded said : well, is this meaning, before the competition, all participating people, must come up the Portable weapon report that oneself use, if at the competition, you have used weapon of other styles, immediately will deprive your qualifying, this also for better protection these young cultivator.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : my understand, Master feel relieved, even if this, I will also obtain first.” Yang elder he he chuckle said : regarding your strength, we were not worried that what you must be careful, in you go participating in procedure, may meet Ghost Cultivator, Demon Cultivator, or Evil Cultivator attack.” Zhao Hai one hear of Yang elder said that cannot help but said : also does have such matter? Does not go to battlefield with Transmission Formation?” Yang elder shook the head said : is not, this competition, various Sect will send out some elders to observe, the elder can rush to the competition scene through Transmission Formation, but your participating people are impossible, you must according to the strength division person, the person of same strength be divided into a squad, then rushes to the place of competition, this you probably will meet all the way all kinds of attack, but this is also to your one type of smelting trials, many Sect, they send the participating person, does not die in the athletic field, but is in rushing to the group of athletic field, by Demon Cultivator, Evil Cultivator, even is Ghost Cultivator gives to kill..” Did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : various Great Sect to live on look at this matter? To Demon Cultivator, or does Evil Cultivator slaughter these low level cultivator?” Yin elder shook the head said : naturally is not, in fact this is Justice League, the one type of agreement of Demon Alliance and Devil Coalition, we distribute various level disciple to attend the competition, but they must send out various level disciple to come to your participating people to carry on the interception, Doppelganger Stage to Doppelganger Stage, Soul Fusion Stage to Soul Fusion Stage.” Zhao Hai one hear of Yin elder said that his immediately understand, he nodded said : this is a three big alliance smelting trial disciple process.” Yin elder nodded said : well, is this meaning, this is a three big alliance smelting trial disciple process, but sometimes, Ghost Cultivator also meets join, but these Ghost Cultivator will be impolite, they will not honor an agreement, they will send out some high level cultivator, carries on the interception to many participating players.” Zhao Hai nodded said : my understand, Master invited feel relieved, if Sect made the person go, I diligently achieved certainly well.” Yin elder forced smile said : by your present strength, you cannot think that is not good, feel relieved, will definitely make you go.” Zhao Hai has also cannot help but smiled, just as was Yin elder said that by the Zhao Hai present strength, if Tyrant Blade Sect did not make him participating, instead to will cause the suspicions of other Sect, therefore Tyrant Blade Sect will certainly make Zhao Hai participate, will make him capture the first good achievements, this can make all Sect know location of his formidable, moreover can be Sect gains the even bigger benefit, therefore this time he can participate. In this time, in suddenly No.52 Courtyard House is hearing sound of the warning, the alarm sound had just resounded, hears a sound to transmit said : Zhao Hai Senior Brother to be possible in? Presents Sect Master this life below, came to transmit orders.”

That person of sound resounds, the alarm sound in No.52 Courtyard House vanished, Zhao Hai spoke thoughtlessly said : Senior Brother please come in to come is.” His voice just fell, a person's shadow on appears in in midair, then falling slowly to martial arts training ground on. Zhao Hai looked that this person of boundary however knew, is Li Hao, Zhao Hai is intimate friends to Li Hao holds the fist in the other hand said : to see Senior Brother Li, has not thought that these time was actually Senior Brother Li personally transmitted orders.” Li Hao showed a faint smile said : Junior Brother to be too polite, has seen two Elders.” Was saying Li Hao while salutes to Yin-Yang 2 elders, by his status, sees Yin-Yang 2 elders the time, is naturally respectful. Yin elder beckoned with the hand said : „, is for the alliance competition matter?” Li Hao nodded said : „, Sect Master this time wants to make Zhao Hai Junior Brother participate in alliance competition, doesn't know two Elders what do you think?” Yin elder nodded said : „should, light is a person practices at home, what cannot practice, happen to uses this time opportunity, exiting smelting trial, this does Little Hai compete on behalf of Doppelganger Stage disciple? With his together ratio some Doppelganger Stage disciple also how many people?” Li Hao said : is, Zhao Hai Junior Brother goes to battle on behalf of Doppelganger Stage disciple, with Zhao Hai Senior Brother together attended the competition has 20 people.”( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }