Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2078

Chapter 89 Ideas of hostility vision these cultivator, Zhao Hai how possible don’t know, as Commander armed forces Commander-in-Chief of several ten of millions person, Zhao Hai, if the ideas of these people cannot look continually, his lived in vain, therefore he will explain these people. Really, his explanation played does to use, these cultivator although have not said anything, but in their eyes last dissatisfaction also vanish from sight. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but showed a faint smile said : to be good, everybody, we prepares now.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, Demon Horse appears in the Zhao Hai side, altogether 21, just right person. Zhao Hai look at people said : starts, we left.” The people have complied with one, jumped up Demon Horse, Zhao Hai one dozen of horses, therefore Demon Horse proceeds to run with Zhao Hai. Demon Horse very fast, but you on the horseback actually could not feel that point jolting, the person sits in carrying on the back of Demon Horse comfortably. These with Zhao Hai Doppelganger Stage cultivator somewhat surprised look at Demon Horse, they have not thought that really also has such Monster Beast, this Monster Beast looks like the strength probably is good, moreover very fast, was used to hurry along not to have. Forwards, because of them now in Tyrant Blade Sect within the boundaries, therefore simply does not need to be worried safely, advancing also quick. At noon, Zhao Hai they have not met the village that can eat while traveling, can only rest in forest, in forest outside, the people jumped down Demon Horse, Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, showed a faint smile said : everyone/Great Clan to have the belt to eat? I brought much. Is my wife does. What kind of? To taste?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that other people have smiled, Zhao Hai loose with his strength same becoming famous, they have not heard, that Doppelganger Stage cultivator, divides to marry that many wives, moreover each one is Top Grade, to be honest, these Doppelganger Stage cultivator, transport that regarding Zhao Hai peach hua is envies the envy to hate that. Doppelganger Stage cultivator runs up to the Zhao Hai side. Collected interest said : I to say team leader, you were a team leader, naturally I provided our food, said it. We also want to taste the food that the sister makes.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : good, makes everyone/Great Clan taste, come.” The equally same good food took by him, has put also out several jar liquor, these Doppelganger Stage cultivator were one cheers to run.

very happy that this lunch, the people eat, but they have not drunk too much liquor, after having had the lunch, the people have rested a while. Then hurries along, evening's time they have rested a evening in small town. Three days of bored hurrying along, made Zhao Hai be familiar with these Doppelganger Stage cultivator one after another, he knows that now the names of all people, the people's impression to Zhao Hai were also getting better and better. After three days of hurrying along, Zhao Hai their finally leave Tyrant Blade Sect domain, official entered with another one Sect that Tyrant Blade Sect was near, the Gui Yuan Sect domain. Gui Yuan Sect their Profound Sect Righteous Sect Sect, but he is not Great Sect, opposite he is small Sect. The Sect strength is not very strong, but Tyrant Blade Sect little will actually cope with Gui Yuan Sect \; first, because Gui Yuan Sect is good with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, is Gui Yuan Sect greatly sends Shang Yuan Sect relations are very close with True Spirit Realm Profound Sect, according to legend Gui Yuan Sect generation of Sect. Has studied the skill in Shang Yuan Sect, is for this reason. Therefore Gui Yuan Sect with Shang Yuan Sect relations are very close, but Tyrant Blade Sect with Shang Yuan Sect relationship also very good, therefore two schools of continuously peace, even is also better with Butterfly Sect relationship compared with Tyrant Blade Sect. Zhao Hai their official entries to Gui Yuan Sect time, not presently there and Tyrant Blade Sect have any different places, they still possibly see the ordinary housing all the way the village, they when these villages rest, the villagers in village, still to them very respectful. If must say that has anything to be different, that is various villages in Gui Yuan Sect domain, inside will have some literati, these people wear the Literati clothing/taking, but doing of their most important uses, is the church village child is literate, carries out the primary education to these children, no matter these children are hopeful can become the practices, they in young can learn be literate, but this point in the Tyrant Blade Sect village is unable to see. In the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, Wu Feng is very abundant, in some villages will have some to practice, even if they do not have no innate skill, they will still practice martial arts, naturally, many practicing saves Body Cultivator some Cultivation Method, moreover Yang Jiandan, they possibly for a lifetime do not have the means to achieve Rebirth Stage, but the has plenty person is actually practicing. But in the Gui Yuan Sect domain, literary style is actually the heyday, after they arrived in Gui Yuan Sect these villages, presently these villagers styles of speaking are uncommon, one hear is to accept the person of education, this point to is commendable. Walked for day in Gui Yuan Sect here, finally arrived in a Gui Yuan Sect city, this urban known as Fragrance Ink City, naturally this name is not nonsense, in this Fragrance Ink City, is becomes famous by the produce fragrant black ink specially. Before Zhao Hai they ride a horse arrive slowly the Fragrance Ink City city has stood, in this city gate there, is standing two rows of cultivator, these cultivator each wear the Literati clothing/taking, some people in hand are also even taking a book, in looks like literati that there assumes an air of self approbation many to look like the cultivator person, is Gui Yuan Sect disciple, they are responsible for defending the Fragrance Ink City city gate. Zhao Hai has not ridden a horse enters a city directly, they wear the unified clothes, is riding unified Monster Beast, if a few words did not say that clashes toward in the city, will make Gui Yuan Sect think that they are look for trouble, therefore person like them, when enters Fragrance Ink City, must first arrive at Gui Yuan Sect there to report one, said own point to be good.

This custom Zhao Hai is very clear, therefore they arrived at Fragrance Ink City city gate there to slow down, when they arrived at city gate there, Zhao Hai suspended looked at the hand, therefore the person jumped down from Demon Horse. Gui Yuan Sect these cultivator also noted Zhao Hai their this line, they looked at Zhao Hai their appearance, was looking at Zhao Hai their strength, Gui Yuan Sect these person also understand Zhao Hai their status, what performance they want to take a look at Zhao Hai they to have. Looked that Zhao Hai they have jumped down horse, these Gui Yuan Sect cultivator, on the face have shown the smiling face, they do not want to press a Zhao Hai head at this matter, in fact does not have that necessity, but if Zhao Hai they display extremely in insolent, that these Gui Yuan Sect cultivator, will not give Zhao Hai their good complexion, this relationship to the Gui Yuan Sect dignity. Zhao Hai arrives in front of that several Gui Yuan Sect cultivator, holds the fist in the other hand to that several people said : Tyrant Blade Sect Zhao Hai, has seen Gui Yuan Sect Senior Brother.” In the Gui Yuan Sect people, person look at Zhao Hai smiles said : „the Gui Yuan Sect East rain to see Zhao Hai Junior Brother, Zhao Hai Junior Brother these time must participate in competition? I first wished you to obtain the good achievements in here.” Zhao Hai is smiling said : to the Eastern rain thanks a lot Senior Brother, this is our entry Wen Die, asking Senior Brother to examine.” The Eastern rain smiles said : you to lead by Zhao Hai Junior Brother personally, we also inspect anything, we were not losing your time, everybody invited.” Zhao Hai expressed gratitude to the Eastern rain, this got other people to enter Fragrance Ink City, this Fragrance Ink City was not very big, but in the city to was the has plenty shop, in these shops many were some bookstores, not only inside sold the book, will also sell some words papers large and so on thing. Zhao Hai they looked for one at will have looked like the good hotels, opened the room, this went out to eat thing, because everyone/Great Clan has been familiar, therefore Zhao Hai these time also asked famous restaurant of everyone/Great Clan to eat to Fragrance Ink City , after having eaten meal, the weather was somewhat black, but the Fragrance Ink City here person did not have sooner or later that after Fragrance Ink City here darkness, will have a program of retention, that was after the darkness, in Fragrance Ink City each every shop paper lanterns on shop add-ons, but on these lantern will inscribe some lantern riddles to be guessed, guessed the person to have the prize.. This not on China in January 15 lantern festivals like Earth, this is the Fragrance Ink City one type of custom, if lantern riddles nobody can guess in one month, that this lantern riddles will be sealed, moreover his reward also enhances two times to continue. Also because of this, therefore in Fragrance Ink City here, had appears one type of very special profession, that was riddle maker, these people took all kinds of lantern riddles as to live specially, lantern riddles that they left, so long as had not confused in the shortest time, they can obtain many rewards, enough they supported themselves.

Zhao Hai is walking look at these lantern riddles, he has not gone to guess these lantern riddles, is only on the look at road these various people, in Fragrance Ink City here, Zhao Hai even saw that some cultivator and some average people guess lantern riddles in together, to be honest, in front of lantern riddles, everybody is equal, no matter you are cultivator or the average person, if you do not guess right, you cannot obtain the prize. In Zhao Hai proceeds time, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that fills including the hostility vision perpendicular incidence to his carrying on the back, but he has not stopped, still proceeds, the direction that but his actually release the Liquid Silver needle, came toward this shooting light flies, he wants to have a look is who, will come to see him with such look. However makes Zhao Hai feel what is disappointed, he has not seen the duty person, this disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat, but this matter also makes Zhao Hai enhance vigilance, Zhao Hai very clear, true test his time arrived, perhaps they had Fragrance Ink City to be able by attack. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, why his don’t know opposite party must attack in the Gui Yuan Sect domain he, Gui Yuan Sect be very good with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, if they in the Gui Yuan Sect domain attack, that Gui Yuan Sect person, in the shortest time will certainly be overtaken to support them, that attack their people, cannot certainly ask to be good. However changes mind thinks why Zhao Hai wanted to come up attack in the Gui Yuan Sect domain on the understand opposite party he, was not because Gui Yuan Sect was very good with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, attack Zhao Hai in the Gui Yuan Sect domain they, not only can make Gui Yuan Sect people unable to know that was who attack Zhao Hai they, similarly can also estrange Gui Yuan Sect and Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, it can be said that killed two birds with one stone. ( To be continued.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }