Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2079

Zhao Hai calmly transferred outside, hotel that this returned to live, he has not looked for these to discuss with Doppelganger Stage cultivator that his together comes in immediately that because of his very clear, they possibly stared now, if he discussed with these people, may arouse the vigilance of opposite party, therefore other Zhao Hai people have not had anything to contact, but was returned to own in the room, rest well one late. Next morning, Zhao Hai they have had the breakfast after the hotel, is riding Demon Horse leave Fragrance Ink City, in Fragrance Ink City time, Zhao Hai sits on Demon Horse, with secret voice transmission partner/shop assistant of skill cultivator said : to these Doppelganger Stage, everyone/Great Clan is more careful today, yesterday I exit to stroll, felt that we stared probably.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that these people cannot help but one by, but they are not the fools who does not understand, they looked that Zhao Hai had not turned head, immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, they have also installed to work no appearance, but actually uses secret voice transmission Cultivation Method said : team leader, what's the matter? We were given to stare.” This secret voice transmission skill is not that ordinary skill, secret voice transmission is one type of with Spiritual Qi the sound extreme compression, then in using spiritual force relays one type of Cultivation Method, this Cultivation Method does not have no Might, but can actually let the person the words that oneself must speak, in others present situation, has not passed to others' ear. This secret voice transmission Cultivation Method is different from general spiritual force communicate Cultivation Method, general spiritual force communicate Cultivation Method. spiritual force wave force very big. However the fluctuation of secret voice transmission spiritual force is very small. It is also different from common sound transmission Cultivation Method, common sound transmission Cultivation Method, reduces the sound with Spiritual Qi, is passing to the person who wants the biography, but, the fluctuation of Spiritual Qi also too will be in that case big, easily by person present. Because of this, therefore had this secret voice transmission Cultivation Method, this Cultivation Method is Spiritual Qi and energy set, with spiritual force Spiritual Qi after compression wrapping. Such spirit the fluctuation is not big, but the fluctuation of spiritual force is not big, is one type of short distance signalling best Cultivation Method. Zhao Hai hears some people to speak to him, his immediately/on horseback said : real. The opposite party yesterday the last evening stared at me, I fear them presently anything, therefore yesterday has not gone to look for you, you are more careful, if we meet attack, must listen to my command(er).” These cultivator have complied with one, but they in the time of making noise, are actually maintaining the original appearance, not too many changes, probably in normal hurries along to be the same. Quick they came out from Fragrance Ink City. Zhao Hai they are still maintaining fast advancing, but simultaneously Zhao Hai actually release the Liquid Silver dust, carefully was paying attention to all around all. Had walked for two hours, does not have any present, but these people are also the very patient people, in fact, is cultivator, if you do not have the patience, your simply does not have the means to practice, do not say two hours. Even if 20 hours, these people can also wait, they are still hurrying along, meanwhile will chat, cannot see any unusuality.

However in fact they were actually added carefully. All people started to be careful, but did not come out superficially. A morning passed. At noon still any matter does not have presently, eats meal, Zhao Hai also everyone/Great Clan calls together, the people chat are eating thing, in eating the thing process, Zhao Hai must pay attention in time reminder everyone/Great Clan, because he felt, the opposite party stared at them. Afternoon hurrying along is still any matter does not have, but the people still have not actually relaxed vigilantly, these people do not dare the warning of underestimated Zhao Hai, because of their very clear, Zhao Hai is not that carelessly the person of speech. Eye look at weather slowly dark, but Zhao Hai they have actually missed the lodging place, they passed by a village before, but the past several hundred li (0.5km), wanted now already late, they can only proceed. Eye look at moon/month eye came out, Zhao Hai watched the weather, looked at all around situation, they now in a piece of forest middle, to be honest, here are not good camp site, because here in forest, even if no other cultivator attack, might meet Monster Beast attack, in such place camping, will be must add on 12 careful. However now the weather early, Zhao Hai they do not look for a camping the place, looked at all around, Zhao Hai deep voice said : brothers, it seems like today we can only pass the night in this forest, everyone/Great Clan finds a place, cleaning up well, then copes with an evening in here.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that was actually sound of the seeking vengeance, naturally these were install, they know that Zhao Hai passed the night in forest, to the opposite party looked that must make the opposite party come attack they. Because knows these, therefore people although is seeking vengeance, but still has actually cleaned up the a piece place in forest, then from own Space, has put out pieces beast skin spread on the ground. Must say, but this Monster Beast skin good thing, these thing not only moisture-proof, but also the person lies down above, the one type of very warm feeling , because of this, therefore the Monster Beast skin became necessary product that low level cultivator is away from home. In True Spirit Realm here, little has other Inferior level cultivator, when the evening will camp, will use Spell to construct a house to oneself, because in True Spirit Realm here, you, if the strength will be too low, you used Spell to construct the house, must maintain existence of house with Spiritual Qi, not so house will possibly vanish.

Naturally Inferior level high cultivator, can use some permanent Spell to construct the house, but that after all in minority, therefore in True Spirit Realm here, low level cultivator, they, if passes the night in outdoor, use more is some Monster Beast skins. Quick temporary camp has established, the people raised the bonfire, chatted by the bonfire, after having eaten thing, Zhao Hai arranged two people to stand night watch, other person returned to own beast skin has rested. Zhao Hai lies down on own beast skin, but spiritual force has been actually paying attention to all around, he felt that all around hostility mood was getting stronger and stronger, he knows that the opposite party must move. After two hours, in camp has heard very even breathing, except for that the person of two standing night watch, other people have slept probably, in this time, the sound of suddenly broken wind is transmitting, that two standing night watch person immediately/on horseback said loudly: Enemy raids!” Said that pulled out the blade to dance. But at this time during camp was actually falls into one piece to be flurried, cultivator that these just woke up, appeared somewhat is perplexed, was very flurried, often had the pitiful yell sound to transmit, Zhao Hai Ding stared looks, the sound of this broken wind, was arrow rain. After this arrow rain, is arrow rain shoots, this arrow rain shoots, Zhao Hai complexion changes, because he felt, this arrow rain compared with former that arrow rain strong, obviously the opposite party left them to be nearer. After two arrow rain, in camp a piece in confusion, many cultivator lie on the ground is motionless , to continue in the ground pitiful yell, other people are actually a still shaken appearance. Even if this, can stand in there cultivator, had about ten. Zhao Hai stands in there, where coldly snorted said : „the petty people, copes with us with this mean move of technique unexpectedly? Comes out to me.” HaHaHa!” Laughs wildly the sound to transmit, then sound speaking sounds: Has not thought that time that monster blade Zhao Hai one fears unexpectedly, good, today makes you know that is who copes with you.” Said that one line of appears slowly in Zhao Hai around their camp, they gave to encircle Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, the person who these encircle and is only then about 40 people, they put on grey warrior cloth, what weapon in hand have, but there are same, each of them's in hand, is taking crossbow arrow.

Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but complexion changes said : Divine Machine Sect, can be you unexpectedly, we passed for two days to enter to the Divine Machine Sect domain, has not actually thought that at this time, you will come to meet attack unexpectedly we.” That cultivator coldly snorted said : naturally must at this time attack you, if enters to our Divine Machine Sect domain in attack you, that had not been guessed correctly by you were who in attack you? We do not want to receive the retaliations of Tyrant Blade Sect these Lunatic.” Zhao Hai does look at appearance look at that cultivator said : of idiot „you are an idiot? So long as the person in Tyrant Blade Sect comes here to look that knows we by your Divine Machine Sect Divine Machine Crossbow attack, you in Gui Yuan Sect here attack we, are in Divine Machine Sect there attack we, what has not to be different? If we in Divine Machine Sect there by attack, you can also use a pretext some people to shift blame to you, you in here attack we, that are not equal to tell others now, is you do? This is the idea of that idiot.” cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai of that lead said that face cannot help but one red, obviously this idea is he leaves, then his coldly snorted said : little wasted breath, Zhao Hai, you die today, even if the Tyrant Blade Sect person is our Divine Machine Sect person attack you is also presently what kind, we did not recognize, can have who knew, you suffered to death.” Said that in hand powerful crossbow in one time has aimed at Zhao Hai they, sweeps is meeting spring lock, his crossbow arrow shoots toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, the in hand long blade dances piece of blade hua, and other Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator protected oneself in middle, Zhao Hai Blade Technique brilliant, blade hua that but he with oneself strongest defense capability, he has not danced, only idea in realm of perfection Blade Technique, but was this, was very astonishing, only crossbow arrow was given to keep off exiting by the Zhao Hai blade. cultivator that Divine Machine Sect leads, sees this situation, cannot help but coldly snorted said : passes on passes on a message Zhao Hai is a Blade Dao talent, today looks like, the fruit is not false, but you are doomed dead in here today, Lightning Palm.” The hand turns, their in hand were many a dark sphere, then that discards toward Zhao Hai that sphere. Sees this sphere, Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but changes, his immediately/on horseback said loudly: Blade Qi, blocks Lightning Palm.”( To be continued! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }