Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2080

Divine Machine Sect, very special Sect, this Sect by manufacturing all kinds of mechanism hidden weapon becomes famous, their hidden weapon have been big by Might, easy to operate is well-known in entire True Spirit Realm. However also some people think that Divine Machine Sect hidden weapon is not much, because of Divine Machine Sect hidden weapon Might very big, Might greatly in the manufacture, small that too cannot manufacture, this is the one type of theory of Divine Machine Sect , because of this theory, therefore Divine Machine Sect hidden weapon is not small, big, represents the confidentiality to be bad, that cannot be called hidden weapon, but should be called one type of Magical Artifact. But this Guan Dian in True Spirit Realm here also very popular, but proposed first this Guan Dian is Tyrant Blade Sect, because of this, therefore Tyrant Blade Sect and Divine Machine Sect relationship is not very good, even Divine Machine Sect also always looks for the trouble of Tyrant Blade Sect. But Lightning Palm that now Divine Machine Sect these people use, is actually one type of very special weapon, this weapon is by formation, sealed Heavenly Lightning in round bead, use time, so long as lost Lightning Palm, so long as Lightning Palm were hit, inside Sealing Formation will break, Heavenly Lightning will be released release to come, Might was not small. However this Lightning Palm also shortcoming, that is if Lightning Palm were given to hit ahead of time, he also meets the early burst, simply cannot constitute the injury to others. However this Lightning Palm is not the independent employment, Lightning Palm independent employment time, Might is not perhaps big, because of Tyrant Blade Sect here, even if Rebirth Stage cultivator can also leave Blade Qi or Sword Qi. So long as Blade Qi or Sword Qi. That Lightning Palm will be detonated, Might is limited. But Lightning Palm one, but with other words of hidden weapon together use, will play the unexpected effect, now Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator has encountered this problem, they must deal with these crossbow arrow attack, must resist Lightning Palm attack, as the matter stands these Lightning Palm Might one was enhanced several times. Zhao Hai although reminded Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, making their release Blade Qi go to attack these Lightning Palm, Lightning Palm that but opposite party release comes was really too many, their simply could not block. has plenty Lightning Palm one exploded in the Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator middle. Dazzling lightning ray flash, Divine Machine Sect these cultivator, have not closed the eye on own initiative, when they after opening eye. Actually presently Tyrant Blade Sect these cultivator, besides Zhao Hai one, other people all drop down. cultivator look at Zhao Hai that Divine Machine Sect leads, sneers said : Zhao Hai, you also think that is resisting stubbornly? Gives up, you did not have opportunity.” Zhao Hai two blood red eyes look at that Divine Machine Sect cultivator, shouted angrily said : mean villain, besides will stab somebody in the back, will you also do? Has planting with my real swords and spears does.” Speaking of here, the corners of the mouth of Zhao Hai have also flowed out a blood. Obviously he had been injured. This saying Divine Machine Sect these cultivator hear were too many, by the person who they kill, before will speak such words at the point of death, but this saying in the Divine Machine Sect cultivator hear, is actually not the one type of derogatory term, but to their one type of commendations. That cultivator that however this Divine Machine Battalion leads, the look at Zhao Hai appearance, is actually laughs said : Zhao Hai, you were really too naive, but looked in you such naive share. I can accept your request, I give you fair opportunity, currently we do not use hidden weapon, fair with you to fighting, how you look.”

That person who Zhao Hai look at Divine Machine Battalion leads. Cursed angrily said : mean villain, you died like a dog!” Reason that Zhao Hai will scold such is because. The opposite party really to him opportunity of fair duel, what because the opposite party said that we do not use hidden weapon, does not mean me, said on the morning that they must besiege Zhao Hai. Divine Machine Sect that cultivator laughs said : I to give you such opportunity, you actually must scold me, Zhao Hai, you really have not been content, but it doesn't matter, I to your this opportunity, the brothers, will still receive hidden weapon, we give him fairly one to opportunity of war.” These Divine Machine Sect cultivator, bang has complied with one, then received own hidden weapon, has put out own weapon, has encircled toward Zhao Hai, their in hand weapon was all kinds, what had, this was also Divine Machine Sect characteristics, they regulation forcefully, what weapon Sect's Disciples do not use, what weapon you liked choosing, Divine Machine Sect did not grow perceptibly by weapon strong attack in any case. Eye look at 40 people of together throw toward oneself, Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but uglier, his release own Doppelganger, person of Doppelganger simultaneously has launched simultaneously to defend Blade Technique, oneself protecting firmly in middle. But Zhao Hai such performance, let Divine Machine Sect these cultivator excited, in their opinion, Zhao Hai is spent force, so long as they besieged a while, Zhao Hai must die without doubt, therefore these person excited attacked toward Zhao Hai, does not have presently, the ground these died probably same Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, their hands, tight grabbed own blade. Divine Machine Sect these cultivator will guard most from the beginning also against Zhao Hai to cope with them with any trick, but they presently, Zhao Hai probably in defense wholeheartedly, has not used any move of technique quickly, moreover Zhao Hai also had spat in this period a blood, obviously the Zhao Hai injury was more serious. These person excited of Divine Machine Sect, they felt now one is a cat, is playing tricks on Old Mouse, so long as they played tricks on enough, they can kill that only Old Mouse at any time. They have gathered round Zhao Hai attack more than ten minutes, but had not actually broken through the defense of Zhao Hai, but in their opinion, so long as is trying harder, can break through the defense of Zhao Hai, because the defense of Zhao Hai has creakied now. At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly called out said : to begin.” The Zhao Hai sound just fell, underground is lying down these Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, suddenly one jumped, simultaneously their release own status, threw toward Divine Machine Sect these cultivator. Divine Machine Sect these cultivator complete has not responded. Is adding on the close combat is in itself not their strong point. Their responses compared with common close combat cultivator on near many, therefore puts in an appearance, one will be killed more than 30 people, only remaining several leave the Zhao Hai nearest/recent person not by attack. While these Divine Machine Sect cultivator killed, Zhao Hai attack has also launched, Zhao Hai Blade Technique outward, one that several to his nearest/recent Divine Machine Sect cultivator circle in inside, but at this time, other Divine Machine Sect cultivator had been killed. Divine Machine Sect these cultivator have flustered, they were the idiot also knows them playing by Zhao Hai to the present. That several Divine Machine Sect cultivator, one face resenting look at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai look at their appearances, laugh said : youngster, plays this with me. You were too tender, to perform in this play, we have taken many efforts, suffered to death.” Said that Zhao Hai Blade Technique was quicker, that several Divine Machine Sect cultivator, simply does not have the time to put out their hidden weapon to come, this Zhao Hai has not kept the hand, his Blade Technique complete expansion, does not give opposite party point the opportunity of respite. But Tyrant Blade Sect other cultivator actually stand in one side look at, now they completely believe regarding Zhao Hai. Reason that because they can so do calmly agile extinguished the opposite party, all because of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai when knows that some people must cope with him, started to try to find the solution, he has made many estimates, when previous time he by the Tyrant Sword Sect person, with arrow rain strip symbol attack, Zhao Hai has thought that in manages here really spirit, they will possibly carry on attack by this primitive very weapon. Therefore he ahead of time has been ready, even told ahead of time that making these people make the preparation, making these people know, when met such arrow rain attack. What response will make. At that time when these Divine Machine Sect person attack, their simply has not fallen asleep. Appearance of being panic-stricken, is installs , because of this, therefore has been feigning death in these people, when these Divine Machine Sect people attention as centralized as Zhao Hai on time, Tyrant Blade Sect these cultivator then jump, has given these fellows most fatally strikes. Now these Divine Machine Sect cultivator could not be inescapable, Zhao Hai Blade Technique one, but launches, that is very fearful, simultaneously he also made Tyrant Blade Sect these cultivator know his Blade Technique had fearfully how. These Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, before and don’t know Zhao Hai strength, they had only heard Zhao Hai reputation, the Zhao Hai reputation is very big in Tyrant Blade Sect, but many people have not seen Zhao Hai make a move, currently they finally have the opportunity short distance looked at Zhao Hai make a move. However this also same made them know the Zhao Hai fearful place, Zhao Hai formidable of Blade Technique, their imagination, these Divine Machine Sect cultivator strengths were not very bad, including two even arrived at Soul Fusion Stage, the status that but they actually still can only at come under attack passively, simply could not have asked for in Zhao Hai in hand any was good. Along with time getting longer and longer, that several Divine Machine Sect cultivator, is getting more and more dangerous, ten minutes, Zhao Hai capture their flaw, had been cut by Zhao Hai several blades finally. After having cut that several people, Zhao Hai wields, received in all Divine Machine Sect cultivator Space, then he looked at all around one, deep voice said : immediately walked, here was unsafe, in this forest had certainly Monster Beast, if made these fellows give to tie down, will be very troublesome.” Said that Zhao Hai release Demon Horse, all people rode Demon Horse, leave fast forest. Walks Zhao Hai while deep voice said : now we have killed the Divine Machine Sect person, later must from the Divine Machine Sect past time, certainly will have the trouble, everyone/Great Clan later must be careful.” The people nodded, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : this Divine Machine Sect some have not obeyed the custom, sent to deal in our people, person who really had Soul Fusion Stage, it seems like, their procurator will not be well-mannered, we must careful be better, this will not be peaceful.” Nearby cultivator coldly snorted said : Divine Machine Sect these fellows, these years to were more and more rampant, they think that our Tyrant Blade Sect these did not cope with him, fears him, snort|hum, they have thought mistakenly, if were not among our two Sects is away from Gui Yuan Sect, we already tidied up them, now they to were more and more excessive.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile goes too far, if they who said : they do not dare to make, Sect already tidied up them really excessively, you think that Sect will accommodate them to the present?” That several cultivator coldly snorted had not said anything, they also know what Zhao Hai said is real, but they feel aggrieved, now they wait for the opposite party to incur, but they can only defend, this feeling is very uncomfortable. Zhao Hai deep voice said : this time we must pass by five Sect domains, Divine Machine Sect and Riverfront School are not quite good with our Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, in Sect has already thought they can cope with us, but reason that Sect makes us start off alone, wants to regard opportunity of time smelting trial this time matter, lets our smelting trial well, so long as Divine Machine Sect not noisy goes too far, Sect there should not make a move, therefore we must careful the line, so long as Divine Machine Sect does not send out Expert of Teleportation boundary to cope with us, I want Sect to be cannot the tube our., All must depend on us.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion of people cannot help but changes, they may all be Doppelganger Stage cultivator, if the opposite party sends out Soul Fusion Stage and Earth Monarch Stage cultivator really copes with them, they were dangerous. Naturally, Zhao Hai will have the danger not necessarily, because before Zhao Hai, has one person to fight the experience of Teleportation boundary Expert alone, but they are not good, they are in Sect ordinary Doppelganger Stage cultivator, even if they in Doppelganger Stage cultivator, the strength is very strong, but meets Soul Fusion Stage or Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, they feared that will have also the danger. Zhao Hai looks at their complexion, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : brothers, are we who? We are cultivator, cultivator practices originally goes against heaven's will the line, if we do not have fight against the Heaven, fights with the place, with courage that the person fights, what does that also cultivate to practice? These time comes out, I can with use flight Monster Beast, go to Yang Ding Mountain there directly, but I do not have such to do, because I must regard this time matter am a smelting trial, only then after such smelting trial, we might grow truly, will go a step further toward Grand Dao.” The Zhao Hai words caused that this cultivator to ponder, they also think to the present that Zhao Hai came up from Lower Realm ascend, if Zhao Hai feared really this feared that he is impossible to arrive at today. Thinks of here, these person of look at Zhao Hai looks cannot help but changed. In True Spirit Realm here, these locally born True Spirit Realm cultivator, will not look down upon from Lower Realm Ascenders, conversely, they will also admire these people, because these people experienced the untold hardships from Lower Realm to True Spirit Realm here, no matter how these their person present strengths, are worth them respecting. Zhao Hai felt that the vision of these people, he turned the head to look at these person of one, showed a faint smile said : brothers, forwarded, Grand Dao in the front, advancing one step, you possibly stepped onto that Grand Dao, retreat one step, we forever have been far away from Grand Dao, stepped onto Grand Dao, we possibly will not succeed, but retreat, we have been doomed to be defeated, the people of these practices, did not have the escape route, advancing!” advancing!” People with the Zhao Hai bang called, in this moment, their blood in fever!! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }