Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2081

Sound of the broken wind transmits, several black-robe man appears in the place that just Zhao Hai and Divine Machine Sect person battles, that several people looked at a trace of ground fight, a person sneers said : Divine Machine Sect these fools, 40 people deal with 20 people, in having the crossbow arrow situation, made the person being defeated unexpectedly, was really wonderful stupid incomparable.” Another cultivator coldly snorted said : holds this Zhao Hai also is really a very hard to deal with fellow, fires off runs, his vigilance to is very high, no wonder our beforehand motions will be given to destroy by him, but this time we must want his life.” Nearby cultivator deep voice said : we must be careful a little to well, although in nearest/recent True Spirit Realm here calm, but do not forget, True Spirit Realm these fellows, now still in tracing us, although in their surface gave up, but if we show a point flaw, their immediately meets capture, therefore we must be careful that is good.” Nearby several people also nodded, they also know that now was any situation, although True Spirit Realm here various Great Sect, in the surface is gave up tracing them probably, however situation in fact was actually not, in fact True Spirit Realm here various Great Sect, they were tracing them in secret, so long as they showed a point flaw, immediately can by capture. That black-robe man coldly snorted that before spoke said : no matter what, this Zhao Hai must die, this fellow destroyed our several times to move, does not kill him, was difficult to disappear hate of my heart.” Several people nodded. Then personal appearance flashes on vanish from sight. But Zhao Hai they now already before them place very far that fights, but Zhao Hai they have not stopped, they still in advancing, advancing. Zhao Hai although has destroyed completely these Divine Machine Sect people, but he actually still felt there is very unsafe, that feeling let him after Xie Jiaodiao the Divine Machine Sect person, immediately has chosen leave. He is certainly impossible to know in behind him is pursuing Ghost Cultivator, but he can know that he leaves there to be farther, the feeling is the security. Before him to words that these cultivator spoke. Actually is not false, he thinks that is cultivator, if you lost the advancing courage. Your equal to in retreat, finally only slowly will wither away. These Doppelganger Stage cultivator, have followed in Zhao Hai, on look at front Demon Horse that is not very big back, these cultivator actually feel that greatly, in this moment, they really by Zhao Hai conquer. Demon Horse very fast, turn around left the place about hundred li (0.5km) that they fought, Zhao Hai then stopped, then turned the head to look at people said : to be good. We rest in here, after dawn is hurrying along.”

The people stare, one of them said : team leader, do we want to rest in here really? Doesn't walk?” Zhao Hai deep voice: Does not walk, what matter our don’t know will come all the way also across, everyone/Great Clan must momentarily maintain bit by bit the optimum condition, if otherwise really accident sentiment, we do not have the means to deal with, now everyone/Great Clan discontinues, controls one's breathing.” The people have complied with one. Jumped down from Demon Horse, then starts to sit to control one's breathing, but this Zhao Hai has not received Demon Horse. To the dawn, the people slowly have then opened the eye, they have controlled one's breathing to shut. Now all regains the best condition, Zhao Hai looked that all people were static. In greeting everyone/Great Clan together, then immediately left. Hurrying along of this day to is all is very smooth, but Zhao Hai they actually sped up hurrying along, reason that like this, will be because Zhao Hai felt that the very dangerous aura has been following him, this type will feel very uncomfortable, therefore he always meets unconscious speeding up, will want to get rid of this feeling. However is very obvious, this is not easy, that aura is always haunted by the ghost with him, looks like a ghost, this feeling lets Zhao Hai very uncomfortable. Later connects several days is this, this makes Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but somewhat ugly, is good they in has not met other attack because of this several days, but later Zhao Hai has been careful, because they then entered on the person to the Divine Machine Sect domain, the Divine Machine Sect person will possibly press them. With Zhao Hai these Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, noted Zhao Hai complexion, they presently Zhao Hai complexion was very not good, person deep voice said : team leader, your What happened? this several days I presently your is complexion not quite cannot help but good? What matter has?” Zhao Hai looked at a that person of point, nodded said : really to have the matter, this several days I feel some people in behind with us, therefore I sped up hurrying along, however was a pity that I still does not have the means to get rid of them to the present, that feeling is still entangling me, do the brothers, you believe?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion of all people change, people face quiet said : we believe the team leader, Team leader, you are the meaning are, some people with us? To cope with us?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, they with us, have wanted to cope with us, in the Gui Yuan Sect domain, they had not begun, because of their very clear, if they began, may bring to the attention of Gui Yuan Sect, Gui Yuan Sect is good with our Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, they can rescue, but our immediately must enter to the Divine Machine Sect domain now, as the matter stands their opportunity came, Divine Machine Sect is not quite good with our Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, in adding on us just extinguished their 40 people, they will not help our, can in the behind under short rope used to bind animals, no matter behind us. Is who, to the Divine Machine Sect domain, they will certainly begin to us.”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that these cultivator complexion also all changed, some little time cultivator said : team leader, what to do can we? Doesn't have any contact with Divine Machine Sect?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to be good, these attack our Divine Machine Sect cultivator, can know that our whereabouts, that represents Divine Machine Sect other people also to know that our whereabouts, we want to hide unable to hide, therefore we can only forward, moreover does not take the alley, is takes the main road, walking of open and aboveboard, so long as the Divine Machine Sect person does not remove getting angry of bottom with our Tyrant Blade Sect, they do not dare open and aboveboard copes with us, our counter- to will save lots of troubles.” Other people nodded, they now to Zhao Hai belief, therefore nobody opposed words that Zhao Hai spoke, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : was good, everyone/Great Clan do not think that many, I to have a look, is anything must want attack we, do not give to compel me anxiously, compelled me anxiously, I could not attend to trying to practice.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but two eyes one bright, they were very clear, the Zhao Hai strength not only absolutely Doppelganger Stage these simple, otherwise Expert of person alone first Teleportation boundary will not drop the wind. Zhao Hai looked at their said : to walk, everyone/Great Clan added advancing, I to have a look, was who must cope with us.” Said that coldly snorted, sped up. Quickly to noon time, Zhao Hai saw small town from afar, this small town area is not big, Zhao Hai looked at the time not early, immediately/on horseback deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan speeding up, we arrived in front small town to go to rest well.” The people rumble has complied with one, sped up along with Zhao Hai. The quick people arrived at that small town outside the city, arrives at that small town outside the city, the people stares, not because of this small town size, but is the present present this small town condition, this small town unexpectedly is the city gate shuts tightly now, in the city has stood cultivator, these person of in hand are taking crossbow arrow, face bad look at Zhao Hai they. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but gently knit the brows said : in city Divine Machine Sect Senior Brother to invite, below Zhao Hai, is Tyrant Blade Sect these time sends out to participate in competition, asking Senior Brother to be accommodating, making us enter a city to make the rest slightly.” City cultivator in these Divine Machine Sect, still look at Zhao Hai, the expression on face is still not very good, some little time in these people, deep voice said : Tyrant Blade Sect Junior Brother, really sorry, our Jiagu city, nearest/recent received some Monster Beast and Rogue Cultivator attack, is at the condition of martial law, has not gone to the means to make Junior Brother enter to complete, this, we give Junior Brother some supplies, these supplies are our Divine Machine Sect free give everybody Junior Brother, on please everybody Junior Brother to don't in the city rest.” Zhao Hai they, as soon as listened to that person saying that cannot help but complexion changed, this city simply any trace of fight, has not been their simply has not received any attack obviously, they said that clarified has not wanted to make them enter a city to rest, this was clarifies has not shown due respect for the feelings.

Zhao Hai look at city cultivator in these Divine Machine Sect, he has not thought that Divine Machine Sect person, spirit unexpectedly so narrow and small, will prevent him to enter the city with this method unexpectedly, such cultivator, such Sect, really does not match is the Tyrant Blade Sect match. Zhao Hai also paid attention to these cultivator in city, he presently these cultivator each are lifting crossbow arrow to them, two eyes cold light sparkles, Zhao Hai very clear, if they have any change, these cultivator certainly without hesitation shoots at them in hand crossbow arrow. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, knows that the Divine Machine Sect person is having any idea, they must enrage him with this method, one, but enrages them, so long as they have any change, the Divine Machine Sect person had the excuse to tidy up them, when the time comes has killed them, Tyrant Blade Sect did not have means open and aboveboard asked them to reason things out. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, on Divine Machine Sect cultivator said : original Senior Brother to city wall really has this's difficulties, to was the little brother was crude, I and others could not help evidently, did not keep here to add to the chaos to Senior Brother, said goodbye.” Said that cultivator of Zhao Hai on to city wall holds the fist in the other hand, the hand wields is leading that 20 Doppelganger Stage cultivator, circles the city to go. Zhao Hai such procedure, to is makes these cultivator in city somewhat surprised, cultivator said : Senior Brother, you did not say that Tyrant Blade Sect person overbearing has been used, we such do, they will certainly take an action, our does seize the opportunity put to death them? Now what to do?” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }