Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2082

Before said : looked like with that Divine Machine Sect cultivator coldly snorted that Zhao Hai spoke this youngster is not simple, no wonder Meng Junior Brother they carried in in his hand, they have not moved also well, I do not believe that their this snacked to allay hunger all the way does not need, moreover they were to circle the city now walked, on road, if were meeting any attack, then with us may on it doesn't matter That cultivator one hear of he of his side said that cannot help but stares, then on the face cannot help but has revealed smiling face said : so that's how it is, Senior Brother to is good scheme that hits, but are we present pursue? That Monster Beast that they ride, is not slow. That cultivator sneers said : „the present to pursue to do, looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, they feared that will be certainly in Green Hill City there, from here to Green Hill City, even if by their Monster Beast, with quickest running words, will take about two days, our a while will go to Green Hill City there with Transmission Formation, then dealings in Green Hill City will look, runs into them to tidy up them That cultivator one hear of he said by him, cannot help but excited has complied with one, then turn around walked, but that with cultivator that Zhao Hai spoke, the direction that look at Zhao Hai they went far away, the corners of the mouth has cannot help but revealed sneering, simultaneously in the eye flashed through deeply ingrained and hatred and ice-cold killing intent Zhao Hai don’t know that person is actually finding the way to cope with them, they circle the city, these cultivator of his side somewhat are actually uncomfortable, looked like that Divine Machine Sect cultivator said that Tyrant Blade Sect overbearing has been used, now makes them endure this tone, they were really uncomfortable However was good because of some day of prestige of Zhao Hai in these person of hearts has established, therefore they without that in Zhao Hai did not permit acted unreasonably, but they expressed their disaffection with the silence Zhao Hai also felt that the changes of these will of the people manner he turned the head to look at these person of one, shows a faint smile said : What happened? everyone/Great Clan is not very happy? Thinks that I don't have courageous spirit? Doesn't dare to struggle a struggle with Divine Machine Sect these people?” These cultivator looked at one mutually, has not spoken, however their expressions showed all, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said : „should not be angry, haven't you felt? These fellows are intentionally must do, for wants us to go to attack they, so long as we as soon as has the change, their ten thousand arrows together will directly strike to kill us in there, at that time, we were passive One hear of Zhao Hai said that these cultivator cannot help but cultivator puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : team leader, you did say really? These fellows have that big courage, dares to cope with us flagrantly?” Zhao Hai said : they are having anything not to dare, do not forget, we butchered 40 Divine Machine Sect cultivator, perhaps by these cultivator that in we butcher, several in person a little relationship with city, to revenge, they have any matter not to dare to do

The Zhao Hai words are not speak irresponsibly, what he said is the truth he from own Space in that 40 Divine Machine Sect the Undead Creature mouth knows that in this Jiagu city, calls Meng Qi with that cultivator that he spoke, but in this Meng Qi Zhao Hai Space Undead Creature Elder Brother, to give his Younger Brother revenged, this Meng Qi naturally was any matter does comes out Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has not fought them, because he knows, now they after all in the Divine Machine Sect domain, if begins them not to ask for really any good Tyrant Blade Sect these cultivator do not speak, they know what Zhao Hai said that has the possibility very much, even if were they, will have some relatives and friends in Tyrant Blade Sect, if they will have something naturally people to come out for them to revenge, if Jiagu city there Divine Machine Sect cultivator before them the person who must deal with had relative relationship, that situation that Zhao Hai said that was is not impossible to live Zhao Hai looked at front road one, deep voice said : from the Divine Machine Sect these people's performance, they are not the people who that type suffered a loss actually does not make noise, their certain meeting wants completely all means to recover the gathering place, we in the Divine Machine Sect domain, they must cope with us now, the method were too many, we must guard carefully are good The people complied with one, Zhao Hai looked at their said : our Demon Horse to be quick, the strength was very strong, impulse also very formidable, this to us very advantageous, you must be familiar with use the feeling of Blade Technique in immediately/on horseback now, if has encountered any danger, we directly rode Demon Horse to overrun, opportunity also big increase that like this we escaped As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, but immediately/on horseback nodded afterward said : is, requested issue of something team feel relieved Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, cannot help but has smiled bitterly, he knows that these people with were simple doing of Cavalry, he who giving to think sighed, deep voice said : do not think that the Demon Horse strength was not strong, looked down upon them, must know, one, but Cavalry charged, even if were Demon Horse must miss compared with your strengths, the impulse that but he can bring was also the difficult imagination, if you can achieve Man & Horse Unification, even if were high your 1st level cultivator, not necessarily can block under you Said that Zhao Hai wields, in hand of these people are many a piece jade slip, Zhao Hai deep voice said : in this jade slip has recorded the meridians chart of this Demon Horse whole body, with also has Man & Horse Unification practice method, we put to be retarded now, you want, when is shortest in masters this method, believes that this is not the difficult matter, you only needed your Spiritual Qi and Demon Horse Spiritual Qi unify on the line These cultivator take jade slip to stare, they have not heard one type of practice method, but they believe that Zhao Hai will not deceive their, therefore their immediately has complied with one, simultaneously searched in spiritual force jade slip

Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile, this is also his these days achievement, this several days lets control one's breathing on Demon Horse that these people keep, prepares for this day, before they did not adapt to the process of this controlling one's breathing, but this several days Zhao to letting them eats meal carries in Demon Horse, therefore they control one's breathing also need on Demon Horse, for is lets them normal the training on Demon Horse, because Zhao Hai felt, after them the group can getting harder and harder walk Man & Horse Unification regarding these cultivator was to say is really not the too difficult matter, they have achieved Doppelganger Stage, spiritual force very formidable, simultaneously they have been the one type of very high level regarding the utilization of Spiritual Qi, now own Spiritual Qi, unifies with Demon Horse Spiritual Qi, this was not difficult regarding them Naturally, if no that Demon Horse body meridians chart, they impossible relaxed achieving Man & Horse Unification, had that Demon Horse body meridians chart, they can relaxed unified own Spiritual Qi and Demon Horse Spiritual Qi However the union of this Spiritual Qi is only the first step, second step must enable them to be able command(er) Demon Horse within the body Spiritual Qi of like command(er) own Spiritual Qi, wants true achieving, Man & Horse Unification advancing that on this day Zhao Hai slows down, he has let the boundaries of these cultivator sensibility Man & Horse Unification well, most from the beginning that this person also very unfamiliar, had several times with missing Spiritual Qi, making Demon Horse be injured, but lost to give to cure in Zhao Hai Magic well The road that on this day they march on, did not have beforehand day of one third to be many, slow to the extreme, their harvests are also very enormous, to evening's time, they have basically been able to achieve Man & Horse Unification When look at these person of person excited command(er) own Mount, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, the feelings of his very clear these people, these people, when true achieves Man & Horse Unification, will feel that own foot turned into the horse, they can feel clearly the law of motion of horse leg, simultaneously they can also feel Demon Horse Spiritual Qi working condition, this to their practices also very has the advantage Because of this, therefore these people certainly immerse during the one type of very marvelous feeling now, this type feels very unusual, they feared that is for a long time can come soberly Zhao Hai also knows this point, therefore he has not stopped, still gets the people to proceed slowly, but simultaneously he actually started to pay attention all around situation, he knows that at this time just entered regarding these to Man & Horse Unification boundary person very heavy wants, so long as disturbed them in this time nobody, they can comprehend Man & Horse Unification highest boundary truly, later they in immediately/on horseback fighting strength, can formidable

Has arrived at the midnight, these talented person waking of one after another, they wake, watches the weather, cannot help but shows a faint smile, to be honest, this their harvest is very big, this Man & Horse Unification only then comprehended truly, you know that his importance, Man & Horse Unification in the fight, your Spiritual Qi and Demon Horse Spiritual Qi unifies, a human and a horse true combine together, when the time comes your Spiritual Qi will share, this regarding cultivator is very important Demon Horse level although is not high, but Spiritual Qi of their within the body actually and many, moreover Demon Horse, because the meridians in within the body are few, but meridians actually thick, therefore their Spiritual Qi restore also cultivator be quicker, uses Man & Horse Unification, not only can let cultivator in attack, the attack strength is stronger, will make their attack lasting cultivator said : that Zhao Hai looked at these wake was good, looks at the everyone/Great Clan appearance, harvests the non- shoes we to rest in here today, tomorrow leaves very early in the morning, before these fellows in Jiagu city, did not make us enter a city, I think that they will not do well will possibly be waiting for us in front, therefore we must maintain by our condition at best, at any time standing by The people have complied with one, has jumped down Demon Horse, but these time was different from before, before they jumped down Demon Horse, will find the place to rest, but this time they have jumped down Demon Horse, actually put out a hand to trace Demon Horse, was intimate with Demon Horse, but these Demon Horse also displayed to their meanings of being intimate with, this made their happy, feel their Demon Horse that each and every one kept, chatted with nearby person Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, cannot help but shows a faint smile, they can have such performance, that naturally was best, these Demon Horse although were his, but he to did not mind that delivered several to them, in his Space had in any case is( to be continued, welcome you to cast the recommendation ticket monthly ticket, { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }